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Digital Delivery Podcast Preview // Hooked on Wooden Boats Hosted by a Pacific Northwest local, the Hooked on Wooden Boats Podcast is a “podcast celebrating the art, craft, history, and tradition of wooden boats.” Each episode features an interview with a figure of the Northwest wooden boat and sailing scene. Interviews include a wide variety of guests, like the director of the Northwest Maritime Center, sailors who live on or own historic wood boats, winners of the R2AK and Seventy48, and an interview with Dick Wagner, the founder of the Center for Wooden Boats. The host, Dan Mattson, is a lifelong boater who grew up on the Columbia River in his family’s assortment of wood Chris Craft, Richardson, and Tollycraft boats. He took up building his own wood sailboats and kayaks in his free time and started his own podcast on the topic in 2011. Check out the full list of episodes on

App: Highball

App: PredictWind

App: First Aid

Free for iOS

Free for Android and iOS

Free for iOS and Android

Sharing stories over a couple of drinks goes hand in hand with boating. And when you’ve run out of good nautical stories to tell, why not share cocktail recipes instead! The Highball app from Studio Neat is a recipe sharing app devoted to cocktails; jot down your favorites and share with just your friends or share on social media. Recipes are displayed in “drink recipe card” format with bold, clear fonts, enticing color palette, and simple illustrated images. Some starter recipes come pre-loaded on the app, but you can start adding your own immediately. Navigating the menus is intuitive, just push “Create New Drink” to add your own or download new recipes from the Library. Whenever you make a recipe, it is saved as an image and can be shared through Twitter, Facebook, or messaging apps. What are you waiting for? Download the Highball app, create a new cocktail, and start sharing it! Highball is free for iOS 11 or later.

The PredictWind App is perfect for sailors who want to catch the optimal amount of wind the next time they’re on the water. The app takes advantage of proprietary marine weather forecasts models and data from 20,000 weather stations from around the world to deliver accurate wind predictions. More than just wind, the app can provide information on swell, rain, wind, air and water temperature, and cloud cover, all presented in table, map, and graph views. All this data is presented in high-definition displays. With in-app purchases, users can unlock features like Weather Routing, which highlights the fastest route between two points using wind data, or the Departure Planner, which offers the best times to take off. There are two versions of the app, one known as PredictWind which is meant for inshore and coastal sailing, and PredictWind Offshore which is meant for use offshore. If you’re interested in adding another tool to your sailing gear, check out the PredictWind App, free with in-app purchases for Android and iOS 9.3 or later.

You never know when an emergency situation can spring up, and being out on the water can make any situation dire, as emergency services are much harder to reach. Self-reliance is a must on the water, at least until you get back to shore. A good first aid app could make all the difference in a stressful situation. The First Aid app from the American Red Cross comes loaded with information on how to treat injuries, emergencies, and illnesses. The instructions are clear and step-by-step, making them easy to follow in any circumstance. Learn how to perform CPR, treat cuts, burns, bleeding, choking, head injuries, heart problems, and many illnesses. User of the app can watch videos explaining techniques and procedures to master skills and then take a quiz to put that knowledge to the test. Tips for how to handle severe weather like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and many other disaster events are covered. If you want a little more piece of mind, check out the First Aid app, free for Android and iOS 11 or later.






Profile for Northwest Yachting

Northwest Yachting August 2019  

The best of boating lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest - featuring a trip to the Kenai Peninsula aboard a classic 80' Burger yacht, the inte...

Northwest Yachting August 2019  

The best of boating lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest - featuring a trip to the Kenai Peninsula aboard a classic 80' Burger yacht, the inte...