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839 Broadway 3rd Floor Gary, IN, 46402 (219) 881-1060 fax (219) 881-7850 THE POSITIVE PLACE FOR KIDS


Will Ande Despite many recent rson I n 1965, Mr. renovations and updates John to the Club, there cstill hased the old Moose remain several issues. and Ad-

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Boys Club operated in t h is fa c il ity old In 1965, Mr. John W. Anderson purchased the Lodge forMoose m a n y yeThe whfacility arsClub, en thto until 1976 at 7th and Adams and donated this e the CluBoys’ b moClubs. v e d tino this changing its name to John Will Anderson Boys Club, operated many years until 1976 when thefacility formfor er it moved to the former YMCA at 225 West 5th Avenue where it remains today.

In 2000, the Club received a $1.3 million facelift, which included renovation of the pool, expansion of the teen center, installation of windows in classrooms, new efficient heating and air conditioning units, as well as new paint, carpet and furniture. In 2007 and 2008, the Club again underwent renovations. The area of the Club for teens was transformed into a place that they could enjoy – offering a coffeehouse-like atmosphere, as well as a media room to make and mix music. Additionally, the rest of the Club received new paint and tiles. Despite the many renovations and updates to the current John Will Anderson Club, there still remain several issues. The building has continual flooding in the lower level causing many of our program rooms to be closed to kids. Additionally, the dampness of the lower level has caused continual pumping of water which is not costeffective of resources. Further, the facility is completely landlocked. There is no green space for youth to enjoy outdoors, or for staff to program for outdoor activities. The Club sits on 5th Avenue — a very busy street posing safety issues for our youth.

rls Club:

“I’ll tell anyone ... the Club helped me to survive.”

C A SE FOR SUPPORT Andrew joined our Club 3 years ago. Never meeting his biological parents, Andrew grew up in 10 foster homes running away from the first one at the tender age of 6. Fortunately, one foster family took him to a Boys & Girls Club – and despite his feelings of fear and loneliness, he began to thrive through the support and care shown by professional staff at the Club. Though his home situation was less than ideal, at the Club Andrew was given encouragement and support, he learned how to “give back,” and he soon began to feel like part of a family.

Andrew Kin

Today Andrew lives with a loving adoptive family and his “giving back” through community service is endless. Andrew says … “Every time I think about my past, I try to change that thought and focus on something that is okay in my life. I’ll tell anyone ... the Club helped me to survive.” Stories like Andrew’s are too often heard. But you, personally, can make a difference for kids like Andrew and influence the course of human events. You have a unique opportunity to profoundly impact the youth of our communities.


Part of a nationwide affiliation of more than 4,000 Clubs and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, since 1954, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana has provided a safe, nurturing environment for all young people, especially those who need us most. Today’s youth face greater challenges than ever before! Without havens like the Boys & Girls Clubs, children have fewer opportunities to receive positive guidance and support. More than 7,000 boys and girls participate in our Club programs every year.

8)08&"3& Our Clubs inspire and empower all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring individuals. But how do we know that we are accomplishing our Mission? Since 2006, we have been tracking program outcomes, utilizing Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Outcome Measurement Toolkit. In a longitudinal comparison of members conducted from 2006-2009, five outcome indicators were tracked that indicate the general well-being of Club youth and their emerging development as caring, responsible and productive individuals.


Further, research indicates that youth with a positive attitude toward school are more likely to remain in school. Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana members express a positive attitude toward school that only grows with time. The longer youth remain members of a Boys & Girls Club, the more likely they are to report that they are “Doing Great� in school. Compare the following data.

Length of Boys & Girls Club Membership

% Reporting “Doing Great� in School

New Club Member ......................................................................... 7.69% Club Member for 1 to 2 Years ..................................................... 32.06% Club Member for 3 to 4 Years ..................................................... 73.76% *Results based on Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana members’ self-assessment using Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Outcome Measurement Toolkit (2009).

According to the Quality of Life Indicators Report,* a focus on youth and families is key in providing positive opportunities and alternatives for those considered economically challenged. A recent study conducted by Stanford University states social service agencies offer the kind of programs needed most by today’s young people. The study further states that young people do not just want a “safe place to go,” they want exciting learning opportunities through necessary community collaborations, and that community initiatives can have a real impact on youth, particularly in low-income areas.

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High school junior , Joshua Ochoa, enjoys activities and friendships at the Club.

