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Issue Number 7 : January 21st 2008

What is going to be the future of SEMS and CHPM?

Matt Alexander & Jack Corrigan Vice-Presidents KUSU

Keele University Students’ Union’s Reaction to this incident so far was outlined in a press statement issued to all Keele students (which can be found on page 7). KUSU has decided to take it’s lead from its members to ensure that they are represented in the best way possible. An Emergency General Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday the 24th of January at 7pm in the Students’ Union Ballroom, alongside a consultation meeting with SEMS and CHPM students on Monday 21st January in the Huxley Building room 0.15 at 5pm.

Are you student studying either Business Administration, Economics, HRM, or any other Management related course? If you are then you might be interested to hear about the proposed restructuring to your school. The University Council on the 6th December 2007 approved a proposal for the restructuring of the School of Economic and Management Studies (SEMS) and the Centre for Health Policy & Management (CHPM).

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***Shortly after this the academic department sent out a response outlining an alternative. The University however did not agree with this report and decided to progress with an external restructuring, rightly or wrongly, which has aggravated many within those departments. ***

The University reports that a consultation paper was issued out to all SEMS and CHPM students which detailed the existing problems and outlined the University’s proposed restructure. The figures contained within this consultation paper have been disputed vehemently by the University & College Union (UCU). After this paper was issued a consultation with both Undergraduates and Postgraduates was conducted by

the external consultant (John Green) employed by the University to coordinate the restructuring. The consultation period began in the middle of December and will last until the end of January. The UCU have repeatedly requested that this period be extended due to that fact that it has been placed over the Christmas vacation and has warned that

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industrial action, targeting administration, may follow if the University refuses to cooperate.

There is a great deal of concern across campus as to exactly what these proposed changes to the SEMS and CHPM will mean for the future of the department.

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Whatʼs Happening To SEMS? > Page 7


21st January 2008

Oli Cotterill Vice President (Finance & Activities)

Simon Chandler Environmental Officer

Lisa Robinson Off-Campus Affairs Officer

Simon is required to advise KUSU committees on any environmental issues around their actions.

Lisa represents the needs and interests of students living off campus.

Matt Tyrer Faculty of Health Representative

Neil Watkins Postgraduate Officer

Matt attends Faculty Learning & Teaching Committee meetings where he represents students in the Faculty of Health.

Neil is responsible for representing postgraduate students, publicising things of interest to postgraduate students and liasing with the chair of the Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break. It certainly was nice to have a relaxing week off before the start of the new semester. Now exams are over it is time to start to chill out a bit, so why not head down to the Ballroom on Monday 21st January for Refreshers. A chance for you to sign up to those societies you may have originally missed during Freshers in September. We have had several new societies start up last semester so come along and see what they all have to offer. Many societies offer taster sessions for you to see whether you like it before you join, but if you would like to join on the day tills will be available. There will be lots of free Refresher sweeties dotted around the place, especially those tasty fizzy ones! To make the day even more refreshing, we will be giving away free milkshakes. So come on down between 10am and 4pm and sign up to as many societies as you wish. As you may have noticed we have just started doing a significant amount of work outside KUSU, this will be our new outside space. At the moment it looks like a muddy swamp but it will soon to be transformed into a fantastic space for you to go and chill out during the evenings or sit with a drink whilst surfing the wireless Internet. I will constantly update you with its progress over the coming weeks. The Thursday Night Quiz will return on the 31st of January and being the sad little mad that I am, I have prepared all the questions over Christmas. The quizzes will start at 9pm in the Lounge and it will be ÂŁ1 entry per person with maximum of 6 to a team. Look out for the few semester quiz specials that will be hosted in the Ballroom! Anyway, time for me to stop waffling. If you have any problems, issues or need advice then you can always find me either in the Sabbatical corridor on the top floor of KUSU or often around the Union in one place or the other. May I take this opportunity, on behalf of your Sabbatical Team to wish you all the best for the forthcoming semester. Happy New Year 2008!

21st January 2008

Want to be Hired as a Director of KUSU?

Matt Alexander Vice-President Democracy & Communications

Want to run a million pound organisation? Want to represent students and challenge the University on big issues? Well this is your chance to get involved and play a big part in Keele by representing students at KUSU!

That’s right, the main cycle of Elections are coming, which is where you elect the people you want to be your representatives for 2008/9! This is your chance to have a big say in how KUSU operates and how it serves students. All throughout February the Keele campus will be transformed into a mass of ‘vote me for President/VicePresident/Entertainments Officer etc.’ posters along with its owner handing out flyers of a similar nature. Make sure that you get involved in the elections and come out to vote on the polling days because this is where you choose your representatives! Also, make sure that you quiz the candidates who will be out and about and that will no doubt be asking for you to vote for them. You might want to ask them what changes they will make if elected, or what qualities they feel they can bring to the job.


So, ‘what can I run for in the KUSU Elections 2008?’ I hear you cry; well the 4 Sabbatical Officer roles are available, which include the President, Vice-President Democracy & Communications, Vice-President Education & Welfare and Vice-President Finance & Activities. These roles are full-time paid positions where you sit on the board of management with the rest of Union Committee to represent students. As a Sabbatical Officer you will also deal with the day to day running of the Students’ Union and improve upon what is currently offered. If you are going to be graduating this year, or even if you’re not, then being a Sabbatical Officer is an excellent opportunity for you to still be involved with the student population as well as earning a living and getting a wide variety of experience for yourself (and it’s also a lot of fun!). It will boost your CV and give you the fantastic opportunity to get a diverse range of experience while still being at Keele. If you are not graduating this summer then you can still take a year out from your studies to be a Sabbatical, and then return to your degree after you finish in July 2009. With more and more people going to University employers are looking for extra qualities that graduates have. Being an officer of KUSU is one way to boost your employment prospects.

If you would like to sit on the governing body of the Students’ Union but don’t want to give up your studies (or you want to dedicate a smaller amount of time) then you can apply

Keele Key Fund

Autumn Telethon Funding Round March 2008 Applications are invited from staff and students for grant awards from the Keele Key Fund 2008

* What is the Keele Key Fund? The Keele Key Fund has been established to bring together the goodwill of alumni and friends to benefit students currently studying here and those who will follow in future. The majority of the donations from alumni were pledged through the efforts of currents students in the Autumn Telethon. Donors to the Keele Key Fund have been offered the choice of a making an unrestricted donation or a specific donation to the funds described below. Enhancing the Student Experience Sports, Arts and Leisure Bursaries & Scholarships Academic Excellence Heritage and Environment

Concourse Editor : Matt Alexander Concourse Issue 7 contained articles from;

Matt Aexander, Oli Cotterill, Stephen Bostock, Nikki Cooper, Jack Corrigan, Adele Wootton, Rob Chamberlain, Joe Ruppert, Fay Harris, Becky Taylor, Peter Hill, Stephen Johns, Mike Fryatt, Michael Lawton, Neil Watkins, Roxana Rudzik, Aide Rushton, Kim Topham, Beth Hind,

Annual Project

to be a part-time officer of KUSU (otherwise known as Non-Sabbatical Officers). There are 15 of these roles which consist of;

they look great on your CV and are a fantastic way to let students at Keele get their voices heard! You could be the;

Athletics Union President, LGBT Officer, Non-Portfolio Officer, Campus Affairs Officer, Off-Campus Affairs Officer, Environmental Officer, Racial Diversity Officer, Female Gender Officer, Male Gender Officer, Disabled Students Officer, International Students Officer, Mature Students Officer, Postgraduates Officer, Entertainments Officer, Hospital Campus Officer

Faculty Representative of Health Faculty Representative of Humanities & Social Science Faculty Representative of Natural Science

These roles are a great way to have a big say in what we do at KUSU. How many people can say that they have chaired a meeting where the entertainments at KUSU are decided, including which bands are booked? Or that they have been responsible for deciding the future of the Athletics Union? By being a part-time officer of KUSU you will meet lots of new people and have the opportunity to make a real difference to life at Keele.

