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Table of Contents General Interest 2 Career & Professional Development


Computer Skills


Serving & Hospitality


Workforce & Industry Training


Workforce & Industry Training (continued)


First Aid, Health & Safety


Outdoor Recreation & Safety


School of Exploration & Mining


Trades 16 Gatlin Education


Wait lists: Registration for courses is first-come, first-served. If a course is full, your name is placed on a wait list. Another course may be added if there is enough demand. If seats open, those on the wait list will be contacted. Fees, Withdrawals and Refunds: If you need to withdraw for medical reasons or bereavement before the start of the course a refund will be given. Withdrawals and refunds are processed as follows: • More than 7 days before start of class = $10 admin. fee • 3 to 7 days before start of class = 50% refund • Less than 3 days before start of class = no refund Transfers to future classes are treated as withdrawals and are processed as shown above. Program changes: If a class is cancelled you can transfer to another course or receive a full refund.

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We proudly acknowledge the traditional First Nations territories in which we operate and live. NWCC celebrates the rich cultural diversity in all of our communities. Our campuses are centers of sharing for teachers and students, gathering places for friends, family and community where a mix of social, cultural and recreational activities are happening every day.

General Interest

Conversational Spanish Level 1 (20 hrs)

Intro to Digital Photography (18 hrs)

Terrace • Jan. 12 to Mar. 16

Terrace • Feb. 1 to Mar. 24

This course will teach you how to have a simple conversation in Spanish. A great course if you are planning any travel to a Latin country.

Learn the tools and tricks to take great digital photos. You must bring your own camera or mobile phone.

Course Cost: $139.00

Course Cost: $250.00

Conversational Spanish Level 2 (20 hrs)

Introduction to Guitar (24 hrs)

Smithers • Mar. 29 to Jun. 17 Terrace • Mar. 30 to Jun. 1

Master basic guitar skills and become the musician you’ve always wanted to be.

Increase your knowledge of Spanish and practice your pronunciation in this intermediate class.

Course Cost: $129.00

Course Cost: $139.00

Conversational Japanese (20 hrs) Terrace • Spring 2017 Learn the basics with this new language class. To express interest call 250.635.6511 Ext. 5473.

Course Cost: $139.00

Discover Sign Language (24 hrs) Use hand signs, facial expressions and the body to speak the language of the deaf.

Course Cost: $129.00


Course delivered online via Ed2Go For the complete Ed2Go course catalogue go to:

Northwest Community College Never stop learning.

Career & Professional Development

Accounting Fundamental Series (48 hrs) Gain a solid base for entry-level accounting. This series includes the courses: Accounting Fundamentals and Accounting Fundamentals 2.

Course Cost: $174.00

Administrative Assistant Suite (72 hrs) Support managers and staff, look after records, plan travel and more. This suite includes the courses: Administrative Assistant Fundamentals, Administrative Assistant Applications, and Effective Business Writing.

Course Cost: $261.00

Effective Business Writing (24 hrs) This course will teach you how to write powerful papers that draw readers in and keep them interested to the end.

Essential Office Skills Certificate (266 hrs) Prince Rupert • Jan. 9 to Mar. 14 Prepare for an entry-level office career. Learn customer service, communication skills, business writing, time management, accounting and computer skills. This program is subsidized for eligible participants. Call 250.624.6054 Ext. 5715 for an application package and more information.

Course Cost: $425.00

The Accounting Cycle (6 hrs) Prince Rupert • Jan. 25 This beginner course covers all aspects of the accounting cycle and is ideal for small or new businesses.

Course Cost: $119.25

Never Stop Learning

Course Cost: $129.00 Upper Skeena Elder College meets every Tuesday at the NWCC Hazelton campus for various workshops. Course delivered online via Ed2Go For the complete Ed2Go course catalogue go to:

Elders, please call 250.842.5291 to register or learn more about the workshops being offered.


Computer Skills

Never Stop Learning If you like the convenience of learning online check out the many computer skills courses available at

Excel© Level 1 (12 hrs)**

PowerPoint© Level 1 (12 hrs)**

Prince Rupert • Feb. 16 to 17

Prince Rupert • Mar. 2 to 3

Analyze, report and share your data. Create and use worksheets and charts in this introductory course.

