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2015 New Member Handbook

Board of Directors President Kathryn Magura Assistant Director, Operations Oregon State University

Product & Services Coordinator Esther Gaines Associate Director of Residence Life Gonzaga University

President-Elect Craig Whitton Residence Area Coordinator University of Alberta

Alaska-Yukon Representative Leslie M. Byrd

Past-President Erik T. Elordi Director of Residential Facilities Cornish College of the Arts

Alberta Representative Bob Lambert Residence Life Coordinator Mount Royal University

Treasurer Drew Satter Area Coordinator Gonzaga University

British Columbia Representative Lawrence Lam Coordinator, Community Development & Student Leadership University of Victoria

Communications Director Kate Gannon Assistant Director Washington State University Technology Director Brian Kerrick Facilities Specialist for Custodial Operations University of Washington


new member handbook

Residence Life Coordinator Kenai Peninsula College

Oregon Representative Paul Wheeler Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life Central Oregon Community College Washington Representative Michelle Primley Benton Administrator for North Campus & Diversity Initiatives University of Washington

Welcome to NWACUHO! The Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers (NWACUHO) is an organization comprised entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to: 

Contributing to the improvement and coordination of housing and food service operations for students and professional staff working within member institutions. Sponsoring activities and services which assist its members and provides for them a means of exchanging and distributing professional information and ideas relating to the administration of the physical, social, and educational phases of housing and food service programs. Cooperating with other organizations in the fields of housing, food service, and related areas within institutions of higher education. Supporting and encouraging the professional development of the housing personnel of member institutions.

This handbook was designed to introduce you to the many services and opportunities available to NWACUHO members. We hope that the information will assist you in connecting with other members at your home institution and beyond, and in contributing your own knowledge and experiences to the Association. Looking for current updates and future events? Visit the NWACUHO website at for more information. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us! -NWACUHO Executive Board 3

new member handbook


NWACUHO is made up of individuals and institutions from the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and the American states of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

President Kathryn Magura Assistant Director, Operations Oregon State University

Kathryn Magura is the Assistant Director for Operations at Oregon State University. Kathryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration; both from Oregon State University. Kathryn has been working in the housing field for over a decade, and continues to look for ways to utilize technology to enhance the customer service experience on a college campus. A native Oregonian, Kathryn is very aware of the beauty in nature that surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest. A recent convert to running, Kathryn enjoys finding new races around the state to help her find new ways to see this great region of the world.


This membership is available to either individual members of ACUHO-I, or to institutions of higher education within the region which have housing officers involved in the coordination of administration, educational programming, food service, and housing and maintenance operations for students and staff members on or off the college or university campus. All staff and faculty within member institutions who have major involvement in that institution’s residence hall and family housing services and programs, are welcome to participate in the activities of, benefit from the services of, and hold office within NWACUHO. Affiliate institutional membership may be granted by the Executive Board in the case of governmental, nonprofit, or commercial organizations engaged in activities directly related to the purpose of the Association.


Be the housing industry’s leading regional association by providing professional enrichment that enhances the residential environment.


To enrich the housing profession through the promotion of best practices, professional development, collaborative sharing of ideas, and the examination of future trends relating to the administration of the physical, financial, social, and educational components of university and college housing programs.