Some new roles have been added to the usual elections mix this year. I’m talking about the Faculty Representatives who are responsible for raising any issues you have with courses at Keele University to those who can make them into positive changes for you! These roles are also voluntary so

* Who decides how the money is spent? The Keele Key Fund Disbursement Committee made up of faculty, college, student, and alumni representatives will make the decisions about the use of Keele Key Fund ‘unrestricted’ funds. Where donors have specified how they would like their gift to be used, the Committee will follow the wishes of the donor. The Committee meets in March and October each year. The next meeting of the Committee is in March 2008.

* How do I apply for funds for my project? By completing an application form and submitting it to the Fundraising Office, Marketing Dept, by March 1st or October 1st 2008 (please note, if you are making a KUSU application you need to submit it before this date to the KUSU General Manager). Please ensure that you include a complete budget with your application form.

* What types of project will not be considered for funding? * Research projects eligible for grants from standard research grant sources. * Retrospective funding will not be considered. * Applications from individuals (academic or student) seeking support for tuition, other course fees, personal maintenance costs, or for replacement staff costs for sabbatical or other

I’ve just one last point to make. Remember that running in the main cycle of elections is an amazing experience and despite being a lot of work, it will provide much enjoyment. But do not forget that you studying for you degree is also very important and I would advise all those running in the election to consider whether they can dedicate the time needed to run their campaign.

Nominations for the 2008 Elections open on the 30th of January. If you would like to stand for any of the positions then collect a nominations sheet from Matt Alexander in the VP Comms office on the top floor of KUSU or from the main reception on the ground floor. Polling will take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of February in the Students’ Union. For more information on the elections then please go to

If you would like more information about any the positions available in the KUSU 2008 Election then please contact Matt Alexander at or visit the elected officers page on for details of the existing officers and their roles.

leave. * Projects requiring recurrent funding (including salaries and subscriptions) will only be funded for one year and will not be considered unless other funds are available to meet the recurrent costs after year one. * Projects requiring part-funding will only be considered if it is demonstrated that the rest of the project funds are available or very likely to be secured. * Projects requesting funding for teaching that would usually be covered via course fees. * Please note that any costs for catering included in an application cannot usually be covered (some exceptions may be made, for example, if catering cannot be covered by means such as conference/symposium fees etc).

* What size of grant is available? The Board will award grants of up to £5000. Under exceptional circumstances larger grants may be made at the Board’s discretion. Most grants awarded levels will be in the range £500 - £2000. The number of projects funded will be determined by the funds available at the time of the meeting.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact Robin Cross, Fund Raising Officer on 01782 583003 or by email: Alternatively you can also contact John Easom, Alumni Officer on 01782 583370 or by email:

Want to write for Concourse? You can submit articles and adverts to Matt Alexander in the VP Comms office on the top floor of the Students’ Union, or at;

Next Edition of Concourse: Monday 4th February

Please submit articles for this edition by 12pm on Sunday the 27th of January to VP Comms

Concourse PDP – what’s that?

Stephen Bostock Head of the Learning Development Unit

Personal Development Planning (PDP) is a simple process that helps you take control of your life and steer its direction. The aim is that, by recording and reflecting upon your skills, achievements and goals in a structured way, you will be better able to see where you are now, where you aim to go and the route you need to take to get there. PDP can help you to take control of your own personal journey and have the confidence and skills to map out your route. You may already have experience of something like PDP from school, college or employment, in tools like Records of Achievement, Profiles or Progress Files. PDP at Keele will connect with any of these to help you integrate your existing skills with those you can acquire while you are at Keele. But if you are new to PDP then the process is exactly the same. PDP involves creating ‘action plans’ to accomplish your academic, personal or career goals. To guide you in this, there are ‘activity documents’ to complete. These can be downloaded from the PDP web site and then either printed and completed on paper or completed electronically and then stored in your own electronic portfolio (you already have one, on your My WebCT page).

You can use these documents every semester to monitor and plan your learning through your time at Keele. The planning cycle can be summarised as Live it; Log it; Learn from it; and Look ahead. There is also a PDPlite version if you are in a real hurry!

PDP includes your academic development in your Keele courses, your personal development, and your career development. Whilst PDP is about personal reflection and planning, you should also discuss it with your personal tutor, to get the most out of it.

21st January 2008

We’ve Gone Wireless!

Matt Alexander Vice-President Democracy & Communications

Do you enjoy being able to work on your essays whilst enjoying a coffee in Barista but felt frustrated that you can’t browse internet journals at the same time? Well your days of suffering are over (kind of) with the introduction of the wireless network through the Keele campus! The wireless network supplied at Keele University allows you to access the web without having to plug in any cables, so you can just turn up and get online quick. Some of the hot spots that will allow you to gain access to the wireless network include Chancellors Building, The Library, Dorothy Hodgkins and of course the Students’ Union. Just keep your eyes open for the little green logo displayed next to this article which indicates where you can access the wireless network. This new network will enable you to get on with your work whilst enjoying being near the resources you need, as well as being able to work in more sociable environments (so long as your friends don’t distract you too much!).

In order to access the web you will need to select the website ‘’ and then type in your Keele Account Name and Password (this information will be transmitted securely). You will then be able to access the web and browse it to your little heart’s content. Do however be aware that e-mail clients, such as Outlook Express, will not work but you will be able to access your Keele e-mails through the webmail site (you can find that linked from By all means we want you to make the most of the Wireless network now provided at Keele, but do remember: Wireless Internet is not secure!

* We strongly recommend that you do not use Internet Banking websites (or any site that you have particularly sensitive information on) while you are on the Wireless network.

* Be careful of those around you if you are accessing the Wireless network in a social environment. People can easily steal passwords by looking over your shoulder. * Finally, do not leave your laptop unattended at any point!

If you have any problems with gaining access to the wireless network or have any questions then contact the IT Services Department in the Library or e-mail them at

21st January 2008


Access All Areas!

Nikki Cooper Disabled Students Officer

Want to post a letter, get money out from the cash point, get a drink in the bar, go to the gym, and get the latest KUSU updates? Well being able to walk, see, or hear is not a criteria for your right to do so. Access to services, goods and facilities is a right for everyone, not a privilege. However the sad fact is that the prejudice in our society makes these things a privilege. It assumes that Mr Joe Bloggs walks on two legs, has upper body strength, 20/20 vision, and can hear and speak perfectly; and if Joe is like this, so is everybody else… well if they aren’t then it’s their bad luck, right? Wrong. There are 8.6 million people in Britain (that’s one in seven of the population) who are disabled by this prejudice. We live in a world where we can send people into outer space, but don’t allow everyone the same ease of access to the most basic of public buildings. And why? Well most of the time, people just don’t think past their own needs.

This is why the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 exists. It’s a law you all need to familiarise yourselves with (unless you intend to live as a hermit!). It aims to end the discrimination that many disabled people face and requires public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people. It gives disabled people rights in the areas of: * Employment * Education

* Access to goods, facilities and services * Buying or renting land or property, including making it easier for disabled people to rent property and for tenants to make disability-related adaptations

Despite the legal requirement for physical alterations to be made to all public buildings, in 1997 less than half of polling booths in Britain were accessible meaning that many disabled people were simply unable to vote.

Look around our campus, imagine if you had a visual impairment, weren’t able to grasp door handles or used a wheelchair; which buildings would you still be able to use, which ones would you be prevented from using? What services would you still be able to access? Would you be able to grab some food with friends in Union Square? You can help the process of improving access by simply thinking about alternative needs.

The Access All Areas Campaign is being lead by Keele University Disability Organisation for Students (KUDOS), and Keele Labour Students. It aims to raise awareness at Keele about fair and equal access. We are planning an Access All Areas challenge, where volunteers will use a wheelchair and try to access buildings and services on the Keele Campus. The results of this will be published in Concourse, and a report will be sent to the University.

