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NWDA Organisation Structure - June 2009 Chief Executive Steven Broomhead

Managing Director Business Link Northwest Peter Watson

Executive Director of Economic Development Mark Hughes

Executive Director of Resources Ian Haythornthwaite

Executive Director of Policy & Planning Simon Nokes

Executive Director of Marketing Peter Mearns

Director of Enterprise, Tim Sheward

Director of Legal & Estates, Steven Zdolyny

Director of Partnerships, David Harrison

Director of Science & Innovation, George Baxter

Director of Finance & Procurement, Alison Richardson

Head of Marketing Services, Nigel Dove

Director of Strategy & Planning, Vacancy

Director of EU Programme, David Malpass

Director of Policy, Pernille Kousgaard

Director of Information Management & Systems, John Phipps

Head of Research, Rebecca Riley

Head of Risk & Performance, Vacancy

Head of Governance & Scrutiny, Barbara Woods

Director of Skills, Lis Smith Director of Environment & Energy, Mark Atherton Director of Land & Property, Paul Lakin Director of Business Relations, Sarah Kemp

Head of Public Relations, Erica Boardman Head of Regional Major Events, Sheldon Phillips

Director of International Trade & Investment, Vacancy Director of Programme, Dave Perkins Head of Rural Development, David Hunter

Director of Tourism Nick Brooks-Sykes

Director of Human Resources Development Diane Summers

Head of Visitor Economy, Jane Randall

Acting Head of Operational HR, Melanie Clare

Head of Tourism Strategy, Phil Reddy

Head of Learning & Development, Damian Redfearn j6-17