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Requests received during 2010 Ref No


1303 January 1304 January

1305 January

Details of request

Details of the amount of spend, directly or indirectly, on Kingsway Business Park, Rochdale A complete list of small business, enterprise and training grants awarded to UK companies between 2000 and 2009.

1306 January

Details of the office space occupied by RDA Secretariat. (Withdrawn) Information in respect of the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus - Building 3 Economic Appraisal, published in August 2009.

1307 January

Information in respect of the proposed expansion to Chester Zoo.

1308 January

Information in respect of Plot L on the Kingsway Business Park, particularly phases 2 and 3. Information on a number of meetings or discussions, organised by non public sector organisations such as think tanks, attended by the organisation's staff where the discussion of policy development was the purpose of the meeting. (Withdrawn) Details of information held on Compass Real Estate Investment Strategies. A list of all business, enterprise, R&D and IT grants awarded to companies across NW between 2000-2008.

1309 January

1310 January 1311 January

1312 January

EU Rural Development Plans 2007-2013. What measures under Axis 2 and 3 for Cheshire/South Cheshire. What funds are targeted for area and administration costs, accountability to European Commission and MEP’s?

1313 January

Details of grants awarded to bakeries in the Northwest by NWDA.

1314 February

Number of staff resignations in each quarter of the last four years and proportion of total staff at time. Total amount of new jobs created on Kingsway Business Park to date. Various questions in respect of payment within 10 days and interest paid. Request for copies of tenders in respect of the Legal Services Panel. Details of investment by NWDA into zoos and aquariums.

1315 February 1316 February 1317 February 1318 February 1319 February 1320 February 1321 March

Name of ERDF recipient and copy of grant funding application and criteria for assessment in relation to Liverpool Boat Show Detail of grants awarded to Safedor (UK) Limited for 2007/2008 Full list of grants provided to small and medium size business from the Carbon Challenge Fund to date.

1322 February

Request for evaluations carried out for the Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) programme rounds five and six.

1323 March

Details of grants made to the Waterman Railway Heritage Trust Training Scheme during 2009.

1324 March

1329 March

Grand and funding details in respect of the restoration of the former Festival Garden Site, Liverpool. Details of members of staff (including freelance and contracted) who were paid over ÂŁ100,000 during 2008/09 and 2009/10. Information relating to various subjects including NWDA's budget, projects in each LA area, amount spent on consultants, admin and front line delivery for each project. Organisational structure, savings for the region, overseas offices etc. Copies of all documentation relating to Blackpool Council's "Next Generation" project funded by NWDA. Details of funding provided, by NWDA, to the National Council for Graduate entrepreneurship during the past five years. Access to final reports for various Interreg projects.

1330 March

The number of employees on a salary of ÂŁ100k or more.

1331 March

List of NWDA panels, preferred consultancies, framework agreements, values etc. List of Green Travel Plans provided by the University of Liverpool and copies of all correspondence relating to the plans. Which advertising agencies and creative businesses were used by NWDA and what they were paid during the last 3 years? Information relating to the tender for legal services panel regarding time based fees (hourly rates).

1325 March 1326 March

1327 March 1328 March

1332 March 1333 March 1334 March 1335 March

Copies of documents that were provided as part of a previous FOI request (2006) in respect of the Heysham M6 Link Road for the period 1997 to July 2006

1336 April

The amount spent by NWDA during 2008/09 and 2009/10 on delivery of eight products targeted at innovation. (Withdrawn) Details of the legal statue of NWDA and where does its funding come from. The number of NWDA staff provided with funding, from NWDA, for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) courses. Details of the funding provision for the proposed Chester Innovation Economy Centre. Name and contact details for the Finance Director of a private company. Details of the Wireless Broadband - ACCESS project

1337 April 1338 April 1339 April 1340 April 1341 May 1342 May 1343 May

Request for information on pensions funded by NWDA to its workers and former workers for 07/08, 08/09 and 09/10. The amount of funding provided by NWDA during 2008/09 and 2009/10 to a) Regional Skills Partnerships, b) Employment and

Skills Boards. 1344 May 1345 May 1346 May 1347 May 1348 May 1349 May 1350 May 1351 May 1352 June 1353 June 1354 June 1355 June 1356 June 1357 June 1358 June

Information about all CPOs made by NWDA between 2000 and 2010. Details of NWDA staff pay and conditions Details of capital and revenue spend for the Merseyside Region in 2008/09 Provide a list of all ERDF projects approved under Round 2. Details of companies in receipt of Innovation Vouchers in the sixth round. Total amount of funding provided to Trade Unions and the amount of staff time spent on union activities. Details of funding provided by NWDA for restoration of the Glasshouse at Walton Gardens Details of the relocation of B&M Bargains from Blackpool to Merseyside Details of funding, objectives and measured outcomes of rural initiative to provide Broadband. List of recipients of GBI Grants Details of funding for disabled people/groups in particular ESF funding Details of visits by NWDA staff to five offices in US and Canada since office setup. Copy of Grant Claim by Orwelco (Barrow) Ltd. Details of money paid to date and dates, amount of outstanding payments List of all current/future projects in Cheshire West and Cheshire Council with amounts and any partnership involvement Details of corporate memberships and breakdown of costs per year, how long it has been held and number of times it was used.