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My Mammogram at Gordon Hospital I got my annual mammogram faithfully. So when I had my routine exam in October 2009, I didn’t expect any problems. But there was a problem. Further testing revealed a mass in my right breast. My surgeon, Dr. Will Theus, said that it was deep and not something that you could feel. Had I not gone for that mammogram, my cancer would have been much more invasive by the time it was detected. Every


woman over the age of 40 should make sure that they have their annual screening mammogram. It saved my life, and it could save yours.

Trust Your Breast Health to the ďŹ rst hospital in Northwest Georgia to be recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. Gordon Hospital oers: • Digital Mammography • Breast MRI • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy • i-Cad Second Look technology • Breast Ultrasound Gordon Hospital’s screening mammograms are now just $99.* Make your appointment today.

Call 706-879-4741 Â *Physician services are billed separately.

Ivanell Lewis

,&$%))'!#*.#&* !%))&(!)!*) )** )*(*(&$      


Saved My Life.

&**( (&+( !)&#!.* !%!%-$'#+)%,!%"#


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Pawn Your Title itle and Keep Kee Your Your Car

EE CASH TO YOU! $100 FREE When you let us pay ay out your cur rent title pawn! current T NO








Rome Location attion

Cartersville Car t tersville Location Loca ation

1925 Shorter Ave Ave (next to Subway) y) Rome, GA

319 N. N Tennessee Tennessee Street Str reet (nextt to Kia) Cartersville, Car te ersville, GA


770-607-3383 770-6 607-3383

**Some restrictions apply**


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Holiday 2010 Table of Contents Articles/ Features


Plan, prepare, party!


Holiday Spending


Intelligence in our Pets


When Enough is Too Much


Santa for Seniors


How to Deal with Holiday Blues


Adairsville Inn Restaurant


A Slice of Heaven


Embrace the Season


Historic Churches, St. James Episcapal


Historic Churches, Chubb Church


Departments 6

Editor’s Note


Community Events


Pet pics


Restaurant Guide


Cute Kid pics


Arts & Entertainment


Real Estate Guide


Relationship tips


Sports Schedule

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Experience the Heritage Way. Family Owned, Friendly Buying Experience.

Heritage Honda

Heritage Nissan

Heritage BPG

965 Veterans Memorial Hwy Rome, GA 30161 Phone: 888-794-4523

1500 Veterans Memorial Hwy Rome, GA 30161 Phone: 888-512-0937

965 Veterans Memorial Hwy Rome, GA 30161 Phone: 888-232-3821


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The best years of my life growing up were spent in Kailua, Hawaii. My stepfather, Murph, a Lt. Colonel in the Army, was assigned to Ft. Shaftner for three years. We lived in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood called Akahi Park in Kailua. My best friend, Sharon Esser, lived next door and has remained my dearest and best friend since 1971. It’s a rare find to have a friend for life that you might not see for a decade and when you do it’s as if we never skipped a beat. We have the best time together.



NW Georgia Living P.O. Box 1065 Rome, Georgia Volume 1 – Issue 3


Publisher and Founder N W GEditor-In-Chief EORGIA LIVING j Laura Wood Senior Editor Gene Murphy

I asked Sharon to write an article about Kailua from a local’s point of view. Editor Whenever I travel, I want to know where Mike Thurmond the locals go. Her article, “A Slice of Heaven…Kailua Cake”, is a glimpse into abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx Creative Designer that world. When I last visited Sharon 1234567890-=[];',./ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP Sharon Foxworthy five years ago, I was amazed at how the Laura with her Westie puppy, Misty, little town had really not changed. There in Kailua in 1972 Photography are almost no fast food restaurants, the beaches Stan Foxworthy are still white, pure and uncrowded and my old neighborhood was still the same. Magazine Consultant Wannetta Beck What made this time in my life so special were the neighborhood gang and the endless activities that kept us busy. We did not stay inside very often as the weather was always beautiful. Our lives were full in so many ways. There were five girls and four guys that lived on our street. We played ping-pong, basketball and Kick the Can. We hiked, rode bikes and went body surfing at Makapuu Bay…even when the red flag was flying! We rode buses to Waikiki and shopped and swam. Don’t ask about our creative ways of entering hotel pools! It was a different time. Our parents made us do chores. We cleaned house every Saturday. I set the table and cleaned the kitchen every night from the fifth grade until I went to college. What little money I had, I saved and bought a record or nail polish. Being materialistic was not a part of our lives. In Dr. Laurie Johnson’s article, “When is enough, too much?”, she explains how we have entitled our children and they do not appreciate what they have been given. Why is this? As they say, “money can’t buy you happiness.” Our children need parents who listen to them and who spend time with them; parents that teach their children to be responsible citizens. And we wonder why the work ethic has declined. The photo is of me at 13 with our family’s new puppy, Misty, a West Highland white terrier, taken in the front yard of our home in Kailua in 1972. Westies are a wonderful breed, but really all dogs are so special. In Patricia Daly-Lipe’s article, “How do we measure intelligence?”, she tells us stories of several dogs and how their intuitive ways make them invaluable to us. My rescued dog, Bam, is the best dog ever because no matter what, he’s my faithful, unconditional loyal companion. Now that is not something you can buy. From the staff of NW Georgia Living, we wish you a great holiday season. As the Hawaiians say, “Mele Kalikimaka” and it simply means Merry Christmas!

Sales Staff Laura Wood Beverly Thurmond Distribution Bill Hammond Contributing Writers Caroline Alford Patricia Daly-Lipe Jay Deville Dawn Harris Dr. Laurie Johnson LeBron McBride Harry Rowland Mike Thurmond Sharon Turkovich Billing Wannetta Beck 678-232-8294 Contact us at: (706) 346-9858 NW Georgia Living is published bi-monthly by L. Wood LLC No portion of this issue may be copied, scanned, or reproduced in any manner without prior written consent from the publisher.


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find us on facebook!

dazzle someone this holiday!

portraits by

137 East First Street

Rome, GA 30161



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Community Events CALHOUN November 2-6 December 9

Treasure Hunters Road Show – Calhoun KOA Christmas Parade of Lights, 7 pm – downtown ( for more information:

CARTERSVILLE – BARTOW COUNTY November 5-7 Gymnastics Nifty November Girls Invitational – Cartersville Gymnastics Center (Call 770-387-5659 or 6 Iron Pour & Furnace Demonstration – Red Top Mountain State Park 6 98th Annual Stilesboro Chrysanthemum Show – Historic Stilesboro Academy 13 Downtown Holiday Open House, 10-5 pm 13 CelEARTHbration – Clarence Brown Conference Center, 770-387-5167 13 Meteors and More! – Red Top Mountain State Park 13-14 Turkey Tournament – Cartersville Soccer Complex, 18-20 2011 Miss Georgia USA and Miss Georgia Teen USA Pageants – Woodland Performing Arts Center 19 Taste of the Holidays – downtown 6-9 pm 20 Turkey Trot 5K – Cartersville Soccer Complex, 20-21 Gun Shows of the South – Clarence Brown Center 21 Pine Mountain Moonlight Hike – Pine Mountain Recreation Area December 2 Exchange Club Christmas Parade, 6 pm 3-4 Georgia U8 Soccer Tournament – Hamilton Crossings Park, 770-387-5149 4 Holiday Tree Lighting – Friendship Plaza 4 A Red Top Mountain Christmas – 4-5 Gymnastics Men’s Winter Carnival – Cartersville Gymnasium Center 10-12 Georgia Class A Football Championship – Hamilton Crossings Park 19 Candlelight Shopping throughout Downtown 21 Winter Solstice & Moonlight Hike – Pine Mountain Recreation Center ( For more information –

Community Events


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CAVE SPRING November 13-14 December 4 -5 11

CEDARTOWN December 3 ROCKMART November 6 December 2

Open House – Downtown Christmas in the Country, Sat 10-4 pm, Sun 12-4 pm – Fosters Mill Christmas Parade, 5:30 pm (more information – or 770-777-3999)

Christmas Parade, 6:00 pm (Rain date – Dec 4 at 6:00 pm)

Christmas is for Kids – Karaoke Contest, 6:00 pm – Rockmart Community Theater, Registration at 1:00 Christmas Parade –6:00 PM, Rain date Dec. 7.

ROME - FLOYD COUNTY November 6 Smoking Butts 5K & Mile Fun Run, 8 am – Ridge Ferry Park 6 Downtown Sidewalk Sale 12-14 USTA State Chanpionships 19-20 Downtown Open House 30 Christmas Parade December 18 NAIA Championship Game 18 Festive Christmas Banquet at WinShapeRetreat – ( for more information -


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Confident, Beautiful, Timeless, You


315 Riverside Parkway / Suite 140 Rome, Georgia (706)234-7900 Hours: Tues - Sat from 11am-6pm


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Entertaining Plan, prepare, party! Holiday Hosting Made Easy by Caroline Alford

Preparation is key to holiday hosting.

