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As if dabbing and dab technology hasn’t evolved enough over the past

few years, we now have ilo Vapor to thank for pushing the envelope even further. Revolutionizing the way concentrates are stored, traveled and consumed, the DabTab will soon be hitting shops across Oregon and Maryland. If you’ve ever gotten frustrated dealing with sticky dab tools, lost product out the sides of your parchment or, due to consistency, just couldn’t get that last dab out of the jar it came in, then look no further. DabTab is ilo Vapor’s first product line and the company is hoping the product will change the game for how people consume their concentrates. The product is a patent-pending natural mineral-based ceramic matrix in the form of a tablet. Oil is then dosed and suspended into the tablet at a rate of 50mg of THC per DabTab. The medium is biologically inert and does not leach any chemicals into the Cannabis oil. It is stable up to 2000 F and the material is certified pure enough to be used in water filtration. The DabTab acts as a sponge and holds the oil until it’s ready to be consumed. They are usable in either the wildly popular Puffco Peak, the company’s matching TabRig, and most quartz bangers. Founder Michael Lindars began to realize just how subpar the vaping technology was when he started a design project for Golden Xtrx. “I was introduced to the Cannabis industry five years ago when Golden asked me to redefine their packaging design. My degree is in product design and at that point, there were a lot of significant issues with cartridges,” Lindars said. “I identified that the current cartridge system was based on the e-juice industry which is completely different from Cannabis oil. In my efforts to solve issues that were arising with cartridges, I made some important discoveries on how Cannabis can be vaporized… basically, we started from scratch.” Lindars, who is also the owner and founder of Lucid Design, a Portland-based design company. They handle packaging, logo and ad design predominantly for the Cannabis industry. With his keen insight into the inner workings of the industry, we are excited to see DabTabs hit the market and for what products Lindars and ilo Vapor roll out next.


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