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the soundings the official nwacuho newsletter

northwest association of college and university housing officers

the soundings the official nwacuho newsletter

northwest association of college and university housing officers

executive committee President Kelly Ammendolia Assistant Director of Residence Life University of Puget Sound 1500 N. Warner St. #1003 Tacoma, WA 98416-1003 253.879.3317 kammendolia@pugetsound. edu President Elect Erik T. Elordi Assistant Director of Family Housing & Conference Services Southern Oregon University 1250 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR 97520 541.552.6229 Past President Elaine Ames Operations and Marketing Manager, UHNSP Central Washington University 400 E. University Way, MS 7513 Ellensburg, Washington 98926 509.963.1838

Treasurer David Akana Assistant Director for Residential Education Oregon State University University Housing & Dining Services 102 Buxton Hall Corvallis, OR 97331-1317 541.737.9965 david.akana@oregonstate. edu Secretary Jenni Chadick Assistant Director of Residence Life University of Puget Sound 1500 N. Warner St. #1003 Tacoma, WA 98416-1003 253.879.3317 Newsletter Editor Rachel Rasmussen Residence Director Gonzaga University 502 East Boone, MSC 2515 Spokane, Washington 99258 509.313.4648

Website Administrator Brian Kerrick Housing Services Coordinator University of Washington, Bothell Box 358555 18115 Campus Way NE Bothell, WA 98011-8246 425.352.3839 Products and Services Coordinator Esther Gaines Area Coordinator Gonzaga University 502 East Boone, MSC 2515 Spokane, Washington 99258 509.313.4155 Alaska-Yukon Representative Samantha Callister Residence Coordinator University of Alaska Anchorage 3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane MAC 6-103 Anchorage, AK 99508 907.751.7426

Alberta Representative Craig Whitton Residence Coordinator University of Alberta 1-044 Lister Centre Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2H6 780.492.9495 British Columbia Representative Lawrence Lam Coordinator, Community Development & Student Leadership University of Victoria. PO Box 1700 STN CSC Victoria BC V8W 2Y2 250.853.3136 Oregon Representative Dawn Snyder Operations Manager Oregon State University University Housing & Dining Services 102 Buxton Hall Corvallis, OR 97331-1317 .541.737.3231 dawn.snyder@oregonstate. edu

Washington State Representative Michelle Primley Benton Administrator for North Campus/Diversity Initiatives University of Washington Housing & Food Services 206.543.4862 mprimley@hfs.washington. edu

A Letter From the President


Mattress Support


New Kids on the Block


President’s Annual Report 2012


NWACUHO Wrap-Up Report


the soundings the official NWACUHO newsletters soundings editorial board The editorial board is comprised of volunteer members throughout the NWACUHO region. Duties include assisting in the development of an editorial schedule, submission of interest articles, and soliciting articles and feedback from the members of the association. If you are interested in being a member of the editorial board, please contact your state or provincial representative or the newsletter editor. editorial and submission policies Deadlines for publications are based on distribution needs, and therefore it is important that members honor the established deadlines. Material not received on time, or not used due to space limitations will be considered for use in the next issue. Because soundings is the official publication of an educational association and reflects the professional standards of its members, necessary revisions will be made to ensure publication quality. soundings also reserves the right to edit submissions for space requirements.   Authors bear full responsibility for references, quotations, and data accuracy of publications submissions. Authors also hold NWACUHO harmless from any liability resulting from publications of articles submitted for printing.   Be sure to clearly indicate the author(s) and institution(s) on all submissions. Permission is granted to reproduce portions of soundings’ contents with proper attribution and credit to soundings.   Advertisements in the soundings should not be considered an endorsement. For information on exhibitor advertising rates please contact: Esther Gaines, Product & Services Coordinator at or 509-313-4155. Please send all submissions (articles, letters to the association, updates from around the region, and announcements) to: Rachel Rasmussen, soundings editor at **Please attach articles using MS word document or type the submission into an email.



a letter from the president By As I was thinking back over this past year,

probably learned many new things and, most

I found that over time, NWACUHO has be-

likely, you learned something about yourself.

come part of my daily life at the office. It was

That is the gift to be cherished and experi-

one of those gradual things, the kind that you

enced. Have you wondered if you would like

don’t notice until you look back and see the

to take on a more active role in NWACUHO? I

whole year.

