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Programme 10.00

Registration and Tea/Coffee


Welcome & Update Nick Brooks-Sykes, Director of Tourism, NWDA David Jackson. Visitor Information and Quality Manager, NWDA


National Modernising Visitor Information Action Plan Tracey Taylor, VisitEngland


Towards 2012 Sarah Case-Upton, NW Inspire Programmer 2012 Games,NWDA


Welcome to England Julia Stuckey, SWRDA/VisitEngland Peter Shaw, Kent Greeters Building on Liverpool 08 – Neil Peterson Morning Session Q&A


Lunch (& optional MOSI Tour)


Manchester VIC Paul Simpson, Managing Director, Visit Manchester


Workshop Session 1


Refreshment Break


Workshop Session 2


Close Optional Visit to Manchester VIC (includes coach from/to MOSI)

Workshops A. Alternative Delivery Models – This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear how traditional delivery models of TICsand Information Services are changing and evolving, including lessons from a range of casestudies from around the country. B. Marketing and PR Best Practice – Blue Sail director Lorna Easton will lead a lively, interactive workshop for people working at the sharp end of tourism. Starting from the role TICsplay in the visitor journey, the workshop will explore what kind of marketing and PRactivity TICs could or should engage in to help them deliver for their destination.

Speakers Nick Brooks­Sykes,  Director  of  Tourism  at  the  Northwest  Regional Development  Agency will  open  this  year’s Conference with an update on the emerging tourism landscape both nationally and regionally and   what this means for tourism in the Northwest.  David Jackson  will then provide a summary of the region’s achievements in driving improvements to the  Northwest’s visitor information services over recent years, and a ‘where are we now’ update on the region’s   TIC network.  The Strategic Framework for Tourism in England 2010­2020, launched last April, identified key drivers for the   industry going forward. A series of Action Plans outlining shared priorities for the next three years have now   been developed, including a new national Modernising Visitor Information Action Plan. Following the recent   consultation period, Tracey Taylor from VisitEngland will update delegates on the Action Plan and what this  means for TICs and Visitor Information Services in the future.  With less than 500 days to go until London 2012,  Sarah Case­Upton  will provide an update on how the  Northwest is working hard to make the most of the Olympic and Paralympic opportunities.  The Welcome to England initiative is closely related to 2012, having emerged from the wider Welcome to   Britain programme. Julia Stuckey from the Southwest Regional Development Agency is working closely with  VisitEngland on Welcome to England – a programme that seeks to improve the domestic and international  visitor welcome (customer experience) at key touch points across the visitor journey. Julia will provide an  overview of the Welcome to England initiative and the emerging national Action Plan.  One of the priority actions identified within the Welcome to England Action Plan is to build on and learn from   the best practice at a local level – in particular the Welcome Greeters network that has been successfully  developed   in   the   South   East.   We   will   be   joined   by  Peter   Shaw  who   will   present   a   case   study   of   the  successful Greeters programme in Kent and how their model can be replicated in other destinations.   Neil Peterson from Liverpool City will then present how Liverpool is continuing to build on the legacy of its  year   as   European   Capital   of   Culture   in   2008,   including   new   initiatives   to   harness   the   potential   of   local  volunteers in providing a visitor welcome and information service in the city. Since   opening   in   May   2010   the   new   Visitor   Information   Centre   in   Manchester   city   centre   has   received  plaudits from the industry and has been described by many as an example of a TIC of the future. Ahead of  the tour later in the day, Paul Simpson, Managing Director at Visit Manchester who operate the centre will  present the inside story behind this award winning VIC.

Workshops A. Alternative Delivery Models This workshop will provide an opportunity to hear how traditional delivery models of TICs and Information   Services are changing and evolving, including lessons from a range of case studies from around the country.  Speakers within this workshop include  Philip Johnston, Director of  Coniston TIC Ltd  who, following the  Lake District National Park’s decision to withdraw funding from the TIC at Coniston in 2006, now operate a  very successful community­led centre with no public funding.  Steve Kessell  from  VisitCornwall  will also  share his experience of developing a new public­private partnership model in Newquay that has established   a coordinated approach to marketing and visitor information services in the resort. 

B. Marketing and PR Best Practice Blue Sail works with the people who shape and invest in destinations and who manage and market them.  Bringing an in­depth knowledge of visitor markets, their needs and requirements, Blue Sail director  Lorna  Easton will lead a lively, interactive workshop for people working at the sharp end of tourism.  Starting from 

the role TICs play in the visitor journey, the workshop will explore what kind of marketing and PR activity   TICs could or should engage in to help them deliver for their destination.


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