new member handbook

Promote best practices

Encourage professional development

Foster the collaborative sharing of ideas

Examine future industry trends

THE STRUCTURE NWACUHO is led by an Executive Board of Directors. All positions, except the Provincial and State Representatives, which are appointed by the Executive Board, are elected by the general membership. President (1 year term; 3 year total commitment) - The president presides over all meeting of the Association and the Executive Board. They present a report outlining the state of the Association at the annual business meeting, and represents the Association at the ACUHO-I regional Presidents meeting. Lastly, the President fulfills all duties necessary to ensure that the Association meets the expectations presented in its constitution. President-Elect (1 year term; 3 year total commitment) - The President-Elect is a one year term position on a three year track towards providing primary leadership for the Association. As President-Elect, the incumbent is primarily responsible fro the conference program and working with the host committee on the development of the year’s annual conference. The President-Elect transitions to become the Association President in their second year of service with the Executive Board, and then Past-President in the overall leadership of the Association. Past-President (1 year term; 3 year total commitment) - the Past-President coordinates the annual election process for the Executive Board officers. The PastPresident facilitates the case study competition conducted at the annual conference, and also assists the President and President-Elect in the overall leadership of the Association. Communications Director (3 year term) - The Communications Director is primarily responsible for maintaining the official records of the Association, including meeting minutes, membership listings, directories, and other information. Another function of their role is to oversee the production elements for the NWACUHO Soundings Blog, as well as the New Member Handbook. Treasurer (3 year term) - The Treasurer is primarily responsible for providing fiscal guidance and advice to the Association and managing all on-going NWACUHO financial transactions, and associated record-keeping functions. The Treasurer prepares various reports as needed, including quarterly and annual financial reports, as well as the annual proposed operating budget and its coordinating membership dues. Product & Services Coordinator (2 year term) - The Product & Services Coordinator is primarily responsible for working with and acting as the liaison for the numerous exhibitors and sponsors of the Association. This officer plays a key role in soliciting sponsorship from vendors and exhibitors to fund professional development opportunities for the Association. Technology Director (3 year term) - The Technology Director oversees the online components of NWACUHO and is responsible for providing continuous design and informational updates and additions to the Association’s website; creating a website that is informative and comprehensive, navigationally easy and intuitive to use; and implementing the Association’s plan for internet service to the Association. State & Provincial Representatives (2 year term) - The State & Provincial Representatives act as a liaison to members in their respective state or province, and work to represent the concerns and voice of the Association’s membership. Representatives also work closely with the President-Elect on the annual conference program.


new member handbook

Past-President Erik T. Elordi Director of Residential Facilities Cornish College of the Arts Serving as your president has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my career. The people I have met, the places I’ve traveled on your behalf, and the lessons I’ve learned along the way were truly transformative. I cannot thank the board of directors and our members enough for allowing me to have this opportunity. Transitioning to the pastpresident role is bittersweet. After a year of long days, countless meetings, and lots of travel, it’s nice to be able to turn over the responsibilities to someone else. However, it also means I’ve started the last year of my service on the board of directors, and the end of this amazing experience is quickly coming. I look forward to the next year as past-president on the board and I’m excited to find new ways to be involved with the association once this time is done. Thank you to everyone that has support and encouraged me over the last year.


Membership in the Association provides a number of tangible benefits to individuals and institutions. These include periodic publications, conferences, workshops, opportunities to serve in leadership positions, involvement in standing committees, and networking tools.


President-Elect Craig Whitton Residence Area Coordinator University of Alberta

Hi NWACUHO! My name is Craig and I'm extremely excited to be serving as your President Elect! I hail from Edmonton, where I work for the University of Alberta. I love dogs, motorcycles, and being outside -- for me, there's no such thing as camping "season" -- January or June, I'll be in the mountains! I'm thrilled to be heading to Alaska in 2016 for our Annual Conference, as I know Anchorage has a lot to offer, and I hope to see you all there!

Soundings is the name of our previous newsletter for NWACUHO. In Summer 2015, we transitioned to a blog format, to allow the region to connect more frequently and informally. You are able to retrieve past issues of the Soundings Newsletter on the NWACUHO website, and also submit your own blog post through the website, or by emailing the Communications Director,

