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Section 2: The Framework 6 6.1

The Regional European Framework – The Delivery Plan The Regional European Framework brings together these existing regional strands of activity as well as identifying new ones. The Framework thus provides the strategic overlay for a number of increasingly multi-layered activities, which take place within the region. It also demonstrates linkages with overall EU priorities as identified in the Commission work programme and the four priority policy themes (see below).


Over the next five years, regional and sub-regional partners will encourage the notion that stakeholders from the Northwest, be they regional, sub-regional, locally or sector based, all work within a common framework, aiming to promote the Northwest vision for European activities. Over the last year or so, partners have agreed a number of action plans with specific activities for elements of the strategic priorities. For example, a draft action plan for enlargement activities have been agreed and is now part of the Framework.


The Framework can only be delivered with the engagement and active co-operation of partner organisations from the public, private, education and voluntary sectors based within the region. Both sub-regional and sectoral activities have a part to play to support the delivery of the strategic priorities outlined below. MEPs and Committee of the Regions members have an important role to play in the implementation of the delivery of the Regional European Framework. The NW already has a strong base within Brussels and this will be further strengthened over the next 5 years to support the implementation of the activities contained in annex C. The RES now also contains the summary Action Plan for Europe under the Regional Opportunities Section.


Overall, the Regional European Framework: ●

provides a strategic regional framework, which will support a broadening of European activities by NW stakeholders

supports the engagement of a wider community of people and organisations in NW EU-related activities

7 7.1

promotes the mainstreaming of European issues within and across the NW region

Vision Following the consultation period, the NW stakeholders have adopted a simple, yet forward looking vision for the Regional European Framework. By 2008, the Northwest of England will be recognised as a leading European region, a signficant influencer of EU policies and a region actively engaging its stakeholders in the EU agenda.

a regional european framework for action