If you would like to get involved with the Campaign you can contact me, Nikki Cooper - Disabled Students Officer in the following ways: Email: Telephone: 07824 707 037 In person: Mondays at 12pm in the Union Committee Office, opposite the Sabb offices, top floor of the union. Or you can contact Keele Labour Students on You can also search for our Facebook group ‘Access All Areas’.


Jack Corrigan Vice-President Education and Welfare

ABOUT THE INSTITUTIONAL AUDIT Every 4 years Keele University is externally audited by a Government body to check the academic standards of the institution. This process provides students with the opportunity to evaluate the standard of learning and teaching at Keele. This questionnaire gives students the opportunity to comment on a variety of issues that effect students as students. The importance of this process cannot be stressed enough. Not only is it an evaluation of the performance over the previous 4 years here at Keele, but it will guide and determine strategy for the coming years. As a student, this is your opportunity to really make a difference. Have your say on the academic standards at your University. If you are unhappy about something, this is the opportunity to have it changed. The student submission in the Quality Assurance Audit is treated with the highest respect. As the service users you are best placed to evaluate the main service the University provides; education. Please take the time to fill in this form, as it will have significant impact for years to come. It is your chance to echo through the ages. Add if that isn’t enough each submission will be entered into a prize draw to win a variety of exciting prizes totalling in the region of £800.

HOW TO SUBMIT Pick up your copy of the questionnaire from either; The Sabbatical Corridor in the Students’ Union (Top Floor, next door to the Independent Advice Unit) or from the QAA stand, which will be at the Refreshers fair on both Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd and in the Students’ Union foyer Wednesday 23rd. To submit this questionnaire either hand it in at KUSU reception or on the Sabbatical Corridor or at the QAA Stand. Alternatively you can submit your questionnaire electronically by visiting Every student can submit one questionnaire and each submission will be entered into a prize draw. Closing date for submission; both written and electronic Pushed back to Friday 25th so get a form, fill it in, get involved.


Laptop, X-box 360 and a New Watch

Jack Corrigan Vice-President Education & Welfare

Another Christmas period has come and gone, and as contemporary practice determines many of us have got shiny new gifts to show off. Christmas 2007 to give it a very Americanised name like most ‘blockbusting events’ these days was religiously ambiguous. For some families the focus is more on family togetherness and inter-family sentiment, than religious precursors and importance.

The current technological age that we lucky fellows find ourselves living in, means that every student is well adorned with a wide variety of shiny, flashy gadgets that are both expensive and envied by the less gadgetly endowed. Many of you will have come back from this previous present giving extravaganza with a fine collection of new trinkets to show-off to yours peers. The modern Keele student is very opulent in comparison to predecessors and it is due to this fact that I write such a vociferous article. PLEASE ENSURE YOU LOCK YOUR BLOCK

For criminals your new games console is an extremely attractive piece of kit. The current demand for such devices means a thief can easily sell on your property for a good price. To leave your new shiny belongs on show near an open window is extremely naïve, people will steal them, they get a payday and quid pro quo you just get a large serving of regret and remorse.

If you follow a few easy steps we can enforce a distinct vicissitude for would-be criminals here at Keele, and leave them vexed and disenchanted due to their lack of success in cat-burglary on student accommodation. Step 1. Lock your windows and doors, even when you just nip to the loo for a quick tinkle. Step 2. Always put your belongings away, don’t leave them on show glistening in the sun light (or torch light.) Step 3. Pick a UV property pen from the Students’ Union Sabbatical Corridor to mark your property in case of theft. Step 4. Get insurance, just in case the worst does happen. Keep thinking, Keep your belongings.

Happy new year to all the Keele community, can I take this opportunity to say on behalf of the Sabbatical Team we hope you have a great 2008!! STAY SAFE KEELE, STAY CLASSY

Keele University Conference Team shortlisted for three national awards

Keele University’s conference team has been shortlisted for a hat trick of honours at a prestigious national ceremony.

Keele Conferences is in the running in the Best Academic Venue, Best Value For Money Conference Venue and Best Conference And Banqueting Staff categories at the annual Meetings And Incentive Travel Awards.

The awards are voted for by Keele’s customers and in the last ten years the team has regularly been nominated, winning the Best Academic Venue category three times.

Claire Snape, Head of Keele Conferences at Keele University, said: “Being nominated for three national awards is a real honour, and testament to the time and effort all our staff put in to making events at Keele a success for all our customers. I would like to personally thank all the staff who work with conferences and events at Keele, as without them we would not be in the position to be nominated. But also, a big thank you to the customers who have voted for us.”

This was the third year that the team was shortlisted in three categories, last year winning three Silver awards and taking home three Gold awards in 2006. The winners will be announced at a Gala Presentation Dinner - attended by HRH The Princess Royal and more than 600 industry professionals - on 11th February 2008 at the Novotel London West hotel.

21st January 2008

21st January 2008

Proposed restructuring of SEMS and CHPM

The KUSU Sabbatical Team

The recent news as to the restructuring of the School of Management and Economic studies and the Centre for Health and Planning Management has been a very emotional one. Many students have voiced their opinions on a number of issues and concerns they have. It is the job of the Students’ Union to ensure that the best interests of students are secured.

The primary concern of the Students’ Union is to make sure that the academic welfare of students is preserved and that they are consulted fully throughout the restructuring process. It is imperative that the University gives the students the reassurances that they need. The Students’ Union is directly responsible to its membership and will consult with them in taking a lead on the action to the future of SEMS and CHPM. It is important to note that students are our number one priority and that the Students’ Union will continue to take its direction from its membership.

As to date the University has consulted with Student Academic Representatives and have had meetings with all students. During Janu-

The restructuring of SEMS and CHPM – so what?

Concerned SEMS Student

As you may or may not be aware, there has been a number discussions across the University about the proposed restructuring of the School of Economic and Management Studies (SEMS) and the Centre for Health Policy and Management (CHPM). One week before the end of the autumn term, on 7 December 2007, senior management at Keele produced a consultation document on proposals aimed at replacing the School of Economic and Management Studies (SEMS) and the Centre for Health Policy and Management (CHPM) with a new Keele University Business School (KUBS). Management say that their proposals are intended to increase University income by increasing student numbers.

38 academic staff redundant The University brought in an external consultant and a temporary acting director of Human Resources to oversee the proposals and consulted (current and former) Deans from four other University Business Schools to allocate 28 staff ‘with the appropriate skills and attributes’ for KUBS to an A-list. The remaining 38 are on the B-list and are ‘at risk of redundancy’. This includes 7/14 staff in Business Administration, 7/14 staff in Economics, and 10/12 in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. The document, upon which the restructuring decision is suggested, contains many errors and misrepresentations of data to put SEMS into a bad light compared to the rest of the


ary there will be further consultation to which the SEMS and CHPM students will be invited. The UCU feels that the proposed restructuring will be detrimental to the degrees of students. The Students’ Union has had discussions with the Vice-Chancellor as well as Prof. Ray Cocks (Pro Vice-Chancellor), who have assured us that the restructuring measures being undertaken will not disrupt the degrees of current students.

We understand that this issue is an emotive one and that students still have reservations. For that reason we at the Students’ Union propose a date to which all SEMS and CHPM students will be invited to discuss issues in an open forum. The purpose of this meeting is for us to present the information that we have been provided with, but more importantly, listen to the concerns that you have. We hope that there will be submissions made by both the University and the University College Union to this meeting. We cannot emphasise enough the need for the student body to be fully involved in the consultation process proposed by the University. It is imperative that we continue dialogue with the University so as to ensure the needs of students are met.

Date of meeting: 21st January 2008 Time: 5-7pm Venue: Huxley 0.15

University, presumably to isolate SEMS staff from their colleagues in other Schools. In addition to the secretive way in which these proposals were drawn up - without the SEMS Head of School even knowing about them - the selection for possible redundancy was made before the consultation period even started, without the required diversity impact analysis being carried out, meaning that there is a significant potential for sex, age, and race discrimination.

