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Go-Karts. This wonder of an invention provides pure active four-wheeled fun for children and even the occasional adult when their inner child surfaces to say hello. Suffice it to say that the pedal Go-kart truly has stood the test of time and is still a firm favourite amongst children. With today’s advancements, you can buy one online and get it delivered straight to your door with little fuss and cost. However, this is a dangerous route to take if not well equipped with the relevant knowledge and if you are not careful, you could become a victim of being sold an inferior pedal go-kart. We are writing this guide as we understand these perils and beyond doubt know what it means to have a good quality pedal go-kart. Before you arm yourselves with the ultimate in go-kart buying guide, it seems an appropriate time to introduce ourselves first. We areActivity Toys Direct and take great pride in stating that we are now established as one of the UK’s leading independent retailers of children’s play equipment. It is a fair comment to say that we have been around the block (and back) and we have over 55 years of experience in the toy world. We have built up a plentiful amount of knowledge in this sector and we know what makes a good and bad pedal go-kart. We have a passion for good quality pedal go-karts and therefore feel it necessary to let you, the consumer, know about what to look for and what to avoid when buying a go-kart with some nifty little tricks you can use thrown in for good measure. Price is possibly main key factor when buying a go-kart online- or so it seems. However as with most things, if a pedal go-kart seems remarkably cheap then it is more often than not because it is a poorly made one. If it is very cheap then it has been poorly manufactured using inferior components thus significantly reducing the life of the go-kart- it’s a false economy buying a go-kart that’s ridiculously cheap in our experience. We understand the appeal of products with attractively low pricing but when it comes to pedal go-karts it definitely is worth paying that little bit more for a go-kart that will last a lifetime.


• Backup in the form of warranty and spare parts- Good after sale service gives you peace of mind for when those inevitable bumps & scrapes occur when those little ones are racing around • Established Company to buy from- a good solid reputation usually means the company has a good knowledge in the go-kart industry and translates into a better go-kart • All necessary safety certificates and CE markings- safety should always be considered and never overlooked in favour for a low appealing price • Facility to add attachments for greater fun-having the facility to extend the fun later on down the line will keep the go-kart fresh and exciting for children • Ability to easily adjust the seats to enable both kids and adults to enjoy- yes there will always come the time when the ‘grown-ups’ want a go on the go-kart • Finally the go-kart should be FUN!

One go-kart manufacturer that ticks all these boxes and truly jumps out from the rest is Berg. Berg has become the ultimate go-kart expert and has cemented themselves as the producer of go-karts that continually trump all others. It’s taken Berg more than 25 years to produce the go-karts of today and that is why Berg is the industry leader of Go-Kartdesign and production. Berg breaks the norm in that they offer a quality five year warranty on their go-karts which sends home the message that they believe in the quality of their go-karts. One of the things that make Berg Go-Karts so great is that they are vigorously tested during the development phases which ensure ultimate durability. Safety is also a huge factor that is never over looked at Berg Toys; they believe that parents should allow their children to play freely with their toys without having to worry about their safety. Berg toys undergo safety testing by independent testing bodies in Europe, such as TUV and SGS which is why ALL their Go-Karts display the CE mark for toy safety. Go-karts capture what is great about being a child and if bought properly, will provide years & years of fun for all the family. We hope this post has enlightened you a little and cast a shining light on the grey area that exists when buying a go-kart. Thanks for reading The Activity Toys Direct Team

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Go-Karts. This wonder of an invention provides pure active four-wheeled fun for children and even the occasional adult when their inner chil...