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Oct. 23 - Feb. 15, 2010

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A running, skipping, twirling, rolling, galloping, leaping start.

Preschool/Kindergarten Gymnastics at The Little Gym. A class designed to improve kids’ motor, social, and perceptual skills. Noncompetitive games and basic gymnastics skills encourage interaction and help build self-esteem.

Call to schedule a free introductory class. Learn more at TheLittleGym.com.

Beaverton · (503) 579-0859

Lake Oswego/Tualatin · (503) 595-9702

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There’s something about Sunday night that really makes you want to kill yourself…. —Angela Chase

My So-Called Adulthood On a recent trip to my neighborhood library I was excited to come across the complete series DVDs of “My So-Called Life,” an old mid-90s favorite. At first blush, it’s show about a group of teens trying to navigate high school, puberty and social relationships and their seemingly clumsy, dorky parents. During the show’s first run, I identified with Angela Chase (a very young Claire Danes), awkward and self-conscious. The show really gets the angsty stuff down – Angela tells us in voiceover how dumb she sounds and how out of place she feels. The teen experience is monumental, and “My So-Called Life” brings it all back—the bad and the good. When dreamy Jordan Catalano grabs Angela’s hand in the hallway (in public!), my stomach actually dropped… both times I watched it. Some feelings just never go away. I think that’s a good thing. This time around, I identify more strongly with the parents – they aren’t so clueless after all. The mom is dealing with responsibilities at work, trying to be a good parent, and the realization that her beauty is fading. Meanwhile, her beautiful teen daughter goes out of her way to hide herself with dyed hair and bizarre outfits. The mom is shocked when her youthful, gorgeous daughter breaks down in tears about how ugly she thinks she is. As a teen, it’s completely relatable. As a mom, it’s heartbreaking. Don’t you love when television teaches important life lessons? Please remind me to, like, rent these DVDs when my daughter is going through her Angela Chase phase so I can, like, say the right thing. —Jessica Davis, jessica@nwkids.com

K12 gets kids thinking big. It’s what happens when they realize that what they understand is colored by what they see. When they see that perspective is a point on the horizon and a point of view. When they see the beauty of art, and see the beauty in their future. That’s thanks to K12 and our award-winning curriculum, individualized to bring learning alive, one child at a time. Every subject is delivered online, with hands-on activities, plus books and support from expert teachers.

when kids get into learning, learning gets into them. Options include: • Full-time, tuition-free public schooling in many states • An accredited online private school available worldwide • Over 150 individual courses including foreign languages, AP, and electives available for direct purchase • A robust Advanced Learner Program that challenges talented children with unique enrichment opportunities We’re America’s largest online curriculum provider for grades K through 12. Because we give every student a chance to think big.

Learn more at

www.oregonva.org 866.529.0163

Interested in a tuition-free, online public school option for your child? The K12 program is available through the Oregon Virtual Academy— an online public charter school authorized by the North Bend School District for grades K-8 that offers Oregon-licensed teachers, a vibrant school community, and a range of extracurricular activities. School may have already started, but it’s not too late to make a change in your child’s education for the 2009-2010 school year. Hurry, enrollment is limited, and we only have a few seats left! Discover what parents throughout Oregon already know—that the Oregon Virtual Academy provides an exceptional education for kids in grades K-8. Visit us at www.oregonva.org for complete enrollment details and a full listing of events near you.

K12.com. NW Kids Magazine | 7


Naturopathic Guide to Cold and Flu Season By Alexis Shields, ND Home Treatment Guide for Common Colds and the Flu Allow your body to get rid of the virus in the following manners: • Through the skin—with fevers, sweating, and gentle massage • Through the lungs—with fresh air and deep belly breaths • Through the kidneys—by drinking lots of water. Your intake should equal one-half of your weight (in ounces) each day. Your kitchen is a pharmacy • When you are sick, eat light, easy-to-digest foods such as broths and steamed vegetables. Give your body a chance to put all of its energy into healing, not digesting. • Use plenty of foods that boost the immune system such as garlic, onions, ginger, and thyme. Stay away from dairy products, sugar, and caffeine as they interfere with the immune system function, increase mucus production, and feed the bugs you are trying to eliminate. • Drink warm tea with a squeeze of lemon, fresh ginger, and a small amount of organic fresh honey. Studies suggest a spoonful of fresh organic honey is more effective than cough-suppressant medications! Use the warming sock treatment at the first sign of illness • “ Warming socks” is a great treatment for all ages. It increases the body’s circulation, which helps 8 | NW Kids Magazine