Is SEMS really that bad? Well no. Take the example of the current HRM teaching group, who run a BA in HRM and a range of highly successful post-graduate courses. They are accused in the document of teaching the ‘wrong type of HRM’ and 10 of the 12 staff have been pre-selected for redundancy because they have the ‘wrong skill set’. Yet, this teaching group was singled out for praise for the delivery of its teaching in the recent Internal Quality Audit, notably because students told the auditors of their positive experiences as HRM students. The group was also rated as one of the most successful teaching groups within the whole Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at Keele (2nd=) in last year’s National Student Survey. And the BA in HRM, a course which according to the consultation report, does not cover the right sort of HRM and is taught by academic staff with the ‘wrong skill set’ is currently one of the few remaining undergraduate courses accredited by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) with a significant proportion of its students gaining positions as managers and gaining elevated CIPD membership status as a result of their studies at Keele. Do I care? At first glance, most full-time students are

likely to think that such proposals will be of little affect to their studies. The decision to close or change courses will start in the 2009-10 academic year, with University management providing re-assurances that there will be no impact on their studies. One has to remember that the current first year undergraduates will be in their final year in 2009/10.

Is it as simple as that? The proposals do not explain how current undergraduate and postgraduate students will be provided with the tuition they expected when they enrolled at Keele. Potential students are likely to be put off by the University’s failure to honour its obligations to students who have paid their fees in good faith.

How will I be affected? Firstly, there is the issue of industrial action. If the University refuses to negotiate meaningfully with the lecturers’ union (UCU) and does not remove the threat of compulsory redundancy, then industrial action is possible. Although this is the last thing that members of staff want, it may be the only action available to them if senior management continue with such draconian plans. This might include, for example, delaying the marking process and the awarding of degrees. Secondly, what guarantees can actually be given by management at the moment about the standards of future courses? For example, it is possible that many staff, even those on the A-list may leave Keele to get other jobs, and management cannot be certain prior to any redundancy process who will still be available to teach students the next and following years. Remember it takes a considerable amount of time to recruit new staff and for them to prepare teaching for current courses. In addition to this, ask yourself how

motivated your lecturers going to be if they know they are facing redundancy! Thirdly, it is quite likely that the reputation of the university and subsequently the value of the Keele degree will fall. There has been no clear indication of exact content of the new courses, only suggestions that there will be steams of new courses, for which there is no known market, is extremely risky, and this may ultimately lead to the failure of the new Business School. If this occurs, then the standing of the University and by definition the degrees awarded by Keele will fall, making it even harder for students in increasingly competitive job markets. Remember, current students within SEMS did not choose to come to Keele to be part of a new Business School, many came due to the unique nature and high standard of the courses offered.

Oh dear, what can I do? There will be a meeting for all students involved and concerned by this process arranged by KUSU on Monday 21st January 2008 at 5.00pm in Huxley 0.15. This meeting is an opportunity to raise your concerns with the KUSU sabbatical team. There will be information present from both the UCU and the University. Following this, there will be an Emergency General Meeting of KUSU on Thursday 24th January in the Students’ Union Ballroom, for KUSU to decide how to proceed. As a starting point, the UCU is asking for the following: full consultation on course changes; negotiations on staffing changes; and withdrawal of the threats of compulsory redundancy. Remember, its not just the jobs of the lecturers, it’s your future which may be at stake!


Facebook has helped us all get more connected in the last year and we will continue to utilise Facebook to promote and publicise our events. It has allowed us to cut down considerably on paper based material and reach a far wider audience of students than posters alone. Also if you require any info on our events, want to make suggestions, give constructive criticism please post on our wall and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be introducing 2 new ventures on our facebook group.

The guestbook, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will post the word ‘GUESTBOOK’ on the wall at some point during the day. The first 2people to post after me will get 4 places each on the guestlist for that night!

Secondly, we are setting up ‘The Birthday Queue Jump’. Let us know when your birthday is, provide proof a week in advance and you and your mates can jump the queue to the Union and we’ll let the birthday boy/girl in for free. Check our facebook group for more details.

Open mic In association with the Musicians Society, Open Session is for anyone to join in. If you play an instrument, sing, both, or whatever, then come along and show off your talent!

Karaoke Why not round off your weekend in song?! If you can sing, or more to the point if you can’t, then pile up some Dutch courage and grab the mic!

Welcome back to KUSU!

Welcome back to the Keele Bubble, we hope your exams and essays are over so you can get down to some serious good times at the union. 2008 sees the introduction of some new nights along with all your old favourites. Be sure to check out the wall planners and facebook for more details on all the events for this semester. If you would like to get involved with the Ents Dept in anyway please come along to the Ents meetings in K2 on Mondays at 1pm. Hope to see you there…. Jayne, Lizzie & Rob Virgin ‘Ave It’ Nights are back with us this year on monthly Fridays. There will be free give aways and a text cube competion on the night. The first date for this year will be 8th Feb and it will be a ‘Rags to Riches’ fancy dress theme there will also be a guest appearance DJ set from Bradley from S Club 7 in the ballroom. Other special guests for the up and coming nights will be announced soon. The Virgin Ave It camper van will also be returning on the 18th of Feb giving away free £5 Virgin Sim Cards in the KUSU car park.

Keele Battle Of The Bands

2008 sees the return of BOTB. So we are looking for bands to take part. We are opening this years competion up to bands from the local area as well as keele students. So if you are in a band or know of any good bands that you think we should check out then please get them to enter. Entry forms are now available from the Ents office and the closing date for entries is Monday 4th Feb. The heats will take place on the 12th Feb, 26th Feb and the 11th March and the final will take place next term. Last years winners Radio Free Europe

went on to support The Automatic at the Summer Party. The first prize this year is to support the headline act at the summer party, £100 cash prize and I am currently in talks with other venues to line up other support gigs for the winning act. Dave Little our Student Bands Rep will be coordinating this years event and he needs your help so……If you are not in a band and would like to get involved behind the scenes, promoting the night, designing publicity, photography, then get in touch. I would like to put a specialised team of students together that are passionate about live music to work for these events. It will be good experience for anyone with an interest or a career in music and event management.

Do you know your ‘flop’ from your ‘river’??

2008 sees the start of the Nuts Poker League on Saturday nights! Very much like a pool comp, anyone can enter of any ability! It’s played for points so no money will change hands (your loans are safe!!). You are entered onto the online league table each week and at the end of the season, the winner will go to a regional final to win a seat at the World Series in Las Vegas… all expenses paid!!! It’s all in good fun and you don’t have to be a master to play. So get practicing your poker faces and come along to register Saturday 26th Jan.


The one and only Keele Rock Appreciation Posse continues to offer the best in alternative and Rock nights at Keele. They kick srart the year with ‘Classic Rock’ on the 24th Jan and other dates for your diary are 8th Feb/6th March Kerplunk , 21st Feb/20th March Kaos. The Ents Dept would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved with KRAP for all their hard work and dedication in putting these regular events on at the students union


This is our new dance night that will take place on monthly Saturdays with our resident DJs Chilly and Lee Saunders. It’s been a while since Keele has had a home grown dance night and if the night is a success we will be looking to book some headline DJs for future events. We looked into the possibility of High Contrast but they are fully booked till July so we will look at bringing them to Keele for Freshers next year. Other names we are looking into are Shy FX, Erol Alkan, TC, Sub Focus so please come along and show your support for these nights.


21st January 2008

NUS call for better working students rights

Jonny Craig Non-portfolio Officer

When we all came to university our main aim was to study for a degree (well most of us anyway) as well as having a good time. But a number of us also have to take jobs to be able to support ourselves during our time at Keele. The NUS estimate that about 70% of students have to do this. I have been one of the lucky ones and have found a job that allows me to work around my studies but there are a number of students who have not been that lucky. The NUS have teamed up with the TUC and are currently looking for students who have had bad experiences of having a job while studying at university and if you are one of them they want to hear from you. If you go to this website there is a link to the survey which should take no more than 10 minutes of your time to fill out.

Who likes swords? Who likes cooking over an open fire? Who wants to know how to make a shield?? You? Then why not do some re-enactment??