Last February, it seemed that

encourage all of you to do so. For some of you,

the upcoming year was overwhelming. The

it may seem frightening and overwhelming,

only way that I could handle it was to look

but there is an incredible amount of support.

at only what was in the immediate future.

The 2012 board of directors accomplished

It began with the monthly meetings. The

so many things this past year. They deserve

agenda needed to be developed and for me,

much praise and recognition for the multitude

that meant that the presidential trio, the trea-

of hours that were given to meet our goals. I

surer, secretary or other members of the board

hope each of them can look back with a great

and I had to discuss what was on the agen-

deal of satisfaction and pride of a job well done.

da. Working on NWACUHO meetings, master

This upcoming year will be equally busy and

plan, regional reception, and the conference

exciting. The new president, Kelly Ammendo-

was slowly integrated into my daily schedule.

lia, is a dynamic leader and the 2013 board

What seemed so overwhelming was broken

of directors are charismatic and talented pro-

down to smaller deadlines and accomplish-


ments that were manageable on a daily basis.

reach, business decisions to make, an Edmon-

Elaine Ames NWACUHO PastPresident

With more master plan goals to

Maybe some of you have also had those

ton, Alberta conference to plan, webinar and

experiences, the kind that made you won-

drive-in conferences to attend, 2013 will be an

der what on earth you were thinking when

action packed year. Join the fun and take an

you agreed to doing something new and dif-

active role in making NWACUHO even better!

ferent. And then, it all worked out and looking back, it was a great experience.


the soundings

Winter 2013



the soundings

Winter 2013


NWACUHO Soundings

iron bed frames were state of the art 30 years ago, and we have happily left them behind. Some other (important) things to consider: Cost: Mattresses come with a wide variety of durability and construction. As stated above, try and make the mattress a key element in

Mattress Support

the furnishings budget, not an afterthought, or straightforward assumption. Buy the best mattresses you can afford. Comfort: Once you have a price point set,

The Unsung Heros of Residence Housing

that provide a fresh look to the entire

the market that can greatly enhance

outside of the mattress, while also

the comfort and perceived quality of

sealing off the mattress from dust

a mattress, and they are typically a

mites and other allergens, as well as

modest investment. You could also

making the mattress less susceptible

suggest a topper to students, perhaps

to bed bugs and other pests. These

even broker the purchase in such

covers are also a good idea on new

a way that the student gets to take

mattresses if the mattress is not

advantage of some volume pricing,

resistant to allergens and pests as

and the convenience of having the

built. In systems where there are a

topper in the room when they arrive. Add plywood: If you are using a

get a variety of mattresses to try out and solicit

base or platform that is metal slats

student feedback. There are many different

By Dave Craig, Assistant Director Residential Education Oregon State University

or springs, consider adding a piece

construction methods and materials that can be

of plywood to the bedframe to make

used in today’s mattress choices, these all play

the mattress feel firmer. This will take

a role in the comfort of the mattress. Comfort Did you know that the college student who spends 10 hours per day either sleeping or “hanging out” in their residence

the mattress first, not as an afterthought. various vendors for students to climb on, sit at, and generally


try out. How many of us have done the same with mattresses?

They probably spend more time on the mattress than they do

I recommend setting up several of the same bedframe (so

on any other piece of furniture we provide. With the importance

students don’t get hung up on what the bed looks like) and

of restful sleep to our overall health and wellbeing the mattress

letting students try out and give feedback on 3 or 4 mattresses

plays a critical, albeit subtle role in our residents’ academic

from 3 or 4 different sources. Pay attention to this feedback! Let

success and overall satisfaction.

it play a significant role in the purchase decision!

that we do not allow students to use their own mattress. This combination of factors makes the selection and maintenance of

the time. None of us are still building in furniture and using cast


Winter 2013

buildings with mattresses that are

the higher the cost, but the lower cost per year

nearing the end of their life span.

of life. Consider this along with comfort when

This gives the student the chance to

making the purchase decision.

make their housing bed feel almost

Maintenance: Yes indeed, they do require maintenance. While many new mattresses don’t require flipping, it is still a good idea to at least trade the head end for the foot end annually. This can be easily done as part of a summer deep clean/room maintenance cycle. Extending the life of your mattress:

twenty years ago because that is our standard? After all those

the soundings

provided mattress optional in

of life spans, typically the longer the life span,

should we be buying a mattress that was state of the art ten or

One: When building your budget for room furnishings plan for

consider making the use of the

Durability: mattresses come with a variety

iron all in one bed frames in new construction or renovation, why How can your mattresses become heroes?

the space to store mattresses

some in-depth feedback.

