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NW Connection “Networking For Northwest Martial Artists”

Marty Maye— Grand Champion Fighter!!



See us online at “To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


Welcome To Northwest Connection, Edition #5 “To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” The premier, and only, networking avenue of it's kind. Through "Northwest Connection", Martial Artists of all styles and methods can share, learn, and connect with one another. The mission of "Northwest Connection" is to build a strong network of Martial Artists all over the Pacific Northwest. There are many great Martial Artists throughout Oregon and Washington, with so much to share. It is about time that we start connecting with one another. The articles contained within are primarily the work of Northwest Martial Artists, sharing their ideas, experience, theories and methods. You will also find within, a listing of Martial Arts schools and related businesses that Martial Artists will find useful. Also, there is space to advertise upcoming Martial Arts related events, such as seminars, workshops, and gatherings. If you would like to be placed on a distribution list for upcoming editions, would like to list your school/business, would like to place an ad within or just have other questions, please contact us. Northwest Connection has been started as an open outlet for Martial Artists to share their views, express their ideas and grow as individuals and as a whole collective unit. It is the goal that we can all come together and share with an open mind, seeing the value in each person‘s contribution. It is understood that not everyone will agree or have the same views, but that is the whole premise and point of this publication – to have a place that we can express and share regardless of our style, training methods, personal views, etc. It is believed that we all have something to give and the fact is that we all have plenty to learn. In order to foster this positive learning, it is imperative that we maintain an open mind and give each other the opportunity to voice our views. It is also to be understood, however, that there are certain guidelines to this open sharing. There will not be any racist remarks allowed, no vulgar language, no slander of any person (group of persons or organization), no attacks of any kind on anyone, or any such expressions. All articles submitted will be reviewed prior to publication and are subject to editing and/or rejection. It is also to be understood that Northwest Connection does NOT endorse any articles/views contained, but is merely a sounding board for this process of growth. We ask that everyone comes with an open mind and can see the whole picture of this endeavor. The mission of uniting and networking is a very admirable one, and it is hoped that it can be seen for what it is. Please do not judge the endeavor by small pieces that may be contained, but rather by the mission.

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Also, follow us on Twitter - nw_connection Disclaimer: Do not attempt any techniques discussed or illustrated herein without the assistance of a professional trainer/instructor. Northwest Connection assumes no liability for the safety of any information, techniques or ideas herein. Northwest Connection assumes no liability for the accuracy of content, as articles are submitted by individual sources outside of Northwest Connection and are taken on good faith. Northwest Connection does not endorse any information herein, unless specifically stated otherwise. Northwest Connection operates under the assumption that all articles are submitted by the original author and makes every attempt not to infringe on any copyrighted material, written or photographic. All information herein is property of Northwest Connection and/or the stated author. Reproduction for any purpose is forbidden without the written consent of Northwest Connection and/or stated author. Any questions can be directed to

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


Black Belt Grand Champion Fighting Marty Maye won GRAND CHAMPION in Black Belt Fighting at the Mt. St. Helens Open Martial Arts Tournament on July 24th!! Below is a short biography of Marty Maye. As one of the corner judges for the Black Belt fighting divisions, I was able to see Mr. Maye in action. He won every single match, and showed a lot of skill in tournament style fighting. He definitely understands this area of Martial Arts very well. Editor—NW Connection ___________________________ Master Maye was born in Ely, Nevada and moved to Oregon at the age of 13, when he began taking Tae Kwon Do lessons at Lewis Tae Kwon Do in Scappoose. Marty

wanted to learn how to defend himself, as he had experienced a school environment in Nevada where fighting was tolerated and ignored. Marty was focused and enjoyed the challenge of Tae Kwon Do, earning his Black Belt at the age of 15. He started competing immediately, something he enjoys doing even today. He started teaching at the age of 19, eventually joining with Lewis TKD. Master Maye has a unique teaching style, where he tries to focus on the individual rather than the group, developing each person according to their skill level, strength and commitment. The do jang is distinctly non-militaristic,

consequently, each individual participant is expected to draw on their own selfdiscipline and inner reserves in order to get the most out of the class. One of Marty's favorite sayings is, "You're only cheating yourself", most often used when someone isn't doing their best. Master Maye is a 5th Degree Black Belt. He has won three world titles in a row, and has been ranked as a top fighter in the Northwest for the past 15 years. ____________________________ Comments from some of his students: Master Maye is a helpful, knowledgeable and kind instructor, and he gives attention to every student. -- Marisa Keller, Blue Belt with Stripe Master Maye is helpful because if someone is attacking you, you can use what you learned in his class. -- Viviana Keller, White Belt with Stripe Master Maye is an excellent and patient TaeKwonDo instructor. The classes are demanding, fun and rewarding. -- Sean, Max and Ted Burns, Green Belts

