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NWDA Organisation Structure - January 2008 Chief Executive Steven Broomhead

Managing Director Business Link Northwest Peter Watson

Executive Director of Enterprise & Skills Mark Hughes

Executive Director of Resources Ian Haythornthwaite

Executive Director of Policy Patrick White

Executive Director of Development Peter White

Executive Director of Marketing Peter Mearns

Director of Science & Innovation, George Baxter

Director of Finance, Alison Richardson

Head of Development, Paul Lakin

Director of Skills Policy, Lis Smith

Director of Programme, Dave Perkins

Head of Policy & Partnerships, David Harrison

Head of Marketing Services, Nigel Dove

Director of Business Relations, Sarah Kemp

Director of European Programme (Northwest), David Malpass

Head of Enterprise, Tim Sheward Head of Finance for Business, David Read Head of Strategy & Support, Mike Hill Head of Sustainable Development & Climate Change, Mark Atherton

Director of Legal Services, Steven Zdolyny Head of Knowledge Management, Phil Southward Head of ICT, John Phipps Head of Risk, John Collicutt

Head of Strategy & Performance, Simon Nokes Head of European Policy, Pernille Kousgaard

Head of Rural Affairs, David Hunter Head of Planning Transport & Housing, Ian Wray

Head of Public Relations, Erica Boardman * (Rachel Ormandy) Partnership Marketing Manager Sheldon Phillips

Head of Equality & Diversity, Evelyn Asante-Mensah Head of Office Support Services, Barbara Woods

Head of Energy & Environmental Technologies, Joe Flanagan

Director of Tourism James Berresford

Director of Human Resources Development Fiona Mills * (Diane Summers)

Head of Visitor Economy, Jane Randall

Head of Operational HR, Diane Summers

Head of Tourism Strategy, Phil Reddy

Head of Learning & Development, Damian Redfearn

* Maternity Leave