Create eye catching presentations with PowerPoint. Learn to start, create and edit slides, graphs and charts with this introductory course.

Course Cost: $217.50

Course Cost: $217.50

Excel© Level 2 (12 hrs)

Publisher© Level 1 (12 hrs)*

Prince Rupert • Feb. 23 to 24

Prince Rupert • Mar. 9 to 10

Learn advanced features such as creating a web page from a worksheet, customizing your printing options, use drawing tools and more.

Easily create professional newsletters, flyers, and brochures with this program.

Course Cost: $217.00

You must have ‘Excel Level 1’ or equivalent to take this course.

Course Cost: $217.50

Sage 50© Level 1 (18 hrs)** Prince Rupert • Jan. 30 to Feb. 1

Internet / Email (6 hrs)* Find the information you need on the World Wide Web. This course also covers e-mail basics.

Master this accounting software for small businesses and home offices. This hands-on course guides you through the software manual. Bring your calculator.

Course Cost: $109.25

Course Cost: $289.50

Introduction to Computers (6 hrs)

Word© Level 1 (12 hrs)**

Smithers • Feb. 6 to 8

Smithers • Jan. 23 to 26

Prince Rupert • Jan. 26 to 27

Master the skills you need to be computer savvy.

Create and edit documents, use formatting features, create envelopes, labels and more.

Course Cost: $109.25

Intro to Windows (12 hrs) Prince Rupert • Jan. 12 to 13 A great introduction to the Windows operating system. This course is needed to take computer software courses at NWCC.

Course Cost: $217.50

Course Cost: $217.50

Word© Level 2 (12 hrs) Prince Rupert • Feb. 2 to 3 Work with styles, templates, tables and graphics. Learn to perform a mail merge and more. You must have ‘Windows Level 1’ to take this course

Course Cost: 217.50

Outlook Level 1 (12 hrs)* ©

Prince Rupert • Jan. 18 to 19 Send and check email messages, access your calendar and contacts, and use the features that come with this standard office program.

Course Cost: $217.50 *You must have ‘Intro to Windows’ to take this course **You must have ‘A First Look at Computers’ or ‘Intro to Windows’ to take this course

Word© Level 3 (12 hrs) Prince Rupert • Feb. 9 to 10 Learn advanced page layout skills, create forms, use the Drawing and WordArt features and more. You must have ‘Windows Level 2’ to take this course

Course Cost: $217.50


Serving & Hospitality

Customer Service: Front Line (3 hrs)

WorldHost© Fundamentals (8 hrs)

Queen Charlotte • Mar. 8 Masset • Mar. 12

Prince Rupert • Mar. 1 Queen Charlotte • Mar. 6 Masset • Mar. 10

Create a good first impression and give your customers a superior experience. This workshop will cover tools for relating to your customer and dealing with difficult situations.

Go the extra mile and impress your customers. This course will teach you how to provide excellent customer service in any setting.

Course Cost: $90.00

Course Cost: $130.25

Enhance Guest Experience: Hotel Front Line (3.5 hrs)

Serving It Right

Queen Charlotte • Mar. 9 Masset • Mar. 13 Provide a “WOW” experience to attract and retain guests. Learn how to handle challenging customer service situations and master the art of effective communication.

Course Cost: $90.00

FoodSafe© Level 1 (8 hrs) Hazelton • Jan. 26, Mar. 16, May 18, Jun. 30 Terrace • Feb. 18, Apr. 8 Queen Charlotte • Mar. 7 Masset • Mar. 11 Prince Rupert • Mar. 25 Safely handling food is very important for front line workers. Learn about sanitation and safety to ensure you are prepared for food service.

Prince Rupert • Mar. 2 Ensure you never over-pour alcohol. On successful completion of this course you will receive your Server card from the Hospitality Industry Education Advisory Committee.

Course Cost: $108.25

Solving Problems through Customer Service (3 hrs) Queen Charlotte • Mar. 8 Masset • Mar. 12 Learn how to use creative thinking in challenging situations and become an effective problem-solver with this three-hour workshop.

Course Cost: $90.00

Please bring your personal medical care card to class. Contact your local NWCC campus if you would like your workbook and examination in another language.