Blake Casey, Junior Forms Grand Champion Blake Casey was born July 31, 1993. He started training at age 4 in Kajukenbo Tum Pai Under his Father Sifu Mark Casey. He started training in American Kempo at age 7 and continued in Kajukenbo. He has trained non-stop since age 4. He holds Black Belts in Kempo Karate, Premier Martial Arts, Instructor level Black Belts in both as well. He is also a Black Belt in Kajukenbo but must wait until he is 18 to become an instructor in that art. Blake has trained around the country with some of the very best instructors in several different arts. At age 5 Blake was in a head on collision with a pick up truck while he was riding a motorcycle. His helmet flew off and he crushed his face on the front of the truck. The doctors did a CAT scan and said he would need facial reconstruction as he had several skull fractures and

facial/ orbital fractures. With in 10 minutes a miracle happened, people prayed and he was released from the hospital that day with no permanent injuries! He was swollen and bruised but was able to come home with no surgery! He was in Martial Arts classes the next day. From that point on we all knew Blake was destine for more than the average kid and he has proven that already! Blake holds a Black belt in sport Karate

and has been competing in sport Karate for over 10 years. He has won numerous Grand Champion competitions and is ranked on the NBL circuit. He is undefeated at the Mt. St. Helens Classic in several divisions. Blake has also done full contact kickboxing and trains in MMA. Blake is the instructor for Intermediate and advanced Family classes at Premier Martial Arts in Tumwater Wa and is the Black Belt training weapons instructor for Both Premier Martial Arts in Lacey and in Tumwater as well as the Demo team instructor for both schools as well. Blake is highly sought after for his Private classes for forms, weapons and sparring. Blake well on his way to becoming one of the nations well known martial artists. His love for the art is obvious when you see him train, teach and compete. His parents are very proud of him and know he is going to be a very successful person not only in Martial Arts but in Life!

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


Bite More, Bark Less? Bite more, bark less? In a heated situation, the Shaolin side of my training tells me to take the passive path, defend myself if I need to, put the person(s) down if necessary, and only if. If I can suppress the situation non-violently, do so, without causing any collateral damage. Nobody gets hurt, nobody goes to jail, and you can smile again sooner. This is a great policy this day and age, where many people seem to be "sue-happy". Even if you're not the aggressor, and you apply your knowledge of the arts to defend yourself, you can still get in trouble simply for knowing martial arts. You can be considered a "deadly weapon". Kids. You don't want junior assuming it's ok to beat the tar out of people to solve their schoolyard problems. Taking the path of the passive can demonstrate far more control than someone throwing punches. A lot of people say that learning martial arts and never using said skills shows more intelligence and illustrates how your studies have helped you live life more peacefully. On the other hand, my Hsing I practice tells me to extinguish the situation swiftly before the other

person(s) have much of a chance to react. If someone is causing problems and getting aggressive with you, become the aggressor and you would have effectively put them in a defensive position, typically giving you the advantage. Attacking first will put you in a more immediate safety zone, ensuring the well-being of those who may be with you. The last thing you want when your significant other, younger brother/sister, or child is with you, is to give some knucklehead a chance to do them harm. You may not have the split-second chance to react to whatever the attacker does. These reasons give solid justification for attacking first. Taking the path of the aggressive can demonstrate a respectable knowledge of control for dangerous situations. Others may say that learning martial arts and using said skills when necessary shows a deeper understanding of how the arts need to be applied, as well as letting you live your life with greater peace of mind. So which path do you take? The passive, to let things be what they are, simply go with the flow and allow a negative to destroy itself, or the aggressive, make things what you want them to be, and destroy a

negative before it has a chance to reach its potential? This is a fork in the road I was stuck at for years. Whenever a less-than-desirable situation occurs, my gut instinct tells me to attack, attack, attack, while my mind tells me to show restraint. That delay has cost me enough to learn that sometimes too much thought can change the outcome for the worse. Too hasty of a reaction can lead to an unorganized attack and negative outcome. After many days of pondering this enigma, I've found that there is no right or wrong answer, there is only a solution. This realization has merged that proverbial fork in the road. In any situation, you always have a choice. Whether you go the passive or aggressive route, as long as you reach your end result than things will work out. If you allow yourself to get hung up on the "would have, could have, should have", you just end up questioning yourself and your studies. Be decisive without regret, and firm with your decision. You will respect yourself more and others will do the same.

