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Staff Support Programme – Pre Retirement Workshop NWDA/L&D/01


Damian Redfearn 27th May 2011 PO BOX 37 Renaissance House Centre Park Warrington WA1 1QN Tel: 01925 400224 Email:


8th June 2011


We require 1 hard copy and an electronic version of your submission, emailed to




The Northwest Development Agency’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract for Goods/Services shall apply.



This request for quotation is for the provision of advice, support and assistance to NWDA staff in the delivery of an element of its ‘Staff Support Programme’ as the organisation moves towards its closure date of 31st March 2012. Specifically this RFQ is concerned with the provision, delivery and evaluation of a fit for purpose pre retirement workshop. NB: There may also be a requirement to provide assistance and support of this nature to subsidiary organisations of the NWDA, such as but not limited to, North West Business Link.

RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

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This service is not currently available via the Agency’s existing supplier frameworks and quotes are therefore sought from suitable suppliers who are deemed capable of providing the specified service. Potential suppliers shall ensure that they are fully familiar with the nature and extent of the obligations to be performed by them if their submission is accepted. Should any prospective Tenderer have any query in connection with any of the RFQ Documents, the NWDA’s Contract Officer, Damian Redfearn, shall endeavour to answer written enquiries made no later than 2nd June 2011. Please note that queries from tenderers will not be considered after 2nd June. Each potential supplier shall be deemed to have satisfied itself before submitting a proposal as to the accuracy and sufficiency of the price stated in its proposal, which shall (unless otherwise provided) cover all obligations under the contract. Each Potential supplier will also be deemed to have obtained for itself all necessary information as to risks, contingencies and any other circumstances, which might reasonably affect its submission.



The required approach to the delivery of this workshop is to be able to respond to the issues and concerns that retirement raises. By examining the interface between work, retirement and career alternatives, delivery must be contextualised around the key topics of finance, health, pensions, future work opportunities (full-time, part-time and voluntary) CV development, and self. By exploring some of the most thought provoking questions such as: what opportunity does retirement mean to you; and why your mind set is important to your future, how can you capitalise on your current skill base; participants must begin to recognise the essential behaviours and insights needed to successfully planned for their future. One of the key elements should be focused around experiential learning which encourages individuals to become involved and engaged in discussions. This is particularly important when delivering pre-retirement programmes, where sensitivities are usually higher due to the nature of the change involved and where a high sense of motivation and commitment needs to be encouraged and developed. The approach must not be designed to be a prescriptive based methodology delivered in isolation of an individual’s needs and concerns. It must be based on a more inclusive and consolidating process where help and information is provided to the participants in a practical, positive and open manner. Individuals must be given time to consolidate knowledge and understanding of their future aspirations, explore their existing skill base and the potential benefit this can bring to their future, the need to plan for future well-being and the need to have a robust understanding of personal financial planning to ensure that life alternatives are both affordable and realistic. Delivery must be focused around providing key insights into the main issues when looking at retirement in all its aspects and through this mechanism delivery will be relevant, enjoyable and easily assimilated, whilst adding value to the individuals future choices.

RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

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Workshop Objectives: This workshop must provide individuals with the ability to: • • • • • •

3. • • • • • • • •

Prepare for and address the issues that are important at retirement. Provide factual information about financial planning and the financial aspects of retirement e.g. taxation and benefits. Provide factual information about their Occupational Pension Scheme and the state retirement pension. Understand the process of managing the retirement transition and understand the psychology of retirement and manage the significant change. Provide information on maintaining health and managing stress. Begin to take stock, look at options and plan for the future in areas such as employment opportunities, voluntary work, leisure, education and relationships as well as in other areas identified during the workshop.

CRITICAL ISSUES Duration – 2 day (including options for non consecutive days if deemed appropriate) Location – Warrington Key Speakers – Independent Financial Advisor (FSA registered), Occupational Pension Specialist (Public Sector pension specialist) and Health Specialist Participant materials to be provided Supplier liaises with in house coordination team Supplier provides post workshop support Supplier responsible for evaluation Supplier must be immediately available



The tenderer is required to provide the following service • • •


Delivery of workshop Evaluation of workshop Follow up support if required


The effectiveness of the workshop will be measured using the NWDA approved evaluation methodology.