to remove the toxins that are keeping you sick and reduce the congestion that leaves you all stuffed up and unable to sleep. Directions: 1. Before bed, warm feet in a bath for 5-10 minutes. 2. Next, take a pair of thin cotton socks and wet them with cool water and wring out. 3. Put the socks on your feet and cover immediately with a pair of thick wool socks. 4. Get in bed and make sure to stay warm. If feet are feeling cold or you are unable to sleep, add more blankets. Socks should be dry by the morning. **Repeat the process each night at first onset of sickness until several days after cessation of symptoms. This therapy is safe and effective for infants and children of all ages. • Taking a hot bath can shorten the length of your illness and improve the quality of sleep. A naturopath can also give you hydrotherapy in the office, which can give comforting relief for uncomfortable cold symptoms. Alexis Shields, ND is a Naturopath and owner of a family medicine clinic, Dr. Shields Natural Health, LLC, in SE Portland. To learn more about how Naturopathic medicine can improve your family’s health, visit www.DrShieldsND.com.

Cold and Flu Survival Guide Cold and flu season is a hot topic this year. Right now, many people are worried about family members getting the flu. Keep the following information in your mind’s forefront to keep the panic at bay. Remember, Not All Colds are Bad One or two colds each year is a healthy boost for the immune system! However, many people get colds more frequently than this, with some people seeming to stay sick all winter. Naturopathic treatments can help people get over colds and the flu quickly. Treatments can help you have fewer colds with less severe symptoms. Don’t Freak Over a Fever A fever is a normal and healthy response to illness. The body’s temperature rises to rally the troops to fight off the infection or virus. Monitoring the fever, to make sure it stays at a safe level, is important. It is also important, however, that we do not immediately reach for the fever reducers, such as aspirin. We need to let the body go to work to rid itself of the infection. Your body wants to heal!

What is a Naturopathic Doctor? Naturopaths are primary care doctors who specialize in helping people to get well and stay well naturally instead of via routine prescription drugs. Naturopaths provide natural treatments that will help turn uncomfortable events, such as colds and the flu, into health-building events for the immune system, with emphasis on preventative care. They also specialize in treating acute and chronic conditions.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST ACADEMY Come see what makes this school so special!

   

Small class sizes with individualized instruction Highly qualified and experienced faculty Challenging, engaging, standards based curriculum

lling enro u Now —K thr Pre th 5 ia pr y for a Call our tod 8 t 3 vate ) 582-88 (503

Emphasis on effective communication skills, learning a 2nd language, and public speaking


Character education and community service


Convenient, structured on-site after school care

www.pacificnorthwestacademy.org 27960 SW Canyon Creek Rd. • Wilsonville, OR

7 pm - 10 pm Mon - Fri 1 pm - 9 pm Weekends & Holidays 11790 SW Barnes Rd, Ste 140 Portland, OR 97225 (Just West of Cedar Hills Blvd on Barnes Rd.)  

     www.pediatricurgentcareonline.com

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visual resource guide:

art classes & programs ANO’S ART Who: Kids ages 4-18 When: After school classes and/or Saturdays 503-292-9278 www.anosart.com CHAP: CHILDREN’S HEALING ART PROJECT Who: Kids of all ages When: Everyday from 12-5pm 503-243-5294 www.chap.name CREATIVE CHILDREN’S CENTER Who: Kids ages 2 + When: Daytime and evening classes 503-591-0604 www.creativechildrenscenter.com NO SCHOOL ART SCHOOL AT DIY LOUNGE Who: Kids ages 6-12 When: Days kids are out of school Check the NW Kids camp guide for art camps 503-804-2526 www.diylounge.com

key: = Pre-registration Required

FINE ART STARTS Who: Ages 4 + When: Afterschool and weekends 503-723-9661 www.fineartstarts.com dipintoamano Who: Families When: Drop-ins throughout the week 503-636-9940 www.kilnmanjaro.com MULTNOMAH ARTS CENTER Who: Ages 2-18 When: After school, evenings and weekends 503-823-2787 www.multnomahartscenter.org MY MASTERPIECE ART STUDIO Who: All ages When: Daytime and evening classes and open studio 503-435-3700 www.mymasterpieceartstudio.com

= Lake Oswego = Northeast Portland = Northwest Portland


= Oregon City

= Beaverton

= Southeast Portland

= Hillsboro

= Southwest Portland

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a jam-packed, nutty, king-size stage experience!

OCtOber 31NOVember 22 Newmark tHeatre

CaLL FOr tICketS 503-228-9571


presented by

based on the book by roald Dahl. Dramatized by richard r. George. Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, woodstock, Illinois.