CONFERENCES & WORKSHOPS NWACUHO provides several conferencing opportunities throughout he year where members have the ability to network, share information and ideas, and participate in regional business. The annual NWACUHO conference, typically held in February of each year, is the largest of the conferences. Central to the conference agenda are a wide range of participant-facilitated programming sessions and roundtables, keynote addresses, a growing job placement center, vendor exhibits, and several social events. During the remainder of the academic year, NWACUHO sponsors, often in collaboration with member institutions throughout the region, issue-specific workshops that apply to various areas of the profession. Announcements of these events are distributed to members via email and posted on our social media outlets and the website.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT NWACUHO provides funding for various programs on a regional, national, and international level, including scholarships and reduced rates for conferences, professional development opportunities, publications, committee work, and recognition. The following is a short list of the many initiates that are supported by NWACUHO funding:

Reduced registration rates for the annual NWACUHO regional conference

Sponsorship for Best of the Northwest” program presentation at the ACUHO-I Annual Conference

Hosting of the NWACUHO regional reception at the ACUHO-I annual conference

  

Regional, state, and provincial day and drive-in workshops NWACUHO Committee work Scholarships for the “Outstanding New Professional” and “Excellence in Service” annual award recipients


new member handbook

COMMITTEES NWACUHO members are encouraged to join any of the three committees that meet throughout the year to plan and develop new ways to serve the region and its professionals. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees, or would like more information, pleas visit:

Communications Committee Provide content and means for continual communication among members throughout the region, beyond the annual conference. This committee supports the Soundings blog, the website, the listserv, and other social media initiatives. Committee Chair: Brock Sieb Eastern Washington University

Membership Engagement Committee Provide opportunities for members to engage in association business, interact with other members and contribute to the housing. This committee also provides great resources, such as: a list of regional activities, the mentorship program, members missed connections, and a forum for parents and families within NWACUHO to connect. Committee Chair: Lauren Adams The University of Washington

Professional Development Committee Provide professional development opportunities, beyond conferences, to all levels and functional areas within the housing profession. This committee also works to organize our First Friday Webinar series, where there is an online, FREE webinar on the first Friday of every month. You can also find t he webinar archive here: http:// Committee Chair: Kate B. Flowers The University of Washington 7

new member handbook

Treasurer Drew Satter Area Coordinator Gonzaga University

My name is Drew Satter and I am an Area Coordinator at Gonzaga University! I love being a part of the Northwest as I grew up in rural eastern Oregon and have studied and worked at a few places in the Northwest and think it is the best place to live and work (I may be biased). I’m currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in Business Administration at Gonzaga University, as I am naturally pulled to the business side of Housing and Residence Life to supplement my current knowledge. I enjoy being involved with NWACUHO as our treasurer and know that the money that our association stewards is an important responsibility. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Communications Director Kate Gannon Assistant Director Washington State University

Hello and welcome to NWACUHO! I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and have worked and been involved in a few different regions during my career. I have been fortunate to see what regional involvement can do to help you connect your professional identity across spaces and people. What I love about regional organizations is the ability to more directly connect with colleague in YOUR region. The friendliness and passion for helping students is what makes NWACUHO great, and I hope you will engage in your Association. I look forward to meeting folks, whether online, through social media, or at annual conferences -- let’s connect! @GannonKate


If you are new to NWACUHO, attending regional conferences, even in the friendliest of regions, can leave some feeling a bit overwhelmed. How do you strike up a conversation? What vendors should you be chatting with? With so many questions folks can have, we wanted to put together some tips to help you feel more comfortable and engaged in the NWACUHO conference experience!  You often get name tags with ribbons attached to them that say things like “New Professional” or “Presenter.” Think of these as post it conversation tips. Ask other new folks what their experiences have been like. Most of the time, they have gone through some of the same road bumps that come with being a new professional. Ask presenters what they are talking about and why they found that topic interesting. Find a board member and ask them why they got involved in NWACUHO.  Though it is human nature to stay in our comfort zones and talk to people we already know, we encourage you to step outside of that zone at the conference. Sit at tables with people you don’t already know. Meals are a great time to chat with people in a less formal environment. There are also enough people at tables to carry the conversations until you are comfortable enough to jump in.  Attend the New Professionals events, including the first evening’s New Professional Social event. Find a few other new professionals [look for that ribbon!] and chat with them on the way. Make plans to meet up again at one of the breaks to go around and visit with exhibitors and vendors.  Present a program! We are all knowledgeable professionals with unique experiences, so share that information. If you are not sure what you might present on, ask your colleagues and supervisors. If you don’t feel comfortable presenting on your own, ask a friend or mentor to present with you. Ask a board member if there are other folks interested in that topic and we can help connect you with colleagues across the region. Two presenters equal half the stress.