Unless community (1) is identified as a child of a substance abuser; organizations, (2) is a victim of physical, sexual, or psychological like Boys & Girls abuse; (3) has dropped out of school; (4) has become Clubs of Northwest pregnant; (5) is economically disadvantaged; (6) Indiana and their collaborating has committed a violent or delinquent act; (7) partners, address the need for youth and has experienced mental health problems; (8) has families to have access attempted suicide; (9) has experienced to safe and positive long-term physical pain opportunities – the due to injury; or (10) community runs the has experienced chronic risk of becoming socialfailure in school. CDI’s ly and educationally are on a scale from 1 “at-risk.” 10, with 10 indicating The majority of the highest community Boys & Girls Clubs of disadvantaged level. Northwest Indiana’s Our John Will sites are located in Anderson Club in Gary areas considered to be has a CDI of 10. School disadvantaged – with data for all our Club Club members play a trivia game called Wheel of Wisdom PVS )BNNPOE  &BTU . locations show similar Chicago and Gary Clubs demonstrating the highest trends in academic Community Disadvantage Index Levels (CDI). CDI’s underperfor-mance. That is why Boys & Girls are ratings placed on distressed areas. A distressed Clubs of Northwest Indiana focuses on academic area is defined as an urban, suburban, or rural area success, helping to enhance what children are with a high percentage of high risk youth. already learning in school. We do this by offering  " )JHI 3JTL :PVUI JT EFmOFE BT BO JOEJWJEVBM fun and engaging academic programs like Reasons under 21 years, who is at high risk of becoming, or UP 3FBE  .JUDIT ,JET o 1PXFS )PVS 5VUPSJOH who has become, a drug or alcohol abuser, and who: Program, Making the Grade and Career Launch! *The Quality of Life Indicators Report is produced specifically for Northwest Indiana, including Lake County. It is commissioned by Lake Area United Way through the Quality of Life Council.

“The Club is the facility of my guardian angels that saved my life ... The Club means more to me than anyone could ever imagine.�

COMMUNITY RESOURCES Despite common thinking, most youth do want and need caring adults in their lives. Kids need a safe place where adults can care for them. A 2007 study of Boys & Girls Clubs alumni confirms that our organization, coupled with strong school partnerships, is meeting their needs. Alumni view Club experiences as highly positive and essential to their survival – with 57% stating, “The Club really saved my life.â€? The study’s findings also demonstrate nine in ten Club alumni are graduating from high-school, compared to 85% at the national level, and alumni are as likely as the general U.S. population to earn a college degree (26%). The hazards and temptations facing youth today are greater than they have ever been. Involvement in gangs, substance abuse, promiscuous behavior, are all around our children. They see negative behaviors and at-risk lifestyles on a daily basis. Latch-key children do their homework with the guidance of television, and youth without adequate supervision are more likely to engage in inappropriate behavior during the hours after school is dismissed. Although we cannot solve all problems, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children. Our youth need positive outlets for their inquisitive minds and growing bodies. We, too often, tell children what to say “noâ€? to without giving them something with which to say “yes!â€? We do this through five core program areas including: Education & Career Development; Character & -FBEFSTIJQ%FWFMPQNFOU)FBMUI-JGF4LJMMTÉĽF"SUTBOE4QPSUT 'JUOFTT3FDSFBUJPO Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana also has a commitment in partnering with other agencies that help the youth and families of our communities. We are an active partner of Community Organizations for Families and Youth (COFFY); part of the Gary Weed & Seed Initiative; and with the John Will Anderson Boys & Girls Club/ Community Center – Tolleston Project, we will be partnering with such agencies as the Gary Community School $PSQPSBUJPO &EHFXBUFS4ZTUFNTGPS#BMBODFE-JWJOH $PNNVOJUZ)FBMUI/FUBOE/PSUIXFTU'BNJMZ4FSWJDFT

The City of Gary is where it all began over fifty years ago through a vision of a “positive place� for young men to go to engage in worthwhile and productive activities. Prominent people such as Paul Guist, Sid Holub, Robert Salvaggi, Uno Larson and Bill Messics made such a vision become a reality.

063)*4503:'6563& Their efforts led to the incorporation of the Steel City Boys’ Clubs of Gary on August 17, 1954. Edwin Van Billiard of Boys’ Clubs of America presented these individuals with an official charter in Kenneth an 1955. Since this time, our program accepted girls as equal partners and our d Khalid disc uss a ph of Boys & Gi organization changed its name to Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana in rls Club mem oto at an exhibition ber photogra Michigan Ci ty’s Lubezn phy at "EEJUJPOBMMZ XFFYQBOEFEUPHFPHSBQIJDMPDBUJPOT)BNNPOE &BTU ik Center fo r the Arts. Chicago, Gary, Lake Station, Cedar Lake, and Merrillville. Today, we serve over 7,000 youth in Lake County, Indiana with our Clubs averaging approximately 1,000 youth per day! We partner closely with our school systems to improve academic performance of young people, as well as work closely with the Clubs across the state of Indiana to improve reading and math fluency skills. We are the “The Positive Place for Kids!â€?

