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Purpose of the Presentation

Lisbon Agenda for Growth and Jobs •Launched European Council 2000 •Aim: “To make Europe the most competitive knowledge-based economy in the world, and achieving full employment by 2010”

Three Pillars of Lisbon


Gothenburg •Addition of Environmental dimension to Lisbon targets •Targets: • • • •

Combating Climate Change Ensuring sustainable transport options Addressing threats to public health Managing natural resources in a more responsible manner

Better Regulation • Reduction in Red Tape • Develop Better Regulatory Environment • Burdens for SMEs • Reduce administrative costs by 25% • Initiating better laws – impact assessment • Withdraw unnecessary regulation

Small Business Act •Introduction of European policy framework for SMEs •Aims • • • • •

Environment to encourage entrepreneurship “Think Small First” principle Adapt public policy tools to SME needs Facilitate SMEs access to finance Help SMEs benefit from Internal Market and external opportunities

Competitiveness and Innovation Programme 2007 - 2013 • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme • ICT Policy Support Programme • Intelligent Energy Europe

North West Internationalisation Strategy •Provide access to global innovations by developing FrameworksNW to cover the promotion of the Seventh Framework Programme and also the new Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP). This is an extension of an existing programme. The provisional European budget for Framework 7 is Euro 50.5 bn for 2007-2013 • Help companies access technology providers across Europe through Enterprise Europe Northwest

Enterprise Europe Network • Information and Innovation Support Network for SMEs • Bring together EIC and IRC Networks • Established by European Commission – EACI • 40 countries – 600 partner offices • 12 Network consortia in UK and Ireland

Enterprise Europe North West •Three main areas of work • Information – Business Link NW • Innovation – Business Support Solutions (Manchester) • FP7/R & D – RTC North West/Frameworks (Knowsley)

• NWDA – Project Coordinators

Enterprise Europe Services • European business enquiry service • Information on EU and national legislation • Public Procurement • Internationalisation Services (UKTI) • Technology and Knowledge Transfer • Funding for collaborative research (Seventh Framework Programme)


Some of our partners… • German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) • NBank Group (Hannover) • The Brussels Enterprise Agency • Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic • The Danish Federation of SMEs • Baltic Innovation Agency • Finnish Science Park Association • Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency • Enterprise Ireland

Contact Details Enterprise Europe Network 4th Floor, St Nicholas House Old Churchyard Liverpool,L2 8TX Tel: 0845 00 66 888

Discussion Point •How easy/difficult to work internationally • Knowledge of support services available in the NW