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change worth noting that might serve as a gloomy harbinger (but trust me this entire column isn’t all a downer). The next impact worth considering is the link that scientists have made between the influx of zebra and quagga mussels and the warming of waters, particularly in the Midwest. Everyone remembers the scenes from Hurricane Sandy in 2013. Did you know that storm caused $1.2 billion worth of damage to New Jersey’s $2 billion recreational-boating economy? With over 10,000 boats destroyed, the state and the boating advocacy efforts have used this crisis as an opportunity to grow boating. In particular in the last couple of weeks, the state legislature slashed sales tax on boats bought in New Jersey by 50 percent. That reduction was a pragmatic approach by their lawmakers to turn a crisis into an economic opportunity. As New Jersey state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May), sponsor of the bill, said, “The production of boats and other vessels has declined in recent years due to a range of factors, including the economic recession and the impact of Superstorm Sandy.” While armed with this information for my visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I also brought important updates on ethanol and the Land and Water Conservation Fund with me. Frankly, I had no idea what to expect of even if I would get a chance to speak. Who could be in attendance? Could I hit it off with the organizers and then get an invite to hang out with Michelle and Barack? As you can see, my imagination was running rampant. What played out was a crisply run meeting that allowed business leaders to get updated on the administration’s “Clean Power Plan” and for them to hear how we are addressing climate change. Given that frame and the understanding of how fleeting the moments to speak at these meetings can be, I raised my hand early on in the proceedings to get my money’s worth. I’m not exactly sure that Dan Utech, Deputy Assistant to President Obama for Energy and Climate Change, knew what would transpire when he called on me (as I sure didn’t). Anyhow, I hope I did you proud. I’m from the school that it’s always best to start with a thank you (hug ‘em) and then segue into the “slug ‘em” piece. With that mindset, my ditty went something like this: “I’m Peter Schrappen with the Northwest Marine Trade Association. We have more than 700 members and we represent the $4 billion recreational boating industry. We are also quite active with the National Marine Manufactures Association (NMMA), which serve as our Federal partners. “Thank you for the President’s support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund in a recent weekly

radio address. We would like to see this 50-year program reauthorized before Congress adjourns. I did want to bring up the catastrophe that we fear with the increased ethanol blends. There looks to be a move to increase the blend to E15. That would be devastating to our $121 billion national industry. I want to make that point to you and the President.” Like I said, he was caught off guard. He reminded me that EPA just released some new numbers and that he appreciated my point. That’s code for “um, you caught me flat-footed.” The next step is for me to conncect Mr. Utech with the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association. The day ended with a glass of wine (or two) with long-time boating champion Rep. Kilmer (Democrat – West Sound). He’s always gracious

with his time and always starts our conversations with “How can I be a better advocate for boating?” To that, I, again, did you proud reminding him of the importance of sportfishing, dredging, the Land and Water Conservation Fund and then “got all grumpy” on him with the update on ethanol. All in all, the day was one for the ages. Each day is different here and some will stand up to the test of time over others. On the flight home after this whirlwind 48-hour trip, I ran into some colleagues. They made the mistake of asking me what I was doing in DC. You can bet they heard an earful from my meeting at the White House. Funny, they must have been the two people who my mom had not yet reached out to with that news.

Peter Schrappen is the NMTA’s Government Affairs Director and the Clean Boating Foundation’s Executive Director. Additionally, he serves on boards of the Boating Safety Advisory Council, the Washington Boating Alliance and the U.S. Superyacht Association.

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Sweden’s West Coast has long been a Zoe 2004 Fantasi 44 hotbed of boatbuilding activity. HallbergRassy, Najad, Malö, Sweden Yachts and $429,000

smaller operations in this region have produced exceptional cruising sailboats. The Fantasi 44 Deck Salon built by the lesser known Jacobssons Boatyard is a showcase for this pedigree. Zoe’s interior in satin varnished teak is impeccable, her fiberglass work top notch, and her systems installations clean and well-engineered. Her design by Gabriel Hyman has won accolades: She won Editor’s Choice at the Southampton Boat Show and David Glenn, then deputy editor of the British magazine Yachting World, described her as “100 per cent pure seduction.” Her layout features two comfortable staterooms, a large galley, and raised salon with autopilot remote and engine controls that allow her to be operated safely from below decks in inclement weather. Lockers and storage spaces abound, giving the impression that Zoe is a yacht to be lived aboard. A veteran of Pacific Northwest sailing with a cruise to Mexico under her belt, Zoe shows light use and the care deserving of a fine yacht.

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Little Hoquiam 68 2000 • $650,000

price reduced

Pacific Seacraft 40 • 1999 • $245,000

Celestial PH 50 • 1996 • $219,000

Nexus 35 • 2003 • $329,000

Hallberg-Rassy 43 • 2004 • $450,000

Outbound 46 • 2008 • $534,500

Townsend Bay Marina 54•05•$599,000

price reduced

Swan 46 • 1984 • $275,000

Dubbel & Jesse 50 • 1989 • $285,000


for world cruising from Swiftsure Yachts 65 54 49 48 48 48 46 46 45 44 43 43 43

Perry/Marten Yachts TBM Fife 8 Metre Swan C&C Tayana Perry/Norseman Amazon CC Waterline J Boats J/44 Custom Perry Hallberg-Rassy Hunter Legend

2001 2005 1929 1972 1973 1993 1989 1991 1995 1991 2001 2005 1992

$695,000 $599,000 $250,000 $90,000 $248,000 $299,000 $245,000 $250,000 $295,000 $159,000 $259,000 $429,000 $89,000

42 41 40 38 38 37 36 36 36 34 34 33

Roberts PH Hanse 411 Jonmeri C&C 115 Alajuela Sweden 370 Swan Morris Justine Grand Banks Formula Roberts-Pollack J/100

1994 2004 1986 2006 1975 1995 1989 1985 1974 2007 1981 2005

$141,000 $159,000 $129,000 $170,000 $129,000 $167,000 $169,000 $217,500 $99,000 $169,900 $23,000 $79,900

two offices to serve northwest yachtsmen 2500 Westlake Ave.N. on Lake Union The Chandlery, 133 Parfitt Way SW on Bainbridge Island

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Northwest Yachting January 2016  

Northwest Yachting covers yachting and boating on the west coast of the United States and Canada

Northwest Yachting January 2016  

Northwest Yachting covers yachting and boating on the west coast of the United States and Canada