new member handbook

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT @ THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE  Participate in the Case Study Competition and ask to be paired up with people you do not know. You can learn a lot about other institutions and the way they operate through informal conversations with your case study partner(s). Just like high stress situations can bring our residence hall communities together, the sense of competition can also bring you and your partner(s) closer.  Conferences are a time when business cards fly! After you meet someone and get their card, flip it over and write some notes about your conversation and any other interesting facts down. This gives you a great starting place for after the conference for email correspondence, while also integrating the personal relationship element. The conference attendee list is another great place to make similar notes. Don’t be afraid to email these folks after the conference to ask them more about their areas of expertise or even what they presented on at the conference.  Check out the recommended reading list in this handbook. Reading The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Soundings Blog, and the Talking Stick on a regular basis are also easy ways to gain professional development on a budget.  NWACUHO has funding for 1 Drive-In Conference per state/ province each year. get ambitious and plan your Drive-In! your state/provincial representative can help you figure out where to start and connect you with resources in your area!


new member handbook

Product & Services Coordinator Esther Gaines Associate Director of Residence Life Gonzaga University Hello, I am excited to welcome you to the NWACUHO region. I have been involved in NWACUHO for the past 7 years and it has been a truly rewarding experience. There are many ways you can gain from the organization and I hope you take advantage of the ones that will benefit you the most. For me personally, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to serve on a task force in the past and currently serve on the board as the Products and Services Coordinator. It has not only been an amazing way for me to meet people and get connected to the association, it has also been an outstanding learning opportunity for me. So don’t be afraid to jump in and start learning! I am currently the Associate Director of Residence Life at Gonzaga University. This position entails supervising 2 Area Coordinators and serving as the primary manager of Residence Life. Before this position, I worked as an RD at Gonzaga for three years and as an Area Coordinator at Gonzaga for 3 years. Prior to that I worked at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Washington State University (as an undergraduate student), and I taught at a high school just north of Spokane for a year. I grew up in the inland northwest and love the chance to be a part of this great region!

STAY CONNECTED Technology Director Brian Kerrick Facilities Specialist for Custodial Operations University of Washington It’s hard to believe this is already my third year as the Technology Director for the Board of Directors. Since attending my first NWACUHO conference in 2012, I have been embraced by this wonderful housing community of professionals who share a commitment for the oncampus housing experience and the students it serves. NWACUHO continues to play such an important role in my professional development and I’d encourage all of you to become more involved with the organization this year. Whether that means volunteering at the conference, submitting a presentation proposal, joining a committee or even running for the Board, put yourself out there a little further this year. I can assure you that NWACUHO will be a memorable part of your career and introduce you to some of the best people in our field. Personally, I recently joined the Housing & Food Services team at the University of Washington in Seattle after four years at the UW Bothell campus. In my new role as the Facilities Specialist for Custodial Operations, I oversee custodial operations for 7200 beds and supervise some incredible staff members who help keep our facilities in great condition throughout the year. Having been a part of this program as an RA and food service worker during my undergraduate studies, I’m grateful to have “come home” and rejoin this 10 wonderful team.

Search for “NWACUHO” under Groups and ask to join. You can share photos, engage in discussions, or connect with friends from around the region.