The Poor Cnichts of St.Chad are a non-profit making historical re-enactment group who work and re-create life in Britain in the 10th and 11th centuries. (This was the period of Viking assaults on England ending in the Norman conquest of 1066.)

The group do this on a voluntary basis for their own interest and the education and entertainment of the general public.(and also to have a laugh generally!)

In the pursuit of our hobby we have taken our skills the length and breadth of Britain and even to Ireland and Europe. Performing and demonstrating at all types of events from small village fetes to large English Heritage battles we work with other groups, re-creating both military and civilian life.

They’re based in and around Newcastle and the general area and usually meet every other Sunday at Apedale so why not give Amy an email for more details? Or take a look at the website ( or the facebook group?) You never know – you might enjoy it!

21st January 2008

Concourse Pimps and hos Night at the Union

Adele Wootton

I would like to express my objections to the students union for allowing this night to go ahead; frankly it is a disgrace. While many of my fellow Keele Labour Students handed out “The Truth Isn’t Sexy’ campaign leaflets many people’s response was ‘it’s only a laugh, lighten up’. I do not believe that the majority of students would have this attitude if they thought about this for a while. Prostitution is often glamorised and perceived in the way that the union intended for a night of entertainment. The reality is a stark contrast, many women in this industry do not have a choice in the matter, some have a drug addiction that has taken over their lives and feel they have no way to turn (you may judge this scenario but the circumstances are rarely as cut and dry as they may seem), some are victims of rape, placed into risky situations. What is increasingly being revealed is the amount of sexual slavery, girls not even able to consent to sex by law often from African and Eastern European countries are promised a job and an education and then are sold into a brothel where they are forced to have sex with up to 50 men a day. Imagine yourself in this situation away from home, not a native speaker of the language and threats that your family will be harmed if you try to escape. In effect these women are ‘owned’ by their pimps and disregarded as a human being. Every time a man uses a prostitute he is fuelling a trade of severe sexual abuse. The union wouldn’t have a famous paedophile night or a rape themed night and effectively it is this sort of terrible act that they are endorsing. It clearly ignores the need of young women and the protection that they deserve. I’m sure the union advocates ‘The Truth Isn’t Sexy Campaign” yet by allowing this diabolical misconception of a night to go ahead they are effectively laughing in the faces of those all over the world and also just around the corner who may need the help of this awareness campaign.

Response to Pimps & Hos Night at KUSU

Rob Chamberlain Venue Manager (Entertainments)

The Students Union and Entertainments department does not endorse prostitution or indeed any form of sexual abuse. This is precisely why I was more than happy to have leaflets distributed throughout the event giving the realities of prostitution. Free condoms were also distributed throughout the event to promote safer sex.

It is quite astonishing that I find my self justifying this event (sorry “diabolical misconception of an event”), so I won’t bother. Suffice to say, I do not endorse rape, paedophilia, prostitution, soliciting, slavery, drug abuse or any form of sexual assault! I DO endorse light-hearted entertainment for the benefit of the majority of students at Keele, most of whom seemed to take the fancy dress theme in the spirit it was intended. If students have an opinion as to the way the Ents department operates, they should come to the Entertainment forum, or use any of the other available means by which to voice their opinions, PRIOR to events going ahead. It is largely academic after the horse has bolted. This event has been publicised since 22nd Sept (nearly 3 months ago) and, not surprisingly, we had no objections within that time.

Incidentally, the event was a Flirt! Event, which is a NUS Services affiliated brand, of which 35 Student Union venues are members. All have done, or will do this event.


VE Update!


Becky Taylor VE

Fay Harris Advice Unit Manager

Welcome to the Spring Semester! This semester, the IAU has lots planned to keep you informed and up to date on issues affecting you. The Bitesize series of 20 minute talks will be continuing. The first one of the new semester is all about moving off campus; it is a rough guide to the process of who can stay and who may need to move off campus. It will also cover the mistakes that students have made in the past, which we don’t want you to repeat. The rest of the Bitesize Programme is as follows:

Week 1 & 4 Moving Off Campus Week 2 More time in the UK* / Work permits Week 3 Time Management and International Students Working in the UK after Studying Week 4 Going into the 2nd Year* and Plagiarism and Collusion Week 5 Going into the 3rd Year Week 6 Consumer Contracts

All Bitesize sessions will be on Wednesdays at 1.30-1.50 in K2 except sessions Marked * which will be on Thursdays. Contact the IAU for more info, or just turn up on the day.

Dates for your diary: Student Volunteering Week 25-2 March Student Volunteering Fair 25th February Jobshop Fair (part time and summer work) 5th March May – ‘What Makes You So Special?’ Month

Make a date for May. Worried about finding a job? Need help with your CV? Need to improve your skills e.g. public speaking, communication? Fancy talking to some Keele alumni and finding out how they got their jobs? Want to know speak to employers and find out what they want from you? During the month of May there will be at least one session per day, designed to help you improve your employability skills. The IAU, VE, Jobshop and Careers have teamed up to put together a whole month of activities for you. Come and see us at Refreshers for more details, and see the next edition of Concourse for more info, in the meantime, don’t make any arrangements for May, other than being here!

PALS Patient Advice and Liaison Service will be coming to talk to you on 24th January 2-4. Hayley from PALS is ever so friendly and happy to talk to you about NHS treatment and services, including being treated by different hospitals, dental treatment, NHS costs and much more. We will also be offering a Chlamydia testing service during this surgery. Did you know that “in women, if left untreated, Chlamydia can spread to other reproductive organs causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). This can lead to long-term pelvic pain, blocked fallopian tubes, infertility and ectopic pregnancy and in men, chlamydia left without treatment may lead to a painful infection in the testicles and can sometimes reduce fertility” from ...worth the test.

Keele University Motorsport Formula Renault

Mike Fryatt Club President

In recent months, the collaboration of Keele and Staffordshire University Motorsport societies has been a surprising success, working well to put strong teams together for the upcoming British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC). However, there must be more potential?

21st January 2008

National Student Volunteering Week, Monday 25th February to Sunday 2nd March 2008 Get involved & celebrate! Student Volunteering Week took off in 2001 to correspond with International Year of Volunteers. Since then it has become a regular annual event in the student volunteering movement, and in the wider voluntary community.

The week provides an opportunity to raise the national profile of student volunteers by promoting and celebrating local student groups. Nationally universities and colleges will be putting on events and volunteering projects to reward existing volunteers, recruit new ones and raise the profile of student volunteering.

At VE @ Keele Student Volunteering Week 2008 looks set to be action packed! With events taking place on campus and in our local community, we hope to make National Student Volunteering Week a fantastic and unforgettable week of activities. But we can’t do this by ourselves and are currently looking for people to help us! If you are interested in helping at an event, or have an idea for an event you would like to organize, speak to Becky at VE @ Keele. And remember, you could gain an award for your efforts! At the end of the week, VE @ Keele will be organizing a social evening to say thank you to its very special volunteers for their contributions to volunteering in the community.

Keep an eye out for more information about events taking place!

Volunteer Fair This year we are launching National Student Volunteering Week with our ever popular Volunteer Fair. The fair will comprise a number of organisations recruiting people, like you, to volunteer their time in a variety of different roles and environments. From education to conservation, from disability to youth services, there is bound to be something for everyone! And did you know that volunteering could involve as little as two hours a week, improve your confidence and skills, and provide an opportunity to try out different work roles!

Furthermore, by volunteering through VE @ Keele, your volunteering will be recognised and you could even work towards gaining one of our VE Awards at either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum level – a great addition to any CV! For more information, contact the VE @ Keele office.

At the start of 2007, talks with race company, James Watt Automotive were set up to allow Staffs to buy a Formula Renault for their students to work on, whilst possibly running the car in a championship. Unfortunately, they were short of a driver, captain of Keele University Motorsport Mike Fryatt, may be the man behind the wheel from February onwards. A meeting with James Watt has confirmed that if funds are available, Fryatt will race the car in the upcoming championship starting in March of this year. Of course, in motorsport it always comes down to money, the next Michael Schumacher may never make it because the funds are not available, and here there is no exception.