Our Mission To inspire and empower all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

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2008 Brittnee’ Buck Hammond Club / 1998 - 2008 Student, Purdue University Calumet 2006 Diamond McClendon Hammond Club / 2002 - 2006 Student, Indiana University Northwest 2004 Navada Terry (Pickett) Cedar Lake Club / 1993 - 2004 Youth Development, Boys & Girls 2001 Amy Gley Cedar Lake Club National Youth of the Year Finalist! Air Force Stationed in Korea 2002 Krystle D. Simmons John Will Anderson Club / 1996 - 2002 Dancer 2002 Jenifer Pillar Cedar Lake Club / 1998 - 2002 Registered Nurse, Munster Community 2000 William Friedericks Cedar Lake Club / 1990 - 2000 Indianapolis Firefighter/EMT 1992 Vincent White John Will Anderson Club / 1982 - 1992 Board Operator, Inos Oligomers 1979 William Mitchell East Chicago Katherine House Club / 1968 - 1979 Manager, Main Sporting Goods

2010’s Yout Year finalists h of the included Traneaque Th omps Hammond an on from Cobb from Ea d Anthony st Chicago.

Invest in programs with proven effectiveness.


Tamika Mallett East Chicago Katherine House Club Member › Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana’s 2011-2012 Youth of the Yea r › Indiana State Youth of the Year › Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Midwest Regiona l Youth of the Year and National Finalist

included Nicole the Year finalists te from Gary 2010’s Youth of Ta dar Lake, Kaelin Melendez from Ce hnson from Lake Station. Jo na ian Br d an

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana, outside of our schools, is the largest youth development organization in Lake County. We stand in the forefront of helping youth and their families overcome obstacles, and tackle goals with success! Our Clubs provide diverse programs that meet the interests of all youth Our programs engage young people in activities with adults, peers and family members that enable them to develop selfesteem and to reach their full potential. We do this by instilling in children ... t"4FOTFPG$PNQFUFODFThe feeling that there is something they can do, and do well. t"4FOTFPG6TFGVMOFTTThe opportunity to do something of value for other people. t "4FOTFPG#FMPOHJOHA setting where young people know they “fit� and are accepted. t "4FOTFPG1PXFSPS*OnVFODFA chance to be heard and to influence decisions. When this strategy is implemented fully, self-esteem is enhanced and an environment is created that helps girls and boys achieve their full potential.

Capital projects build upon our success to reach and serve more youth!

C A P I TA L P R O J E C T S America’s youth is its greatest resource! The benefits of educated, happy, healthy and civic-minded young people FYUFOEGBSCFZPOEPVSDPSOFSPGUIFTUBUF)PXFWFS QSPWJEJOHZPVUIXJUIOFDFTTBSZUPPMTUPCFTVDDFTTGVMTUBSUT right here! Our Clubs are neighborhood, school and building centered. We are outgrowing our current building situations and we want to serve more children! This is a great situation to be in! This means that more youth and families are utilizing our services, as well as looking for positive outlets and alternatives for successful futures. Our current project is focusing on a new John Will Anderson Boys & Girls Club/Community Center. This concept will create a “one-stop” resource not only for the families and youth residents of Gary, but for the entire Northwest Indiana area.

Tolleston Middle School building and grounds will be reborn into a thriving center that serves our children and gives back to the community.

5)&7*4*0/ The Tolleston site lends itself as the perfect solution to a growing Club in need. With the proper care and attention, the former Tolleston Middle School building and grounds will be reborn into a thriving center that serves our children and gives back to the community. Classrooms, gymnasiums, a kitchen and cafeteria, and a resource center will soon thrive here; and while the main focus is the Boys & Girls Clubs, there is plenty of room for partnership with other non-profit organizations. A family and child services

1994's Boys & Girls Club's Youth of the Year Finalist

“The Club taught me how to respect myself and others. I learned how to be a role model for my younger brother. Because of the Club, I pursued my dream of dancing and became the drum major for both my high school and college marching bands.”

center and health and nutrition facility will be part of the new Club’s plan. The opportunities are endless. Tolleston Middle School, formerly a center for community activities and symbol of public pride, has stood for decades as a tribute to academic and athletic excellence in Gary. Many nearby residents were graduates of Tolleston. Though the school closed a few years ago, the neighborhood around it is still very much alive — a community of warmth and family, of strong values and determination. Such strength is a natural partner for the Boys & Girls Clubs, and gives us an opportunity to create a great future … here!

Not just a Boys & Girls Club.

