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Lawyer Salary Band, C Upper Corporate Resources, Head Office, Warrington Reporting to the Legal Services Manager Professional and Technical Job Family, Role Profile 3 _____________________________________________ Purpose Under supervision of the Legal Services Manager, the post holder as part of the legal team will be responsible for contributing to the provision of a comprehensive legal service to the NWDA on its liabilities, obligations and in the identification of risks, to allow the work of the Agency to be undertaken within the appropriate legal structure. Organisational Structure Org Chart Attached Key Activities • • • • •

• • • • •

Advise and assist on legal matters in connection with NWDA activities. Assist with ensuring that the NWDA conforms to statutory requirements and that any areas of action or improvement are highlighted in a timely and appropriate manner. Provide support to NWDA teams in documenting grant funding arrangements. Negotiate terms and conditions for the Agency with external suppliers. Work with the Legal Services Manager to ensure legal best practice, efficiency and effectiveness of procedures and methodologies of the Agency. Produce relevant reports. Supervise the management of all legal documentation for the legal team. Provide training in legal matters for Agency officers. Conduct research on legal issues for the legal team Assist the Legal Services Manager in managing the NWDA Panel of Solicitors

Decision Making Officers will look to the post holder for legal advice and direction. The postholder will make decisions, using their professional judgment and consulting as appropriate with senior members of the legal team, on the implementation and documentation of Agency Projects. Planning and Organising

Lawyer, Corporate Resources

The post holder will assist the Legal Services Manager to ensure that all aspects of legal work associated with the Regional Economic Strategy, Corporate Plan and Strategic Investment Plan are properly addressed during implementation. The postholder will be responsible for legal updating to ensure that the legal team (and where appropriate Agency officers) are kept up to date with legal developments. The postholder will be responsible for the content of the Legal pages on the Agency’s intranet and the pages of the Legal Stage on SAPIP. Relationships The post holder will be a representative for the Agency on all legal matters and will deal directly with: • NWDA employees • NWDA legal advisors • External legal bodies acting for and against the Agency • DTI officials • Government Office for the Northwest officials Knowledge, Skills and Experience • • • • • • • • • • •

Good understanding and knowledge of the legal framework in the UK and Europe, including government legislation and initiatives. LLB or equivalent Experienced legal professional with relevant related experience being either a solicitor or experienced paralegal. Experience of development and implementation of legal procedures. Understanding of corporate governance and how it applies within the public sector. Understanding of public sector regulatory framework. Highly IT literate. Strong communication skills. Proven ability to work to deadlines. Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. Flexible approach.

Role Profile Lawyer, Legal, Corporate Resources

Lawyer, Corporate Resources

ROLE PROFILE 3 Role Purpose To provide professional and technical support towards the development and operation of the organisations systems and procedures to ensure their effectiveness. Accountabilities • Operate complex systems and processes requiring professional or technical understanding/qualifications in partnership with colleagues to ensure their effectiveness • Advise and assist in the development of new systems, processes and procedures • Provide quality control to, and report on existing systems, processes and procedures • Provide advice and guidance about existing policies, procedures and protocols to colleagues in NWDA • Lead, direct and guide staff working to support the function to enable their performance • Interpret policies and procedures for colleagues and others to enable their implementation • Assist colleagues and others in understanding and operating systems and processes to enable there operation • Integrate technical inputs from colleagues and contactors to resolve issues or maintain systems and procedures Performance Indicators • • • • • • •

Quality/relevance of advice to colleagues Performance appraisals documented and delivered Staff feedback. Achievement of departmental goals. Effectiveness of processes and systems supported Development of own staff Feedback from colleagues assisted

Knowledge / Skills / Experience

• Qualified professional with relevant related experience post graduation or extensive technical work experience. • Member of professional body • Knowledge of technical legislation and regulatory framework • Understanding of the work of the NWDA or similar body Competencies Building and Managing Relationships B Actively develops relationships

Lawyer, Corporate Resources

o o o o

Opens discussions with others about the quality of working relationships in addition to task focus Has a strong, purposeful wide network of contacts Takes steps to manage how others view them Makes time to meet people and develop mutual understanding

Teamwork B Proactively engages others o o o o o

Identifies and responds when colleagues need support. Seeks help outside the immediate team when appropriate. Solicits help from colleagues e.g. an “expert� on a particular type of issue. Shares information, skills and ideas with others. Thinks of team performance in addition to the achievement of personal accountabilities.

Striving for Success C Sets and achieves targets o o o o

Regularly exceeds targets/expectations. Sets high standards for self and/or others. Has a drive to create and deliver own standards of excellence. Makes changes in methods of work to improve business results.

Service Orientation C Works to exceed customers expectations o o o o

Delivers more than was promised. Matches underlying customer needs with available or customised products or services. Offers the customer tailor-made solutions based on identified needs. Takes action for the customer beyond normal expectations.

Information Seeking B Digs deeper and performs systematic research o o

Does not stop with the first answer or superficial information; finds out the underlying reasons why something has happened. Knows when it is appropriate to draw on previous experience and when to seek new information.

Lawyer, Corporate Resources

o o o

Contacts others who are not personally involved to get their perspective or benefit from their experience. Over a limited period of time conducts an in-depth investigation, consulting a variety of resources, to answer a specific query or address a business issue. Builds up a broad understanding of the business operations.

Effective Influencing B Develops and implements influencing approaches o o o o

Adapts the content, style and tone of communications to the needs of the audience; varies the language and business terms with different customers. Uses a combination of logical argument, personal conviction and passion to create a winning case. Uses understanding of the organisation (culture, structure) to tailor the approach. Involves others in decisions in order to gain support.

Lawyer, Corporate Resources

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