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Lemon-Flavored Lozenges $12 for 2 Serving = 1 lozenge 73mg thc-total 11.8mg cbd-total

Fruit Punch Sour Bhotz

Medicine Farm’s medicated lozenges are a great option for

any patient looking to combine traditional forms of medicine with their medical Cannabis treatment program. Everyone has taken and used lozenges in their lifetime, either as a cough drop or a homeopathic option for allergies or other conditions. Luckily for us, Medicine Farm has combined the classic medicine with potent Cannabinoids for medicinal relief. THE SCORE Each lozenge contains 73mg Va l ue : of THC and 11.8mg CBD, Ta s t e : which blends potency with the Effec t: beneficial effects of CBD therapy. The ingredients are also natuPackaging: ral, including organic light agave Ove ra l l : nectar, organic lemon extract, and organic sunflower oil. The full ingredients are listed on the packaging, which is a great plus, along with instructions for storage. Both the CBD and the agave have anti-inflammatory properties, and both are able to be used in insulin management for blood sugar issues, making this a great option for a variety of medical conditions. They are also great for chronic pain, relieving symptoms in an easy to ingest form. The effects on the lozenges are strong, but you don’t have to eat a whole piece at once. That might be the best part of this medible! Unlike a sucker which can get floppy and sticky after multiple uses, it’s easy to re-wrap the lozenge in the packaging and turn it into multiple doses. They offer a 2-pack for $12 or a 4-pack for $20. Overall, this is a great and healthy option for any patient, and we recommend checking out all the other flavors that are also available.



Serving = 1 pkg. (2 shots)

150mg THC-total 0.52mg cbd-total

“I’ve got a secret, with parts made in Oregon, I am the modern medible

man.” At least that’s how I felt after eating a Sour Bhotz. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto! These little robots will have you dancing pain free and euphoric to the greatest hits of the 80’s within an hour of eating, and they are fun to play with. Sour Bhotz are created from scratch in Oregon, using all quality ingredients including organic fruit juices, organic THE SCORE cane sure and premium gelatin. Value: The BHO in Bhotz is representative Taste: of the medication that is used to give the medibles such high potency. Effect: There is a light bitterness in the Packaging: finish of each bite that hints at the Overall: concentrates involved, but overall the “green taste” is much lower than other gummies of comparable potency. The packaging for the products is simple and sealed from view, a must for any product that might be appealing to children. All warnings and legal info is available as well, along with ingredients and potency information. Overall, we recommend these Bhotz for anyone who wants a low calorie edible that is full of potent medicine. They are easily eaten on the go, discreetly, and the only side effect is possibly making bad music sound better.

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Oregon Leaf — Sept. 2014  
Oregon Leaf — Sept. 2014  

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