Entertaining is a wonderful holiday tradition. And with a little bit of planning you can invite friends and family into your home without the anxiety that is often associated with such events. Each year I host several different groups during the month of December. Here you’ll find a list of suggestions that will make your entertaining easier, tastier and stress-free, allowing you more quality time to spend with your guests. 12

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Recipes from Southern Cooking with Caroline Caroline’s Pickled Shrimp 2 1/2 Pounds Shrimp** 1/4 cup mixed pickling spices 3 1/2 teaspoons salt Cook shrimp in boiling water with pickling spices, and salt until done. Drain and cool. **Note: I use precooked frozen jumbo shrimp. 7 bay leaves Thoroughly rinse the shrimp until thawed under 4 oz jar capers and juice warm water. I just add the pickling spices to the 1 1/4 cups salad oil layers in the bowl. 3/4 cup white vinegar Pickling Mixture 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1 medium inion sliced into rings 2 1/2 teaspoons celery seed 1 medium yellow pepper sliced & seeded dash of tabasco sauce 1 lb cherry/grape tomatoes 1 large can marinated artichoke hearts, cut into quarters 1. Alternate layers of shrimp, onion, peppers, tomatoes, and artichokes in a container that is sealed. (I use a 4 quart Tupperware bowl) 2. Add 2 bay leaves and two tablespoons capers for each layer. 3. Combine oil, vinegar, salt, celery seed, pickling spices, and Tabasco sauce. Mix well. 4. Pour over the layers. 5. Cover and refrigerate 24 hours. 6. Turn upside down at least once to mix the ingredients together.

Artichoke Dip 1 large can of artichoke heart quarters, packed in water and citric acid, drained small jar diced pimientos (4 ounce) 4 oz can of sliced mushrooms, drained 1 teaspoon Worchestershire Sauce 1 cup mayonnaise 1 cup grated parmesan cheese 1. Preheat oven to 350º. 2. Spray shallow quiche or casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray. 3. Chop the artichokes into small pieces. 4.Add the pimientos, mushrooms, Worchestershire and mayonnaise. 5. Stir together and add the parmesan cheese. 6. Pour the artichoke mixture into the prepared pan. 7. Bake at 350º for about 30 minutes. 8. Serve with toast points or Ritz crackers.

Chocolate Fondue Marveilleuse Caprese Bruschetta 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips 2 cans sweetened condensed milk ½ teaspoon cinnamon pinch of salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or almond extract 1. Melt the chocolate chips with the condensed milk in heavy saucepan or fondue pot over low to medium heat until chocolate melts. 2. Stir in the cinnamon and salt. 3. After the chocolate is thoroughly blended, add the vanilla. 4. Stir until creamy and glossy. 5. Keep over hot water to serve on a buffet. 6. Add additional Half & Half or heavy cream to thin if mixture gets too thick. 7. Serve with chunks of angel food cake, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, marshmallows, and pound cake. Note: You can also serve it as a hot fudge topping for ice cream. 14

8 oz block of cream cheese (any kind), softened 8 ozs goat cheese, softened Pesto sauce (your own or purchased) Grape tomatoes 1. Let the cheeses sit out for at least 30 minutes to soften. 2. Quarter the tomatoes and place in a bowl. 3. Cream the cheese together using an electric mixer. 4. Spread the cheese in the bottom of an 11” x 7” glass or porcelain casserole. 5. Top with a layer of pesto sauce. 6. Sprinkle the quartered tomatoes over the pesto. 7. Chill and serve with toast points, Melba toast, or cracker of your choice. *This recipe can be made at least one day ahead of your party. (If you need to make this further ahead, just add the tomatoes on the day of the party.)

Melba Toast Baguette Sliced by the Deli or Party Bread Loaf 1 Stick Butter (Optional) 1. Preheat oven to 250º. 2. Spread the bread slices on a cookie sheet in a single layer. 3. Brush with melted butter if desired. 4. Bake for one hour at 250º to dry out the bread slices. 5. Store in an airtight container or re-sealable plastic bag. *This recipe can be made at least one day ahead of your party.

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Finders Keepers Consignment Resale Store

Designer Brand Names

Most tops, skirts and pants priced at $7.99

Largest selection of flags and mailbox covers! New scented wax pottery, jewelry Donna Sharp purses Hours: Tues-Friday 10-6, Sat 10-4 路 Free Parking

100 West 2nd Avenue, Suite 104, Rome Located inside The Hawthorne Suites

Remember . . . Resale is Recycling Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 10am - 5pm 1306 Dean Avenue Rome, Georgia 706.234.1143 15

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Money Matters Christmas begins the first of December with an office party and ends when you finally realize what you spent, ...around April fifteenth of the next year. ~P.J. O'Rourke, Modern Manners

Holiday Spending By Dawn Harris, CFO, Coosa Valley Credit Union Are you prepared for this year’s holiday spending? This time of year is special to many of us, but it can also be very stressful. It is easy to over-spend without realizing it and then be in debt for months or even years to come. Take a few minutes to develop a holiday spending plan so you can reduce related expenses and avoid unnecessary debt.

INVOLVE FAMILY AND FRIENDS As soon as possible, discuss holiday spending with family and friends. Consider agreeing to not purchase gifts for anyone other than your immediate family. You can make a pact to each give to the charity of your choice instead of buying gifts. If you still want to exchange gifts with others, ask if you can draw names or arrange for a gift swapping game. Set maximum limits you will spend for each person. Also consider making sentimental gifts using old photos or writing down memories you share with the recipient. A handwritten poem or memory set in a frame will be cherished by family members for years to come.


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WRITE IT OUT Make a list of all holiday spending needs. My grandmother always said “Take care of your pennies and your dollars will take care of themselves.� In other words, small spending here and there can really add up. Make sure you consider all spending. Your list should include the dollar amount you are spending on each person. Don’t forget to include extra money that will be spent on groceries. Holiday baking can get very expensive. Some other expenses to include are decorations, clothing, travel, and increased electrical bills. Add it all up and look at areas you can decrease if the total is more than you can spend without going into debt. Once you have made any adjustments, keep the list with you and stick to it. I suggest keeping it, and all related receipts, in one envelope. Save this list to refer to next year.

PLAN FOR NEXT YEAR Now is the best time to begin planning for next year’s holiday season. Plan to pack up decorations so they can be used again. If you must purchase special clothes, select ones

that can be revamped next year with a different jacket, scarf, or accessory. Open up a special savings for Holiday Spending or a Christmas Club account. Divide the total amount you need for holiday spending by the number of paydays until next season. Set up a payroll deduction to go directly to this account out of each paycheck. $20 a week adds up to over $1000 in a year! During this holiday season, give the gift of increased financial security for you and your family by not spending more than you can afford. If you are already in good financial shape, consider reducing your holiday spending and give to charities instead. In today’s economy, many people are giving less to charities and more people are asking for help from charities. Making a real difference in the lives of others can be the nicest gift you give yourself. It just feels good to do good.

Dawn Harris currently works as VP Finance/CFO at Coosa Valley Credit Union. She has been employed with the credit union 23 years. She holds degrees of A.S. Economics from Floyd College, B.S. Business Administration from Shorter College, and a MBA from Shorter College. Ms. Harris conducts Money Management presentations for local employers and community events.

Hoping you have a blessed holiday season and prosperous new year.


Introductory Intro oducto ory 0% % APR!! APR!!!


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‘Â?ǯ–Šƒ˜‡ƒ‘‘•ƒƒŽŽ‡›Â‹Â•ÂƒÇŤ  ‘Â?ǯ–Šƒ˜‡ƒ‘‘•ƒƒŽŽ‡›Â‹Â•ÂƒÇŤ


‡–‘Â?‡–‘†ƒ›ƒÂ?†•–ƒ”–‡Â?Œ‘›‹Â?‰Ž‘™‡”ÂˆÂ‡Â‡Â•ÇĄÂ”ÂƒÂ–Â‡Â•ÇĄƒÂ?†…—•–‘Â?‡” ••‡”˜‹…‡–Šƒ–…ƒÂ?Â?‘–„‡„‡ƒ–Ǩ ‡”˜‹…‡–Šƒ–…ƒÂ?Â?‘–„‡„‡ƒ–Ǩ Č—Â?Â?—ƒŽ‡”…‡Â?–ƒ‰‡”ƒ–‡ˆ‘”„ƒŽƒÂ?…‡–”ƒÂ?•ˆ‡”•ͺǤ͝ͲΨ–‘ͳ͡Ǥ͝ͲΨ„ƒ•‡†‘Â?›‘—”…”‡†‹–nj Č—Â?Â?—ƒŽ‡”…‡Â?–ƒ‰‡”ƒ–‡ˆ‘”„ƒŽƒÂ?…‡–”ƒÂ?•ˆ‡”•ͺǤ͝ͲΨ–‘ͳ͡Ǥ͝ͲΨ„ƒ•‡†‘Â?›‘—”…”‡†‹–nj ™‘”–Š‹Â?‡••Ǥ ™‘”–Š‹Â?‡••Ǥ    ƒŽƒÂ?…‡ ƒŽƒÂ?…‡  ”ƒÂ?•ˆ‡” ”ƒÂ?•ˆ‡” ˆ‡‡ ‘ˆ ʹΨ ʹΨ ™‹ŽŽ ™‹ŽŽ „‡ „‡ ‹Â?’‘•‡†Ǥ ‹Â?’‘•‡†Ǥ  –Š‡” –Š‡” ‡‡• ‡‡• –Šƒ– –Šƒ– Â? Â?ƒ› „‡ ‡ ˆ‡‡ ‘ˆ ƒ› „ ‹‹Â?’‘•‡†ǣƒ–‡ƒ›Â?‡Â?–njÂ’–‘̈́;͡ǤͲͲƒÂ?†‡–—”Â?ƒ›Â?‡Â?– ‡‡njÂ’–‘̈́;ͲǤͲͲ Â?’‘•‡†ǣƒ–‡ƒ›Â?‡Â?–njÂ’–‘̈́;͡ǤͲͲƒÂ?†‡–—”Â?ƒ›Â?‡Â?– ‡‡njÂ’–‘̈́;ͲǤͲͲ Main Office

