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ILT Review Staff questionnaire January 2014

North Wales Training Response 17 April 2014

North Wales Training ILT Strategy You may recall that we were invited to complete a survey monkey questionnaire based around our knowledge, understanding, and needs in relation to uses of ILT both organisational and individual. There were 24 questions. Questions 1 to 20 involved your job role and what equipment used. Questions 21 to 24 asked for personal experience, knowledge, understanding and opinion – it is these questions and our responses that we have condensed and collated. North Wales Training’s response sits below each heading.

Key Question: What does not work for you? We had 48 responses

On Social Media We said: Not relevant to my work Need educating No comment Need a better understanding I am not up to date Don’t know enough Superfluous

North Wales Training response: Twitter and Facebook have been launched, and training and information sessions provided, feedback all very positive mop up training date issued. Relevance: Social Media can be used to promote learner achievement, courses, Welsh, ESDGC etc. Individual achievement – e.g. see Sam Elie who ran the London marathon for charity – please feed your information to Callum or Adam. Promote e.g. to employers and learners.

On Broadband We said: Stable internet connection that doesn't drop out on a daily basis Broad band slow Concern regarding connectivity and E-portfolio North Wales Training response: Head Office and Motor Vehicle Centre and Kinmel Camp are within the 96% of UK plans to introduce fibre optic cable in 2016. We are however investigating alternative – as and when more information available it will be distributed. Deeside Centre Fibre optic cable available now– we are undertaking research on suitable router information prior to purchase – expect improved speed to 64.3mb from existing 2mb plans to be fully installed within 2 months.

On Software We said: • SharePoint – not user friendly • Out of date software • Concern regarding introduction of Smart Assessor • Still more that can be done with Maytas (we have only had Maytas for 20 months). But this is developing and moving forward all the time • I am not keen on e-Portfolio • Need to know more • ELearning for WBL ( does not work) • Nothing to do with me and my job • Everything is good and I always look for new assessment methods • Maytas – elite users North Wales Training response: ILT Strategy issued February 2014 on SharePoint

Smart Assessor, plan to commence implementation within next few months (actual implementation plan and dates to be released once contract agreed and signed).

North Wales Training response (contd):

Smart Assessor Implementation plan could take up to 10 weeks. The initial involvement will be about building our site; it will have our own identity etc. Assessor and IQA involvement will take place once the site has been tested and challenged towards the end of the implementation period. We are currently considering the start date for implementation which will involve the Administration department. Staff changes within that department coupled with annual leave to be fully considered in order that we are in a strong position to undertake this new initiative.

Smart Assessor – concerns regarding the introduction of this software were expressed – note - the questionnaire was completed prior to our presentation by Smart Assessor. The feedback from the subsequent presentation confirmed that all staff present were in favour. 17 staff attended the webinar with Smart Assessor. All sectors were represented.

North Wales Training response:

SharePoint – to be updated to 2013 – this latest version will provide additional and useful options – once installed will not be released to staff until format designed and user friendly could take up to 4 weeks to organise the site. Both these strategies will take place within the next 3 -4 months. SharePoint and Smart Assessor – the aim is to be fully operational before December 2014 with initial staff training concluded.

Microsoft – Software - Operating software Windows XP, Windows 7 Windows Vista Business – Any new computer will have Windows 8 – Operating System. As we replace computers, old operating systems e.g. windows xp will disappear. To have every machine on one version would require a greater investment – which at this point is not necessary. Microsoft Office – this provides all the applications e.g. word . Currently we can confirm that we have a range i.e. Office XP, 2003 2007 and 2010 installed throughout the organisation. As a minimum our investment plan is to have 2010 installed on each machine including laptops within the next few months.

North Wales Training response:

Maytas It is general practice for organisations to control the access to software. As with any licence there is a fee attached for every user i.e. every machine. We have 8 licences distributed between Managers, Leaders and Admin some of which access is limited to read only. Staff members can have access to read only speak to your line manager. Access is limited to Head Office only. Data required by staff is uploaded onto SharePoint. If different reports are required then requests can be made to Admin Manager. Our policy is to ensure that licences are purchased for those users who have responsibility for providing quantitive and qualitative data, both externally and internally. Data Protection Policy on SharePoint.

On Equipment We said: • Out of date equipment • No equipment • Lack of printing equipment • We have a long way to catch up with other organisations - infrastructure antiquated. North Wales Training response: Investment in computers and devices is integral to strategy. This includes less servers though more efficient, new equipment; currently we are researching appropriate brand laptops which will be tethered to a mobile device in order that access to broadband whilst out in the field does not become an issue or at least disruption will be minimal. This will be a considerable investment again so we are thoroughly researching this aspect. However it is increasingly likely that field staff will be given a business mobile. Decision on equipment to be made in line with the introduction of Smart Assessor. Not enough equipment, each assessor staff member should have a laptop – those who do not have a laptop – email me directly. Desk top computers for assessors – these will reduce with increased access to laptops. Printing equipment – it is part of our environmental policy that we minimise waste – some inconvenience with regard to queuing is inevitable in any organisation. Managing our printing and our use of same is individual responsibility.

On Staff Training We said: • Need a better understanding of the full abilities of computer and / or tablet etc. • I need spreadsheet training. • Training would be required if 'modernisation' came into effect. • I feel that everyone should have the same training (if they want it) and not just picking a few specialist people because whenever there is an IT issue we have to keep going to the same person, who may not always be available. North Wales Training response: Our staff development plan takes full account of all new and ongoing staff training requirements. All staff has the opportunity to raise any training need with Quality and Staff Development Manager. Staff training provision is aimed at the role of the individual - i.e. an Admin Officer role would not require IQA training, it would neither be efficient or appropriate to offer all staff training provision to all staff unless specifically agreed by the Quality and Staff Development Manager. Smart Assessor – there will be a training plan.

General We said:


Behind other organisations


Budget restrictions

North Wales Training response:

Our strategy is to introduce new systems and software across the company in all sectors. Jisc have been important in assisting us to develop a long term strategy. Education centres e.g. FE also have high speed connectivity as a Government priority. All organisations are limited by budgets. Investment planning and priorities are in line with Business Plan.

Key Question: Thinking about the questions you have answered what is good about what you use? We said:

• • •

• • •

Good, up-to-date software generally Having support available from on-site staff if required. PC runs 9/10 without problems. The equipment is mostly reliable, good quality; software is relevant to the job. More information on some of the topics would be helpful Our Facebook is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with students and parents it's basic but serves a need It would be better if we had a device that I could use out in the work place with internet on as most of the times my learners need more support and by showing them things on the internet can help move them forward with the work they need to do. A work mobile would be better as I have learners call and text when I am not in work and this can get frustrating For my job role I use word, outlook and excel a lot so the fact i have a laptop for myself is great

North Wales Training response: It is apparent that North Wales Training Ltd benefits from a highly engaged and motivated workforce who clearly enjoys their work. Any issues associated with technology do not detract from their commitment and energy in doing the very best they can for their learners, and for the organisation. We hope that the information contained within this report give an appropriate response to concerns raised. The company will be holding quarterly ILT review meetings involving Jisc, Gaia (Supplier) and staff members. The first meeting took place on 4th April 2014.

Thank You. 16th April 2014

ILT Questionnaire Report  
ILT Questionnaire Report