Laoshi Vince Nodine

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“NW Connection”


Ali’i Warriors Fight Night 3 Seattle, Washington ―Northwest Connection was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Ali‘i Warriors Fight Night 3 in Seattle, Washington. This was a great event put on by Professor Frank Mateo of ―Mateo Kajukenbo, Ali‘i Warriors Fight Club‖. Professor Frank Mateo accommodated us with ring side seats for an up close view of the action. Thank you sir. There were 7 fights in all, including a 3 round Exhibition Match between Ignacio Sanchez and Vit Sinchai of Ali‘i Warriors Fight Club. Each fight had quite a bit of excitement with some surprising outcomes. Everyone fought hard and really worked for the wins that they got. Every fighter got a medal for competing, as they were all considered winners for getting in the ring and giving it their all. Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to attending the action at Ali‘i Warriors Fight Night 4.

The matches were as follows: Fight 1, 125lb Muay Thai No Gear: Alex Lonegro of Lopez Kajukenbo vs. Alvin Matic of 275 Combat Center—with Alvin Matic taking the win.

Fight 2, 130lb Muay Thai with Shin Pads: Wanda Binette of Element 5 Fitness vs. Tanya Stephan of Ostovic‘s Gym Sunshine Coast Vancouver, BC—with Tanya Stephan taking the win Fight 3, 170lb Muay Thai No Gear: Collin Small of Ali‘i Warriors Fight Club vs. Bobby Green of Team Eastside—with Bobby Green taking the win.

Fight 4, 130lb Muay Thai No Gear: Jessica Bartness of C.T.E.T. vs. Gabi Maxwell of Chalmboc Academy—with Jessica Bartness taking the win. Fight 5, 195lb Muay Thai with Shin Pads: Greg Follaca of Ali‘i Warriors Fight Club vs. Sahid Morales of Team Rock Solid— with Greg Follaca taking the win. Fight 6, 135lb Muay Thai No Gear: Daemont Johnson of Victory Athletics vs. Rob Michael of Ostovic‘s Gym Sunshine Coast Vancouver, BC—With Rob Michael taking the win. This was awarded the ―Fight Of The Night‖, with plaques given to each of these 2 fighters. A special thanks to Bob Jones Photography for the pictures that they took of the event. Editor, “Northwest Connection”

Trent Junker

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


Kajukenbo Tum Pai Historical Seminar Wow, what an eventful day!! A great time was had by all, and there were some big surprises! The day started with Sifu Steve Larson introducing the instructors, and talking about the general agenda for the day. He then went on to talk about ―Northwest Connection‖ and encouraged everyone to be part of this great magazine. Thank you Sifu Larson. Sifu Larson will again be teaching at this years ―NW Kajukenbo Family Seminar‖ IV, in Yamhill, OR on November 13th. The first instructor was Professor Fred King of Mo Duk Pai. Professor King had come from a Kajukenbo background and went on to develop his own system, Mo Duk Pai. There are multiple Mo Duk Pai schools around the area, including the West Side Academy of Kung Fu, which had contributed an article on CrossFit for our first edition. Professor King discussed the generation of power in your techniques and the various aspects of power as used in the Martial Arts. He went on to discuss the proper uses of power and various definitions of power, outside of physical prowess and skill. Professor Fred King will be teaching a section at this years ―Northwest Kajukenbo Family‖ Seminar IV on November 13th in Yamhill, OR. See the flyer elsewhere in this magazine for the details. After Professor King, Professor David Branscomb taught some Tai Chi breathing exercises. I believe they were— ―Grasping energy from earth‖ and ―Grasping energy from Heaven‖. These were very relaxing exercises that helped to clear the mind and calm oneself for a better alignment within your body and mind. The next instructor was Professor Doug Bailey. Professor Bailey reviewed Push Hands, Sticky Hands, and Soft Sparring.