Course Cost: $140.75


Workforce & Industry Training

Air Brake Endorsement (22 hrs)

Forklift Operator Certification (20 hrs)

Terrace • Feb. 24 to 26

Prince Rupert • Mar. 28 to 30 Smithers • Mar. 21 to 24 Terrace • Feb. 27 to Mar. 1 Kitimat • May 8 to 11

This program will prepare you for the Motor Vehicle Branch Air Endorsement Examination. CSA approved safety footwear is required for hands-on training. Participants must have a valid BC Driver’s License with no outstanding charges.

Course Cost: $294.00

Learn how to safely operate a forklift. This course meets WCB and Labour Canada standards.

Course Cost: $326.75

Building Service Worker Level 1 (20 hrs) Terrace • Feb. 24 to 26

Grader Operator Training (70 hrs)

Prepare to work in the custodial field with the skills you will learn in this program.

Terrace • Jan. 23 to Feb. 3

Course Cost: $326.00

Building Service Worker Level 2 (20 hrs) Terrace • Mar. 31 to Apr. 2

Gain the practical skills you need to be a grader operator with classroom and work-based training. With on-site experience you will earn hours toward your apprenticeship. Prior completion of the Road Builder Heavy Construction Foundation program would be an asset.

Gain hands-on experience as you learn to maintain and refinish floors.

Course Cost: $1,102.50

Course Cost: $326.00

H2S Alive (8 hrs)

Confined Space Entry Workshop (7 hrs)

Smithers • Apr. 3 Hazelton • Apr. 1, Jun. 1 Kitimat • May 26

Smithers • Mar. 17 Kitimat • May 24 Prevent workplace accidents when working in confined spaces.

Recognizing hydrogen sulphide hazards could save your life. Learn to perform basic rescue.

Course Cost: $273.00

Course Cost: $119.25

Enform Chainsaw Safety (24 hrs) ©

Hazelton• Feb. 15 to 17, Apr. 5 to 7, Jun. 26 to 28 Safely use and maintain a chainsaw. Learn safe limbing and bucking practices.

Course Cost: $1,419.75

Fall Protection (6 hrs) Smithers • Mar. 15 Terrace • Apr. 6 Prince Rupert • Mar. 27 Kitimat • May 19

Oil & Gas Certificate (26 hrs) Smithers • Apr. 24 to 28 Earn the many certificates you need to work in the Oil & Gas sector in one training program. The course includes H2S Alive, Transportation Endorsement, OFA Level 1, WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and Confined Space Awareness.

Course Cost: $769.75

Work safely at heights with the proper use of fall protection.

Course Cost: $109.25


Workforce & Industry Training

Professional Driving Program (98 hrs) Terrace • Feb. 20 to Mar. 24 Learn everything you need for a career as a professional driver. This course includes instruction on air brake endorsement, regular maintenance, safety procedures and pre-trip inspection for a truck or tractor. You will also get 56 hours of driving experience. You must have a Class 1 learners driver’s license and a clean driver’s abstract.

Course Cost: $7,950.00

Rigging & Lifting Safety (8 hrs) Smithers • Mar. 16 Terrace • Apr. 4 Kitimat • May 22 Gain hands-on skills rigging loads, using and understanding hand signals, and safely running a crane or hoist.

Course Cost: $269.00

Specialized Chainsaw Safety (8 hrs) Smithers • Mar. 20 Terrace • Apr. 7 Kitimat • May 29 Safely handle and care for a chainsaw. Learn how to troubleshoot and manage minor on-site repairs. Students must bring their own chainsaw and safety gear.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) (5 hrs) Hazelton • Feb. 1, May 31 Smithers • Mar. 14 Terrace • Apr. 5 Kitimat • May 18 Move dangerous goods by land and rail. Prevent and respond to emergencies.

Course Cost: $108.25

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) (4 hrs) Hazelton • Feb. 1, May 31 Prince Rupert • Feb. 27 Terrace • Apr. 5 Smithers • March 14 Kitimat • May 18 Learn how to safely handle, store and dispose of hazardous materials.

Course Cost: $75.75

Working in Natural Gas (240 hrs) Smithers • Jan. 16 to Feb. 23 Get the safety certificate training you need for entry-level work in the Natural Gas Industry.

