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The NWRA holds the lease and has sub-contracted office space to all the sub-regional offices. Northwest partners jointly finance the running costs of the premises, which include provision for an office co-ordinator, and a Management Group (chaired by the NWRA) provides an overseeing role. The five NW regional/sub-regional offices operate on a federated basis within the terms of an agreed operating protocol, which was put into place when a NW European Adviser was appointed in 2001.


The Northwest of England Brussels Office will focus on delivering the regional part of the agreed European agenda, under guidance from the two regional bodies, the NWRA and the NWDA. These two bodies co-fund the office. The main role of the Head of the Office is to provide a conduit for accurate intelligence to/from the region into the heart of Europe, advising on lobbying and influencing decision-making, and acting in a regional capacity.


With the adoption of the Regional European Framework, the NWBO, the NWDA and the NWRA will pursue the delivery of the EU regional agenda as set out in this document, working closely with the sub-regional Brussels offices and partners in the NW. The overriding aim is to ensure that added value is delivered at all levels and that the current high level of collaborative working continues to develop. Over time, a clearer distinction between the regional and sub-regional priorities is likely to emerge.


It is with this in mind that partners recognise that the current protocol for collaborative working between and among the Brussels Offices will need to be refreshed. The purpose of this is to reflect the changing Northwest European agenda, and be more specific in relation to the added value that all partners do, and will continue to contribute to within Northwest of England House. This will involve identifying more clearly what the regional and sub-regional Brussels offices will offer towards the delivery of the Regional European Framework.


Focus For Next 18 Months


To deliver the aims and objectives of the Regional European Framework, a detailed action plan has been created identifying indicative activities to be undertaken during the next 18 months (Annex C). This has now been summarised within the RES under the Regional Opportunities Section.


The annex identifies regional lead organisations, as this will assist in the monitoring of activities. The delivery of many of the activities is clearly predicated on the understanding that these regional lead organisations will engage with sub-regional, local and/or sectoral partners over time as is the case with the RES. The delivery is also predicated on the assumption that all the Brussels based offices play their full part in bringing forward information, intelligence and relevant contacts in support of the Regional European Framework. Should any of the NWBOs/sub-regional/sectoral stakeholders be willing to take over a lead responsibility for a particular activity, this would be welcome.


Annex C sets out indicative actions to support the delivery of the Regional European Framework. These are in many instances inter-related and will all contribute to the successful implementation of the Framework. The implementation of the Regional European Framework will be monitored by the ESG.

a regional european framework for action