East Rome


2010 Redmond Circle Rome, Georgia 30165 706-235-8551

1504 Dean Avenue Rome, Georgia 30161 706-292-0678

1149 N. Tennessee Tennessee St. Cartersville, Georgia 30120 770-382-7234



3040 Martha Berry Highway 819 North Main Street Rome, Georgia 30165 Cedartown, Georgia 30125 706-234-6630 770-748-4901


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We carry Tyler Candles, Willow Tree Angels, Arthurcourt, and Coton Colors

Gifts 2444 Shorter Avenue Southwest, Rome, GA 30165-1914 Phone: (706) 290-0300


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Pets / Animals


The Intelligence of Our Pets

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Sweet William


Sweet William was my wonderful, faithful companion. An English black and white cocker spaniel, he was my shadow. One day, I noticed his stool was white. I made an appointment with the vet but, at the last minute, was not able to take him. My daughter took William to the doctor instead. They took a sample of the stool and sent it to a laboratory. This was on Friday. By the end of the following week, I had not heard from the vet so I called. They had forgotten to send the sample they said. Besides, the lab was closed for the weekend but no worry. William seemed fine now, didn’t he? At that point he did. However, we had a trip to take. I had rented a Uhaul truck to deliver some furniture to my father’s house in North Carolina. It was a long drive from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Of course, Sweet William was coming, but I also took along my daughter’s Doberman. The whole drive down, William cuddled next to me on the seat. The Dobie stayed on the floor. We stopped twice at rest stops. Both times, William drank an entire bowl of water and seemed unwilling to saunter around the dog parks. We arrived late, leaving the unloading until morning. William normally slept at the foot of my bed. That night, he chose not to and let the Dobie take his spot. In the morning, I woke up with a start. Something was wrong. I looked across the room and there was Sweet William leaning strangely against the wall. His eyes looked dazed so I approached him very quietly and slowly, afraid of frightening him. He was postured as if being tied against the wall, almost rigid. Not a comfortable position. When I reached out to pat his side, he cringed. Immediately I knew he was in pain. I called the vet and got his emergency number. He would meet us at the clinic. The Doberman was left at the house while I ran across the street to borrow the neighbor’s car to take William. Taking the Uhaul would have been impossible since it was still unpacked and the cab was far too high for a pup in pain. Coming down the neighbor’s

walkway, there was William walking very slowly up the hill just to be with me. It was painful to watch. He would not let me carry him. It was difficult getting him into the car, but somehow I did as the tears welled up in my eyes. Fortunately, the veterinary hospital was close. We arrived at the vet in minutes. William was immediately placed on the operating table and a tube was put in his side. He was dehydrated and in severe pain. The doctor said he could not determine the cause of his problem until the pain was under control. He had more to say but I did not hear him. I was focused on my brave little man lying on the cold steel table. He asked that William be left with him for the day and possibly the night so that he could do some tests. I had no choice. I went home to the Dobie and made myself busy unpacking the truck. In the afternoon, I returned to the vet. William was in a cage with an IV attached to his side. I spent about an hour on my knees talking to him through the bars. His sweet eyes focused on me and almost shifted back and forth as if to say, “I’m all right. Please don’t worry.” The other dogs in the clinic were respectfully silent. That evening, my son and a friend came from college to help unload the truck. We had no food in the house so we stopped to have pizza and then went to the hospital. It was locked. No visits possible with William until morning.


The boys chose sleeping bags to sleep by the fire in the living room. I retired to the bedroom with Jessie, the Dobie. The vet was supposed to call if there was any change when he went that night to check the animals. Nevertheless, even with Jessie at the foot of my bed, I found it very hard to go to sleep. The lights were off leaving only flickers from the fire reflecting on the walls leading to the living room. Just as I was dozing off, Jessie leaped off the bed. She dashed into the living room and raced from one end to the other waking up the boys and terrifying me. Then, just as sudden, she came

back to my room, jumped on the foot of the bed, curled up, and immediately fell fast asleep! Within seconds, the telephone rang. It was the veterinarian. William had just passed away.


When I told the doctor about Jesse’s performance, he replied that he had heard of this kind of thing happening before. “You see,” he said, “William just passed over to say goodbye.” The autopsy revealed that indeed the white stool had been a warning, though probably too late to do anything. The liver and kidney were practically non-existent. It was amazing he had lasted this long. We suspect he had raided a trashcan in our Charlottesville neighborhood and a poison had been part of its contents. This poison had slowly eaten away his insides. With the boys’ help, we dug a grave on the hillside below the house. It was a lovely setting with overhanging trees and flowering bushes all around and a vista of the mountain peaks in the distance. Although William’s body is buried in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge, we know his soul has moved on. Perhaps he’ll come live with me again, but as another dog.

Patricia Daly-Lipe, who now lives in Virginia, is an author of five books and has had numerous short stories published in magazines all over the country. Patty has a long history raising thoroughbred horses and now helps in rescuing them. Her website is


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Don’t miss our Christmas Open House November 26th-28th

Beautiful Fraser Fir Christmas Trees! Premium Freshly Cut Trees, 6’-12’ Delivery and Setup are available. also Handmade Fraser Fir Wreaths & Bows Pine Garland Poinsettias & Christmas Cactus

Special Sale Pricing throughout the store Including Christmas Ornaments Carhartt - Case Knives and more

Complimentary gift wrapping & Apple Cider

4065 Martha Berry Hwy., NW, Rome, GA 30165 706 295-0299 ·

Get to the bottom of problem pain. Steven J. LaPointe, DPM/PhD PhD in biomedical engineering focusing on biomechanics and surgical repair of the ankle. Specializing in sports medicine and advanced reconstructive surgical procedures.

· Bunions · Hammertoes · Planter Fasciitis · Toenail Fungus

706.232.3888 - 409 West 10th Street, Rome, Georgia 770.877.3567 - 9 Legacy Way, Suite 9C, Adairsville, Georgia


We participate with most insurance plans. All major credit cards accepted.

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Cute Pet photos Please email us your Cute Pet pictures to


Maui Hawk and Chad


Squeeks Nano


Claire Lillie

Hazel 23

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Children/Teen Advice When Enough is Too Much by Dr. Laurie Johnson, LPC Remember, as a child, how fun it was to draw up a holiday wish list? Perhaps you remember the thrill of getting one or more of the items you listed. How times have changed! Thanks to savvy modern marketing, with its backbeat of, “You deserve this!” and “Get one, or be a loser!” a large portion of today’s youth operate from an orientation of expectancy and entitlement. Not only do they expect to receive every item on their “wish list,” heaven forbid they get an inferior version of anything they have specified! The current economy may force a change in that outlook! With the holidays approaching, this is a good time to recalibrate our kids’ and grandkids’ expectations. In doing this, we may end up giving them a far richer life. It is not surprising that kids feel entitled to have what they see on TV. Aside from the commercials, shows like Celebrity Cribs and the Suite Life of Zach and Cody show opulence without labor or sacrifice. Contrast that with earlier shows, like the rock star “Partridge Family” who were happy to travel on a cruddy school bus, and Opie Taylor who was happy with his homemade fishing pole. Today’s kids are inundated with music and media that glorifies consumerism. Sadly, many parents are so desperate to have their children “reflect well” on them that they shovel money into wardrobes, sports, lessons, and unimaginable “Sweet Sixteen” parties, in order to keep up with the Joneses. Why do we give our kids too much stuff, too few responsibilities, and too many privileges? We overindulge our kids for different reasons. 24

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Sometimes, we give in to a child’s demands in order to avoid a scene, impress the neighbors, or to win our child’s affection. Sometimes we do it to ease our guilt, or to score points in the Favorite Parent game. Often, it is motivated by unmet needs from our own childhood. Sometimes it is because we’re caught in a vulnerable moment and are too tired to enforce a rule or a boundary. Whatever fuels immoderation in our parenting, it can result in breeding a sense of entitlement among our kids, and that is scary. Perhaps you are all too aware that your child is overindulged. Their inventory of Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, wi-fi games, cd’s, clothes, shoes, electronics, gadgets, and accessories is excessive, yet they’re eager to tell you about the next big thing they “need.” Consider asking them to donate two items for every new item they receive. Consider asking them to work, or pitch in, so that when it is time to buy the next goodie, a similar one can be purchased and given to someone less fortunate or to the Open Door Home for children. Maybe you’re unsure if your child has an attitude of entitlement. Try asking yourself, “What was my thought process when I gave my son or daughter a cell phone?” Did we deliberate and negotiate about it, or was it expected because, “everybody else has one?” That’s entitlement. Did we discuss going back to camp or taking a vacation this summer, or was it presumed that the privilege should be repeated? That’s entitlement. Do your children or grandchildren get huffy if they have to wait in line, delay gratification, do chores, share items, or settle for second-best? That’s entitlement. If it isn’t uprooted soon, it will interfere with their relationships, marriage, profession, parenthood, health, and overall well-being.