Course Cost: Free (for eligible participants) To register or for more info call 1.877.277.2288 Ext. 5805

Course Cost: $245.75

Traffic Control Flagging (16 hrs) Smithers • Mar. 27 to 28 Terrace • Apr. 8 to 9, May 27 to 28 Hazelton • Apr. 22 to 23, Jun. 10 to 11 Kitimat • May 25 to 26 This course covers the skills and information you need to become a traffic control flag person. Participants must have CSA approved boots that cover the ankle.

Course Cost: $304.50


First Aid, Health & Safety

Occupational First Aid Level 1 (7 hrs) Terrace • Jan. 21, Feb. 24, Apr. 3, Apr. 29 Hazelton • Jan. 21, Mar. 18 Smithers • Feb. 10, Mar. 24, Apr. 10 Prince Rupert • Feb. 27, Mar. 10 Houston • Apr. 26 Kitimat • May 15 This introductory course will teach you basic first aid for the workplace. Learn basic life support (CPR-A), how to care for small wounds and keep someone safe with C-spine control. Participants must be 16 years or older and bring photo identification to class. This course includes the use of an automated external defibrillator.

Course Cost: $119.25

Occupational First Aid Level 3 (77 hrs) Masset • Jan. 17 to Jan. 30 Hazelton • May 8 to 25 Building on basic first aid, this course will teach you to deal with emergencies in remote work places. Students must complete a self-declaring medical form and be over 16 years of age. This course includes the use of an automated external defibrillator.

Red Cross CPR C (6 hrs) Terrace • Feb. 11 Learn how to respond to someone who is choking or can’t breathe. Level “C” covers adult, child, infant and Two-Rescuer CPR.

Course Cost: $109.25

Red Cross Emergency Child Care First Aid & CPR (8 hrs) Terrace · Mar. 4 Be prepared for childhood emergencies. This course is accepted by the British Columbia Provincial Child Care Facilities Licensing Board.

Course Cost: $130.75

Red Cross Marine Basic First Aid (16 hrs) Queen Charlotte • Mar. 2 to 3 Masset • Mar. 9 to 10 Terrace • Mar. 25 to 26 This course focuses on basic first aid in the maritime and fishing industry.

Course Cost: $240.00

Course Cost: $975.00

Red Cross Standard First Aid (16 hrs)

Paramedic in Industry (4 hrs)

Terrace • Mar. 11 to 12

Masset • Jan. 25

Learn how to respond to all kinds of emergencies. This course includes certification in CPR.

This professional training for Primary Care Paramedics, Advanced Care Paramedics and Critical Care Paramedics will prepare you to respond in industry settings. After you successfully complete this course you will be granted an Occupational First Aid Level 3 Paramedic in Industry certificate valid for three years. You must hold a valid Emergency Medical Assistance license and maintain a valid license for the three years you hold the Paramedic in Industry certificate.

Course Cost: $151.75

Course Cost: $217.50

Transportation Endorsement (7 hrs) Hazelton • Jan. 22, Mar. 19 Terrace • Feb. 25 Prince Rupert • Mar. 11 Smithers • Mar. 30 Houston • Apr. 27 Kitimat • May 16, May 17 Handle life-threatening emergencies and move injured or ill workers to medical aid. You must have Occupational First Aid Level 1.

Course Cost: $119.25


Outdoor Recreation & Safety

Firearms Safety (non-restricted) (16 hrs)

Helicopter Safety (4 hrs)

Smithers · Apr. 28 to 30

Smithers • Mar. 21, May 25

Learn how to safely handle and use firearms. This course is needed to apply for a non-restricted Possession Acquisition License (PAL).

Gain the skills to work safely around helicopters. Topics covered in this course include how to manage cargo, how to communicate with and/or signal the pilot, and identify safe landing spots. Once you successfully complete the course you will receive a Helicopter Safety Certificate.

Course Cost: $217.50

Course Cost: $217.50

Never stop learning Our mobile training units are fully equipped classrooms on wheels. We bring state-of-the-art training directly to where it’s needed. Call us today 1.877.277.2288 to find out how we can come to you.


Northwest Community College Never stop learning.

School of Exploration & Mining

Surface Diamond Drillers Helper Smithers • May 2 to 12 Gain basic knowledge and hands-on skills to work safely as a driller’s helper.

