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Rub Your Belly Away In 2 Minutes a Day If you want an easy way to reduce and eliminate your belly fat, then I have a simple "trick" on how to do it.

If you want an easy way to reduce and eliminate your belly fat, then I have a simple "trick" on how to do it. Before I give you this secret technique, I want to warn you against discounting it because of how simple it is. All you need to do is try this belly fat reducer for a week to prove it to yourself. It only takes a few minutes each day. So what is this mysterious trick? It's what I mentioned in the headline of this article. You rub your belly away. Here's how to do it correctly to maximize the results. Take both of your hands and rub them together vigorously for about 15 seconds. This will create a lot of kinetic energy in the form of heat. Next, take one of your hands and but it directly on your belly button. After that, start to rub in small circles over your belly button. Keep the circles small. Rub at a pace of 1 circle per second. Not too fast and not too slow. After you've rubbed your belly for about 20-30 seconds... stop. Rest your hands for 30 seconds before you repeat the rubbing of your hands to create the heat. (Quick note: You may want to lick one of your hands before rubbing your hands together since the wetness in the saliva makes a good conductor of heat). So keep repeating this belly rubbing for a few minutes. You won't need to do it more than 5 minutes a day... and 2-3 minutes is perfectly fine to get results. So why does this work? It works for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that the heat passes through your skin. Once it passes through your skin, the kinetic energy in the heat attacks the lumps of fat deposits sitting there. This loosens them up which helps to eliminate them out of your body through blood, sweating, urine, and feces. The second reason is because you are stimulating your stomach and small intestines when you rub your belly. This rubbing helps to make them more efficient at waste removal. Since most people have a sluggish digestive system which is carrying at least 5 pounds of fecal matter within it, this efficiency helps speed up and enhance weight loss by eliminating this useless sludge from your system. For the best results, I suggest that you do this for 2 minutes first thing in the morning and 2 minutes right before you go to bed. You should notice results within 1 week. So if you have 2 hands and a few minutes a day, you can start to eliminate belly fat by simply rubbing your belly.

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Rub Your Belly Away In 2 Minutes a Day  

Here's a 6,000 year-old secret on how to eliminate fat from your belly area. It only takes 2 minutes a day.

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