He discussed various aspects of making your techniques work against other trained fighters and the attitude that is necessary for such encounters.

cluding GrandMaster Al Dacascos, GrandMaster Al Dele Cruz, (both of which were contributing developers of the original Tum Pai branch of Kajukenbo) and GrandMaster Gabriel Vargas. There is also paperwork Following these instructors was GrandMas- signed by multiple GrandMasters, Profester Al Dacascos of Kajukenbo/Wun Hop sors and other high ranking individuals Kuen Do and father of action film star Mark recognizing these promotions. Dacascos. GrandMaster Dacascos gave us a tremendous amount of information regarding technical knowledge, training ideas and then a very in depth history lesson in regards to Kajukenbo and Kajukenbo Tum Pai. He stated that there had been some various pieces of misinformation in regards to the

Kajukenbo Tum Pai section and desired to clear those up for everyone. In addition to all stated, there were also some momentous promotions. Fred King was promoted to Professor by GrandMaster Al Dacascos. GM Dacascos then presented his own belt to Professor Fred King. Steve Larson, Greg Horsley and Ted Frandsen were promoted to Professor by Professor Bob Heuer. Mark Moy was promoted to Professor by Professor Doug Bailey. Then Doug Bailey, Bob Heuer, and Jerry Weldon were all promoted to GrandMaster within the Kajukenbo Tum Pai system and charged to lead and grow Kajukenbo Tum Pai into the future. This was under the authority of a group of Kajukenbo GrandMasters, in-

A BIG congrats to those promoted!!! This was definitely one of the biggest Martial Arts events here in the NW in a LONG time. Within the first 30 minutes of this seminar, there were 77 participants in attendance, not counting instructors and other high ranking visitors. More people continued to join the event as the day went along. The main theme of this event was UNITY. Every instructor and other speakers all spoke of the need for unity and family within the Kajukenbo system. To be one unified family of various methods was a huge focus of GrandMaster Al Dacascos‘ and GrandMaster Gabe Vargas‘ ideas. It is understood that the one System of Kajukenbo has multiple Styles, each of which have multiple Methods within and multiple expressions from each individual person. Let‘s all grow together and gain from one another‘s knowledge, experience and skill—this is also the focus of ―Northwest Connection‖, in relation to ALL Martial Arts here in the Pacific NW. We hope to see more events such as this one from some of the various schools and styles here in the Pacific NW. Please contact us at ―Northwest Connection‖ if there is anything we can do to help you organize such an event. -Editor, ―Northwest Connection‖ Trent Junker

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

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Crane Stance Application Another example of playing with the technique is to up the intensity and work it with a little more logical free form. This is part of the training whereby the uke by this time is more pro-active instead of attacking then stopping while you do the technique. This it not a drill but a concept along with the chess drill. So, for instance the attacker grabs, the defender quickly goes along with the grab and in this case a grab and pull. It is step to the right forty-five front. Turn the body counterclockwise and grab the attacker's left wrist with the defender's right hand and twist it up to the defender's left front shoulder with the defender's right point of the elbow at the attacker's left elbow. In this way it is controlling the left arm which the idea is to keep the right arm out of play and crowd the attacker's left leg. Now, however the attacker moves is what you do with your right elbow. You can put the defender's right elbow and slam down with the inside of the elbow where

the bone is and strike the area of the triceps towards the elbow joint which does not have much protection. This is to weight that left leg, then do a right knee slam to the left leg. Continue the pressure on the arm and you can make this into a take down.

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Our thinking is that the sooner you get to free form situation the better. This still has structure and keeping the original technique taught intact but this is training on being spontaneous, feeling the attack, countering quickly to take control. We did the monkey line where you have a line of attacker's and the defender free forms defend. It really did not work out well. So, we felt this concept needed baby steps so this is what the work out of the technique involves.

Professor Brian Baxter 8th Degree Black BeltKajukenbo instructor

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Martial Arts Trivia Here are some basic trivia questions relating to Martial Arts. Seek the knowledge that you don’t possess-and have fun!!