Course Cost: $3,817.00

Workforce Exploration Skills Training Smithers • May 11 to Jun. 19 This hands-on program for First Nations people will give you the skills and training you need to work in the mining and natural resource industry. Students live in a training camp for the duration of this 40 day program.

Course Cost: Free (for eligible persons) To register or for more info call 1.877.277. 2288 Ext. 5877

Mineral Processing Operator

Never Stop Learning

Smithers • Sep. 20 to Dec. 5 This entry-level job training program will prepare you for employment at mines that mill or process their ore. Mineral Processing Operators use equipment to separate valuable minerals and metals from rocks. You will gain the knowledge and skills to work safely at a mine site. You must have Grade 12 or a Adult Dogwood to register.

Course Cost: $6,860.00

The School of Exploration & Mining offers mobile and customizable courses or contract packages designed to meet your specific training needs. For more information call 1.877.277.2288 Ext. 5877.



Construction Project Management This course will give you the necessary tools to successfully manage a project.

Building a Community Workforce Masset • Jan. 30 to Jun. 16

First Level Supervisor Training Program

This program will allow you to explore multiple trades. A teacher will work to prepare you for industry training in a chosen trade. Successful candidates are eligible for further trades training funding.

Learn the basic skills and concepts to supervise a crew in the residential, institutional, commercial and civil construction sectors.

Construction Trades Labourer & Helper Program

Course Cost: $150.00

Course Cost: $400.00

Smithers • Feb. 27 to Jun. 2 Kitimat • Apr. 24 to Jul. 28

Intro to Construction Estimating

This program will prepare you for entry-level work as a labourer. Earn industry safety certifications, essential skills and learn how to work safely on a construction project.

Accurate estimating is critical to the financial success of a construction firm. Learn how to manage this important task.

Course Cost: $150.00

National Construction Safety Awareness Training

These programs are tuition free for eligible persons who are unemployed and need to upgrade their skills to find employment. Visit the Workforce Training & Contract Services page at for application details.

Understand what you can do to keep yourself, your coworkers and your work environment safe every day.

Course Cost: $100.00 Course delivered online via NWCC


Northwest Community College Never stop learning.

Gatlin Education

Professional Interpreter (40 hrs)

Travel Agent Training (250 hrs)

Develop the skills to be an efficient interpreter and communicator. Once you have completed this course you will be prepared to begin working as a professional interpreter in the public services setting.

Start your travel career with this course. You will learn about hotels and resorts, cruises, tours, international and domestic travel, specialty travel and more.

Course Cost: $2,095.00

Course Cost: $1,295.00

Digital Arts Certificate (360 hrs) Work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator alongside traditional materials like pencil and charcoal to master the technical skills in digital imaging. Course projects include retouching, compositing, digital illustration, and still life drawing.

Administrative Dental Assistant (150 hrs) This nationally recognized program will teach you the skills for managing the business aspects of a dental practice as an administrative dental assistant. Learn dental terminology and anatomy, medical records management, insurance and patient billing, patient scheduling, and more.

Course Cost: $2,095.00

Course Cost: $6,295.00

Administrative Professional (120 hrs) Prepare to work in a modern professional office with essential skills such as personal and professional ethics, communication skills, technology basics, records and financial management, event planning and travel and more.

Course Cost: $995.00

Webmaster (150 hrs) Web applications are a vital part of modern communication and web developers are in high demand. This course will prepare you for a successful career in web development

Course Cost: $2,295.00

Course delivered online via Gatlin Education For the complete Gatlin Education course catalogue go to:


Contacts for Workforce Training & Contract Services Terrace, Kitimat & Prince Rupert Tel: 250.638.5473 1.877.277.2288 Ext. 5473 Fax: 250.638.5432 5331 McConnell Ave Terrace B.C. V8G 4X2

Hazelton, Smithers & Houston Tel: 250.842.5291 1.877.277.2288 Ext. 5505 Fax: 250.842.5813 4815 Swannell Drive PO Box 338 Hazelton B.C. V0J 1Y0

#NWCCBC 1.877.277.2288 Northwest Community College Never stop learning.

Haida Gwaii Tel: 250.626.3670 1.877.277.2288 Ext. 5324 Fax: 250.626.3680 2151 Tahayghen PO Box 559 Masset B.C. V0T 1M0

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