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Dearest Key club, I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am! Wow July has been really fun, with 4th of July and all the service opportunities there were. I hope you are all still motivated to do service even though it’s summer. It feels like summer has been flying by so fast and school is going to start soon. You know what that means Key Clubbers! RTC and Fall Rally will be here soon! That means we all got to get it into gear and pay our dues on time. Also I hope all of you are writing cheers and turn them into your SAA’s. Gear up on your spirit gear! ICON has passed and our LTG, Johansen Pico, went. I hope he enjoyed himself! I’m actually happy that

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school is coming soon. As much as I am enjoying my summer I cant wait to see all of my friends. I especially cant wait to see all you Key Clubbers. Summer is ending soon, as I mentioned before. I hope all of you get motivated and go out and participate in some community service. I have a favor to ask of all of you! When the school year starts I would like all of you to try to contribute to the newsletter. Whether it is asking a question about the officers, suggesting new segments to be featured in the newsletter or writing articles and taking pictures. It would be a big help and I would be so grateful. For any article you write you will get hours for it. But the amount of hours will be determined by the length. I think this is a easy way to get hours and you are still contributing to the community by sharing your experience. I would like to say I’m going to miss all the graduated seniors! You all will stay in my heart. Talk to you all in the next issue. Here comes August!

Sincerely, Krysta Phoumiphat Bulletin editor


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Krysta Phoumiphat Bulletin Editor Man the Solarbration Hydration Station, the Sun’s a-coming! The Solarbration Festival was held on the Summer Solstice, June 21st, at the City of Henderson City Hall Amphitheater. The event comprised of “a collection of art, technology, outreach to promote renewable energy, inspire conservation, and support sustainable communities.” With attendees about, I held a booth that exchanged purchased tickets for water. The heat wasn’t to the point of attendees desperate for water, but I managed to get a lot of sales. I admired the atmosphere of the event: the live music, the advocacy of energy, and the volunteer booths. I look forward to the second annual event with expectations that will shine throughout the Las Vegas community.

JordanAfaga President


lebrate Solarbrate Celebrate

Solarbration was a really fun service opportunity. It was hot outside so I took the later shift, when I got there I thought it looked so fun. There were food booths lined up, the funnel cake booth caught my eye, and there were also solar panels on the opposite side of the food booths. There were activities for adults and children. For the children they had to have tickets to go to booths. Jordan Afaga along with some others worked at the Solarbration Hydration Station while I worked at Solar Beauty Salon, where I painted children's faces or painted their nails with a color changing nail polish, it changes in the sun! Overall Solarbration was fun!


National Latin Family Expo This summer our club volunteered with the Las Vegas PBS station at the National Latino Family Expo and it was really a great time. Since the PBS station was based around kids, they are the ones we had to work with most of the day. One of the biggest shows on PBS is Sid the Science Kid so the booth was themed around that show mainly. For the kids to entertain themselves we passed out stickers, posters, coloring pages, you name it. The most exciting thing we had for the kids though was the new Vinci tablet for kids and it is a basically a more durable and kid friendly iPad. This Vinci came loaded with games that the kids, volunteers and even the parents enjoyed to play. I liked volunteering there mainly because we got to interact with kids and teach them how to work the technology they would soon be using. After volunteering we were allowed to roam free around the expo and visit all of the different booths. There were games, snacks, tomato paste and even Zumba dancing. It was a great place to volunteer at and hopefully we can volunteer and more expos like this in the future.

Marcus Castile Vice President


Kiwanis Firework Booth Every year in the beginning of July our Kiwanis club always offers a volunteer opportunity for us to sell fireworks for the upcoming 4th of July to raise money for the Kiwanis club. This year was my first year volunteering with them for this event and I am glad I got around to doing it. I volunteered on July 4th which, from what I heard, was the busiest day they had for selling fireworks. At first when I arrived there didn’t seem to be much business, which I thought was because of the rainy weather. After an hour or so we started getting a few customers and I didn’t think we would get much more. Soon enough we had a lot of customers and we were running out of fireworks very fast. It was a bit hectic towards the end but it was a great day and we raised a lot of money. Doing events like this with our Kiwanis is good for strengthening our bond with them. We will have plenty more events in the future with them so look forward to it.

Marcus Castile Vice President


Officer Spotlight Ethan Haines 1. Who was your favorite superhero and why? 1) I think growing up I've always had a bit of a special spot in my heart for Spiderman. Peter Parker is brilliant and all, but he was just this sort of awkward ,nerdy kid ( a lot like I was, or am, I guess, depending on who you talk to) not really doing much with his life, and even if it was due to unfortunate circumstances, he grew up a lot. He understood the need to act selflessly, and contribute to the greater good, and even if it's corny that's definitely something I aspire to be. Not to mention he's funny and Emma Stone plays his actual first love interest in the new movie, and that's just too awesome.

2. Who is your role model and why? 2) Had to be my dad, he's a bit impersonal sometimes, and he's been through a lot, but I know he still has a lot of love in his heart for the people around him and a lot of drive in the work he does.

3. What superpower would you want? 3) Forgive the lack of originality but I want to fly, end of discussion.

4. What is your favorite color? 4) Man, I'm so boring, but a nice shade of brown/tan/beige is probably my favorite.

5. What is your favorite genre? What is your favorite song from that genre? 5) Torn between Alternative and Hip Hop, but let's say alternative, and let's say my favorite song is "Float" by Ko Ko

6. How would you describe your self in a paragraph to someone you just met? 6) I'm a bit of a spaz on occasion, but for the for most part I like to take it easy and relax (sometimes too much.) I'm not much the type for grand aspirations or anything. I really like to write, and I really like to read other people's writing, preferably a book, but too each their own. I'm pretty soft spoken outside of Key Club things, I think, and like most people I'm shy until you get to know me. Oh! I also really really enjoy a good movie and helping my friends with their cinematography and photography projects.


Junior Represntative 7. Why did you join Key Club? 7) I'm sad to say I didn't originally join Key Club for the social or the service aspect, but all my friends were so hyped up about it and kept pestering me to look into it I had to at least give it a try.

8. Why did you become Junior Rep? 8) I chose the position I'm in now mainly because I felt it was the best way for me to take a another step forward in Key Club, and give back to the organization and people who had done so much for me in the past year, that and I wanted to help streamline some things I found frustrating during my year as a member. I genuinely just wanted everyone to have a better experience and I thought I could help provide that.

9. What does Key Club mean to you in 10 words? 9) Key Club is family, in every sense of the word.

10. How has Key Club impacted your life? 10) Key Club has brought me out of my shell! I've met people I never would've met here at Northwest and throughout all of Vegas, even California, I've been to events I never would've been to or had the opportunity to go to, it's inspired me to be brave (I rode my first rollercoaster because of Key Club) and take up a position of leadership, I'm less shy and my petrifying fear of public speaking has died down a little. I'm beyond grateful.


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Freshman Orientation







Events next month are: Volunteering for Las Vegas PBS booth: This will be taking place on August 7th. Our First Key Club meeting will take place on August 29th!! I hope all you hawks are as excited as I am! I can not wait! Look forward to it! Tell all your friends!♥♥ For more information on these events please contact me by email or phone: 702-606-9437

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