It is anticipated that the contract will commence in June 2011 and be for a period of 10 months. Terminated on 31st March 2012 subject to satisfactory performance and pricing. NB: The frequency of workshops will be demand led based on the number of employees expressing a request via the agreed mechanisms.

RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

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FORMAT OF PROPOSAL Your proposal should be structured as follows: • • • • •


Introduction and Organisational background Project Appreciation – a clear understanding of what is required in terms of the delivery of the services to be provided The suppliers’ proposals for meeting each of the specified requirements, and a method statement outlining “how” they propose to meet each of the requirements. References of 3 major contracts awarded within the last 2 years for services similar to those required by the Agency. Financial proposal (see below)


Some areas to consider including within your pricing schedule are as follows: • • • • •

Project management fees for the service to be delivered (daily rate – based on an 8 hour day) Schedule of rates for personnel proposed to deliver the services on an hourly or (8hr) daily rate Fixed price for whole project Fixed price for outputs or stages of the project Additional costs such as • Administration costs; • Travel and subsistence; • Publication costs; • Overheads; • Other costs (to be specified);

NB. All costs should be quoted exclusive of VAT

10. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Your attention is drawn to the following. In line with the Government’s commitment on transparency across its operations in how it spends public funds, in addition to the standard Terms and Conditions applicable to the contract, the following terms will also apply: 1. Notwithstanding any other term of this Agreement, the parties acknowledge that, except for any information which is exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the FOI Legislation, the content of this Agreement is not Confidential Information. The Agency shall be responsible for determining in its absolute discretion whether any of the content of this Agreement is exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the FOI Legislation.

RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

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2. Notwithstanding any other term of this Agreement, the Suppler hereby gives its consent for the Agency to publish this Agreement in its entirety, including from time to time agreed changes to this Agreement, to the general public, provided always that:(a) The Agency may consult with the Supplier to inform its decision regarding any exemptions but the Agency shall have the final decision in its absolute discretion; and (b) The Supplier shall assist and cooperate with the Agency to enable the Agency to publish this Agreement.

RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

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11. CRITERIA FOR ASSESSMENT The evaluation criteria described in this RFQ will be used to inform the final decision as to which tenderer(s) will be awarded a contract. Each criteria within this RFQ will be weighted as follows: Criteria for assessment Quality Proposed sub – contractors / associates to be used in the delivery of the services including the nature of their involvement and names of individuals / organisations proposed. Workshop / programme outline which shows the duration, aim, objectives, timings, content and flow of the workshop, the maximum number of delegates for each workshop and how the objectives of the workshop will be met Details of any workshop activity required prior to the delivery of the workshop, including details of timescales together with any expected involvement of Agency personnel. N.B. Please note the preferred option is for an immediate start and minimal pre-programme/workshop activity due to the winding down phase and impending closure of the Agency and subsequent timescales to deliver such services Details of proposed qualified practitioners to be used in the delivery of the services, where applicable and confirmation that they posses the relevant qualifications to enable feedback to participants e.g. psychometric tools. Supplier(s) should include samples of the materials to be used including workbooks, handouts and pre work if applicable. Detail in respect of cancellations, postponement and substitution of participants. Administration details relating to how the proposed supplier(s) plan to work with in house personnel to ensure seamless provision of services. Details of proposed lead time to deliver each workshop / programme. Details of supplier(s) enquiry handling process Price TOTAL

RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

Weighting 70% FI 22%



10% 5% 3% 10% 3% 30% 100%

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Scoring Mechanism The following scoring methodology will be adopted in scoring the tenderers responses to the information requested within this Request for Quote (RFQ) and provided within the tenderers response to this RFQ

Scoring methodology


Supplier does not meet the minimum requirement as specified or has not responded to the specific criteria. Suppliers response only partially meets elements of the specified requirements and there are major reservations Suppliers response does not fully meet the minimum specified requirements and there are minor reservations Suppliers response fully meets the minimum requirement as specified Supplier response usefully exceeds the minimum specified requirement and offers improved value for money (VFM)


RFQ001 V4 Issued: June 2009

0.25 0.75 0.9 1

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