Consider this, if you indulge your child with unlimited screen time (video, computer, TV, gaming), unlimited texting, and unlimited access to Ipods, you are denying them the gift of learning how to love what is around them, to interact with who is around them, to enjoy their own thoughts, their own company, and the great outdoors! This holiday, consider giving the unexpected - a camera, hiking gear, a musical instrument, art supplies, or a journal. Nowhere is there a law that says you must stick to a wish list! Don’t fall into the trap of mistaking a child’s enthusiasm for true joy. Yes, giving them what they ask for may bring a smile, but why not introduce them to the deeper happiness they can derive from a new passion? Perhaps the holidays seem like the worst time of year to exercise more moderation as a parent or grandparent. Perhaps this is the season when you love to pull out the stops and grant everyone their wishes.

I hope you’ll pause to consider the big picture. Does your family need more debt? In this economy, can you afford to consider any of your income “disposable?” Level with your kids. Don’t consider it a personal failure if your holiday budget needs to be trimmed this year. Let this holiday be the year you reach out to others in need. Let your kids discover that if they don’t show up at school in January with the ‘It” item, life will go on, and true friends will sit with them in the cafeteria. Go ahead and dissolve their illusion that there’s a money machine in the attic. Less can be more. In fact, less has a way of turning our attention to what is beautiful, precious, free…and perishable like family and friends. There may be less stuff to swap during the holidays this year, but that just might be a good thing!

Laurie Johnson, Ph.D., is a Licensed Professional Counselor, at the Skills for Living Institute, Inc. Her show, “Skills for Living” is heard bi-weekly on WLAQ 1410 TalkRadio and online at She is available for Counseling, Organizational Consulting, and Motivational Speaking, for youth and adults. She and her husband, Dan Johnson, CLU, have been married for 31 years, and have four children, 11-17 years old. For more information, or to request her books or resources, call (770)655.5364. Dr. Johnson wishes everyone “A Happy Less-is-More Holiday!”


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SuperKids & Kid’s World *Summer camp *Ages Birth to 12 *Licensed and Insured *Certified, Degreed Teachers *6:30am-6:00pm, M - F *Georgia Pre-K program *Before and after school program

Superkids Early Learning Center 100 Huffaker RD NW Rome, GA 30165 (706) 291-2560

Kid's World Learning Center 3700 Martha Berry Hwy NE, Rome, GA 30165 (706) 234-5948

Kid's World Learning Center 108 John Maddox Dr NW Rome, GA 30165 (706) 235-0331

SuperKids & Kid’s World are under the same ownership


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Cute Kids photos Please email us your Cute Kid pictures to Jordan Jose Ascanio 22 months

Emerson Age 4

Mary Blair Age 5

Henry, 5 mos

Cooper, 5 months Nicholas, age 4 ½ Andy-4 mos

Dariana Mull Age 2 Tristan, 1yr Sophie-4yrs

Jaedon Harmon age 4yrs


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Senior Living

Santa for Seniors By Jay DeVille

Seven years ago, Sr. Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Allred was picking up his grandmother at the nursing home to bring her home to celebrate Christmas with the family when he saw an elderly lady sitting near the door. She explained that she was anxiously awaiting a visit from her family. When Jimmy returned to the facility later that night he saw the woman was still waiting for a visitor who would obviously never arrive. 28

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are the true recipients. One volunteer tells of the time he was delivering gifts and the elderly lady said she really just wanted to give him a cup of coffee. When the volunteer said he didn’t drink coffee, she then asked for a hug, which he said he had and was happy to give.

This event proved significant for many in northwest Georgia because Allred was moved to action to help those senior adults who might not receive a visit or gift at Christmas. Thus began the Sheriff’s “Santa for Seniors� program provides gifts and visits for senior adults who would otherwise not receive either. One elderly man was elated and extremely thankful when he received his new overalls. One lady only wanted a Miley Cyrus CD and was so thrilled when she opened her gift of a CD and Hannah Montana perfume. But the volunteers with the “Santa for Seniors� program are quick to tell you that they

This Christmas, volunteers hope to select, wrap and deliver gifts to 120 older adults. Deputy Allred, along with Tammy Bryant of the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Department are already working to coordinate this year’s efforts and bring the magic of giving to volunteers and the joy of having someone who cares to lonely seniors. The Sheriff’s Department and the Recreation Department have taken the lead, but volunteers from Telephone Pioneers, The Senior Advisory Council, AARP, the Senior Promotions Council, Troop 7244 of the Girl Scouts, GE Retirees, Gilbreath Center for Seniors and others have helped with this wonderful effort to help others. The search is now on to identify seniors who need a special touch at Christmas. Income is not the criteria. The need for a kind word and warm smile does not depend on wealth. After selecting seniors, they will be con-

tacted to get some information about what types of goodies and gifts would be appreciated. If you wish to contribute time to give a gift and/or visit to someone at Christmas, or if you know of someone who will not receive a Christmas gift or a visit please contact Deputy Allred at (706) 346-2083 or Ms. Bryant at (706) 252-6427. Donations are also accepted and should be made to the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, designated for the “Santa For Seniors� program.

Jay E DeVille is a resident of Rome Georgia. He received a B.S. from Louisiana College and a M.S. in Economics from Baylor University and has provided instruction in economics and finance at LSU, LSUS, Mercer U. and Highlands College. He owns Right At Home of Northwest Georgia, a provider of in-home care and assistance.

Right at Home PROVIDES RESPITE Are you caring for an aging loved one? Right at home can help you care for your loved one by offering comfort & security while providing you with respite care and peace of mind including: x Light housework x Laundry x Meal preparation x Transportation x Medications reminders and more! Call Right at Home today for a free in-home assessment to see if home care is an option for your situation.

(DVW)LUVW6WUHHW¸5RPH*$ 706.290.7701 29

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L iving




Restaurant j

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Adairsville Inn Restaurant 220 S. Wall St, Calh Country Gentlemen 1234567890-=[];',./ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ 100 S. Main St, Adrvl 706-624-5432 Restaurant 770-878-9695 26 Chateau Dr SE, Rome Jefferson’s Restaurant 706 295-0205 Antonino’s Italian Grotto 340 Broad St, Rome 28 Wall Street, Ctsvl 706-378-0222 Creekside Restaurant 770-387-9664 23 Cedartown Street, SE, 28 W. Main Street, Crtsvl Cave Spring 770-334-2069 Appalachian Grill 706-777-0041 14 E. Church St, Ctsvl Knight’s 1889 770-607-5357 Dee’s Road Kill Café 24 W Main St, Crtsvl 3367 Hwy. 411 NE, White 678-605-1889 Armstrong’s Barbeque 770-386-5443 10480 Commerce St, Sum Landmark Family Restaurant 706-857-9900 Doug’s Jr. Restaurant 2740 Martha Berry Blvd, Rome 300 S. Tenn. St.,Crtsvl 706-234-1370 Ballenger’s 678-721-4200 Las Palmas Mexican 4400 Hwy 27, Sum Restaurant I 706-857-6980 Frankie’s Italian Restaurant 246 Shorter Ave NW, Rome 108 Church St., Rkmt 706 291-9788 Bennett’s Steak House & Grill 770-684-1611 1800 Broad St. SW, Cave Gondolier Pizza Italian Las Palmas Mexican Spring Restaurant Restaurant II 706-777-3087 152 Shorter Ave SW, Rome 311 Riverside Pkwy, Rome 706-291-8080 706-235-0555 Cave Springs Café 407 E. Main St, Crtsvl 20 Broad St, Cave Spring 770-386-2200 706-770-9917 Linda’s Place Restaurant 480 Nathan Dean Byp., Rkmt Chick Fil-A Dwarf House Gumbo To Geaux 770-684-3467 264 Shorter Avenue, Rome 117 S. Tenn. St., Crtsvl 706-232-9233 770-334-2331 Partridge Restaurant 330 Broad St, Rome China City Restaurant Harvest Moon Café 706-291-4048 234 Broad St, Rome 1803 Martha Berry Blvd NW, 706 292-0099 Rome J.D.’s Café 706 291-2499 30

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Guide Petro’s Restaurant 1785 S. Buchanan Hwy,C’dtn 770-857-9900

Stonewall Manor 104 Stonewall St, Ctsvl 770-387-0723

333 On Broad 333 Broad Street, Rome 706-528-4844

Pick O’Deli Cafeteria 1403 Dean Ave, Rome 706-235-4131

The City Cellar and Loft 110 S. Museum Dr, Ctsvl 770-334-3170

Thurston’s Café 114 Court St, Calh 706-602-4401

Pirkle’s Deli 306 Main Street, C’dtn 770 748 0037

The Greener Burger 315 Broad Street, Rome 706-295-5044

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse 402 E Church St, Crtsvl 770-387-9575

Riegeldale Tavern 205 Central Ave., Trion 706-734-7659

The Homestead Restaurant 1401 Kingston Rd, Rome 706-291-4290

Yummy Thai Cuisine 528 Broad St, Rome 706-2919599

Rusans 1004 N Broad St., Rome 706-314-9336

The Steak House 414 Baldwin Rd., Rkmt 770-684-0401 650 Henderson Dr., Crtsvl 779-334-2623

Zorba’s Restaurant 815 N Main Street, C’dtn 770-748-8490

Sage Cottage Restaurant 212 N. Main Street Adairsville 770-877-5232 Schroeder’s 406 Broad St, Rome 706- 234-4613 3170 Martha Berry Blvd NE, Rome 706-295-0733

The Red Door Café 117 S. Wall St, Calh 706-602-7488 The Slate Market Grill 226 Sycamore Grove CT, Rkmrt 770 684 3373

Slopes BBQ 1133 N Tenn St, Crtsvl 770-386-9090


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Welcome to

River City Antique Mall Inc.