What is the Martial Art featured on both ―Batman Begins‖ and ―The Dark Knight Films?____________________ What 5 Martial Arts does then name KAJUKENBO represent?____________________ What country did Pentjak Silat originate from?____________________ Who is the current Grandmaster of the 9 schools of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu?____________________ What does the Filipino phrase ―Espada y Daga‖ mean?___________________ Last Edition answers: 1882, Skill Attained Through Effort or Hard Work, Bodhidharma, Art of Perseverance, 1993—Denver, Colorado

Be sure to check your answers in the next edition!! “To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW “NWConnection” Connection”

#2 I SSUE #5

Mushin: Ancient Concept, Modern Context Today‘s reality-based self-defense instructors often speak of the ―adrenalized state‖, the ―fight or flight response‖. Or, we may speak to the specific physical attributes associated with a sudden rush of adrenaline: tunnel vision, ‗butterflies‘ in the stomach, weakness in the knees, or the feeling of a full body ‗rush‘ from head to toe. We also speak to the flood of emotions that one experiences both pre- and post conflict; especially in the contexts of domestic violence and sexual assault. Mushin (pronounced ‘Mu-Shin’) is a Japanese term which loosely translates as "no-mind". The term is shortened from mushin no shin, a Zen expression meaning ‗mind of no mind’; meaning a mind that is not fixed or occupied by any single thought or emotion. From a strictly combative perspective, mushin can be described as a mental and physiological state of heightened situational awareness and tactical singlemindedness that comes about through the conscious management of: a. emotionally driven thoughts of anger, fear, or ego during combat that can

translate into potentially fatal errors in timing, distance, movement, delivery, or overall general strategy. One example of the mismanagement of this aspect is allowing ones mouth to write checks ones ass cannot cover (i.e.- willful provocation by word or deed). Another is one not having absolute confidence is his/her training and allowing that to become an obstacle to decisive action. b. the physical effects of the adrenalize state. Also, suppression of the pain(s) of blunt force trauma, cuts, scrapes, sprains, and strains (with the help of endorphins that are also released by the brain). And the powerful use of kinetic energy channeled into every movement

(i.e.-strikes and kicks; and/or that ‗final‘ sprint to safety, in particular). c. second-guessing of ones judgment as the senses are overwhelmed with information, so the person is totally free to act without hesitation. At this point, a person relies not on what they think should be the next move, but what their trained ‗natural‘ reaction leads them to do. This means the ‗formal‘ preconflict sharpening of ones own intuition and instinctual defensive reflexes by way of routine, realistic practice; guided by qualified, professional instruction. This also means really taking the time to deconstruct and sum up the experience(s) of a real world assault situation, and then applying those specific lessons to ones own theory and practice.

Sensei Gregory C. Lewis is the chief instructor of 21st Century Martial Arts of Seattle: Visit or

Northwest Connection WEB Updates!! We are constantly updating and improving our website for your enjoyment. Most recently, we have added some Martial Arts based games to the website. We also have a ―Classifieds‖ section for you to list your Martial Arts/fitness related items for sale!

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Ina Menzer Interview Ina Menzer was an absolute pleasure to interview. She is humble, dedicated, sensitive and strong. Her appreciation for her fans is truly heartfelt and genuine, making her all the more appealing as a great example in women’s boxing. Her bio, which you can read here, shows an incredible history of bouts, wins and titles: tm _______________________________ Is boxing acceptable or popular at all for women in your native Kazakhstan? It is acceptable, but absolutely not for women. How were you first introduced to boxing and do you recall the feeling you had in first class? When I was 14, I started Kung-Fu. 2 years later I accompanied a friend to boxing, I liked it and just wanted to try. But I probably liked it way too much! What made you move to Germany? My forefathers were German (they migrated, with thousands of their countrymen to Russia in the 18th Century, when Katharina II ruled Russia). When the 2nd war started, they were banished to Kazakhstan or Siberia. In 1990 the borders were opened and a wave of Russian Germans returned to their forefather´s native country. How often do you plan to fight this year? Any chance of seeing you in the United States? I think it is optimal to fight 3 times a year (for me), so that the body has enough time to regenerate. Theoretically it is possible that I could fight in the USA, but that’s a point that depends of my management and TV. Do you follow American Boxing? Any thoughts on the looming Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight? Both are great boxers. I think me and

