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01 Introduction table of contents commercial //

law office [04] college of human sciences [08]

furniture design // light fixture [14] chair [20]


Introduction cont. table of contents retail //

firehouse [26]

photography //

photography [34]


Introduction cont. table of contents healthcare // haven [38] carillon [46]


law office about

The goal in this project was to design a law office with materials and furniture inspired by a famous designer. The designer given to me for this project was Josef Hoffmann. I used serveral fabrics which he designed, for wall art. Also included in this project are several chairs and sofas which he designed as well. A mix of contemporary furniture is also thrown in to keep the style up to date.


BT1 side table arm chair koller secessionist arm chair




conference perspective


college of human sciences about

The goal of this project was to create a new brand for the College of Human Sciences. Renovating a portion of the college to create a new dean’s suite and several classrooms was required. Keeping designs, colors and furniture was key to making the college more complete. My concept for this project was the workings of a tree and how it relates to a heirarchy. Not only was a closed floorplan an option, an open floorplan was avaliable as well.

level 1 floorplan

01 deans office floorplan

VERY executive seating LOOK side chair


open conference room perspective

open office floorplan

14 light fixture about

This lighting fixture was to be designed from inspiration after an assigned designer or architect. The architect that this particular fixture was inspired by Frank Llyod Wright. There were multiple items; buildings, similar forms, and light fixtures that Frank Llyod Wright designed that served as inspiration. Wright’s love of straight horizontal and vertical lines were taken into account, along with a play on some stained glass designs as well.

light fixture perspective

front elevation


birds eye view

20 chair about

This chair, named the boomerang chair, named such because of the shape of the seating boards and arm-rest boards used to create its figure. The idea for this chair came from striping down the parts of a chair into 2 main necessary parts, the back support and the seat. The figure came about from trying to take away any legs, and only using parts to create the back and seat functions.


chair extraction

26 firehouse about

The goal of this project was to renovate an old firestation on Bolyston Street in Boston, Massachusetts. This project was collaborative between several students of different majors. It was decided that retail, dining, and entertainment spaces would be incorporated. A new structure, a museum was built next to the firehouse. Site inventory was a major factor in deciding what the purpose of the building would become.

museum section

firehouse section

shoestore perspective

museum office perspective

4th level museum floorplan

34 photography about

Until just recently I had not given photography much thought. However, after taking my first photography class, I have discovered a love for it. The images shown in this portfolio are of theTexas Tech campus.

38 haven about

The goal of this project was to create a senior living facility in Bandon, Oregon. The theme of my project was harmony; the combination of several entities into a whole and working together efficiently. It was figured that sense of community, nature and security were the main necessities to create harmony in a senior living facility. The facility was planned in such a way that nature is incorporated throughout, a sense of community is implemented, as well as security from the circular layout of the building.

south building elevation

building section


dining room perspective

music room perspective

front exterior perspective

46 carillon study about

The goal of this project was to study the lighting of a building and determine whether or not it was effcicient, if not a new lighting plan must be proposed. Carillon is a senior licing facility located in Lubbock, TX. The elderly require more light to perform daily tasks, and balance their moods. I found that the lighting in some areas in Carillon was not sufficient to help elderly patients recognize the areas or navigate efficiently. Therefore I proposed a new plan, with more lighting in these areas and stronger accent lighting to allow for place recognition.


Case Study


Using focal glow and wall washing for wayfinding

Focal glow or wall washing are not included in current design

Dickenson, Amor, 2013

High ambient light in all areas for the elderly to perform everyday tasks

There are some areas with lower ambient lighting than others

Nussbauger, 2011

Low contrast carpet to prevent falling

Carpet in facility needs to be replaced the carpet is not extreme but could cause problems.

vanHoof, et al, 2010

Use of landmarks to help users find their way around the facility

There are no noticeable landmarks, overall design is quite confusing

Dickenson, Amor, 2013

Banding or trim in the carpet causes confusion for the elderly and may cause falling

There is banding against the walls

vanHoof, et al, 2010


accent lightimg for theatre room

new electrical plan

hallway lighting

2014 portfolio  
2014 portfolio  

compiled work undergrad/graduate interior design portfolio