Many of us make different furniture decisions as we build/


Mattresses optional: If you have

try them out for a month at a time and giving you

and move to new technology as you do projects. renovate buildings based on the project and what is available at

an older mattress feel new.

considering and having students (perhaps RAs)

Three: standardization is good, but don’t be afraid to innovate

a quality mattress critical to the success of any student housing

plywood to the frame, but can make

Consider purchasing a few of each type you are

Two: We have all set up demos of room furniture from

hall room spends 42 percent of their time on the mattress we

Due to its size and our limited storage spaces it is likely

some labor to cut, sand, and affix the

is subjective, so a wide opinion base is ideal.

Add a new cover: There are many products


just like home because it is. It’s also variety of mattress types the uniform

helpful to keep some new or newer

appearance of the same cover

mattresses on hand so that they can

used on all mattresses also give the

be easily switched out for students

perception of uniform quality across

that raise concerns.

the system.

Happy sleeping!

Consider adding toppers: There are a variety of mattress toppers on

Winter 2013


NWACUHO Soundings


David Akana Treasurer Assistant Director for Residential Education Oregon State University Hello NWACUHO. My name is David Akana and I am beginning my first year as Treasurer for the Association. I am a Washington native and have been in this region for my entire career. I can tell you that this is a great Association with terrific professionals dedicated to the student success and professional growth. Throughout my professional career, I have benefited greatly from NWACUHO, from my journey as an undergraduate Resident Advisor at Western Washington University to my current role as Assistant Director in Residential Education at Oregon State University. No matter how much time I had to contribute or what my interest areas were, I always found tremendous opportunities here. There is always a way to participate and the opportunity to work with colleagues across our region is invaluable. Please feel free to contact me at any time (david.akana@oregonstate. edu).

The New Kids on the Block

Rachel Rasmussen Newsletter Editor Residence Director Gonzaga University Although I am new to the NWACUHO region, I am truly excited about the professional development opportunities that are available through this organization. I believe that having the space and time to come together as professionals to share our ideas is the best way for us to ensure we are continuously improving how we work with our students. I look forward to doing this as the Newsletter Editor through the Soundings, but that can’t happen without your help! Please submit any articles, topics, or ideas to me at

NWACUHO wellcomes the new executive board members to their officer roles.

I have been serving as a Residence Director at Gonzaga University since June, and I have loved my time in the Northwest so far. I am originally from Alabama and attended graduate school at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, so moving here has been quite the change from living in the South! I currently work in the largest first-year hall on Gonzaga’s campus, and I appreciate the challenge and energy that comes from working with first-year students. I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to explore this area of the country during my time here!

Erik Elordi President-Elect Assistant Director of University Housing Southern Oregon University

Dawn Snyder Oregon State Representative Operations Manager Oregon State University

Greetings NWACUHO! I’m very excited to be serving NWACUHO as President-Elect. A native of Idaho, I’ve called Oregon home for eight years. I’m currently the Assistant Director of University Housing at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR. My position is primarily focused on business operations, project management, conference services, and family housing. Before working at Southern Oregon, I got my professional start at Oregon State University as a Resident Director.

I attended and presented at my first NWACUHO annual conference in 2010 and knew right away there was something special about this region. I am thrilled to be joining the NWACUHO board as the Oregon representative and meeting even more of my colleagues through this organization. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I know what a difference it made for me (and my sense of belonging) to talk with a board member at my first annual conference and gain his wisdom on navigating the organization. Our conversations spurred my engagement and investment with NWACUHO. If I can help and be that person for you, I’d be honored to listen, answer your questions, and share my experience with you. Let’s chat! Email: Twitter: @snyderdm.

This will be my third year on the board after serving the last two years as the Oregon Representative. I’m looking forward to my expanded role and getting to work with our members throughout the region as we continue implementing our master plan and improving the association for all our members. NWACUHO provides amazing opportunities to make new professional colleagues, friends, and lifelong connections. My involvement in NWACUHO has played a significant part in my professional development and I hope we can work together over the coming year so it becomes a part of yours. If there is anything myself or the rest of the board can do to support you and your professional development, do not hesitate to let us know!