the rest of the world would like to see this fight. And it is a pity that it was cancelled. Would you like to see Showtime networks organize a Super-Six Tournament for Women? Do you know Mikkel Kessler and is he your favorite to win the tournament? For me, I would not like to take part in a Super-Six style Tournament. It takes too much time before you get the result (the winner) and if somebody is injured, things keep changing. I respect all of the boxers for participating, but I would not choose this for myself. Yes, I think Kessler is the best boxer in this Tournament. Who are your role models in boxing? For me, I believe that Kostya Tszyu and Manny Pacquiao are legends of the sport. What do you think it will take for Women’s boxing to become more popular worldwide? I think we have taken a big step forward in the last 3 to 4 years. But there are still too many people who do not accept women´s boxing. I think televised women’s boxing is important to show the world that women are good, strong, legitimate representatives of this sport. Can you offer any advice to women who are interested in professional boxing? It is a very hard way to get to the top, you need a great deal of patience and discipline. It is also very important to have a team that is working with you on a professional level. It is still a male-dominated sport. Any final words? I would like to thank all who are supporting me across the world, especially after my last fight, which I lost. I received so many e-mails where people tried to perk me up and encourage me. That means more to me than any title. To learn more about Ina Menzer, please visit: Interview with Pro Boxer Ina Menzer by Laurena Marrone Campos

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


“Northwest Kajukenbo Family” Seminar IV

November 13th, 2010

Mark your calendars now, this is definitely NOT one to miss!! Open to anyone and everyone, regardless of experience or style/method!! Come and experience our OHANA! This year is proving to be even BETTER than the last 3, with new instructors and some returning ones. Our instructor roster is growing and will prove to be quite a wide array of knowledge and experience.

Some of this years instructors are: Grandmaster Al Dacascos of Kajukenbo/whkd Grandmaster jerry Weldon of Kajukenbo tum pai Professor fred king of mo duk pai Professor Mike Whittle of Kajukenbo and Lua Professor Tim Gagnier of KSDA Kajukenbo Professor Frank Mateo of Kajukenbo and Muay Thai Professor Bryan Davies of Kajukenbo and Law Enforcement professor Steve Larson of Kajukenbo Tum Pai Sifu Trent Junker of Realm Of The Tiger Kajukenbo Sifu Kevin Jackson of Dacascos Tactical systems Sifu Sharon britian of kajukenbo Sifu virgil royer of kajukenbo Coach keith cox of Kajukenbo/arnis and a stunt man

Cost: $45 at the door and only $35 if you pre-register by September 15th Location: 15005 NE Yamhill Rd, Yamhill, OR 97148

For information: Contact Trent Junker at (503) 839-6359 or Hosted by Sifu Trent Junker, location hosted by Professor Tim Gagnier and Sifu Becky Gagnier “To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW “NWConnection” Connection”

#2 I SSUE #5

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


School & Business Listings Realm Of The Tiger Kajukenbo

Lakan Arnis

Sifu Trent Junker (503) 839-6359 Portland, OR Specializing in Kajukenbo and ―street‖ based training

Guro Ben Fowler (503) 730-1793

Northwest Budokan

Kajukenbo Self Defense Academy

The Northwest Budokan is a member of the OSMKKF. The OSMKKF hombu is in Okinawa City, Okinawa and is headed by Master Fusei Kise. The NorthWest Budokan was founded by 7th Degree Black Belt, Shihan Jay Gravelle and is based in Everett, WA. Classes are taught at 5 locations in the Everett, Mukilteo and Bothell area just north of Seattle, WA. Okinawa Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito is a very traditional style of karate and is taught with a "Real World" attitude for today's world rather then tournament style. No long stances or high kicks! We teach a range of traditional aspects; empty hand karate, kata (forms), tuite (selfdefense/joint locks), bag work, one steps, kick drills, change body and kobudo (weapons).

Professor Tim Gagnier (503) 320-0438 Yamhill, OR

Intrepid Self Defense Instructor: Steve Miller (503) 547-9543 Newberg, OR

Portland Eskabo Da’an Professor Mike Morrell (503) 381-9145 Portland, OR Filipino Arts