Join our email listserv to get the latest news and articles on various topics from the Soundings Blog to next year’s annual conference. membership/get-connected

Follow the latest trends and institutional updates on Twitter with other professionals from the region. Follow us along the way! @NWACUHO

It’s Facebook, but for professionals. Check out all of the professional connections you can find by linking into the NWACUHO profile.

ASSOCIATION AWARDS & HONORS FOR NEW PROFESSIONALS The NWACUHO New Professional ScholarThis scholarship is designed to make participation in the annual NWACUHO conference possible for new professionals within their first 3 years of full-time experience, who are interested in working in housing and residence life. This scholarship consists of accommodations during the conference, and reimbursement of registration and travel expenses up to $900(USD). There are 2 scholarships available, with preference given for 1 Canadian delegate and 1 American delegate. Recipients will be expected to present/co-present a program during the annual conference and also submit a blog post to the Soundings.

The ACUHO-I New Professional Scholarship This scholarship was established by NWACUHO in 2005, to provide new professionals with financial support to attend the Annual ACUHO-I Conference. The recipient of this scholarship will receive up to $1,000(USD) toward registration, hotel, meals, and transportation for the conference. To quality, applicants must have no more than 3 years of full-time experience in housing and residence life. Undergraduate and graduate school experience is not counted in the 3 year limit requirement.

Best of the Northwest This recognition is bestowed upon the top program sessions presenters from each annual conference, based on evaluations by conference attendees. Selection takes into account the relevance of the content as well as the quality of the presentation. Each year, 1 program is selected for Best of the Northwest recognition, as well as a runner-up. The presenters of the top program, receive a NWACUHO sponsored trip to the ACUHO-I Annual Conference to present their winning program at that conference as well.

Case Study Competition Each year at the annual NWACUHO conference, new professionals are given the opportunity to participate in a case study competition. Participants are placed into inter-institutional groups and given a residence life or housing scenario to analyze. On the second day of the conference, groups give presentations which are judged by senior residence life and housing officers. A winning team is then selected and an award is presented at the closing banquet.

The NWACUHO Vennie Gore Scholarship This scholarship is designed to make participation in the annual NWACUHO conference possible for graduate students and professionals within their first 3 years of full-time experience, who are interested in working in housing and residence life. The scholarship is specifically need-based to allow new professionals to attend whose personal funding or institutional support would normally prohibit participation. This is a needs-based scholarship that consists of the reimbursement of registration and travel expenses up to $500(USD).


new member handbook

Oregon Representative Paul Wheeler Assistant Director of Housing & Residence Life Central Oregon Community College

Paul has worked at COCC since 2007; first as an Academic/Career Advisor and now as the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life. Paul previously worked at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH as a Residence Hall Director for seven years. Paul has a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Idaho and a M.Ed. in Counseling from Plymouth State University. Paul grew up in Oregon (Roseburg and Medford) and enjoys living and recreating in Bend with his wife and two kids. Paul enjoys all forms of outdoor recreation; is an avid bicycle commuter; and is a licensed wedding officiant.

TIMELINE FOR 2015: Below are the dates for program submissions for the Annual Conference in 2016, Scholarships & Awards for NWACUHO:  SUBMISSIONS OPEN Friday, October 16th  SUBMISSIONS DUE Friday, October 30th  NOTIFICATIONS SENT OUT Friday, November 13th

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Washington Representative Michelle Primley Benton Administrator for North Campus & Diversity Initiatives University of Washington Welcome to NWACUHO! We are delighted to introduce you to the region, and hope that you’ll take advantage of the great opportunities and resources NWACUHO has to offer. Regardless of where you are in your professional career, NWACUHO provides avenues to share your strengths and expertise, and to learn from your outstanding colleagues throughout the region. I am proud to have been involved with NWACUHO since my start in Residential Life at the University of Washington, where I am currently a Residential Life Administrator; I will be wrapping my second term as the Washington State Representative for the NWACUHO Board this year. I hope that each of you connect, explore, and challenge yourself here in the region. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Board to get started; we are here to serve you! I’d love to connect with you; you can find me on Twitter at @mpbenton. I hope to meet many of you at the Annual Conference in Anchorage!