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visual resource guide:

art classes & programs THE 100TH MONKEY STUDIO Who: Kids ages 6 + When: Daytime and after school classes 503-232-3457 www.the100thmonkeystudio.com OREGON COLLEGE OF ART & CRAFTS Who: 18 months + When: Daytime classes 503-297-5544 www.ocac.edu PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLEGE OF ART Who: All ages When: Daytime and evening classes 503-226-4391 www.pnca.edu PLAY BOUTIQUE Who: Kids of all ages When: Daytime and evening classes 503-962-0350 www.playboutique.com FAMILY SUNDAYS AT PORTLAND ART MUSEUM Who: Families of all ages When: Sunday, 12:30-3pm 503-226-2811 www.pam.org

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PORTLAND PARKS Who: Kids of all ages When: Daytime and evening classes Various locations, check online www.portlandonline.com SMILING SUNSHINE ART CLASSES Who: Kids of all ages When: Weekdays 503-522-4204 www.smilingsunshineart.com SPIELWERK TOYS Who: Kids of all ages When: Daytime and evening werkshops www.spielwerk.net TUALATIN HILLS PARKS & REC ART CLASSES Who: All ages When: Daytime and evening classes 503-645-6433 www.thprd.org WALTERS CULTURAL ARTS CENTER Who: Kids of all ages When: Daytime and evening classes 503-615-3485 www.ci.hillsboro.or.us/wcac

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Stephanie Gabriel,

local Singer /Songwriter Talks About Making and enjoying Music Take a listen to SuperZ’s version of the alphabet song and you’ll think you’re eavesdropping on 90s indy rock icon Liz Phair sharing a personal ditty with her own child. Performed with a similar deadpan inflection, the song entertains little ones without making their adult companions want to scream. All the songs on her band SuperZ’s CD are this way. SuperZ is the kids music offshoot of Portland musical group Super Zeitgeist. SuperZ has just released its first CD (Super Fun Times), profits from which will go toward the kids’ college funds. What was your inspiration for starting a kid band? We had a kid, so we started playing and writing music that was more kid-centric – songs that break down the world to make it more sensical. Everyone in our (adult) band has kids around the age of 3 and we get together to play. The kids sing along with us and play instruments. It certainly makes the practices pretty interesting. Other than playing in a band, how do you incorporate music into your home? We have a keyboard and drum sets set up, and we have family jam sessions. It’s great for me because I am just learning the guitar so it allows me to be free. We sing songs together and dance. We also just always have music playing – all kinds of music. 14 | NW Kids Magazine

Have you ever been surprised by something that he likes? Right now he is really into this slide guitarist named Lloyd Green. There are no vocals on any of the songs – he is learning them just by how they sounds. He’ll listen to them over and over again. That is pretty cool. Talk about some of the songs. They are written for people of various ages. We redid the ABC song – focused on the sounds that the letters make. Some songs (laser, hula) are for older kids, focusing on history and background of things we don’t think about every day. We wrote the (astronaut) song after visiting the air and space museum in Washington D.C. Our exchange student from Japan was staying with us then and he sang on the original version. Because his English wasn’t perfect, he liked the simpler songs. What is your favorite venue for performing? So far, it’s the Children’s Museum because the sound is great there. Airplay Café is also an enjoyable venue – it’s great what they are doing there with family music. I like there always being a place where people can go. My son is learning the drums and he and Chris do a Friday day gig sometimes at Good Neighbor pizza on NE Dekum. (shown in photo). Find SuperZ on iTunes or CDBaby, www.cdbaby.com/superz. Follow the band on twitter, twitter.com/superzeitgeist.

We create healthy interiors for families. Nurseries, Children’s Rooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms + more. Remodeling/Design projects Become an eco consultant or schedule an appointment today!


Angel Belly offers fashionable, yet affordable, maternity apparel and accessories. Alterations are available upon request for a perfect fit. We also carry hard to find premature baby clothing. If you already have children, they can keep themselves entertained in a waiting area with a flat screen TV so that you can have an enjoyable shopping experience.

2239 NW 185th. Ave. • Hillsboro

In the Tanasbourne Village between Safeway & Trader Joe’s


Design a building. Program a robot. Be a LEGO engineer. Explore physics. Create a puppet. Get ready for the SAT. And much more!

Classes for grades 2 – 12. 503-200-5858


saturday academy

DO SOMETHING WONDERFUL! Energetic and active, 11-year-old Victor gravitates towards outdoor play. Wall ball, kickball, and basketball vie for his attention. Victor has been waiting a long time to share his sporty spunk with someone special. Victor enjoys participating in family life. In contrast to his slender frame, Victor’s latest and most fervent passion is food. He relishes cooking, fueling dreams of becoming a chef someday. “I love

Superman, Transformers, & extra-fast cheetahs. If I were a super hero, my name would be V-Man.”

orbit stroller • clek car seats pitty shants • juicy couture baby+kids

Victor has rebounded well from early hardships. Meaningful relationships with caring adults have made a monumental difference. With patience and understanding, Victor will enjoy lasting and loving bonds with his adoptive family.

