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A Sonicare Rebate is now available for most Sonicare models. If your interested in getting the Flexcare coupon or any other Sonicare rebates read this article. Don't you love the feeling of your teeth after you leave the dentist office for a routine check up. I've always been amazed just how clean my and smooth my teeth are. I've always brushed with a normal $3 toothbrush and could never seem to clean my teeth the same way the dentist could that is until recently when I purchased a Philips electric toothbrush. The first time I used it I instantly felt a difference, this is because the Sonicare Flexcare is capable of removing tartar and plaque build up that your cheap disposable brush just can't do. Until now only the dentist could remove plaque build up. The Sonicare has also proven it possible to remove stains from your teeth that only harsh bleaching could remove. The higher end models also include a UV sanatizer which will kill 99.9% of the germs on your toothbrush and if you decide to buy multiple heads your entire family can use a single Sonicare unit. Making the brush more affordable then ever. If your interested in finding a Sonicare voucher your in luck. There have been previously vouchers for Sonicare toothbrushes including a $15 rebate off any Flexcare plus or Flexcare toothbrush or get $10 rebate for the healthy white Model and 5$ rebate for the Essence or Kids model. Currently Sonicare is offering a $10 Sonicare rebate for most of it's higher end models.

If your interested in getting the sonicare rebate form or would like more information any of the Sonicare toothbrushes check out either Sonicare coupon or Sonicare Rebate.

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Philips Sonicare Rebate  
Philips Sonicare Rebate  

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