Volunteering CSP Modules Students completing CSP Volunteering module I or II, should be reminded that there are two deadlines for completed workbooks to be submitted. The first workbook submission deadline is at 12pm on Thursday March 20th. Students completing Volunteer Module I (PIR-10030) students should submit Part one of their workbook; An Introduction to Volunteering, by this date. Volunteer Module II (PIR-10031) students should submit Part one of their workbook; Teamwork & Additional Skills, by this date. The second workbook submission deadline is at 12pm on Monday May 19th. Students completing Volunteer Module I (PIR-10030) students should submit Part two of their workbook; Understanding Voluntary Organisations, by this date. Volunteer Module II (PIR-10031) students should submit Part two of their workbook; Event Planning and Organisation, by this date. CSP Volunteering students are reminded that to pass the module successfully, they must complete a module workbook, be volunteering with an organisation that is registered with VE @ Keele and keep a log of any hours spent volunteering, signed by their placement supervisor. Any questions or concerns about the module should be addressed to the VE @ Keele Project Leader.

VE Awards Volunteers working towards a VE @ Keele Award should by now be volunteering with an organisation registered with VE @ Keele and thinking about completing their workbooks. The deadline for completion of workbooks is 4pm on Monday 21st April, allowing us the time to make an assessment of each workbook before our annual celebration event on Thursday May 15th. Anyone, who would like more information about completing a VE @ Keele Award for their volunteering, should contact the VE Project Leader.

All VE @ Keele current volunteers, whether completing an Award or not, will be recognised for their volunteering achievements at our annual celebration event. VE @ Keele Top Floor Students’ Union (Inside the Independent Advice Unit) Tel: 01782 583626 Email:

Looking for sponsorship can be a nightmare, especially when a large budget is needed. It’s going to be a tough start to the year as anyone involved in motorsport would know on behalf of everyone involved in Keele and Staffs motorsport I’d like to thank those who have supported us so far and ask that you please continue, your support is vital in keeping the teams going.

If interested in Keele or Staffs Motorsport, or you are interested in sponsoring the new Formula Renault team contact: or

21st January 2008

Panto Banto – What a Success!

Peter Hill

On an away trip to Bradford the lads were discussing a few ideas for charity events and many were banded about, but one that really took my attention was that of a pantomime, and how fun it would be! Having been dragged along every year with my family I felt I was the perfect person to push this idea forward, and after scouring the internet I found a reasonable script that was free! Though work needed doing, a cast was needed, not to mention things such as tickets, a venue, props, costumes…. the list was endless. However I found a core of about 10 people as excited as I was so I knew this mental plan could happen! Finding people interested wasn’t difficult at all, because I’m sure everyone knows how much the footballers like to be centre of attention, but getting people dedicated enough to give so much time and effort into the event was a real testament to the guys and was something I am really proud of being the football club captain. First on the job list was the script so I spent a few hours going through it, editing it and trying to add as many keeleisms as possible! Though, as the script was written for a school, many scenes were completely re-written from scratch! Now the script was sorted we needed a rehearsal venue, and thankfully there is a reasonably unused meeting/function room in the leisure centre that turned


Stephen Johns

Staffordshire University Lacrosse 5

Keele University Lacrosse Tigers 12

After a crushing defeat against a far superior Cardiff Harlequins in the West and Midlands Cup, Keele Lacrosse Tigers were looking to bounce back and they did it ruthlessly against their arch rivals Staffordshire University.


out to be perfect, and was our base for the coming weeks! 3 or 4 rehearsals a week for 6 weeks later we were just about ready and k2 was set for something never seen and possibly never to be seen again! The nerves going into the first performance could be cut with a knife, nobody knew what to expect. Though when the first few notes of the first song were played nerves were thrown out of the window and nothing but excitement and adrenaline was around! Going into the Tuesday performance we nearly ran out of seats so many people were trying to force their way in, finishing with approximately 170 people in k2, which has to be some kind of record for this sort of event! Two hours later and lots of laughs and boo’s the whole thing was over, met with a wave of happiness, achievement and a lot of gloomy faces from the cast, because even though the pantomime took up so much of everybody’s time it really was great fun with so much banter between the lads and it really was a great month, something we can all walk away from with so many great memories. Nobody could believe the success the whole event was, and from what I hear the crowd couldn’t believe that it wasn’t all that bad! So hopefully if this thing is done in the future we can sell even more tickets than we did! The dedication of the football players involved was amazing and something every single one of them can be so proud of! The event raised £1133 from ticket sales alone plus more with the raffle and strip tease on the last night! Totalling in a total of £1372.10! I would like to thank thents(sorry I didn’t get your name) who were amazing and without whom the event couldn’t have gone ahead. Also the union for giving us the k2 facility for no charge and the Donna Louise Trust for donating raffle prizes as well as leaflets and a big banner. The majority of my thanks has to go to the people who put in so much time and effort to make this panto a success! Standing out on concourse for hours every week selling tickets, purchasing costume and props themselves out of their own pockets and putting so many hours in rehearsing! You can all be so proud! Matt Popplewell, Stuart Dallaway,David Matin, Chris Alexander, Sam Corrigan, Jack Corrigan, Alex Flynn, Pat Sheperd, Daniel Onion, Rafa Alvarez, James McCallister, Steven Moore, Jimmy Lee, James Bennett and Peter Hill.

Although Keele were on a winning streak in the league after dispatching Aberystywth University weeks ago. The dull chilly weather could not cool Keele’s burning desire to win the match and the team made the short journey to Stoke with a full squad and full of confidence. On paper Keele were red hot favourites as Staffs lost to Aberystwyth and Keele had lost to the other teams significantly less than Staffs had. Even so The Tigers could not be complacent as it was one all in the series after Staffs obtaining a shock win against Keele in April last year. With this in mind Keele went to work with Oli Quick winning the face off and stormed his way up

the field where Keele set up their attack. The ball worked its way around the goal (you can go behind the goal in lacrosse like ice hockey) and ended up with Doug Oakman who like usual put the ball in the net. The second goal was much the same with Team Captain Max van Praag scoring at ease. Everything

was going perfectly for Keele in the first quarter with the starting defence of Luke Morgan, Scott Little and Jack Richards making sure Staffs could not take any shots at goal. The most Keele’s lacrosse President Stephen Johns had to do in goal was try and keep warm! Oakman and van Praag added another goal each as Keele set up camp in Staffs attacking half although this was not for long! Once the second quarter started Staffs awoke, ensuring Keele’s defence had some work to do! Check after check were being put in by the Keele defence but they looked increasingly desperate and unorganised. Chances appeared for Staffs but either they squandered them or were saved by Johns. Even so Staffs gained the ball on the halfway line and worked the ball through the Keele defence to attackman Anthony Barraclough who beat Johns on his left hand post. Johns must improve his post positioning if he is ever to progress as a goalkeeper! The situation did not improve for Keele with the sides fluidity and sharpness falling apart. Passes were not accurate, passes were constantly dropped and their communication was dire! Fortunately Keele’s consistently on form midfielder Liam Gannon restored a bit of order with a classy goal followed quickly by van Praag. Even going into half time 6-1 up the Tigers were anything but roaring, if so it was against themselves! Order had returned slightly to the Tigers in the third quarter with Keele starting like they did in the first quarter with slick passing and running but struggled to score! Staffs on the other hand had no problems in finding the net with a combination of poor Tiger’s defending and some quality attacking play. This allowed Nick Thursby, Anthony Barraclough (for his second) and James Anderson to claw the team back into the match. Fortunately for Keele Staffs managed to hit the posts twice before they scored those goals much to the Tigers relief! A time out was called by van Praag

