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PRE- QUALIFICATION CLARIFICATION No 001 TENDER TITLE: INNOVATION VOUCHER SCHEME TENDER REF: NWDA00269 Please find below questions raised and answers provided in relation to the above. Please confirm in your Questionnaire response that you have incorporated these questions and responses. Question 1:

Do you have a definition / examples of knowledge transfer activities that you anticipate will be funded as a result of this scheme.


There are a wide number of activities covered by the Voucher Scheme; some examples of possible voucher use are,

• • • • • • • • •

Access to research equipment and expertise Analysis of business performance Assistance on prototype development CAD design Develop new business model Developing a CRM system Evaluation of performance Feasibility studies Investigating potential new markets

• • • • • • • • • •

Management systems and procedures Marketing strategies Methodology for the calculation of carbon footprint New web based marketing tools On-line booking system Product development Software development Staff development analysis Wastes management advice Website development

Activities specifically excluded from the scheme include the following:-

• • • • • •

standard training courses; software purchases, aid that would promote/ subsidies the cost of exports, internships for students of knowledge institutions, design and production of advertising materials, and sales activities.

Question 2:

Please confirm the understanding that the description is wide and does not just focus on research and development, but includes business consultancy, training etc?

Response: Activities are wide and diverse, and can include consultancy and bespoke training. Examples of Best Practise Case Studies can be downloaded from

Procurement Department Date of issue: 05 August 2008

RES003 V1/SC Issued: June 2007