5)&$0..6/*5:$&/5&3 /FXGBDJMJUZGFBUVSFT t "GVMMTFSWJDF#PZT(JSMT$MVCPĊFSJOHBTBGFQMBDFUPMFBSOBOEHSPXPOHPJOH relationships with caring, adult professionals; life-enhancing programs; character development experiences; plus, hope and opportunity for youth ages 6 to 18. t /VNFSPVTPQQPSUVOJUJFTGPSPVUEPPSSFDSFBUJPO BDUJWJUJFTBOEFWFOUT JODMVEJOHCBTFCBMM GPPUCBMM TPDDFSBOE gardening. t ɼFVQEBUFEGBDJMJUZBMMPXTUIFBENJOJTUSBUJPOPG#PZT(JSMT$MVCTPG/PSUIXFTU*OEJBOB to be housed at a Club site, allowing for improved interaction and action for club and youth needs. t 1BSUOFSTIJQT XJUI PUIFS OPOQSPmU PSHBOJ[BUJPOT UBLFT GVMM BEWBOUBHF PG TQBDF available. A family and child services center, health and nutrition facility, a public library, organized sports teams and other possibilities are all in the discussion and part of the new Club’s plan.

Great futures start at a Boys & Girls Club — Be part of the solution by becoming a partner of the John Will Anderson Boys & Girls Club / Community Center


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We need the financial support of caring people like you to help us reach the children who need us most. Investing in the next generation of America’s leaders is a smart decision and helps young people build better lives for themselves, and a better community for Gary and Northwest Indiana. You can make an impact in the life of a child by providing him or her with a safe, secure, and supportive environment through the John Will Anderson Boys & Girls Club/Community Center.

Pledge a gift that will make a difference: .BKPS1BSUOFST Dream Builder Super Achiever Incredible Leader Distinguished Leader Character Builder Passport Team Leader

1BSUOFS(JGU $2 Million + $1 Million to $1,999,999 $500,000 to $999,999 $100,000 to $499,000 $50,000 to $99,999 $20,000 to $49,999 $10,000 to $19,999

4JHOJmDBOU1BSUOFST Joyful Be Great Friendship Youthful Forever Friend

1BSUOFS(JGU $5,000 to $9,999 $2,500 to $4,999 $1,000 to $2,499 $500 - $999 $100 - $499

*Pledge Period: 5 Years

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana’s Corporate Board of Directors is an influential group who has the best interests of our Club members! Their reputation and support of our organization is second to none. Our Board of Directors is supportive of our efforts to grow in order to serve more youth. Our Board is behind our efforts in beginning a capital project that will have long-term and positive impact on the youth and families in Northwest Indiana. We are, along with our Board, excited to begin thinking, planning and building for the successful futures of our youth! In 2010 and 2011 we are proud to announce that we have 100% Board giving.

$ " 1 * 5 " -  $ " . 1" * ( / $0..*5 5&&

#0"3%0'%*3&$5034 CHAIRPERSON

Robert Crookston Microbac Laboratories, Inc. VICECHAIRPERSON

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Chareice White Majestic Star Casino TREASURER

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Tanya Buerger, Peoples Bank Nick Chulos, Krieg DeVault, LLP Wil Davis, Gary Jet Center *Dan DeHaven, Lake Station Community Schools

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Thomas McDermott, Sr., Former Hammond Mayor

Dawn Reynolds Pettit, Horseshoe Casino *Suzette Raggs, Gary City Clerk — City of Gary

DeNavas-Walt, C., Proctor, B.D., Smith, J.C. Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2009 (2010).

Michael Finissi NIPSCO

William Lindburg MacLennan & Bain Insurance

Renee Ramon-Doughman, AccessAbilities, Inc.

Ogden, C.l., Carroll, M.D., Curten, L.R., et. Alt. Prevalence of High Body Mass Index in US Children and Adolescents, 2007-2008. Journal of the American Medical Association. (2010). 303(3): 242-249.

Lincoln D. Ellis Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana

Gary Maxwell, First Impressions Promotional Products

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OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book (Link: http://www.ojjdp. gov/ojstatbb/offenders/qa03401.asp?qaDate=2008). Released on December 21, 2010.

Wil Davis Gary Jet Center

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Editorial Projects in Education, “Diplomas Count 2010: Graduation by the Numbers: Putting Data to Work for Student Success” Education Week, 29, No. 34 (2010).

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William Masterson, Jr., Chair The Times Media Company Thomas McDermott, Sr. Former Hammond Mayor Ami K. Reese The Times Media Company Alyssa Stamatakos Eichorn & Eichorn, LLP Jimmy Staton NIPSCO Jeffrey Strack Strack & Van Til Harry Vande Velde III Legacy Foundation Chareice White Majestic Star Casino

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JOHN WILL ANDERSON BOYS & GIRLS CLUB / COMMUNITY CENTER 839 Broadway 3rd Floor Gary, IN, 46402 (219) 881-1060 fax (219) 881-7850 THE POSITIVE PLACE FOR KIDS

John Will Anderson Boys & Girls Club : Tolleston Project Case Testament  

Despite the many renovations and updates to the current John Will Anderson Club, there still remain several issues. The building has continu...