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Additional support for Northwest Development Agency’s electronic document management system (OpenText eDocs) Andy Land 17th June 2009 Ronnie Lee Northwest Development Agency Renaissance House Centre Park Warrington Cheshire WA1 1QN Telephone Number – 01925 400576 Email Address – 13th July 2009


We require 2 hard copies and an electronic version of your submission, emailed to


The Northwest Development Agency’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract for Goods/Services shall apply.



The NWDA wishes to appoint a company to provide additional support to its electronic document and records management system based on OpenText eDocs version The support is required on a “draw-down” basis and will be used in addition to standard OpenText helpdesk support.

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The NWDA has over the past two years been implementing an Electronic Document and Records Management System into the Agency. The system, OpenText eDocs version went live in 2008 and is now in use across the Agency. The system owners are the Records Management Team whilst development is managed by the Information Systems Development Team (both part of the Information Management and Systems Department). Second level support of the system is provided by OpenText. The purpose of the role is to: • Provide EDocs bug fixes where required and where these are not available from OpenText • Develop additional eDocs functionality as required • Assist with the integration of eDocs with other NWDA systems • Advise on the future development and use of eDocs. • Assist in advising third party consultants in using eDocs API. 3.


The following outputs will be used to asses the performance of the contractor: • Each work request is completed to the timescale and cost specified in that request and resolves the issue(s) raised in it. • Work is started on work requests within two weeks at the latest of them being raised by the NWDA unless an alternative start date is agreed between both parties • Days quoted to complete work requests are acceptable to the NWDA • Coding is carried out to the standards (listed below) required by the NWDA. NWDA coding requirements For Each Section of code (e.g. a class, method, section of properties) the contractor must: • • • • • • • • •

Give a high level function Provide full commenting throughout (to a reasonable level) Ensure all code files contain the author and version history Ensure code uses camel case and pascal case throughout as appropriate Use constants (or equivalent) where unexplained numbers are used Use Object Oriented design throughout Place variable config items in web.config Not use hard coding (unless agreed by the NWDA) Comment out defunct code and a comment added to explain the exclusion.

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When Foundation server is used for version control, the author comments, version comments and defunct code should be removed and this data should be represented in the respective section of foundation server. 4.


The contractor will be managed by the NWDA’s Information Management and Systems Department) to PRINCE 2 standards. The NWDA will put in place a draw-down arrangement of up to 40 days to be called upon as required. Each call for assistance will be submitted by the NWDA to the contractor in the form of a work request that will outline what is required and by when. The contractor will then be asked to quote the number of days required to carry out the work. The work will commence once both sides have approved the work request. Once the work request is completed to the satisfaction of the NWDA the contractor will be paid for that work. 5.


The contract will be awarded as soon as possible. The contract will run from the award date until 31 March 2010. The NWDA will request no more than 40 days of work under the contract but may request less. The contractor will only be paid for days agreed by the NWDA and worked by the contractor.

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The criteria for assessing responses submitted in response to this request are: • • • • •

Extensive experience of providing support to and development of OpenText eDocs version (and later versions). (35%) Demonstrable understanding of the role of electronic document and records management systems and their future development (10%) Cost and value for money offered. (25%) Experience of working to PRINCE 2 methodology. (5%) Quality of service provision proposed (25%)


FORMAT OF PROPOSAL Suppliers should include within their proposal; •

Your proposals for delivering the service and include your proposed team structure for this project, and include within your response details of any subcontractors to be used;

Any industry standard Methodologies you propose to use to deliver the service, including; • development methodologies; • approach to version control; • release management procedures; • project management methodology, i.e. Prince 2; • approach to quality assurance;

Demonstration of experience of providing similar services (A4 page summary of experience) including indication of sectors, platforms/infrastructure and details and proof of PRINCE 2 capabilities;

References of 3 contracts awarded within the last 2 years for services similar to those required by the Agency;

CVs of key personnel to be attached to the account (one A4 page summary per person) which clearly demonstrates their experience

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and capability of providing support to and development of OpenText eDocs version (and later versions); • 2.

Financial proposal (see below)


Schedule of rates for personnel, hourly or and daily (daily rate for an 8hr working day, Monday to Friday) and for each grade of personnel; All travel and subsistence costs will be charged according to the Agency’s Travel Policy (see below); Other costs (to be specified); All costs should be quoted exclusive of VAT.

Expenses Business Mileage: Business mileage will be reimbursed at a rate of £0.40 per mile. Business mileage will only be paid from the Contractor’s nearest office to the Agency’s Head Office or place of arranged meeting, and must be agreed in advance. Accommodation: Any requirement for accommodation must be agreed with the Agency prior to occurrence, otherwise the Agency reserves the right not to reimburse the Contractor. Accommodation will be reimbursed by the Agency upon production of an authenticated VAT receipt. Accommodation costs must be kept to a minimum through the use of budget hotels (e.g. travel lodges), where available. Accommodation will be on a bed and breakfast basis and will be refunded up to a maximum of £70 per night. Meals Lunch will not be provided by the Agency or reimbursed to the Contractor. When residing in a hotel the cost of a reasonable breakfast (if not booked on a bed and breakfast basis) and/or evening meal taken in the hotel will be met. Costs including light meals and beverages will be reimbursed, up to a maximum of £18 per day whether the meals are purchased at the hotel or out of the hotel. Reimbursement is subject to provision of supporting receipts. No other expenses will be reimbursed. The Contractor shall be responsible for making its own travel and accommodation arrangements.

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