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November 2011

D28W Seamonkeys

Dear Key Clubbers, President’s Message


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October was a very busy month for us Key Clubbers with so many walks, service projects, fundraisers, etc. that went on, it definitely made me proud seeing how productive all of you were. Now that it is a new month I'm here to give you all an update on what we have going on. On November 17 Centennial HS will be hosting the November DCM from 5-6 pm. BEE part of something bigger and get involved with your division. On November 19 NW-CTA will be attending FALL RALLY SOUTH! Make sure all of you hawks show your spirit and represent our division to your fullest, DIVISION 28 WEST! Last but not least, we will be hosting our MEMBER INSTALLATION BANQUET on Wednesday, November 30. Make sure all of you attend to recognize all the new members we have this year. I hope to see you all there. Sincerely, Carlos Fernandez Northwest Career & Technical Academy President

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Past EVENTS Events PAST Alex’s Lemonade Stand


t Northwest CTA, we key clubbers sold lemonade for Alex’s lemonade stand. The money is used to support those with childhood cancer. As a participant, I say it was fun advertising and trying to get people to buy lemonade for a cause. It was a way of spreading awareness of the unfortunate and how people can help just by buying some delicious lemonade for a dollar. I believe that we raised a lot of money to help those children and knowing that we helped make a difference is what brings out the good spirit in us.

Janelle Lucero, Grade 10

Haunted Harvest Festival


When: OCT 14th – OCT 15th Where: Springs Preserve

aunted Harvest at the Springs Preserve was a very fun experience. Getting to interact with so many children and their parents was the best part of the event. The Key Club members that went to that event gave other people directions around the place, and just had fun talking to all of the children that showed up with all of their costumes on. Even though we were all separated at first, we were all joined together. I wouldn't mind going to that event again!

Grant Uba, Grade 9

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Past EVENTS Events PAST Page 1 Regional Training Conference 2011


y first Regional Training Conference was an amazing experience. Everyone had a great amount of spirit and I can't wait until I am able to participate next year. The speakers motivated me to become a strongly dedicated key clubber from this point on. In my opinion, Northwest Key Club did a great job in each round of the spirit competitions and showed extreme effort. Although it was very crowded, that did not stop me or anyone else from meeting new people from other schools and having fun. The dance afterwards was very fun and interesting. I enjoyed everything about RTC and hope that next year it will be as great!

Joel Benavente, Grade 10

When: October 22nd, 2011. Where: Cimarron Memorial HS


y experience on being holly the hawk for NWCTA key club was overwhelming from the day I audition to the end of RTC. I remember when it was the auditions for holly the hawk I was really nervous competing against four other beautiful girls. They had the spirit, the cheers, the cuteness, and most of all the confidence. I was nervous but my confidence was really in me that I was ready to get up and cheer. By the time I was on stage, I had butterflies but once I did the cheers, I believe I worked it up there on the stage; I had somewhat of an attitude with my spirit, kept smiling, over exaggerated movements with the cheers, and be as loud as I can. Everyone screamed very loud for me several times, it was a nice feeling knowing that I had that much support from everyone such as close friends and new friends and other people who thought I would be great holly the hawk. Now on RTC, I was legitimately hyped about dressing like holly the hawk, I had my hair done, I put fake feather eyelashes on, and once I got my wings I was stoked on how awesome it was (Thank you Mark Monteagudo, Reeza Monteagudo, Nohea Tamashiro, and the rest who also helped out with the wings) and once I put the wings on I felt like a really awesome holly the hawk. As I was going around places in Cimarron High School, I liked how people said “Awh she’s so cute!” “Omg! Look at NWCTA holly the hawk! She’s too cute!” “Your wings are sick, and you are adorable!” It was nice hearing that from NWCTA key club throughout the other key clubs that were at RTC. Also, it was cool how everyone wanted a picture with me and that other schools and parents were taking pictures of me too. Overall I had the best time at my first RTC and being holly the hawk was a really great experience! Thank you NWCTA Key club! I love y’all!

Christnah Gensoli, Grade 9

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NOVEMBER 17th: DCM @ Centennial High School NOVEMBER 19th: Fall Rally South @ Six Flags, Magic Mountain, CA NOVEMBER 30th: Member Installation Banquet @ NW-CTA *Reminder: Sell Entertainment Books! Check them out through Mr. Guerin in room 809. The person who sells the most entertainment books will receive $100!

President | Carlos Fernandez

Vice President | Justin Madriaga

Secretary | Jordan Afaga

Secretary | Johansen Pico

Treasurer | Anna Agustin

Bulletin Editor | Tricia Ramos

Historian | Marcus Castille

Senior Representative | Amanda Waite

Junior Representative | Maribeth Maucesa

Sophomore Representative | Austin Madriaga

Freshman Representative | Autumn Mercedes

Sergeant At Arms | Courtney Aniag

Sergeant At Arms | Paula Castro

Faculty Advisor | Mr. Guerin Faculty Advisor | Ms. Spiris

Kiwanis Advisor | Mr. Allen

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NW-CTA KC November 2011  

November newsletter for the 2011-2012 year @ NW-CTA Key Club.