Home to an eclectic mix of new, antique, and refurbished furniture, decorative accessories and many other items for use both in home and garden. You are sure to find

“Something Extraordinary Hidden Within.” HOURS:

Wed-Sat!(.M\U[PS!P      .M. Sunday!P   .M\U[PS!P    .M.

River City Antique Mall, Inc. 10,000 Sq. ft. with over 50 booths with dealers


:WPKLY>LII+YP]L‹9VTL.(        7OVUL 

from México

with passion for flavor

Palmas Mexican Restaurant

Call us for all your catering needs. Margarita Machine available. BRING IN THIS AD FOR:

Buy 1 Combo Dinner, Get 1 Free

Bringing Authentic Italian Cuisine To Your Neighborhood Since 1992 Present this coupon

Unlimited Soup, Salad and Fresh bread sticks $5.99 Mon-Fri 11am-4pm

Expires 1/31/2011

Call for pizza delivery (706) 291-8080

Not to be combined with any other offers.

Coming Soon! Portabella Restaurant in Cedartown.

Mon/Tue/Wed Only Dine in with purchase of 2 beverages Rome Locations Only:

246 Shorter Avenue


311 Riverside Parkway



Gondolier is not affi affiliated liated with with any other restaurant.

152 Shorter Ave. Ave. Rome, GA 30165

Located near the Staples Center Center,, accr accross oss from from Shorter College

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30 lbs in 30 DAYS!

The Future. With stability and a strong commitment to our community, we’re ready for it.

For more information call: Mary Bowling 706-346-7871

228 North 2nd !VENUEs2OME Georgia 30165 s 706-236-2123 s Fax: 706-236-2125 s WWW2IVER#ITY"ANK/NLINECOM


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Advice How to Deal with the Holiday Blues By J. LeBron McBride, PhD "I hate the holidays!" she sobbed as she fumbled with the crumpled tissue in her hand and stared at the red carpet on the floor. Tis the season to be jolly. . . well maybe not. For some, the blues arrive with a truckload of sadness before Santa loads his bag of goodies on his sleigh. Instead of a white Christmas of falling snow, they have wet cheeks from falling tears. While others sing "Joy to the World" they experience profound sadness in their hearts. The down side of the holidays has become known, of course, as the holiday blues. Reasons for the holiday blues are many, but here are some of them: > The cultural and popular expression of the holidays promotes (often unrealistically) the time as exciting and unbelievably joyous with close human relationships all around. > Many are confronted more forcefully and painfully with their losses and what they do not have at this time of year. > Some overindulge during this time with eating and use of alcohol. > Finances can be taxed to the limit as we seek to purchase gifts for others; or it may be that our blue days arrive with the bills in January. > This can be a time of somewhat senseless hyperactive and excessive activity. This constant state of action may end with an emotional crash. > The religious festivities may alert us to the emptiness of our own spirituality and the lack of meaning and purpose in our lives. Before we become even more depressed and blue from one or more of the above reasons, let us hasten to think of positive approaches to this season. 36

J. LeBron of Behavi Center F and also S Church ( in Marria State Un published a Family children, and have 10 years. For addit Dr. J. LeB Email: lm

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Be realistic. Our culture may overdo it and idealizeOur tooculture much. may Whatoverdo are realistically Be realistic. it positive things you can incorporate into your and idealize too much. What are realistically holiday season? positive things you can incorporate into your holiday season? Focus on helping others It is often true that as we help others,Itwe Focus on helping others is help often ourselves. true that as we help others, we help ourselves. Establish your priorities How can you organizeyour your priorities time for the How holidays? Establish can you organize your time for the holidays? Exercise and eat well Over and over again beenOver shown toover help with Exercise exercise and eathas well and negative feelings, depression, and anxiety. again exercise has been shown to help with Be careful to eat well and to avoid too many negative feelings, depression, and anxiety. high calorie and high fat foods as well as too Be careful to eat well and to avoid too many much alcohol. high calorie and high fat foods as well as too much alcohol. Be thankful Focus on what you do have instead of what notyou have. Be thankful Focusyou ondo what doMake have a list of things for which you are grateful instead of what you do not have. Make aand list don’tfor be which afraid you to share it with others. of things are grateful and those close to you to do the same. don’tAsk be afraid to share it with others. Ask those close to you to do the same. Make a budget Decide how much you cana reasonably spend this and stick Make budget Decide howseason much you to it. can reasonably spend this season and stick to it. Be open to spiritual growth A spiritual void in our growth lives can beAa cause of to spiritual Be open emptiness and meaninglessness. spiritual void in our lives can be a cause of emptiness and meaninglessness. Be open to seeing a clergyperson, counselor, oraphysician If the holiday Be open to seeing clergyperson, blues become too intense you may be counselor, or physician If the holiday suffering from clinical depression and need blues become too intense you may be professional assistance. suffering from clinical depression and need professional assistance. My hope for you is that you may treat yourself well this isholiday season yourself My hope for you that you may and treatgive yourthe gift that only you can give‌self-care. self well this holiday season and give yourself You deserve this holiday to yourself! the gift that only you cangift give‌self-care. You deserve this holiday gift to yourself! J. LeBron McBride, Ph.D., M.P.H. is Director of Behavioral Medicine at the Floyd Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program and Senior Minister at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has his Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy from Florida State University. He is the author of over 65 published items. He and his wife, For aadditional information Deborah, Family Nurse Practitioner, call Dr. J. LeBron McBride and their children, Anna and Ben, live 706-509-3343; on a farm in the Rome area. Email: For additional information call Dr. J. LeBron McBride 706-509-3343; Email:

picture your possibilities and love the results. Breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, body contouring after gastric bypass surgery, liposuction and procedures for the face. Anything is possible when you feel as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside. Go ahead, ask us. 'U&KULV5RELQVRQGRXEOHERDUGFHUWL�HG plastic surgeon at Harbin Clinic Plastic Surgery CenterRáHUVWKHPRVWDGYDQFHG technology and procedures for the breast, body, face and skin to help you make those possibilities a reality. The Harbin Clinic Plastic Surgery Center DOVRRáHUVWKHODWHVWSURGXFWVLQVNLQFDUH breakthroughs, such as the new Latisse Eyelash *URZWKV\VWHPDORQJZLWK%RWR[-XYHGHUP DQGODVHUVHUYLFHVIRUYHLQVKDLUUHPRYDODQG VNLQUHMXYHQDWLRQ Free Consultations DYDLODEOH Call today 706-233-8500.


Chris Robinson, MD Plastic Surgeon


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Antiques & Interiors On Broad

Antiques Fine Furniture


Gordy Pottery


Antique Books


French Soaps Persian Rugs

Vintage Linens

Vintage Jewelry & our very own Memory jewelry custom made just for you

Come see our Holiday Tables throughout the shop for your holiday decorating ideas. Happy Holidays! Antiques On Broad 114 Broad St Rome, GA 30161 706-295-0015 38

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T'was 44 days beforeChristmas, and all through Cave Spring, There was Joy and Merriment for what the Season would bring! Cave Spring's 29th Annual Celebration of Christmas November 13th and November 14th

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a GREAT shopping season!