Adopt a Wendy’s Wonderful Kid Brook Puckett Call Boys 503.542.2330 & Girls Aid bpuckett@boysandgirlsaid.org today! www.boysandgirlsaid.org

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performance review family Theater

show previews 2


photo by Owen Carey




Oregon Children’s Theatre Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Based on the book by Roald Dahl When: October 31-November 22, 2009 Where: Newmark Theatre Cost: Tickets: $13-$24 A golden ticket is Charlie Bucket’s passport into Willy Wonka’s wacky world of wondrous Wonka Bars. Charlie and Grandpa Joe take a daring adventure into a world of Oompa-Loompas, squirrels, chocolate rivers, and cotton candy dreams. Will Charlie resist Slugworth’s bribe to steal the secret of the everlasting gobstopper? Will Violet turn violet? Is Mike Teavee shrinking from view? Join OCT as Willy Wonka searches for his

16 | NW Kids Magazine

successor. This timeless Roald Dahl story is a jampacked, nutty, king-size stage experience. Best for all ages. Presented by Moonstruck Chocolate. Sponsored by The Standard. Northwest Childrens Theater Narnia From the stories of C.S. Lewis, book by Jules Tasca, music by Thomas Tierney, lyrics by Ted Drachman When: December 11, 2009 - January 3, 2010 Where: NW Cultural Center Cost: $18-$22 There are many stories of Narnia. The first is about to be told. Deep inside the wardrobe sleeps a land of never-ending winter ruled by a cruel witch. Led by the noble Aslan, four brave siblings are drawn into an epic battle between good and evil in this inspiring holiday adventure for the whole family. Most enjoyed by ages 6 & up. Tears of Joy Theater Rumpelstiltskin by Sharon Whitney When: November 13-29, 2009 Where: Winningstad Theatre Cost: $14 children, $16 adults What does a girl do when told she must spin straw into gold? Find out in this sparkling adaptation of the classic German fairy/folk tale by the brothers Grimm. Tears of Joy Theatre’s puppets bring the miller and his daughter, the king, the baby, and that mysterious little man (what can his name be?) to life. The play will be accompanied by a lobby exhibit on spinning.


Playmobil, Ravensburger, Klutz, Melissa & Doug, Kettler & More Fri-Sun, Nov 6-8

solrose photography

affordable contemporary photography


“Portland’s Most Hands-On Toy Store”❄

aby.com www.poshb a POSH BOUTIQ U E

SAVE 15%

On All Toys + Books

11/27 - 12/6 NW Kids Magazine | 17



around town Raingear by Oaki This Vancouver-based outdoor gear company designed its line of affordable rain suits and zip boots to fit the needs of local kids who like to play outside, rain or shine. The “adventure suit” is an essential for keeping little ones clean and dry, and the innovative zip boots allow toddlers to run around in a lightweight, waterproof shoe. The zip feature allows a much snugger fit so running, jumping and climbing are lots easier and they don’t fall off. The best quality of these items, however, may be the prices. Adventure Suits: $18.99; Boots: $15.50 PLUS free shipping with code LOVERAIN at checkout. Found online only: www.oakiwear.com GinzaGirl Skirts and headbands A popular booth at street fairs and artisans markets, the handsewn Ginza Girl skirts and matching headbands are lusted after by girls of all ages throughout town. Seamstress Elita Hill mixes and matches adorable fabrics for these one-of-a-kind creations. $32 for the set. Wintery weights and fabrics now available; visit the website for a list of upcoming shows and shopping opportunities. www.ginzagirldesigns.com Monkey Face Fleece Dresses by little Turn your tot into your personal lovie by dressing him or her head to toe in fleece. What could be cozier? What could be cuter? Found at Zenana Spa (www.zenanaspa. com), Milagros Boutique (milagrosboutique.com) with more shops coming soon. $29. Call Erin Laidlow at 503-816-8001 to order one in the size you need. Find Little Gem Clothing on Facebook. —j.d.

18 | NW Kids Magazine

The ic School Mus ryone’s Eve king Tal ut Abo private lessons.classes for all ages

A Benefit for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Kids in the Arts Scholarship Program

camps . baby & toddler groups birthday parties.gift certificates

learn to play music your way, with music you love

Saturday, December 19th 9:00 a.m. and 12 Noon Portland Hilton Hotel, 921 SW 6th Ave. $30 adults & children All Performances feature a silent auction, a delicious buffet breakfast and a festive holiday show! Make this your new family holiday tradition! www.portlandsbreakfastwithsanta.org

Call Us Today! 503.282.9999 SoundRootsMusic.com

Tickets are available at Billings Dance Center Sponsor and Premium Tables available For reservations call: 503-488-0119

NOPO 3808 N WILLIAMS AVE 503.282.2233 | SELLWOOD 7956 SE 13TH AVE 503.736.3000


fine toys for exceptional children

Buy local. Buy less. Play more!

