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Large bicep muscles are quite possibly the most coveted body parts of most weight lifters. One reason that big biceps are so prized is that they are one of the first muscles people notice when they look at you. If you have larger than normal biceps you are almost virtually guaranteed to get a whole lot of attention. Unless you frequently wear a sweater or coat, your biceps are usually visible to just about everyone. Because building your bicep muscles is so important, I've put together a brief description of what constitutes a good bicep workout. A good place to start is with compound exercises, which is simply any exercise that uses more than one joint at a time. By utilizing more than a single joint at a time many of your muscle fibers will be activated. Activation of multiple muscle fibers at once generally means substantial growth for your biceps. A very easy compound exercise is pull ups which you can do at just about any gym. You maximum bicep size really depends mostly on your body type and frame. If, for example, you weight 160 pounds it is very unlikely that you will ever be able to develop 18 or 19 inch biceps. In other words, when you are trying to develop big bicep muscles you need to be somewhat realistic in your approach. Even if you are blessed with a large frame, it's not likely that you will ever be able to exceed 19 inches in bicep size. Bear this in mind as you build your bicep muscles. Yet another key to developing huge, impressive biceps is to simply lower your body fat percentage. Body fat percentage is normally a function of regular aerobic exercise and proper diet. You should usually spend around 90 to 120 minutes per week engaging in some kind of aerobic exercise. However, you should never spend more than 25 minutes per day in aerobic exercise as this could lead to a loss in lean muscle. A common misconception among people new to weight training is the assumption that if you do more sets you will create more muscle faster. In reality, if you perform too many sets at one time you may actually cause your muscle tissue to deteriorate. If you are doing heavy weights, you should never do more than 6 sets at a time and, if you are doing low intensity weights, you should never do more than 10 sets at a time.

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