Relaxing hydro-therapy to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul


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Featured Restaurant

ADAIRSVILLE INN RESTAURANT In historic downtownAdairsville, Georgia


Rich in history, the small town of Adairsville, Georgia is well-known for its pivotal role in the “Great Locomotive Chase” during the Civil War. The daring raid and hijacking of the confederate train “General” by a group of Union spies, led by James Andrews, was central to their plan of destroying the Western and Atlantic Railroad’s link between Atlanta and Chattanooga. 40

For it was here in Adairsville the General’s conductor, William A. Fuller, in relentless pursuit of Andrews and his band of men commandeered the “Texas” and continued the chase northward, in reverse! Fuller eventually overtook Andrews and recovered the “General.” Adairsville is also famously known as the only town Union Gen. William Sherman left standing during his “March to the Sea”. Although he had originally planned to attack the confederate forces of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston here, Sherman was forced to abandon his strategy and remain in Adairsville while Johnston retreated to nearby Allatoona Pass. And though these events have gained the town entry into the history books, equally important is the recent revitalization of

Adairsville’s downtown and surrounding area. So it’s no wonder the Adairsville Inn Restaurant is thriving amidst this renewal, bringing local and visiting patrons alike a unique dining experience in the South. Believed to have been constructed in the late 1800’s, the house was once home to J.M. Veach, grandson of one of the original land purchasers in Adairsville. The current owner, Janice Pulliam, purchased the home three years ago and has remodeled much of the interior. Knowing the history of the structure, the town and the surrounding area, Janice knows Adairsville Inn Restaurant is also an important part of the well-preserved landscape. Nestled under towering oaks and ageless magnolias, the Restaurant’s exterior boasts an atmosphere of history and Southern charm.

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Upon entering the Adairsville Inn Restaurant, patrons are greeted by gracious and friendly staff, eager to share their warm southern hospitality! There are private dining areas for large groups and wedding parties. The large dining area overlooks the courtyard filled with giant oaks and magnolias, as well as a shaded veranda. A sight to see during the fall season! And let’s not forget the delicious dining. With over 30 years of experience in the kitchen, Chef Lee Slocum prepares delectable dishes that even the pickiest of palates will appreciate. The restaurant is now offering a daily buffet which includes the garden fresh salad bar, tasty vegetables, casseroles, piping hot bread with our own home-made honey butter, and a smorgasbord of richly prepared meats. Top it all off with cobbler, cake, or banana pudding and even Grandma would agree this is Southern cooking at its best! The Restaurant is open for lunch with a full menu including an option to enjoy a full

buffet. Friday nights feature a mini Seafood Buffet with Chef Lee himself at the carving station. You can make Sunday’s family dinners special, too, by enjoying their fabulous buffet and wonderful desserts. The Restaurant is now taking reservations for a magnificent Thanksgiving Day Buffet that’s sure to please the whole family. And don’t forget to call when you’re ready to book your Christmas party! The beautiful surroundings, delicious fare and outstanding hospitality all combine to make the Adairsville Inn Restaurant the perfect venue for a Wedding, Bridal Luncheon or Rehearsal Dinner. You can make your own history when you celebrate any special occasion with friends and family, content in knowing you’ll receive the utmost in Southern service, charm and cuisine. We hope to see you soon for a dining experience you won’t soon forget!

For more information about the “Great Locomotive Chase, check out,


Anniversary Dinners · Birthdays Bridal Luncheons · Tea Parties Rehearsal Dinners · Weddings Lunch Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am - 2:00pm Sunday 12:00pm - 2:30pm

r by ou ared e. p e r p are Le meals Chef All talented,

Dinner Hours

Thursday - Saturday 5:00pm - 9:00pm Spe

Phone: 770-878-9695 Fax: 770-878-9611


Oc Avcaasion C ilable ateri ng

100 South Main Street Adairsville, Ga. 30103



Kailua Cake

A Slice of Heaven...

Kailua Cake "Jordan look at the sky!" He looked east at the deep pink and tangerine clouds flashing against the grey blue morning canopy. "Uh huh" was the verbal response from my teenage son, but I saw at first the quick surprise and then appreciation in his eyes. I say that almost every morning on our drive to work and school through the Kawai Nua Marsh along the road we call the "Dump Road."


Photos by Kristi Petosa-Sigel

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I have lived in Hawaii all but 4 years of my life and most of that in Kailua. I am a born and raised local "haole" (Caucasian). Those of us that live in Kailua just can't understand why anyone would want to live anywhere else. Like the bumper sticker says, we <heart> Kailua. My husband Steve is originally from West Virginia and recently moved here from Nebraska. He says he loves Kailua, but I am not satisfied that he really gets it. I want him to see past the eating-recreational-tourist-perfect icing and enjoy the real Kailua cake. I long for him to share in the moments and places that stir my heart and cause my chest to ache when I call Kailua my home.

I was 5 years old in 1964 when my parents moved our family from Honolulu over the Nuuanu Pali Highway which tunnels through the sheer Pali cliffs of Koolau Mountain range, to the small beach town on the windward side of Oahu. Kailua, which literally means two seas, has always been special. It was chosen as the royal residence by early Hawaiians, it was a battle prize, and currently is prime real estate. King Kahuhihewa and the Ali'i Aimoku (highest chiefs) moved the capital from Waikiki to Kailua in the 16th century. In 1795, in the Battle of Nuuanu fought on the Pali Lookout, King Kamehameha I of Hawaii island conquered Kalanilupule, King of Oahu, by forcing more

than 400 Oahu warriors off the 1000 foot Pali cliffs. King Kamehameha rewarded his warriors and chiefs by giving them Kailua. And in 2008, where did Barak Obama set up his Winter White House? In a Kailua rental property commanding a king's ransom of $4000 per night. Kailua has become a destination. The brochures and website boasts are true; Kailua has a "sense of place" and offers "city living, country style". Four times every day massive yellow and green air-conditioned, exhaust spewing tour buses release the Waikiki tourists in downtown Kailua. Here they can shop the plantation-green themed strip


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I proudly show Steve Kailua beach, famous for its crescent-shaped 3-mile stretch of fine white sand, turquoise water, outrigger canoe races, and world class wind-sailing. There are scores of Japanese tourists lining the water's edge in expensive linen, the women carrying Coach bags and holding Guchi shoes and giggling, hand-over-mouth.

The Obamas Stayed here.

Tourists rent plastic kayaks, strap on orange life jackets and flock to Flat Island. Kitesurfing instructors give lessons to kite harnessed people, heels dug into the sand, trying to hold on. Saturday morning grooms in aloha shirts and brides stumbling in heels pose for pictures on the shore. The ocean seems crowded with outrigger canoes, windsails, boogie boards, stand-up paddlers, surfers and swimmers. The ocean playground is more icing.


Mokulua Islands, the twin islands, are the most famous landmark off Kailua and Lanikai Beaches Is the real Kailua a childhood memory? There were four other teenage girls who lived on Aiokoa street, just a mile and a half walk from Castle beach, the northern most section of Kailua beach. We carried out midnight beach escapes, sneaking out of our homes after our parents had fallen asleep and walking to Castle beach. We were free, under the stars, to strip off our clothes and run half way into the silvery waves, laughing, squealing, and fearing sharks as we dared each other to dive all the way under. At sunrise, we hunted the Kailua beach shoreline in search of treasure, the glass balls that would wash ashore after escaping Japanese fishing nets. There are none left. But Steve and I return to Kailua Beach one the late afternoon when the wind has picked up, the sunbathers have gone and there are just a few kite-surfers still at play. We walk silently as the sand crabs dart sideways along our path and the waves crash and roll without pattern. To our right, the eastern sky over the ocean is cotton candy with orangesicle streaks. To our left, the Koolau Mountains are lined in gold, the sun's rays shine from behind and through the jagged peaks. My chest hurts. "Steve look at the sky!" I see the surprise and appreciation in his eyes and now I know that my haole husband from West Virginia just tasted a slice of real Kailua cake.

Photos by Kristi Petosa-Sigel

malls and eat anything from fine Italian at BaciBistro, fresh catch at Kalapawai and Buzz's Seafood and Steakhouse, Moroccan cuisine at Cassa Blanca, ramen bowls and sushi bars, sweet bread at Agnes's Bakery, macadamia nut sauce over banana pancakes at Boots and Kimo's to plate lunches at Lanikai Shrimp Wagon and "shave ice" at Island Snow. Kailua's restaurants cover every ambience and ethnic option in every price range. But that's icing, not cake.

Sharon Esser Turkovich lives in Kailua, Hawaii with her husband, Stephen Turkovich and son Jordan. Sharon works in Honolulu at the University of Hawaii Clinical Research Center as a Research Subjects Advocate. In May of 2010, Steve moved from his home in Bellevue, Nebraska and they were married three days later at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens at the foot of the Ko'olau Mountains. Sharon and Steve together have 5 children. Sharon enjoys outrigger canoe paddling and recently began triathlon training with Steve. In June Sharon completed her first Tin Man.

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Some commonly used Hawaiian words and Pidgin English phrases: Brah: brother. “Howzit brah?” Lolo: crazy, foolish Moke: big Hawaiian tough guy Pau (pow): finished or done, You pau work Stink eye: dirty look Tita: female version of a moke

ROME FOOT & ANKLE SPECIALIST DR. KEVIN E. WHITTON DPM Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon Medicine and Surgery for the Foot and Leg

‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰

Bunions Ingrown Nails Flat Feet Sports Medicine Injuries & Broken Bones Heel & Arch Pain Tendonitis Second Opinions

We Treat Adults and Children


126 Three Rivers Drive

(Across from Rome High School) Most Insurance Accepted



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The perfect escape for anyone that loves green plants and lovely goods!