NWACUHO supports several programs and organizations that provide its members with the opportunity to enhance their educational development and intensify their programmatic, leadership, and advising skills.

Residence Life Professional Association (RLPA) Originating in the province of Alberta, Canada, this dynamic association has grown to include member institutions from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Montana. The purpose of RLPA is to provide a venue for residence life professionals to share information, address regional issues, and offer skill development. The association hosts a student leadership conference every September, supports the Alberta Student Services Conference in May, hosts professional development workshops in June, and holds their general meetings in November and March. For more information, visit their website at:

ACUHO-I Stars College Initiated in 2003, the ACUHO-I Stars College is a precursor to the Annual ACUHO-I Conference in the summer, where 40 current college sophomores and juniors interested in a career within Student Affairs, enroll in an intensive 2-day session with leaders from many areas of the field. Registration is available in January of each year.

ACUHO-I Internship Program Since 1977, ACUHO-I has coordinated this program, which has allowed numerous host colleges and universities the opportunity to offer valuable internships to both undergraduate and graduate students. The goal is for both parties to gain additional experience and insight at another institution, and be able to better appreciate the housing professions.

new member handbook

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT National Housing Training Institute (NHTI) NHTI provides a thorough and intensive professional development experience for professionals with three to five years of full-time experience who are looking to further their careers in housing. Participants meet and interact with other colleagues, establish mentor relationships with experts in the field, create professional development plans, and gain skills and competencies needed to meet the current and future demands of the profession. NWACUHO offers 2 different scholarships to help new professionals attend this prestigious institute.

PACURH The Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (PACURH) is 1 of 8 regional affiliates of NACURH. The purpose is to design and facilitate programs and informational services to promote the educational goals of residence hall students through discussion groups, seminars, and speakers at the annual regional conference. Many of our NWACUHO member institutions also fall within the PACURH region, and connect at those conferences as RHA/NRHH Advisors. There is also a curriculum of developmental and skill-based programs specifically designed for advisors of the region.

...and of course joining a NWACUHO committee or running for an Executive Board position!


new member handbook

British Columbia Representative Lawrence Lam Coordinator, Community Development & Student Leadership University of Victoria Hello and welcome to NWACUHO! My name is Lawrence Lam and I am excited to be representing beautiful British Columbia within our professional family. Originally from Ontario, I began my adventures in Residence Life at McMaster University. I made the move to the Pacific Northwest to be an Residence Life Coordinator at the University of Victoria in 2010. I have since taken on the role of Coordinator, Community Development & Student Leadership. Having been new to the region and profession, NWACUHO has provided me with countless opportunities for growth. Through First Friday Webinars, the Annual Conference and idea sharing with all the talented colleagues across the region, the Association has really helped me success in y endeavors. Previous to my Board position, I have been able to give back to NWACUHO in the role of co-chair of the Drive-In Taskforce and I have really enjoyed the experience working closer to so many fantastic people. In my spare time, I enjoy sailing, SCUBA diving and traveling. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or just wish to chat ( I hope we have a chance to meet in Anchorage!


Learning Reconsidered: A Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience, NASPA & ACPA, 2004

Alberta Representative Bob Lambert Residence Life Coordinator Mount Royal University

Welcome to NWACUHO! My name is Bobby Lambert and I am happy to serve on the Board of Directors as your Alberta Representative. I am currently working for Mount Royal University as a Residence Life Coordinator in Calgary, Alberta and this will be my first full year on the board. This past year, I was fortunate to attend both NWACUHO in Salem, Oregon and ACUHO-I in Orlando, Florida. If I could offer one piece of advice for new professionals, it would be to take part in the abundance of opportunities NWACHO offers. Present at a conference, volunteer on a committee, or listen in to the First Friday Webinars. There are tons of ways to get involved! I have learned such a great amount through these experiences and I know you will too! Have a great year and I hope to see you in Anchorage, Alaska. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. (

