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Soaring Hawks MAY 2014 | ISSUE 09| NWCTA | REGION 5 | D28W

TABLE OF CONTENTS Words for Editor & President….3 Cystic Fibrosis 5k………………..4-7 Relay for Life…………………….8-15 Officer Training Conference…16-17 Officer Contact Information…18


A Few Words

Happy May, fellow Key Clubber! Ah May, the month of AP exams and the first DCM hosted by our new LTG. I know that all the stress is terrible, but I also know that you can push through it! In fact, in this issue, I will include a guide on how to feel less stressed. I hope your month has gone by fabulously, and I can’t wait for you to see all of the fun events NWCTA Key Club has ventured through at the end of April, and most of May as well. Also, a huge thank you to BEE WELL, do good deeds, and I will keep in touch, Jazmyn Mustafa

President Dear Key Club , This is just the beginning of my term and I am so happy how everything is going so far! Our banquet is on May 21st and I am super excited! Because it is the installment of the new board as well as saying our goodbyes to the seniors and old board. The banquet committee has put in so much effort to make this the best end of the year banquet. I am so excited to see you all there! Remember that the theme is Grammy’s, and dress code is formal, if you are to have spaghetti straps please bring a cover up! I’m really excited for the upcoming events that we have finishing off the month of May and leading into summer! Don’t forget that Key Club doesn’t stop when school does! Get those hours in and remember caring is our way of life so don’t forget to volunteer in the summer. I would like to also congratulate our new, division news editor Tyler Su! I know she will do great. I’m so happy to start off the new term with a bang so make your way to our banquet! Thank you and I will see you there! Love always, Krysta.

Cystic Fibrosis 5k One of the last events for the month of April was the Cystic Fibrosis 5k Walk. Despite the event being fairly early and being on a windy day, it was still a spectacular event that supported a great cause. Before the event started, the hosts of the event were giving out free donuts, yogurt cups, waters, lemonades, coconut waters, and muffins. So if you like free breakfast food and want to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, we highly encourage you to volunteer for next year's event! As the event started, several people came up to talk about Cystic Fibrosis and how it has affected their lives. Hearing these speeches was very touching as well as educational in spreading the word of curing cystic fibrosis, thus giving the walk a greater purpose. Thousands of dollars were donated to the charity and these funds will save many lives in the future. Moving on to the walk itself, contestants walked around the track field 12 times, eventually walking 5K. Each time we went around the track, new items would be passed out to walkers, such things included bags, cups, drinks, snacks, and shirts. After the everybody had finished walking, BJ's was also sponsoring the event and had prepared a free brunch too all of the walkers. The free brunch was a plate of pancakes and crispy bacon. This walk was one of the most fun events we have had this month and has supported one of the greatest charities in our nation. We would like to thank our current SSA, Aejae Naval, for organizing this event and waking up extra early to ensure we all got to the event safely and participated in the walk. - Jared Lewis, Grade 9


Members walking the Relay track!

Members of NWCTA Key Club made Korean BBQ to raise for the American Cancer Society


A word from the girl who made it possible‌ If NWCTA Key Club could pick one event to be awake for 15 hours straight, what would it be? Relay For Life. This weekend was filled with joy, hope, and fun. NW Key Club spent their time advertising our chicken teriyaki by spreading joy and giving free hugs, met new people, made music, played music, and of course walked on the track all night. We raised almost $400 just by our waffles, chicken, eggs, & bacon. All thanks to our wonderful members! Relay For Life 2014 was definitely one of the greatest and fun-filled event of this year. See you next year, bees! Trina Franco, Relay for Life Chair

After a long night at Relay for Life, out executive officers started their morning at Officer Training Conference.

I can't find any words to describe OTC other than informative and awesome. In all seriousness I didn't want to go at first because it was so far, but I needed up going anyway. I met some really cool secretaries from other schools like Centennial and Southwest, and I also learned a lot about my duties as secretary, as well as some tips for the MRF that would help our score. — Diarra Morgan, Secretary

MAY Sunday









2 RELAY!!!



























Officer Contact Info Diarra Morgan Secretary (702)624-4044

John Mendez Sergeant at Arms (702)465-8477

Jazmyn Mustafa Bulletin Editor (702)544-4168

John Vo Senior Representative (702)217-7703

Rex Spenner Vice President (702)540-1422

Victorioso Delacruz Sergeant at Arms (702)738-0271

Karen Jensen Junior Representative (702)339-2276

Grant Uba Vice President (702)202-8774

Aejae Naval Sergeant at Arms (702)927-3945

Krysta Phoumiphat President (702)612-7354 Samantha Boyer Vice President (702)596-5371

Jean Angeles Sophomore Representative (702)340-8604

Thank you for reading! Have a BEEautiful day!

NWCTA Key Club: May 2014 Newsletter  
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