440 Broad Street, Rome, GA, 30161 Phone: 706-235-5530

Mon - Fri:10:30 am - 5:30 pm, Sat:11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Gift Registry available

Gift cards


For men and Women


photo by Derek Bell

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Family Owned since 1948 328 Broad Street Rome, GA 30161 706-291-7236

How does “Obama Care” affect you! We represent all major insurance companies with the LOWEST PRICING aavailable. vailable. Call us for a cost comparison



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Spiritualty Embrace the Season: Christmasize it!! By Dr. Harry Rowland It has begun! The Christmas RUSH! Like a row of hulking linemen on a football team, the season is down and set; poised to plow us over with all its demands, distractions, details, dilemmas, duties and delights. For merchants, it’s a “make-or-break” time of year. It seems the more exhausted and overworked one is, the better the bottom line. For teachers, it’s the challenge of keeping a gaggle of fidgety children focused on schoolwork while planning some special program. For clergy, it’s a schedule that’s tighter than ever, sermons must be better than ever and services have more attendance than ever. For children, it’s deciding what to put on the list, where to hang the decorations and who will take them to the mall. For wives and mothers, it’s the pressure of winning the holiday “game” of conforming family life to the unrealistic, Hallmark-like expectations of perfection and joy that have little to do with the reason for the season. For husbands and fathers, it’s often the feeling of failure as desires for family-time pang in the heart with one more holiday event missed or family trip shortened by the demands of work. For the single, widowed or lonely it can be an uphill 10K run counting down the days until life gets back to “normal.”


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Why do we have these feelings during the Christmas season? Many of us don’t take soul-care seriously. Even those who do just fit it into a busy schedule and forgo the true need such as healthy eating and exercise. We do well to acknowledge that there is a spiritual aspect to life just as there are physical, mental, and emotional aspects to life. In truth, it’s this spiritual dimension that distinguishes humans from the rest of creation. Honestly, we only become “human” when we acknowledge and nurture the spiritual, allowing ourselves to experience meaning, peace within and a feeling of fulfillment. This largely explains the pull to faith and church that many feel during this season.

Unfortunately, as with many other divine messages, Christmas gets skewed by human nature, making our attention to the small, the fragile, and even the whispered less and less acute. Instead of celebrating the message that Christ has come as a twinkle in the eye of God and a true gift of love, we are blinded by the glare of department store glitz and glamour.

So how might one nurture the soul and experience the rest, peace, and joy associated with the season? Try “Christmasizing” the holiday. It seems like everywhere we go we are called to enlarge what we are doing. You go to McDonald’s and you can supersize your value meal. At Starbucks, the smallest coffee you can order is a tall. So a tall is a small. Grande, which in both Spanish and Italian is large, at Starbucks is a medium. Now I’m not sure what venti means but it’s Starbuck’s version of a supersized coffee and costs $6.00. Our culture is one with a plethora of religious perspectives. Those with a Christian orientation, in particular, know in their hearts that commercialization is not what Christmas is about. The very word Christ (Christ - Jesus) mas (worship) points to something deeper and more spiritual that seems juxtaposed against the supersized holiday season. In fact when one initiates some inward reflection, there seems to be a counter-culture pull to Christmas away from the holiday event. Christmas is about a small child born of a virgin in a simple manger in the backwater town of Bethlehem. A child whose arrival ushered in peace, hope and new life. Yet, doesn’t the seasonal hysteria not suggest that things aren’t quite what they ought to be?

To Christmasize life means to pay attention to the simple things, like a morning coffee while scripture reflecting, a time of prayer with a child or the lighting of a candle at a worship gathering. It can mean the giving of a simple gift or take some time to aid the disadvantaged. Use the occasion to seek out the small voice from Bethlehem that is both within and all around. Christmasizing your life might also mean recognizing the truth that we aren’t the center of the universe, though for much of the year we may unconsciously live as though we are. Many Christian churches offer advent worship experiences. The word advent means coming and most often is a 4-5 week spiritual journey celebrating the coming of Jesus, the world’s Savior and restorer of our broken relationship with God. Healthy soul care would be to make a holiday tradition of participating in such a multi-week spiritual experience in addition to such seasonal delights as a Christmas pageant or candle-

light service. Consider using Christmas as a time to begin the habit of healthy soul-care with consistent worship participation and spiritual practices throughout the year. Being human means we need a refuge, divine perspective, help, hope, healing, peace, encouragement and community. The inward pull of Christmas reminds us that these needs are only fully met in a relationship with Jesus, the Christ, and since we have these needs at times other than December we would do well to nurture our souls throughout the year. So to Christmasize life is a call toward downsizing, practicing a quiet nurturing of the soul and returning to the seemingly small message from Bethlehem that says, “God is with you. He loves you. There is peace and hope and it’s closer than you might think.”

Dr. Harry Rowland is originally from Nashville, TN though he has lived in nine different states and countries and traveled to forty six additional counties. He presently lives in Atlanta though spends most weekends in Rome. He has a Doctorate in Ministry/Theology with a specificity toward congregational development is regards to connecting with "non-traditional" families. He has lead congregations in four states with an emphasis on local community development and global mission engagement. He has written freelance for several periodicals, taught adjunct at Belmont University and theUniversity of South Carolina at Beaufort, and presently is the Director of Missional Church Ministries for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship whose offices are on the Atlanta Mercer University Campus.


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John Chung, MD Board Certified Dermatologist


de Gift I

Douglas DiRuggiero, PA-C Certified Physician Assistant

oval Rem venation cing r i a * H in Reju Resurfa * Sk actional eatment * Fr g Vein Tr * Le in Care * Sk Minerals ates * Glo t Certific * Gif

Rebecca Cuthbertson Skin Care Specialist

Specializing In Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Skin, Hair and Nails

706-378-2235 0HGLFDO'ULYHÂ&#x2021;5RPe,    GA 30161

P e a c e of M i n d for Early Detection is the best protection.


Redmond is proudly offering:

digital mammograms To schedule your mammogram, call 800-242-5662.


    All physicians bill separately for their services.

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Beautify your kitchen Certified Countertop Fabrication and Installation

Antiques & Consignment

Enjoy the hunt for unique Christmas gifts 5929 Joe Frank Harris Parkway P. O. Box 461 Adairsville, GA 30103-0461 770-877-9867 Fax 770-877-9868

1944 Shorter Ave., NW, Rome, GA 30165 706-378-0003 Booth Space Available




Month Month to to Month Month

(No (No Commitment) Commitment)

ROME ATHLETIC CLUB 10 Davenport Avenue Rome, GA 30161

(706) 295-3678

Now Open 24 Hours!


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Historic Churches of Northwest Georgia

The St. James Episcopal Church building, which is classic Carpenter Gothic, was constructed in 1883 on land donated by Mr. A.G. West. It is said that Mrs. West, who had been a member of St. James Church in New York City, asked permission to name the church after her former parish. Mrs. West was able to secure some of the New York church’s furnishings to use in the Cedartown parish. The altar and alter rail were custom made for the new church. Over the years many changes have been made. The original windows were clear glass, but stained glass and new chandeliers were added in the 1950’s. Also during that period the sacristy (the room to the left of the altar) was added. The choir room, which is at the rear of the church, was originally the priest’s study. The present pulpit and lectern were replaced at some time during the 1960’s. Originally the altar was against the wall under the three stained glass windows, but was moved out to its present location in the 1980’s. St. James is the oldest church building in Cedartown and although there are older churches in the county, this church has been in continual service since the 1880’s. At present the Reverend Dr. Harvey Hill is the Rector. Services are held every Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


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Power, Strength, Flexibility, and Grace Imagine the possibilites!

Visit our new location.

What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.

210 East 2nd Ave. Suite 106 Rome, GA 30161 404-918-1634

What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. ~Dr. Seuss

Rome R ome Op Optical tical Co., Inc.

Custom Eyewear

h Av A ve., Suite 1013 1013 N N.. 5t 5th Ave., Suite 3 R ome, Ga 30161 30161 Rome,

with the You Deserve Quality Quality and Service Service You

706-292-9976 706-292 -9976

David R David Reeves, eeves, Optician Optician 54

And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.

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Historic Churches of Northwest Georgia

About five miles from Cave Spring is a community called Chubbtown. The town was a self-sufficient African American community founded pre-Civil War during the mid 1800’s. Eight brothers migrated from North Carolina to develop the community and build Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church.