Winter 2013


Winter 2013

2012 22013


NWACUHO Soundings Brian Kerrick Website Administrator Housing Services Coordinator University of Washington, Bothell

Creating a cultural shift within an institution is a challenging, lengthy process. Historically speaking, residence halls have served as spaces in which social interaction and community involvement flourish, often times resulting in a divide between the residential experience and academic career of a college student. Untapped potential exists within residence halls to truly enhance student skills and academic competencies outside of the classroom. For three years now, University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) at Oregon State University (OSU) has been actively pursuing further opportunities for enhancing the academic experience of our residential population. Much of this work stems from feedback provided by campus part-

I’m thrilled to be joining the NWACUHO Board this year after attending my first annual conference last February! The conference in Ashland was a memorable experience where I participated in the case study competition as a new professional, and had the chance to reconnect with old colleagues from the Seattle campus where I had worked previously as an RA! I began my professional housing career as one of UW Bothell’s first Resident Directors before transitioning into business operations last June. In my current role, my duties include managing the billing, applications, assignments and website for our young housing program. I’m excited to develop and evolve NWACUHO’s presence online, and I hope that anyone will feel comfortable contacting me with their ideas for the website.

Craig Whitton Alberta Representative Residence Coordinator University of Alberta Hello NWACUHO-ites! My name is Craig Whitton and I am extremely pleased to be serving as your Alberta Representative for the next 2 years! This will be my first formal position with NWACUHO, but I was very fortunate to have attended both Vancouver in 2011 and Ashland in 2012, and I cannot wait to see some friends, old and new, in Tacoma this year. Previously, I have been involved in the RLPA, which is a Western-Canadian focused professional association, as Communications Coordinator, and as Alberta Rep I hope to bring Wild Rose country just a wee bit closer to all of our friends in the Pacific North West.

ners (academic departments and support services), as well as critical reflection on the part of leadership within the department. Reorienting the strategic goals of UHDS to account for academic success and student development (our first strategic goal, to be exact), the Residential Education branch of University Housing aims to make academics a central component of the community experience one encounters at OSU. As the Graduate Teaching Assistant for Academic Success and Engagement, my task has involved leading programmatic efforts that challenge students to look beyond traditional measures of a successful college career (grades, GPAs, and even getting a degree) as well as creating ongoing conversations

on the subject of academics within our residential communities. Why are students choosing Oregon State or any institution of higher learning, for that matter? How does the college experience tie into one’s life goals or career aspirations? What does a student need to know to complete their first year? These questions have informed and guided our efforts to meaningfully enrich and enhance the academic careers of our on-campus population. Such efforts have included supporting the implementation of in-hall tutors from both our Writing Center as well as Math Learning Center. With social cognitive theory in mind, we hope that students seeing other students working with tutors in a lounge may convey the fact that, in a

Currently, I am happily serving as a Residence Coordinator at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Of course, as Alberta Rep, I’d be remiss if I didn’t represent one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of: My own institution, in cooperation with MacEwan University, are honoured and thrilled to be hosting the NWACUHO Annual Conference in 2014. We are bound to have some great sessions, and we have some absolutely amazing activities for you to enjoy. Sure, it might be a bit chilly in Edmonton in February, but the experience will leave you feeling the warmth and joy of some Canadian Hospitality. I do hope you’ll be able to join us in the “True North Strong and Free” in 2014!

Samantha Callister Alaska Representative Residence Coordinator, University of Alaska Anchorage Hello and welcome to NWACUHO! I am very excited to serve as the incoming Alaska/ Yukon representative, and continuing developing as a professional while furthering the field of Student Affairs along side the great professionals and mentors apart of NWACUHO. I truly value the importance of opportunities to cooperate, collaborate and exchange ideas for the betterment of ourselves as professionals, our institutions and most of all the students we serve. I currently work in Residence Life at the University of Alaska Anchorage and have had the awesome opportunity to be apart of the NWACUHO family for 3 years; it is a great organization and one full of opportunities to grow as a professional. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or wish to learn more about how to get involved!


