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Flapjax Extracts & Sugarbud

GORILLACHAMPAGNEDIAMONDS GORILLA CHAMPAGNE was cultivated indoors in Portland by Sugarbud, and extracted into these potent diamonds by Flapjax Extracts only about 15 miles from Hippy Trip in Newport, Oregon. The oil is a relatively even ratio of diamonds to terpenes, and is an attractive golden hue, beckoning you to dive in. To my palette, the flavor was Gorilla Confidential dominant with notes of grease and funk and a subtle, rotten-fruit sweetness that finished out very cleanly - indicating to me that most likely the grow medium used by Sugarbud is soilless. What shines here are the extremely potent effects of the oil, giving the user a pronounced spacey, cerebral and distracting high. $34/g, 43.7% THC, 8.5% Terpenes | Gorilla Confidential x Pink Champagne

TASTE 3/5 EFFECT 5/5 PKGNG 4/5 VALUE 4/5 TOTAL 16/20


Garden First Cannabis

WELL, HELLO THERE GARDEN FIRST CANNABIS! This absolutely gorgeous example of Golden Goat just rocked my world. Without a doubt this rendition of a classic checks all the boxes! The aroma is an incredibly complex mashup of over the top almost syrup sweet tropical fruit, classic citrus haze, and ripe earth. The AROMA 5/5 flowers are perfectly cured with just the DENSITY 5/5 right amount of moisture left - sticky and CURE 5/5 not brittle. When rolled into a hemp paper LOOKS 5/5 joint, the smoke was smooth and flavorful, and clearly well-flushed FLAVOR 4/5 before harvest. Big win here! $7/g, 33% THC, .01% CBD EFFECT 4/5 TOTAL 28/30 Hawaiian x Romulan


Hippy Trip carries a solid variety of both daytime and nighttime usage varietals from a variety of qualityfocused producers. We saw flowers ranging from $5 to $11 per gram, as well as a solid handful of preroll options in both singles and packs. We saw great variety from Dutch Valley, Gnome Grown, Sugartop Buddery and more. On our visit, there were no options from local producers, but a follow-up glance of their menu shows Geek Farms is now also on the shelf, which we wholeheartedly approve of.



There was an excellent selection and a very nice array of products to choose from here. Prices ranged from $3 to $72 and they carried options from OMMP holdouts like Grön Chocolate, Cloud 9 Confectionary and Laurie and Mary Jane’s, to the award winning Wyld gummies and Treets. Hippy Trip is sure to have something for nearly everyone, with the exception of those who have a sugar intolerance.


The concentrate shelves at Hippy Trip were piled high with many terpy offerings from a wide variety of processors. With household names like White Label Extracts, Dr. Jolly’s and Dab Society, shoppers here are sure to find something tried and true to leave with. Not only do they have a large selection of vape and dab options, they also carry several whole plant oils for medically inclined consumers. Our only point of contention was the lack of a solventless options in both dab and cartridge forms.


This store could be easily mistaken for something other than a Cannabis retailer. With a blue and white logo, reflective windows devoid of any green crosses, green lights or other indicators that the store sells ganja, Hippy Trip is the kind of shop you could bring your grandmother who hates weed to. Odds are she’d be comfortable and low-key impressed. The unassuming exterior houses a gorgeously well lit and clean interior, freshly built out featuring large custom display cases and several flat-screen TVs. You’ll likely be greeted and assisted by the owners of the shop for a personalized and intimate experience.


7Just steps from the view of crashing waves at Depoe Bay, Hippy Trip is a well organized and beautifully presented Cannabis shop, bringing a solidly curated selection on par with most any store back in the city. Not only is the store utterly presentable and well-stocked, it is also owner operated and was built without the help of an endless pocketbook - making their end result that much more impressive. With a convenient location right on 101, do yourself a favor and don’t miss this awesome pit stop on your way up or down the Oregon Coast!


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Oregon Leaf — June 2019  

Our 2nd Annual Travel Issue special features stories and tips for Cannabis and travel from around the state and northwest!

Oregon Leaf — June 2019  

Our 2nd Annual Travel Issue special features stories and tips for Cannabis and travel from around the state and northwest!

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