to halt Staffs momentum and to try and obtain discipline within the team that had all but disappeared, with players arguing between themselves that was most embarrassing for the Tigers! Fortunately the time out worked wonders with the Tigers back in the zone and Gannon slotted his second with Shez bursting through to add his name to the score sheet. By the fourth quarter Keele were well and truly back on top with Oakman scoring soon after the face off even though he had been having a very mediocre game for his standards! The Tigers had long periods of possession although not many shots were taken with them preferring to wait for the opportunities to arise. Soon enough two opportunities came and both were coolly dispatched by Oakman to bring his game tally to five goals! Nevertheless Staffs managed to score a consolation with their men team Captain Stuart Bausor placing the ball into the net. The old cliché “keep the best till last” was most certainly appropriate for Keele’s final goal and one of the best I have seen in all round team effort. Luke Morgan Keele’s star defender decided for a “change of scenery” so swapped his long defensive pole for a short attacking pole. Johns saved a comfortable shot and passed the ball to a waiting Keele midfielder. The midfield line drove up field and soon the ball was in the possession of the attack and soon saw Morgan open on the right hand side of the field 10yds out. A bullet pass was thrown to Morgan and soon as the ball landed in his cross he stepped to his right and blasted the ball past into the left hand side of Staffs’ net with nothing their keeper could do! Naturally Keele were delighted with their win against their arch enemy! In stages they dripped with class but in other stages it seemed to illude them. The win will be key to the Tiger’s confidence and approach to future matches. With men’s lacrosse making its first appearance in the Varsity on the 12th March this could not be a better preparation and psychological booster. Although before Varsity the rematch will be played in February and the club would like as many people as possible to attend to support the lads.

Squad: Stephen Johns, Max van Praag (Captain), Daniel Richards, Scott Little, Luke Morgan, Jack Richards, Rupert Day, James Goodchild, Liam Gannon, Oli Quick, Shez, Douglas Oakman, Toby Pochron, Tom Whillet, Alex Curley, Edward Hincks, Max Hastings.


KRAP goes into Amnesty International Semester 2! Student Conference

Michael Lawton

Three Keele Students concerned with human rights travelled to Manchester University on Saturday 17th November for an annual gathering of like minded students: the Amnesty International Student Conference. The conference was great: plenty of fun, food, and activism (my personal highlight being the shortbread made from clotted cream! Delicious!) There were presentations on new and ongoing campaigns, seminars and a mass protest march for the closure of U.S naval base, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Two hundred and forty people all dressed in orange jumpsuits marched in silence through Manchester City Centre. It was quite a spectacle judging by the reactions of passers-by. However not all campaigns are aimed so far a field and some like the ‘Still Human, Still Here’ aimed at refugees ( and the ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ campaigns both deal with issues in the U.K.

Joe Ruppert KRAP President

This year has been a very busy year for KRAP, we’ve had so many awesome parties throughout the term that I hope you’ve all enjoyed! Winters Wrath was an amazing night, with a lot of effort put in by the committee that they all deserve your appreciation. In this term we’ve got a couple of awesome events coming up for you as well, we’ve got a Classic Rock night coming at you like a VIP 747 with lots of fun, games, free stuff and plenty of down n’ dirty rock n’roll, all on Thursday the 24th of January.

Kerplunk swiftly follows on the 7th of February with a Skater Theme, but we’ll still be playing all your favourite punk, ska and emo tunes with some extra special surprises thrown in! KAOS is on the 21st of February with all the best in Metal, Industrial and Hardcore and it’ll be a night to remember as it’ll be the last club night of this year’s committee!

The 11th January marked the 6th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility. By campaigning through our government almost all former UK residents have been safely returned. However, Guantanamo Bay remains open and Amnesty International will continue to campaign for its closure. For more information on this campaign visit (

Anyone who is interested in getting involved in any of our campaigns then you would receive a warm welcome at our meetings. To join the Keele Amnesty International Society either contact Lauren Fuzi ( or come along to a meeting which are held on Tuesdays at 7pm in the KPA (the bar behind the union).


Neil Watkins Keele Labour Students

Many politicians send Christmas cards out to their constituents, and I suppose it’s a good vote-winner (even if it shouldn’t be). However, with the UKIP councillor for Silverdale tragically trapped in Australia over the festive season this year due to a sudden onset of deep-vein thrombosis, I thought I might be able to reckon without one piece of trash this year. But it wasn’t to be – the national party rode to the aforementioned councillor’s rescue, and substitute cards were hastily arranged. A heartfelt message reassured me that UKIP are working hard for my benefit, albeit in some unspecified way, and went on to point out that this year Valentine’s Day will be on Feb 14th, while Christmas will be celebrated on Dec 25th (valuable information, I’m sure you’ll agree). Marginally more interesting than the card was the UKIP flyer which also fell out of the envelope, bearing the catchy slogan, “The only non-racist party calling for Britain to withdraw from the EU, and to get back control of our borders”. Aside from the standard factual errors which hampered the rest of the publication, this set alarm bells ringing. After all, we all know by now that beginning a sentence with “I’m not a racist, but…” is invariably going to lead to social catastrophe. And yet, despite all that, a high-profile political party had a similar sort of statement as its main message – something which will do little to stifle the sniggers which tend to accompany UKIP wherever they wander. However, there is a rather more serious issue here. The fact is, when it comes to dealing with racism, an awful lot of people just don’t seem to get it. In many parts of our society, a difference of ethnicity between two people is often seen as being far more significant than it actually is, and it should be the role of political parties to redress this problem, rather than playing the race card for cheap electoral gain - which is what UKIP appear to be doing. Of course, UKIP aren’t the only ones who stir up racially-oriented conflicts within communities; very near to our campus we have the far more menacing presence of the facist BNP, whose strategy depends upon scaring people into voting for them (either through political lies or physical threats). The things that racists say might be stupid, but the problem won’t go away just through laughing at it. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that we’re organising a trip for Keele students to participate in the anti-racist day of action which will be held in Stoke-on-Trent on January 26th. We’ve worked hard on making contact with as many residents as possible about the problem over the past couple of years, and now we’ve designed a series of hard-hitting leaflets which we hope to deliver to around 50,000 houses in the area. Transport will be provided, and so all you have to do to start making a difference is to email, and we’ll be able to give you further details.

21st January 2008

Yes, that’s right, KRAP elections are coming soon and it’s your chance to have your say over Keele’s rock scene, and maybe even see some changes made! In order to nominate yourself for elections, you need to submit an email with your name and the position you’re running for to by February the 12th, and elections will take place on Tuesday February 19th.

I just want to say congratulations to all of our committee, and to try and express to you all how much I’m going to miss KRAP. I’m not going to be running again as President, as it may be my last year here at Keele, and I hope I’ve done you all proud. It’s not always easy to accommodate everyone, or even to please them, but we’ve all worked really hard to make sure you all have a good time rocking out as much as possible!

The Musicians’ Society is back for more Musicality!

Roxana Rudzik Musicians Society President

Firstly, the Committee wish you all a very happy, successful and musical 2008! Our New Year’s resolutions are to bring musicians’ together in time for Battle of the Bands, organise some of the best social events on and off campus, give you an opportunity to perform live on air during the Musicians’ Society Show on KUBE radio. After ReFreshers Fair, we have a lot of exciting events in store for you. We will begin the semester with a fancy dress social event on Sat 2nd Feb. Come dressed up as your favourite singer/musician or any music icon you may wish to look like for one night only. We will e-mail you the time and venue soon. Then we will be hosting our first official Open Mic night in the Lounge on Sun 3rd Feb, which we hope is our best yet so be sure to come along to perform or sit back and enjoy the entertainment with friends. Everyone is welcome. ALSO COMING SOON… Some great workshops not to be missed!!! They will be FREE to all our members.

Coming up next on KUBE Radio…..YOU!