Winter 2013


fall 2012


NWACUHO Soundings

The 2012 annual conference was held on February 19 – 21, 2012 in Ashland, Oregon hosted by Southern Oregon University. Celebrating our 50th anniversary, the theme was appropriately “Golden Opportunities”. Keynote speakers were John Buck and David B. Stephen. Celebrating this milestone for NWACUHO, we were also fortunate to have 10 past presidents join us. There were 152 members and exhibitors and 23 exhibitors and corporate partners along with booths for the 2013 Tacoma, WA conference and the ACUHO-I and ACUHO-I Foundation. There were 36 programs in four primary areas – Operations, Facilities and Housing Services; Supervision and Advising; Organization Development; and Core Purposes. The following scholarships and awards were given during the conference:

President’s Annual Report 2012 NWACUHO 2012 Annual Report Submitted by Elaine Ames February 2012- February 2013 NWACUHO President 2012 Executive Board The 2012 Executive Board, installed at the closing banquet of the 2012 annual conference, consisted of the following: President Products and Services Coordinator Elaine Ames Esther Gaines Central Washington University Gonzaga University Past President Alaska-Yukon Representative Steve Fitterer Maria Bonifacio Mount Royal University University of Alaska Anchorage President-Elect Alberta Representative Kelly Ammendolia Judy Eyben University of Puget Sound Lakeland College

New Professional Scholarships Graduate Student Scholarship Samantha Callister Nicholas Martin University of Alaska Anchorage Oregon State University Craig Whitton University of Alberta Best of the Northwest Program Housing Operations Award Craig Whitton Ron Ewanchuk University of Alberta Case Study Competition David B. Stephen Award Chris Moe, Crystal Hon, Richard DeShields Nicholas Grainger, Richard Arquette Roger Frichette Excellence in Service Award Kay Rich Lifetime Achievement Award Michelle Primley Benton Roger Frichette MASTER PLAN A five year master plan was unveiled. The intention of this document was to give specific focus and direction for the executive board to move forward. There were five focus areas identified: core purposes, financial stewardship, governance, member engagement, and partnerships. The key indicators and objectives that were considered high priority were the first to be worked on during 2012. Each of these core purposes had designated board members working on it. The executive board made final decisions on any of the proposals brought forward. The document is a work in progress. Many of the high priority objectives were completed with a few that will be carried forward into 2013. ACUHO-I INVOLVEMENT The annual conference for AUCHO-I was held in Anaheim, CA in July. Kelly Ammendolia, President Elect, and I attended the joint meeting of regional presidents and president elects. While the original intention was to have a joint reception with WACUHO, NWACUHO and AIMHO, WACUHO made the decision to have their reception outside of the conference hotel and NWACUHO and AIMHO chose to remain at the hotel. There were approximately 100 folks in attendance. The cost for refreshments has been a significant part of the conversation for the past couple of years and will likely continue to be an issue. Craig Whitton, University of Alberta, presented “Live-In Professionals: It’s a Dog’s Life” as the best program of NWACUHO. The new professional scholarship recipient was Stephanie Anderson, Western Oregon University. As in past years, NWACUHO has signed an affiliation agreement with ACUHO-I. This document clearly defines the responsibilities and benefits of both organizations. One of the responsibilities of this affiliation involves monthly/quarterly conference calls with the ACUHO- I Regional Affiliations Director and the regional presidents and president elects. These meetings are helpful in updating the regional officers as to the progress of different AUCHO-I task forces and committees.

Secretary British Columbia Representative Jenni Chadick Lawrence Lam University of Puget Sound University of Victoria Treasurer Oregon Representative Micheal Seraphin Erik Elordi Willamette University Southern Oregon University Newsletter Editor Washington Representative Andrew Rogers Michelle Primley Benton Seattle Pacific University University of Washington Website Administrator Patrick Cunningham University of Oregon 12


Winter 2013


Winter 2013


NWACUHO Soundings


TASK FORCES The three task forces included: 1. Communications task force which focused on social media and webinars. 2. New Professional which focused on the involvement of new professionals in the region. 3. Drive-in Conference which focused on 2 drive-in conferences – one in Canada and one in the US. Each of these task forces did an incredible amount of work throughout the year and was quite successful. There First Friday webinars on several topics, both drive-in conferences were well attended, and communication along with the mentor/mentee program involved new professionals. AIMHO CONFERENCE AIMHO and NWACUHO have developed a strong affiliation and relationship. Part of this affiliation agreement supports the presidents to attend conferences in the partner region. AIMHO conference was held in Billings, MT hosted by the University of Montana Billings. While each region is unique, I was able to bring some ideas back to NWACUHO and hopefully, their president is able to do the same after attending our conference. Cindy Anderson, President of AIMHO represented AIMHO at the 2012 conference. The November 2013 AIMHO conference is in Las Vegas, NV. MONTHLY AND QUARTERLY EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETINGS The executive board continues with a monthly conference call board meeting with the exception of the quarterly meeting. The May executive board meeting was May 16 – 18, 2012 at Gonzaga University, Spokane, and the site visit and pre-conference meeting on October 17 – 19, 2012 and February 1 – 3, 2013 were at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma. By having the May meeting hosted at a university campus, the cost for housing is kept to a minimum. The site visit in October is essential to the success of the February conference. These two day meetings have a packed agenda.

