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Expression of Interest form - Value Transfer Enquiries Please use this form to express an interest in any potential assets held by NWDA covered by the document “Closing NWDA Business Functions – Expressing an Interest in the transfer of value to interested parties�. Please respond to each question.

Name and address of your organisation:-

Contact name Name of Person:Email address:Telephone number:-

1. Please indicate the specific business area/asset that you are expressing an interest in (if more than one, please complete a separate form for each).

2. Please explain your specific experience and understanding of the particular business unit performed by the NWDA, and in what way you would utilise any assets/liabilities to further the purpose for which they were established?

3. How would you invest in the asset to improve and increase its utilisation and 'worth'?

4. To what extent would you utilise the asset to support the economic development/regeneration of local communities and the demands of local areas in the Northwest?

5. Please acknowledge that by being the recipient of any asset you accept that you would be willing to take on any associated liabilities and responsibilities?

6. Please describe your capacity to both act as a recipient body for NWDA assets, but also to be able to utilise the asset to meet the original purpose for which it was established:-

7. Do you plan to commercially utilise the asset going forward. If yes, please explain how and how that will support the continued use of the asset to deliver on its intended original purpose?

8. Please answer the following:


Are you aware of any conflicts of interest between yourself or your organisation that might restrict your ability to be a recipient of an asset from NWDA?


Are you or anyone within your organisation, related to anyone currently employed by NWDA or previously employed at NWDA during the last 12 months?

Thank you for your interest. Please email the completed form back to by noon on Friday 27th May 2011.