NW Kids Magazine | 19


Craft a Decorative Pinecone and Leaf Turkey by Dawn Sorem This month’s craft project will get you out of the house into the great outdoors. Made from all-natural materials you can only find outside, this project is fun, easy to do and when hung on the wall, makes a great decoration for any fall décor. Bundle up and head outside! Materials • One pinecone • A handful of leaves – different colors and shapes • Two small sticks (optional) • Googly or paper eyes • Paper • White liquid glue, pencil and scissors


Collect your leaves and pinecone.

Note: Keep the leaves from getting to dry and crumbly by pressing the leaves flat between two pieces of paper and a heavy book for a few days. Pick a colored paper for your background (black,


white, yellow or orange are nice).

Put glue on the backs of your leaves and stick them, one by one, onto your paper in the shape of a fan. Put lots of glue on the back of your pinecone and stick it to the bottom of the fan.


Take googly eyes or make paper eyes and glue them onto your pinecone to make your turkey’s face. Make a beak and a red wobbler from scrap paper and glue them onto your pinecone. Let dry overnight.

Dawn Sorem teaches arts and crafts classes, hosts private classes/parties for both children and adults and designs for Envelop Cards. View her latest designs and list of upcoming classes at www.envelopcards.com. 20 | NW Kids Magazine

Individualized Education - Ages 2 1/2 to 6

*Large fenced playground* *Musikgarten Music Education* *Freedom to Grow in God’s Love* montessoricornerstone.com

503-647-7402 North Plains, OR 97133

NW Kids Magazine | 21


Portland’s Playground Gym Provides Physical Activity Options Parent alums of classes at Gymboree and the Little Gym will recognize the equipment at the Playground Gym: brightly colored mats in several shapes act as obstacles, tunnels and medicine balls. It’s a colorful and clutter-free room, brightly lit by huge windows on two sides. The music has been upgraded, though, more Amy Winehouse than Barney. The Playground Gym is a new business for kids that operates kind of like a gym—members take exercise classes, build physical skills and use their bodies—only here the emphasis is on fitness as fun. The games-based classes (in a recent class, a friendly game of “recycling the trash” bears strong resemblance to the old dodge ball of yore) have the kids laughing, running and building up a big sweat. “Happy children are healthy children, and our mission at The Playground Gym is to provide kids with an environment that nurtures physical, mental and emotional development, says J.J. Hewitt, co-owner. “Kids are built to play, and skills learned from physical activity combined with social interaction are the foundation of a healthy life.” Hewitt and his co-partners Casey Barkmeier and Tara Gower just opened the gym in September and already are seeing local parents respond to their unique offering. Strongly rooted in the belief that physical activity jumpstarts cognitive ability, the trio build in problemsolving activities, such as building bridges, 22 | NW Kids Magazine

team puzzles and challenges into the curriculum. “Of course, we all want to give our kids the time and opportunity to play, explore, and grow outside of school, but busy schedules can easily get in the way,” says Hewitt. “That’s what we’re here for. The time your child spends at the gym is an integral element of young life. It’s equally as important as time spent in the classroom learning reading, writing, and arithmetic.” ABOUT THE PLAYGROUND GYM The Playground Gym is located at 505 NE Grand Avenue, near the Convention Center and is easily accessible from the Steel Bridge, Lloyd Center Max and downtown. Each two-month term membership ($80/month) comes with two weekly classes, unlimited open gym play time and discounts on Parent’s Night Out and birthday parties. Classes include “fun fit,” “martial arts” and “creative movement.” Also included in the membership is an after-school club; kids can hang out before and after class in a safe environment and do homework. Sibling and multi-class discounts also available. Parent-child classes for toddlers are available in both morning and evening timeslots; parent’s nights out and birthday parties are also great ways to have your kids use the space. Contact the Playground Gym: www.theplaygroundgym.com; 503-235-7529 —.j.d.