Realizing the Educational Potential of Residence Halls, Charles Schroeder Phyllis Mabel Student Success in College: Creating Conditions that Matter, Elizabeth Witt, George Kuh, John Schuh, & Jillian Kinzie Learning-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice, MaryEllen Weimer

Perception & Communication Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion, George Thompson & Jerry Jenkins Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time, Susan Scott

Mentoring Big Questions, Worthy Dreams: Mentoring Young Adults in their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith, Sharon Parks

Diversity What Makes Racial Diversity Work in Higher Education: Academic Leaders Describe Successful Models, F. Hale Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs, (Jossey-Bass Higher & Adult Education Series), Raechele Pope, Amy Reynolds, John Miller The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century, Thomas L. Friedman Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice: A Sourcebook for Teachers and Trainers, Edited by Maurianne Adams, Lee Anne Bell, & Pat Griffin

Counseling Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for Change, William Miller & Stephen Rollnick College of the Overwhelmed: The Campus Mental Health Crisis and What to Do About It, Richard Kadison & Thereasa DiGeronimo


new member handbook

First Year Experience Challenging and Supporting the First Year Student: A Handbook for Improving the First Year of College, M. Lee Upcraft, John M. Gardner, Betsy O. Barefoot & Associates

Leadership & Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior: Foundations, Realities, and Challenges with CDRom and InfoTrac, Debra Nelson & James Campbell Rethinking Student Affairs Practice, Patrick Love & Sandra Estanek The Leadership Challenge, James Kouzes & Barry Posner The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey

Legal Issues

Alaska-Yukon Representative Leslie M. Byrd Residence Life Coordinator Kenai Peninsula College

Law of Higher Education: A Comprehensive Guide to Legal Implications of Administrative Decision Making, William Kaplan & Barbara Lee The Rights and Responsibilities of The Modern University: Who Assumes the Risks of College Life?, Robert Bickle & Peter Lake

Generational & History Millennials Go To College, Neil Howe & William Strauss American College and University: A History, Fredrick Rudolf Generation Me, Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D

Finance Contemporary Financial Issues in Student Affairs: New Directions for Student Services, #103, John Schuh Binge: What your College Student Won’t Tell You, Barrett Seaman

General Student Affairs Student Development in College: Theory, Research, and Practice, Nancy Evans, DeAnna Forney, & Florence Guito-Dibrito Handbook of Student Affairs Administration, Margaret Barr & Mary Desler Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession, 4th Edition, Susan Komives & Dudley Woodward Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs, M.J. Amey & L.M. Reesor, (Eds.) Promoting Reasonable Expectations: Aligning Student & Institutional Views of the College Experience, Thomas Miller, Barbara Bender, & John Schuh Contested Issues in Student Affairs: Diverse Perspectives and Respectful Dialogue, Edited by Peter M. Magolda & Marcia B. Baxter Magolda 15

new member handbook

Hello, NWACUHO! My name is Leslie an di am the current representative for Alaska/Yukon. I am fairly new to the region, and was also very active in my previous region of SWACUHO and have had the opportunity to attend several ACUHO-I LLC Conferences. I am the Residence Life Coordinator for the brand new Res Life program at Kenai Peninsula College, a regional branch of the University of Alaska Anchorage. The bulk of my professional experience comes from my five years as a Hall Manager/Area Coordinator at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. As an undergrad, I stumbled upon this field and immediately fell in love with its youthful and empowering nature. I changed my degree and never looked back. I plan to share that passion with the region in hopes to increase membership and continue the strong tradition that lives in the ACUHO -I family.


new member handbook

NWACUHO New Member Handbook 2015