Aide Rushton KUBE Radio Programme Controller

Are you some one who always has something to say, is not shy of saying it and at a party you are the entertainment? Or are you someone with a undying love for music, has dozens of bands’ back catalogues and a week is not complete without at least going to 2 gigs? Or maybe you just like the sound of your own voice? If you fit in to any of these categories then I am looking for you! It is the start of a new semester, and KUBE Radio is looking for new DJs. Within two weeks you could be hosting your own 2 hour weekly show on your university’s student radio station, broadcasting to a potential audience of, well, anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world! Whether you want to do a lunch time chat show, late night specialist show, a current affairs show, comedy or something completely different, then KUBE is looking for you. If you are interested in a job in the media or music industry, then KUBE is proven to be excellent experience to realise your potential. Already, since the end of last academic year, two KUBE alumni are broadcasting on professional, commercial radio stations, and previous alumni now work for likes of the international broadcasters such as the BBC. There are also perks, with the opportunity to see and interview your favourite bands at Keele and at venues in Stoke, Manchester and Birmingham. We welcome anyone with or without experience, as we provide technical and broadcasting training before you go on air. If you are interested come and find us at refreshers on Monday 21st or email me, Aide, at


21st January 2008

Keele Ski and Boarding Club

Kim Topham

Welcome people to the first instalment of KSBC in concourse! I trust that you all had a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year and are now all recharged (if not a little festively plumper) for the next term ahead. As an introduction to 2008 I thought a report on the exciting expectations of what KSBC has in store for us this term would put people into the spirit of welcoming 2008 at Keele. So firstly a cracking great big thank you to all of the committee who helped on the ski trip, I think everyone who attended it will all agree with me that it was an amazing trip; fantastic snow, amazing scenery and hilarious antics all contributed to a very successful week. If however you felt that there were some problems and areas that indeed needed some improvement please do not hesitate to contact the club on the email address at the end of the article (please try not to be too harsh, we don’t want our committee breaking down in floods of tears hahaha). For those of you who just can’t get enough or who didn’t come on the ski trip for reasons such as lack of money and/or family events that would have meant you were cast out and left homeless had you not attended, you are all excused and we look forward to seeing you on the next trip, which will take place in Avoriaz (French Alps) and is between the dates of the 21st/03 till the 28th so start saving. Other events that KSBC will be looking forward to this year are the seasonal charity events, which last year presented itself as a huge success. Along with the triumphant ‘homeless for a week’ lads (We salute you) and Sean’s rather unusual tricycle movement into Newcastle and back, KSBC successfully raised over £2000 towards children in need. Well done to all of you who participated in not only the raising of the money but your

Keele University Motorsport SUKC Round 2

commitment (you know who you are) and we hope to see you rinsing the ideas and money out this year. Anyone with amazing creative and never seen before ideas in raising money or just general events please email the club (otherwise don’t waste our time). A big shout out to everyone who took part in the races last term. Thanks to your talent Keele is now in 7th place and for those wanting to check KSBCs progress the results can be found on page 11. Anyone who is generally interested in racing then please speak to Tom, as I think that’s what he deals with or any of the other committee members and they will point you in the right direction. We are in need of Snowboarders to race so if you think your capable and fancy representing then please get in touch, the last race will be 02/02 against Ackers. As well as this there will be Tamworth sessions fortnightly with the opportunity of freestyle nights on Saturdays so start camping out beside your email inbox for updates. Finally as well as the usual socials and debauchery that takes place within the club there will also be the continuation of lessons at Stoke dry ski slope for any people that have a fancy to take up the sport or just want to improve their technique. This is an excellent opportunity for cheap lessons with qualified (if not slightly peculiar) instructors and the majority of those who had the lessons last term and went on the ski trip were all very competent by the end of the week. All this will be dependent on the number of people so get in touch if you are interested as the more the merrier. So to finish anyone out there who may have a slight fancy in joining KSBC, or any cool people who enjoy alcohol and a social life please do not hesitate to come along to the socials or email the club on the address below... we love fresh blood. All the best with exams people and course work looming ahead, and I hope to see you all soon. Kim Topham

Netball Calender!

Beth Hind 3rd Year EALS and 3rd Team captain

A new year and what better way to start it off than by getting a new calendar. Yes you guessed it; the charity netball calendar is back! With the photo shoot nearly three weeks earlier than last year, the calendar has been in the hands of the netballers since the 19th December. However with the Christmas break and then exams the calendar has not yet been on sale. They have printed two hundred more than last year so do not worry, there will definitely be enough for you to buy one for all of your family. The calendar will be sold be netballers walking around campus from 14th January onwards, this year however they have also been lucky enough to get a stall in the entrance of the union and possibly the union shop too. Last year went really well for Keele netball and this was shown by the turn out of 26 netballers at the AU Christmas ball. With a few weeks break over Christmas and exams however, it is time to burn off that turkey and netball look forward to commencing training at the end of January and winning all three of their final matches. So lets play... (The calendar photo is from last years calendar)

Keele Fencers Cut to the Fleche at National Novice Championship

Mike Fryatt Club President

The hopes for a dry track where in vain as the drivers arrived for the second round of the Staffordshire University Karting Championship (SUKC). Heavy rainfall the night before and on the day of the race left standing water everywhere and the first few laps made interesting viewing as the first round ensued and drivers struggled for grip. It turned out to be whoever was able to drift the karts smoothly round would take first place after the four rounds. It was a thoroughly frustrating day for captain Mike Fryatt as he was out of his depth in the wet conditions, managing to get through the qualifiers and quarter final, second place was needed in the semis. A poor start left him trailing, managing to take third as other driver’s struggled he tried an ambitious overtake on the last corner only to get run off the track and unable to move the

Keele Ski & Boarding Club Race Results:

The first race was on October 21st 2007 at Swadlingcote The ski team raced 5 times but was unfortunately disqualified from one of the races but still managed to come first. The races was unfortunately cut short so the some of the runs could not be completed, however Keele won the remainder four races but were positioned in 13th place out of 22 universities due to the fact that the races were tiered and not completed. Second race 4th November 2007 at Swadlingcote Second race was the foggiest night ever and races had to be cancelled before they could be finished. The result was Keele didn’t loose a race and came joint 1st. Third race - 25th November – Ackers Keele put in an amazing performance but were just beaten by Loughbourgh and Nottingham Trent positioning Keele in 7th place advancing 6 places up the board. The final race will be taking place on the 2nd of February at Ackers and we need to be positioned in 5th place in order to make the finals. We all have faith that Keele will make it to the top so a massive big thank you to all participating. Good Luck

kart in time. Even if it had been successful, a place in the final wouldn’t have been deserved as it was a poor outing, the anger obvious after being spun all the same. It was a more successful day for Will Warnock, relishing the wet conditions and managing to keep it on track saw him sail into the final and pick up third place. The experience of rally driver Matt Fithon was obvious and although not reaching the final, leads the championship after two rounds. Round three will take place on 16th January.

Keele fencers produced an amazing performance at the Warwick National Novice Foil Championship at the end of November, leaving the competition with two golds and a bronze medal. The women from Keele; White, Gupta and Derbyshire lead the way, easily completing the group round and seeding overall 10th, 3rd and 2nd out of 25 women. This result was soon followed by the men’s groups again with Keele fencers seeding well up the rankings. During the elimination rounds White was knocked out but still seeded 10th overall. After a tense semi-final between Gupta

and Derbyshire, Derbyshire went through to the final for a tough and nail biting 1312 match which timed out after 9 minutes, giving Derbyshire her 2nd gold in this tournament and Keele the gold for the 3rd year in a row. Gupta won her play-off securing a well deserved bronze. In the men’s tournament Young, Chandler and Kwok seeded 30th, 11th and 10th after closely fought matches. This left Davies and Ratcliffe to fly the Keele banner. Davies dropped out in the quarter-finals – a brilliant performance, leaving Ratcliffe to move into the final. Ratcliffe won the final convincingly against UCL’s Seow, giving Keele double gold in both men’s and women’s championship. Women’s Foil Men’s Foil 1) Lizzie Derbyshire 1) Zander Ratcliffe 3) Chandni Gupta 8) James Davies 10) Kimberley White 10) Simon Chandler 11) Chester Kwok

Concourse Issue Seven 2007/08  

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