100% of your purchase goes to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital! For more information, call: 503 220-8344 or 800 800-9583 Purchase online at www.doernbecherfoundation.org

ad_dch_holiday_cards_metro_parent.indd 1

9/15/2009 11:39:09 AM

ce fo r lea din g so ur po rt la nd ’s ga dg ets ! ga me s, an d , fts gi ce sc ien

no admission required

503.797.4640 s h o p o n l i n e at o m s i . e d u

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book review

A Classic Tale

Takes a Family From

Picture to Chapter Books When my four–year-old described the trilogy of books his teachers had been reading to him, I was intrigued. I had never heard of the awardwinning My Father’s Dragon series, though it’s been around since the 1940s. As my son related the events of the stories in detail, with young Elmer Elevator traveling from Popsicornia to Wild Island to Blueland and beyond, I realized I had found what I was looking for: The elusive gateway from the picture book to the chapter book. Even though My Father’s Dragon and its sequels are chapter books, they are filled with beautiful black-and-white illustrations on nearly every page, which keep the young ones engaged. My Father’s Dragon is a story about a baby dragon being held captive and exploited by the

holiday soiree



Fabulous swag, raffles, free gifts and event only sales! Sponsored by NW Kids, Sweet & Savory Food Co, Me Too! Cafe and Munchkin Designs.

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wild animals on faraway Wild Island. Elmer sets off to rescue him, facing down the likes of tigers, boars, and rhinos. In his quest, he uses his wits and the items in his fortuitously packed knapsack to outmatch his foes like a 9-year-old MacGyver. I’m so thankful to the teachers at my son’s school for introducing this classic tale to our family. Not only is My Father’s Dragon a delight to be read over and over; I wish there were a hundred more books just like it. More Good Reads: nwkids.com/Book-Picks



177 N.E. 102nd Avenue Portland, Oregon 97220 Office 503-254-1399 Toll Free 800-652-1399 Fax 503-256-1340 www.gatewaywomensclinic.com


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parenting Millions of Babies Crawling for Change Babies are starting a movement demanding much-needed reform in the regulation of toxic chemicals. Putting one hand and one knee in front of the other, babies everywhere will “crawl” their way to Washington to demand change. The Million Baby Crawl is a grassroots campaign to give babies (and their parents) an active voice in a movement in support of stronger protection from toxic chemicals in general home products. Synthetic chemicals are currently regulated by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), a decades-old law that experts say doesn’t guarantee the safety of materials that can cause a host of serious illnesses. Under the outdated TCSA, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have the authority to demand the information it needs to evaluate a chemical’s risk, and neither manufacturers nor the agency are required to prove a chemical’s safety before it can be used. The Seventh Generation Million Baby Crawl website (www.seventhgeneration.com/millionbaby-crawl) has humorous videos of the crawling babies and tons of resources for parents to educate themselves on this issue. On the site you can follow a crawler, sign up your own crawler and rally for change. NW Kids has a crawler – find and join us! The Crawl to Action Event On Wednesday, November 18, the Seventh Generation Crawl to Action will take place in six cities across the United States, one being Portland. This free event will feature fun and educational activities, local entertainment and full-size product giveaways. The Portland Crawl to Action event will take place at Washington Square from 10am to 2pm. Did you know that since 1976, the US Environmental Protection Agency has required safety testing on only 200 of the more than 80,000 chemicals on the market? 26 | NW Kids Magazine


Thanksgiving Fun at The Merry Kitchen Decorate maple leaf sugar cookies, make pumpkin muffins and enjoy apple cider punch. 10:30am -12 pm. $30. www.themerrykitchen.com

Nov. 21

Thanksgiving FEASTival Yummy stuff at the farmers market helps you prepare a feast, and join in on the festive atmosphere of community www.portlandfarmersmarket.org

Nov. 22

Thanksgiving Walk at Oxbow Park Celebrate the simple gifts of nature. $5 vehicle fee. Advance registration required; call 503- 797-1650 x 2. www.oregonmetro.gov

Nov. 25

Thanksgiving Feast-Animal Enrichment The Meerkats dive into turkey-shaped piñatas filled with crickets and the polar bears go straight for the pumpkin pie ice treat. Included in regular admission. 10:30am. www.oregonzoo.org

Nov. 26

Turkey Trot Get ready for Thanksgiving by joining the Oregon Road Runners Club on a four mile run(1/2 mile kids run)/walkthrough Washington Park and the zoo; 7am-10am. www.orcc.net

Nov. 28

Annual Turkey Bowl Express Enjoy a holiday meal then roll up your sleeves to turkey bowl for prizes on the 5 lb., 10 lb. or 20 lb. lanes; 10:30am. $32 for adults, $20 for children. www.mthoodrr.com



Downtown Holiday Artisans Fair Enjoy some great holiday shopping in the heart of downtown. 10am-6pm at the World Trade Center Plaza. www.handmadenw.com

