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JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE Senior Property Surveyor DEPARTMENT Property Services REPORTS TO Area Property Surveyor POST HOLDER Vacant GRADE C Upper, Role Profile 3 (Professional & Development Job Family) JOB PURPOSE The provision and management of property services for major projects both within the Property Team and for other Teams within the Agency. These services to include the provision of expert advice for the acquisition and disposal of property, asset management and direct development of property schemes both from the Property Team’s own programme and from the Area Team’s programmes, in accordance with the Regional Economic Strategy and Corporate Plan. ORGANISATION CHART As attached DIMENSIONS 1. Resolution of complex technical issues on individual major projects. 2. Provide a high level of professional expertise on asset management and the development process for Agency teams. 3. Preparing detailed reports and professional analysis on property advice to colleagues in the Agency and being part of specialist teams to deliver projects. 4. Providing a high level of technical expertise in negotiating purchases of land and buildings with agents or owners. 5. Providing technical property support for major Agency projects including strategic sites. 6. Bring forward and carrying out complex Property Team direct development projects requiring a high degree of technical input. 7. Providing expert advice on land and investment disposals. Overseeing consultants including agents and auctioneers. 8. Managing specific projects with spend up to £15m. 9. Liaising with internal and external contacts at all levels. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES

Area of Work



1. Property services to Area Teams and other colleagues

Attendance at Area Team Programme Meetings. Providing expert advice to Area Teams and other colleagues, to act independently (but reporting to the Area Team) on property based schemes, controlling colleagues or consultants where necessary.

Delivery of services in accordance with brief.

2. Acquisitions

Either directly or using colleagues/consultants to carry out all technical due diligence work, including site investigations, title investigations and valuation, together with appraisal of the project and progression through to completion.

Successful acquisition in accordance with strategy and the RES

3. Disposals

Providing expert advice on implementing disposals on behalf of the Area Teams, together with disposal of the investment assets, either directly or through auctioneers/agents. Dealing with all valuation and contractual matters.

Successful completion of disposals in accordance with Area Team or Property Team strategy and to budget requirements and programme

4. Direct Development

Undertake a range of direct development schemes from the Area Team or Property Team programme. This will include all due diligence work and running a professional Team, dealing with all contractual matters and resolving any complex technical issues required to bring the project to a conclusion.

Successful completion of schemes to programme.

5. Delivery of Property Team programme

Develop and implement a programme of acquisitions and direct development for the Property Team.

Delivery of a programme in accordance with the Property Team objectives and the Corporate Plan to agreed budget levels.

6. Asset Management

Advise the Area Teams (and colleagues and consultants where appropriate) on the whole life management of the development assets, ensuring that all the required issues are taking into account.

Acquisition, management and disposal of development assets in accordance with Area Team strategy, budgets and the Agency’s Financial memoranda.

7. Estate Management

Advise colleagues, the Head of Property and managing agents on the management of the Agency’s investment assets.

Successful management of the assets within budget, together with disposal of land for private development and developing refurbishment schemes to achieve outputs in respect of the portfolio.


1. Being the sole point of contact for the Property Team in respect of providing a high level of expert advice to Area Teams on specific projects, directing other staff as necessary. Attendance at Area Team Meetings. 2. Assembling multi-disciplinary groups from within the Property Team or across Teams to deliver projects and to resolve complex issues. 3. Organising the preparation of budgets for development assets. 4. Developing a programme and procedures to assist in the delivery of the Property Team’s strategic programme. 5. Allocating work within a project team. 6. Identifying the need for consultants and choosing which company can best offer the services required and awarding the contract. 7. Planning the management of complex assets, overseeing the implementation of health and safety works to ensure that all the agency’s liabilities are mitigated and direct development in accordance with budgets. 8. Provide expert advice to the Property Team Appraisal Group to plan the programme and appraise projects. 9. Preparing a programme for the completion of projects and ensuring colleagues and consultants perform in accordance with the programme and to budget. DECISION MAKING 1. Formulating a strategy for management of assets. 2. Overseeing the implementation of work to programme and to budget. 3. Using technical expertise identifying investment assets that are ready for disposal and implementing the method of disposal, either directly or through an agent. 4. Providing expert advice in negotiating terms on behalf of the Area Team or Property Team for acquisitions and other projects. 5. Making ‘whole life’ decision on the management of assets including refurbishment/ redevelopment INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS

Internal  Area Manager and Area Team, together with other Agency Teams  Head of Property, Area Property Surveyor and Area Property Surveyor  Finance, Marketing, Procurement and other Teams  Project Teams External  Consultants at a senior level  Partners such as Liverpool Digital and Liverpool Land Development Company  Local Authority Departments such as planning and Economic Development e.g. Wirral Direct  Private companies in response to enquiries about Agency property  Companies and their professional advisers where affected by NWDA projects  Advice to certain partner organisations on property related issues at all levels KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE NEEDED  Education to Degree level  Professional qualifications i.e. MRICS  Considerable post qualification experience  The ability to direct colleagues in the appropriate procedures for property deals and transactions.  A full knowledge and experience of the property acquisition process, including: - site investigations - title investigations - the planning process  Being experienced in the development process and able to tailor specific aspects to suit the project, including: - market research/demand study - development appraisal - design/procurement  Knowledge of the procurement/construction process, including: - Rethinking Construction/Better Public Buildings - Design/sustainability - BREEAM  A full and detailed knowledge and experience of property law, including: - Landlord and Tenant legislation - Lease/contract law - Compulsory purchase procedures - NWDA’s Financial Memorandum and requirements  A detailed knowledge of the workings of Local Authorities, together with a knowledge of urban regeneration and methods of delivery i.e. URC and JV structures. • A full and detailed knowledge of the property market including experience of all types of red book valuation. SPECIAL FEATURES  The ability to be the sole representative of the Property Team in providing services to and directing staff from Area Teams, other colleagues and consultants.  The ability to work without direct supervision in providing property services and preparing varied and detailed reports on a broad range of property matters.  The ability to set up and control Teams with a broad range of skills to deliver projects.  Experience of negotiating at all levels with surveyors, solicitors, Local Authorities and other similar bodies on complex matters.  The ability to brief colleagues and external consultants on a range of property issues across the whole life of property assets within NWDA’s regulatory framework. WHERE DOES THIS ROLE NEED TO BE BASED Wavertree, Liverpool

COMPETENCY PROFILE Building and Managing Relations B Actively develops relationships • Opens discussions with others about the quality of working relationships in addition to task focus • Has a strong, purposeful wide network of contacts • Takes steps to manage how others view them • Makes time to meet people and develop mutual understanding • Takes part in professional association or other similar social and networking events Concern for Quality C Monitors quality of work • Systematically monitors own or others’ work to ensure high standards of professionalism. • Provides feedback and advice to others so that they can improve the quality of their work. • Checks to ensure adherence to policies, procedures, standards and regulations. • Promotes the importance of quality across the team/business area. Planning and Organising C Anticipates the future • Works alongside others to plan, re-plan and re-consider when necessary. • Ensures that the right project management systems and processes are in place. • Develops contingencies to cope with the unforeseen. Self Awareness C Actively developing, focussed by assessment • Seeks opportunities to be formally assessed/tested • Takes time to reflect on performance with peers, manager or mentor • Has a long term development plan based on assessed strengths and weaknesses • Uses feedback to enhance self awareness Teamwork B Proactively engages others • Identifies and responds when colleagues need support. • Seeks help outside the immediate team when appropriate. • Solicits help from colleagues e.g. an “expert” on a particular type of issue. • Shares information, skills and ideas with others. • Thinks of team performance in addition to the achievement of personal accountabilities SELECTION AND ASSESSMENT Minimum process: Panel Interview R Competency Assessment R


Additional relevant process: Presentation 0 Written report 0 Group discussion 0 In-tray exercise 0


Corporate Resources - Property Head of Property (Martin Lloyd)

PA (Joanne Leary)

Area Construction Mgr (Graham Murray) Construction Mgr Liverpool (Vacant)

Area Property Surveyor (William Pickstone)

Area Property Surveyor (Martin Reynolds)

Area Property Surveyor (Jane Taylor)

Area Estates Surveyor (Edward Whitehead)

Senior Property Surveyor (Christopher Morely)

Administrator (Carol McDonald)

Draughtsperson (Sheila O’Brien)

Estates Surveyor (Brendan Lithgow)

Asst Estates Surveyor (James Cousins)

Secretary (Vacancy)

Property Services Mgr (Vacant)

Secretary (Linda Thompson)

Facilities Manager (Richard Kralski)

Asst Property Surveyor (Pamela Jackson)

Senior Property Surveyor (Gareth Joyce)

Assistant Estates Surveyor (David Holmes)

Asst Property Surveyor (Vacancy)

Senior Property Surveyor (Linda Doyle)

Secretary (Tracey Carney)

Daresbury Centre Manager (Kathryn Smart)

Receptionist (Peta Gainsborough)