Walsh Construction Co. Building Smart • Building Green • Building Community Located in Washington & Oregon Walsh Construction Co. is a general contractor specializing in student housing, academic facilities, affordable mixed-use and multi-unit housing. Renovation, historic preservation and high-end resorts round out the Walsh portfolio. University of Washington Nordheim Court



Winter 2013


Winter 2013

22013 2012

NWACUHO Soundings



WRAPUP by Andrew K. Rogers, Seattle Pacific University Tacoma. It’s been a pleasure meeting you. The NWACUHO conference came to the city arguably best known for it’s dazzling glass art. Fitting, because this year’s conference was just as smooth and colorful as the glass sculptures lining the Hotel Murano and all through downtown. The highlights were luminous: Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, author of Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others, gave an impassioned keynote address encouraging University professionals to take care of ourselves; Mike Segawa, who was honored with the Kay Rich Lifetime Achievement Award, shared inspiring stories about his career pathway; new professionals impressed seasoned veterans with their inventive and thoughtful case study responses; and corporate members shared their innovative and cutting edge products and services with the people who need them the most.

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky gave an impassioned key note address on the need for self care in the Housing profession.

With over 40 sessions for attendees to choose from, the conference had a little something for everyone. Veterans were passing along tips to younger career hopefuls, and mid-level professionals could network and gain valuable knowledge to further their experience at their institution. After hours was a time to connect over exquisite food, drink, games, or loud, unabashed karaoke singing.

Corporate members shared their products and services with many of the Housing and Res Life professionals.

Overall, It was an incredible time for our industry professionals to band together, celebrate what we do, learn from one another, and rekindle the passion we have for our vocation. Props to the University of Puget Sound for hosting a strong, well-run, and fun conference. We can’t wait to see what next year has in store in Edmonds! See you there.

Newly-appointed President Kelly Ammendolia received recognition for her work hosting the conference in Tacoma.


Winter 2013


Winter 2013

NWACUHO Soundings


Award Winners:

NWACUHO shone the spotlight on the following individuals that made a huge impact on the organization and members.

Kay Rich Lifetime Achievement Award: Mike Segawa, University of Puget Sound

This year, more than 40 program sessions led by housing veterans were available for conference attendees.


Conference Competition Winners

“Best of the Northwest” Program Winner: Pam Schreiber for “Your Last 30 Days: Transitioning with Passion and Poise”

After-hours entertainment included late night Karaoke, trivia challenges in the hospitality suite, and glass blowing classes.

The Roger Frichette Excellence in Service Award: Brian Stroup, Oregon State University

Attendees were encouraged to join one of four tasks force committees including communications, new professional, Drive-In Conferences, and professional Development.

The David B. Stephen Award: Josh Gana, University of Washington


The University of Puget Sound’s male a cappella group, Garden Level, performed several renditions of popular songs including a cover of Coldplay’s “Paradise” for attendees Sunday night.

Housing Operations Award: Bob McDonnell, University of Alaska - Anchorage

NWACUHO Facebook Page

NWACUHO on Twitter


NWACUHO on Linkedin

Search for “NWACUHO” under Groups and ask to join. You can share photos, engage in discussions, or connect with friends from the region.

We have a blog where you can post your thoughts and comments on various topics from the Soundings to next year’s annual conference.

Winter 2013

Case Study Competition Winners (from left): Laura Huxley University of Alberta, Marcia Louis - University of Washington, Emma O’Rourke - Whitman College, Kate Mitchell - Simon Fraser University,

Follow the latest trends and institutional updates on Twitter with other professionals from the region. Go to NWACUHO to get started.

It’s Facebook, but for professionals. Check out all the professional connections you can find by linking into the NWACUHO profile.

Winter 2013

the soundings c/o andrew rogers seattle pacific university 3307 3rd ave west seattle, wa 98119

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2013 Winter Soundings  

2013 Winter Soundings

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