Starts Nov. 23

Nov. 29

Portland Arts Bazaar A handmade holiday celebration featuring a plethora of goodies handmade by local artisans. Shop local, buy local. 11am-6pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square. www.handmadenw.com

things to do Through Nov. 22

Tinsel, Trees and Traditions Experience 150 years of Christmas traditions at Pittock Mansion this holiday season. 11am-4pm. $8 adults, $5 children. www.pittockmansion.org

Gosh, I Hope I Get It Krayon Kids Musical Theatre Company. See also fall theater preview on page X. www.krayonkids.org

Nov. 27

Sundays for Families: China Design A great way to spend a rainy afternoon with your family soaking up some art, culture and fun. Family tours are at 12:30pm, art-making is at 1-3pm and storytime is from 2:30-3pm. www.pam.org

Pioneer Square Tree Lighting Ceremony Join roughly 25,000 others to witness this big, bright and beautiful event at 5:30 pm. www.pioneercourthousesquare.org

Nov. 27 – Dec. 5

The Singing Christmas Tree A favorite holiday tradition continues. www.pcpa.com

Starts Nov. 27

Zoo Lights The zoo comes alive as you walk through this winter wonderland of more than a million lights. www.oregonzoo.org

Starts Nov. 27

The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights Lights sparkle at this year’s festival, puppets, carolers, and theatrical performances. www.thegrotto.org

Nov. 1

Nov. 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30

Puppet Storytime The Pearl’s Green Frog Toys offers a story and a puppet show followed by a simple craft, Mondays at 10:30am. www.greenfrogtoys.com

Nov. 5, 12, 19 & 26

Bean Sprout Story Hour at the Overlook House Enjoy this historic Portland landmark while the kidlets listen to some great storytelling. Best for 2-5 year olds. Free. 10:30-11:30am. www.historicoverlookhouse.org

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calendar Nov. weekends

Movie Night at Café Sip-n-Play Grab the family and enjoy “Ratatouille”, “Charlotte’s Web”, “Pinocchio” and “101 Dalmatians” at 5 pm, weekend evenings. cafesipnplay.com

Nov. 6-8

Thinker Toys Turns 15! Help celebrate with prizes, discounts and lots of fun. BJ the clown makes an appearance from 11am-1pm on Saturday; Fisher Cat visits 2-4pm. www.thinkertoysoregon.com

Nov. 7 & 8

Camas Indoor Kite Festival Come on out of the cold and enjoy a kite festival inside with tons of kites and fliers. $2. www.nwskl.org

Nov. 7-8, 14-15, 21-22 & 28-29

Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Show Check out 4200 sq. ft. of model railways: Vintage trains, steam engine models and even a small railroad made from Legos. 10am-5pm, Adults, $5, kids, $2. www.cgmrc.com

Nov. 7 & 8

Fairies, Dragons and Knights Festival Show up at the museum in your “fairy” best for a weekend of enchanted storytimes, magical performances and mystical crafts. www.portlandcm.org

28 | NW Kids Magazine

Nov. 7, 13 & 21

Handprint Tile Events Kids can make a gift to remember with these tiles that showcase their own little hands. www.handprinttiles.com

Nov. 10

Family Game Night Get the family together and head over to Piccolo Mondo Toys to test-drive some of the great but not-so-well-known, games, 6-8pm. www.piccolomondotoys.com

Nov. 11

Free Admission Day at the Japanese Gardens Enjoy the gardens and take in the beauty. 10am-4pm. www.japanesegarden.com

Nov. 11

Rookie Rock Class Join the folks from Sound Roots at Milagros Boutique for an entertaining introduction to parent/child rock classes. 10-11 am. www.milagrosboutique.com

Nov. 11

Day Off with the Pirates Captain Bogg & Salty will perform three times at the Portland Children’s Museum. Argg! www.boggandsalty.com

Nov. 11

No School Art School at DIY Lounge See page 10 for details. www.diylounge.com

calendar Nov. 12

Mom’s Night Out at My Kidz World Join some hip moms for this holiday shopping soiree. Wine, cheese, chocolates, giveaways, makeup and more! 5-9pm. www.mykidzworld.com

Nov. 13

Superstitions: Science vs. Fiction It’s Friday the 13th, and OMSI will be offering special demos throughout the day exploring the history behind superstitions and how people cope with them. Regular admission. www.omsi.edu

Nov. 13-Dec 23

Mt. Hood Railroad Polar Express Read along with the story as the train makes its magical round-trip journey to the North Pole to meet Santa and the elves. www.mthoodrr.com

Nov. 14

Wilde Hummel Puppet Show at the Week of German Culture Festival Everyone will love this German play that will take you back to the beginning of time, when the world was still new. 3:30 pm. www.germanamerican.org

