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Welcome to England Volunteers Julia Stuckey On secondment to Visit Kent for the Welcome to England Partnership

May 2011

Presentation format: • What is Welcome to England? • Welcome principles • Welcome to England Vision and Objectives • Global Greeters

What is Welcome to England? • The London 2012 Games, Decade of Sport and other events are catalysts for change. • Research: visitor experience at England’s key touch points is mainly poor or average. • The overarching Welcome to Britain programme is delivered by: • VisitBritain overseas, • Ports of Entry Steering Group, • National Tourism Partnerships.

Welcome Principles • Welcome throughout the visitor journey. • Friendly, professional and effective communication. • Clear and consistent information. • Cultural and accessible awareness. • Effective customer service training. • Staff Involvement in customer policies. • National and regional quality standards. • Share best practice to improve. • Welcome at heart of organisation.

Welcome to England Vision • To improve the Welcome experienced by England’s visitors, using this competitive edge, to strengthen visitor loyalty and increase recommendations, supporting England’s 5% annual tourism growth target.

Welcome to England Objectives 1.To map Welcome across England’s visitor journey, agreeing standards that meet customer expectations at key touch points, to identify gaps, create connections with partners and focus activity. 2.To promote the benefits of Welcome and customer service to visitor economy businesses and organisations to improve business performance and profitability.

3.To influence businesses, organisations and individuals across the visitor journey by highlighting and rewarding excellent examples of Welcome. 4.To develop and promote tools and excellent practice to aid organisations and individuals to provide an excellent Welcome, including product knowledge and customer service training tools. 5.To harness the enthusiasm and skills of England’s residents to enhance England’s Welcome.