Human Performance Academy, Inc dba, Port Townsend Athletic Club


Russian Kettlebell Training Teresa Hoffmann, Owner, ACE, RKC, CK-FMS Cell: (360) 302-1291 Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor Steve Maxwell Alive MMA 5607 SE Woodstock Blvd., Portland, OR 97206 229 Monroe St. Port Townsend, WA (503) 740-3004 Our goal is to provide an environment where all people-of any background, (360) 385-6560 experience & fitness level-can learn and train in the combat sports that comprise Mixed Martial Arts-the core of which can be: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Westside Academy of Kung Fu and CrossFit Hillsdale Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Karate, and Muay Thai 1509 SW Sunset Blvd. Suite B-1(facing Cheltenham Street) Portland, OR 97239 503-432-7450 Sensei Gregory C. Lewis' 21st Century Martial Arts of Seattle http://www. Westside Academy of Kung Fu teaches Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu, a martial style that emphasizes ethics, practicality and teaching. CrossFit Hillsdale teaches functional fitness with an emphasis gradual progress and real world Academy of Kung Fu results. Our mission is to provide students with quality instruction, love of Teaching Kajukenbo Tum Pai learning, and open appreciation for all movement arts. 1236 14th Ave Longview, WA 98632 360-577-8323 Dragon’s Way Martial Arts Academy Email – Master Matt Clark 11525 SW Durham Rd., #D-2 Tigard, OR 97224 Sifu John Hopper (503) 995-6314 Kajukenbo Tum Pai/Tai Chi Chuan 604 E. Main St. Suite 101 Battle Ground, WA 98604 360-241-0461 SELF DEFENSE IN HARMONY WITH HEALTH AND FITNESS LOCATED IN SE PDX CONTACT 503- 208- 3099 OR EMAIL FISTSFORLIFE@YAHOO.COM

Alan Nibler Vancouver, WA (971) 212-2056 Instructing Kajukenbo, Private and Group Lessons Available.

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

“NW Connection”


Event Listings “Northwest Kajukenbo Family” Seminar IV November 13th, 2010 15005 NE Yamhill Rd., Yamhill, OR 97148

Featuring MANY high level instructors!! ALL are welcome—come and have a great time with our “Ohana”. Cost: $45 at the door, and ONLY $35 if you preregister by September 15th!! For information, contact Trent Junker at (503) 8396359

Self Defense JAM Session Workshop

September 18th and 19th, 2010 Intrepid Self Defense, inside of Topspin Sports Complex—Newberg, OR

Featuring Hanshi Nimr Hassan, Sifu Kevin Jackson, Guro Ben Fowler, Sensei Jef Burgus and Steve Miller Cost: $108 at the door, and ONLY $88 if you preregister by September 1st!! For information call: (503) 538-2707 Register Online at

3rd Annual Kaihewalu Lua Seminar

October 9th, 2010 Hawaiian Martial Arts LLC 1504 N. Monroe St. Spokane, WA 99203

Featuring Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu Cost: $40 at the door, and ONLY $30 if you preregister by October 2nd!! Hosted By Michael Whittle, Hawaiian Martial Arts

“To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

Royal Leg Stretcher - $209.95

Heavy Bags starting at ONLY $64.95, 25‖ upto 72‖ available

Training Bag Rack, includes Double End Ball, Heavy Bag NOT included - $159.95

Full Throttle - Retails for $350, but ONLY $275 with us!!

Bo Staffs - various lengths and styles available, inquire for more information

Various Eskrima/Kali sticks available, staring at ONLY $7.95 each!!

Various training swords and other weapons available, inquire for information

Sparring Gear - 10 Colors Available! Head Gear: $27.95 Hand Gear: $21.95 Foot Gear: $21.95 Full Set ONLY $62.95

TKD Uniform - sizes 000-3 ONLY $32.95 and sizes 4-7 ONLY $42.95 14oz SUPER Heavy weight MASTERS uniform available in Black or White - sizes 3 & 4 ONLY $75 and sizes 5-7

Karate Uniform in 4 COLORS!! sizes 0000-3 ONLY $27.95 and sizes 4-7 ONLY $29.95 0000 not available in Blue or Red Swift MA Shoes, sizes CH13, 1-10.5 including half sizes, 11, 12, and 13 ONLY $35.95

Only $24.95 each!! Only $14.95 each!!

Or LEATHER for only $48.95 each!!

Only $14.95 each!! Only $19.95

Royal Shield - ONLY $49.95 Curved Kick Shields - ONLY $42.95

Payments are accepted via PayPal to, or via check/money order payable to ―Envision Innovations LLC, P.O. Box 1375, Clackamas, OR 97015. Many other items are available. For further information on other items or those listed, email us at Prices do not include shipping. Shipping will be quoted once shipping address is received. Payments may be sent without shipping charges and shipping charges will be billed prior to shipping. “To Bring Pacific Northwest Martial Artists Together As One Family, Regardless Of Style, Method Or Origin” © 2010

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Northwest Connection Edition 5  

5th Edition of "Northwest Connection", the premier networking magazine for Martial Artists

Northwest Connection Edition 5  

5th Edition of "Northwest Connection", the premier networking magazine for Martial Artists