Nov. 15

Kids in Nature: Getting Ready for Winter Join the Friends of Tryon Creek State Park for a fun morning discovering the many different ways plants and animals prepare for winter. For ages 4-7 with an adult. $10 per child. www.tryonfriends.org

Nov. 28

Puppets vs. People This collaboration between Tears of Joy Theatre and ComedySportz makes for a hilarious improvisational performance. www.tojt.com

Nov. 29

You Who Kids Show A kids variety show, capped with a rock concert. Mcmenamins Kennedy School. 1pm, ticket prices vary. www.mcmenamins.com

Nov. 29

Wow! Science Grandma Leeth’s hosts fun exploring projects based in physics and chemistry. Reservations are required; the event is best for 5-9 year olds. 12:30pm-2pm. www.grandmaleeths.com

parent’s night outs Nov. 2 & 4

The Playground Gym Let your child get sweaty while you go out. 6:30pm-10pm. www.playgroundgym.com

Nov. 14 & 21

Parent’s Survival Night at the Little Gym Thinking of trying to get some early holiday shopping done sans the kids? Drop them off at the Beaverton location (the 14th) or the Lake Oswego location (the 21st). Kids 3-10 years old, 6-9:30pm. www.thelittlegym.com

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says Which Witch? Parenting Advice From Strangers By Simon Hodgson

When my wife Fitzsimmons was pregnant, women would pat her belly or ask questions, and I wondered whether babies belonged to the world. Three months on from Sam’s birth, both of us feel more protective of our boy. Our pediatrician warned us about newborns’ callow antibodies and the risk of strangers on buses and planes. “Be careful,” she said, “who touches the baby.” As I was taking Sam for a walk, a crone stopped and smiled at me. Before I’m castigated for describing an old lady this way, let me say that it was more of a rictus than a smile. And this lady was indeed a crone. She seemed like something displaced from Hans Christian Andersen, with a whiskery chin and bony fingers. If I looked closely, I was sure I’d find a wart. She grinned at us and I smiled back politely, the way you’d smile at an alligator were you to encounter one on Tri-Met. Then she extended a yellowed fingernail towards Sam, and I flinched. She chuckled as I adjusted Sam’s hat to cover my fright. “As long as he wears socksies on his toesies,” said the crone. “Yeah,” I said, for want of a better response. What else do you say to a crone? She marched away, leaving behind a faint whiff of Nippon ant-killer and gingerbread. I went my way, in the opposite direction, musing on the encounter. “As long as he wears socksies on his toesies” The more I thought about it, the more I wondered whether it was some new witchy hex. Like one of those Bedouin curses – “may your bed be infested with the fleas from a thousand camels.” Or, I thought, maybe it was a ruse? Did she mention the toes so that I’d look down, then turn Sam’s head into a pumpkin? There was really no limit to the possible treachery. Or perhaps it wasn’t treachery. Perhaps it was simple neighborliness from a wise old lady. “Make sure his feet stay warm.” Clearly, she knew something I didn’t. She took one look at me, figured me for either a simpleton or a parenting novice, and gave me the most useful advice she could in words a child could understand. As long as he wears socksies on his toesies… I thought briefly of the warty warning implicit in that sentence and wondered what might happen if he wasn’t wearing socksies. Then I held his feet snugly all the way home. Simon Hodgson has been a burger-flipper, tomato-picker, technology reporter, movie listings editor and freelance writer. His latest career is fatherhood. He lives on the West Coast with his wife and son. 30 | NW Kids Magazine

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Mom’s Night Out

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Fe Sp atur ea ed k sa er:


“S Mo a Pro fe B og du aby cts ”


Indulge in an Evening of Wine, Cheese, Chocolates, Giveaways, Makeup, Guest Speakers and the most d’lish part Shopping! Mama Bay Boutique

Swaddle Keeper

Let's Play Toys

Plum Tots

Kids Central Kitchen

Wilde Fig

Gaia Baby Food

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SAVE-THE-DATE What: Grab your girlfriends and join us for a captivating evening of opulence and magical events! When: Wed, December 9th, 5-9pm Where: Post 419 in the Bison Building – 419 NE 10th Ave, Portland A CRAVEparty C is an exclusive, festive, glam-gal gathering of fun, entertainment, personal pampering, and sippin’ and noshin’ on great food. Visit stylish market stalls brimming with sample-sale-priced clothing, jewelry, handbags, girly gifts, bath and body treats, gourmet food, home decor, latest kiddie and chic mommy fashion, and oh so much more! Tickets: $15 each or 2 for $20 in Advance Student Advance Discounts! $8 each $20 at the door Tickets are non-refundable Be sure to stop by and visit NW Kids and our friends at the event!

Register online at www.craveportland.com

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