The Chubbs were farmers whose industry and thrift enabled them to accumulate considerable property, gins, mills, houses and other buildings. In the mid 1930’s, a major flood destroyed many of the buildings of Chubbtown. Today, Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church located on Chubbtown Road and a few homes are the only standing structures that were a part of that community. Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church is on the National Register of Historical Places. The church was constructed in 1870 and was an integral part of the Chubbtown community, which covered over 1280 acres of land in Floyd and Polk Counties. The church also served as a school for children of Chubbtown during the early 1900’s. The church is considered significant architecturally because it is an example of a small vernacular Gothic Revival-style, country Methodist church built after the Civil War. The members of Chubb Chapel welcome you to visit the church. The church is operational for service on every second and fourth Sundays at 11:00 a.m. For further information, please write Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church, P. O. Box 771, Cave Spring Georgia 30124. 56

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Thoughts for Creating a Successful Marriage WHOLEHEARTED ENGAGEMENT In today’s relationships it is not enough to be physically present and mentally engaged. Good marriages and families have the added component of emotional connection. But in our hectic, fast-paced, facebook connected world, emotional involvement is often lacking. The process is further complicated for many of us who did not have role models that spoke from their hearts and expressed their feelings. Wholeheartedly engaging your family may not be easy, but it is worth it. Get your heart and emotions in the game by doing the following: • • •

Learn to speak the language of the heart – feelings Let yourself play and be silly with your kids Suppress your natural tendency to “fix it” when they bring you a problem – just listen with compassion and empathy

Completely engaging yourself in family time will lead to lasting fulfillment for you and powerful memories of connection for your spouse and children. Dr. Shawn Stoever Marriage Coach, WinShape Foundation


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Arts & Entertainment ADAIRSVILLE December 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 7 pm Christmas Dinner Theatre – The 1902 Stock Exchange Public Square Opera House – 770-773-1902

CEDARTOWN November 13 Ricky Nelson Remembered, 7:30 pm – Cedartown Civic Auditorium December 4 Atlanta Pops Orchestra, 7:30 pm – Cedartown Civic Auditorium 9 Judy Collins “Christmas Show”, 7:30 pm Cedartown Civic Auditorium ( for more information:

CALHOUN & GORDON COUNTY November 1-12 Festival of Trees & Holiday Artists’ Market – Harris Art Center 5-6, 12-13, 7 pm Little Theater presents Sanders Family Christmas – HAC ROME 6 Black Tie to Blue Jeans party – November GEM Theatre 21 Djoke Gunning Memorial Concert, 3pm – HAC December 3-4 Community Chorus Christmas Concert, 3 pm – HAC 4 Christmas Candlelight tour of New Echota, 706-624-1321 17 Indie Night TBA, Christmas Special, 7-9 pm – HAC December ( for more information: Harris Art Center – or CARTERSVILLE & BARTOW COUNTY November - thru March 2010 Ansel Adams: A Legacy – Booth Western Art Museum December 3-4, 10-12, 17-18 The Santaland Diaries, 9pm Legion Theatre, 770-387-2610 or 3-4, 10-11, 17-18, 8pm; 5,3 pm The Scrapbook: A Modern Christmas Carol – Legion Theatre (,


1-23 Roosevelt Exhibit: Oak Hill – Martha Berry Museum 12 “Christmas at the Chieftans” – Chieftans Museum 12-14 Annie – Desoto Theatre 14 The Rome Fine Wine Festival, 3-5 pm – Forrest Building Ballrooms 19-21 Annie – Desoto Theatre 30 Afternoon Tea – RAHM 2 NWGA Winds – City Auditorium 3 How the Grinch Stole Christmas – City Auditorium 4 Candles and Carols 2010 – Oak HillMartha Berry Museum 4 Homecoming at Chieftans, 7-9 pm – Chieftans Museum 4 Rome Symphony – City Auditorium 6 -thru January 21, 2010, 10 am – 5 pm, The Gift of Christmas Exhibit – Oak HillMartha Berry Museum 11 Dance Recital – City Auditorium 11 & 18, 6-8 pm Oak Hill in Lights – Oak Hill- Martha Berry Museum 13 New horizons Band – City Auditorium 28 Afternoon Tea – RAHM 31 Gospel Singing – City Auditorium ( for more information:

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October is PINK month


Cancer October Birthstone Awareness Pink Tourmaine & Opals Month Rome, GA 30161 life is awkward... your senior portraits 706-291-7004 don’t have to be. Custom portraitsGold at reasonable is prices. at an all time high...Sell yours for CASH NOW!!!

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Lisa’s Gold & Diamonds


find us on facebook!

137 East First Street

Financing and Free Gift Wrapping available w w501-B w . fAlamar o x w St. o rin t hFort y sOglethorpe m

You can join the rest or

Home for Sale Become A Master Cosmetologist Located on the 5th hole of Stonebridge Golf Course, this beautiful and spacious all-brick home is perfectly situated Work In A Professional and Fun Environment on a private cul de sac lot in “The Fairways” subdivision. Work With A Staff That Is Respectful The home features a master bedroom onandthe main floor withand Encourages You To Learn Succeed In The Industry an additional 4 bedrooms upstairs, each with its own private bathroom. Perfect for a largeGraduate family!In Less Than 1 Year Georgia Beauty Academy

For more information on the sale and lease options available The home F inest incontact the Art of Cosmetology on this fabulous please Sharon Mathis Lambert Dixon Tate Real Estate – 706-252-1546 100% 706.278.9606 Top of the Line Education Start Your Career Today! Pass Rat

become a

Nursing Assistant

Get the skills you need to build a career you can be proud of!

Financing Available NO INTEREST With short programs that are in demand, we can help you get the education you deserve today, so you can work tomorrow.


135 Professional Court, Calhoun GA 30701

Medical and Technical Institute of North Georgia

We now offer Home Health Services & Adaptive Clothing

135 Professional Court Calhoun Ga 30701


Phlebotomy Technician Health Care Technician EKG/ECG Technician Respiratory Care/Sleep Technician Physical Therapy/Rehab Aide Dialysis/Hemodialysis Technician Electronic Health Records Specialist (Professional CertiÄcation)

Georgia State CertiÄed and NHA Accreditation Offering State and National CertiÄcation 59

AVON Products

Come see our cute

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Real Estate Directory ~ Agencies Asher Realty 317 E. Main St, Crtsvl 770-382-5983

Harrington Realty 706 235-8245 415 Shorter Ave, Rome

Northside Agency 50 International Pkwy, Ad 770-773-3770

Century 21 322 E. Main St, Crtsvl 770-382-2121

Howard Realty 706-235-0111 900 N 2nd Avenue, Rome

Professional Realty 25 Stonewall St, Crtsvl 770-387-1706

Dempsey Action Co 706 291-0746 106 E 8th Ave, Rome

Jason Free Realty 706-295-3733 1903 Turner McCall Blvd, Rome

Reese & Smallwood Realty 706 234-5555 1825 Turner McCall Blvd, Rome

Exit Realty 920-B N. Tenn St, Crtsvl 770-386-9735

J L Todd Auction 706 291-7007 531 Broad Street, Rome

Re/Max of Rome 706 232-1112 807 Shorter Avenue, Rome

Garden Lakes Realty 706 234-9421 2400 Garden Lakes Blvd NW, Rome

Keller Williams Realty 706-235-1515 4 Oakwood Street NW, Rome

Re/Max Realty Group of Cartersville 1124 N. Tenn St, Crtsvl 770-387-1550

Hardy Realty & Development 706 291-4321 1609 Martha Berry Blvd NW, Rome

Keller William Realty NW 1010 N. Tenn Street, Crtsvl 770-607-7400

Roberts Realty Group 26 S. Wall St, Crtsvl 770-386-1708

H & H Realty 659 Henderson Dr, Crtsvl 770-386-1400

Lambert Dixon & Tate Realty 706-234-7777 1408 Dean Avenue, Rome

Toles Temple & Wright 706 291-0202 611 Turner McCall Blvd NE, Rome

Ready to assist you with commercial, residential or investment real estate. Licensed in Georgia and Alabama.

For all of your real estate needs.

Debra McDaniel Associate Broker Toles Temple & Wright 611 Turner McCall Blvd Rome, GA 30165 Direct: 706-506-1987 Office: 706-291-0202

6KRUWHU$YH6:‡5RPH‡*$‡ (706) 235-8245 Office 60

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Ad listing guide ACRC Adairsville Inn Restaurant Antiques & Interiors on Broad The Babcock Agency Cave Spring Merchants Chick Fil-A Dwarf House Children’s Dentist Center CNA Nursing School of Calhoun Cohutta Fishing Coosa Country Club Coosa Valley Credit Union Debra McDaniels Diprima’s Shoes Edible Arrangements Elizabeth Brown Pilates Finders Keepers Flipper Pools and Spas Foxworthy Studios Georgia Foot & Ankle Specialists Georgia NW Technical College Gondolier Gordon Hospital Great American Title Pawn Great Smokey Mountain Train The Greener Burger Greene’s Jewlers Harbin Clinic Harrington Realty & Associates

55 41 38 47 39 35 26 59 46 15 17 60 18 64 54 15 39 7, 59 22 53 34 2 3 18 32 47 37 60

Herbalife Heritage Automotive Group Impact Furniture and Design Las Palmas Lavender Mountain Hardware Living & Giving Maggie May’s Mel & Mimi Merry Maids Lebron MeBride book Northwest Georgia Credit Union Redmond Women’s Center Right at Home River City Bank River City Antique Mall Rome Athletic Club Rome Foot & Ankle Specialists Rome Optical Rome / Floyd County YMCA Skin Cancer & Cosmetic Dermatology Center Stella Blu Cosmetic Boutique Super Kids & Kids World Day Care Centers Tops Galore Treasure Trove Winshape Winslette Pharmacy

35 5 11 34 22 46 15 63 47 39 19 50 29 35 34 51 45 54 26 50 10 26 51 51 57 18


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Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. John Wooden

Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win. Coach Bobby Knight

Talent wins the games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Michael Jordan 62

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