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One of the first things that one must change when they find out that they have hypertension is their diet. A healthy lifestyle is a recommendation that a hypertensive cannot afford to ignore. One has no choice but to kick up their self-discipline. A diet for hypertensive requires that a lot of consideration goes into drawing it up. Amongst other things, one can never ever over do their eating habits. Everything will have to be monitored; others will have to be limited while the rest will have to be regulated for each individual with hypertension. One of the things most emphasized upon is salt; it definitely has to be cut down. Even more extreme is alcohol; it has to be totally eliminated from the equation. Some recent studies have however debated this saying that it is good for the heart and can be consumed in controlled amounts. The DASH diet is a highly recommended diet for hypertensive patients amongst today's doctors. Like with any other diet, it does not lack its very own unique pros and cons. To pull off such a diet the strictest of self-discipline standards has to be put in play. We all know without contest how tempting the foods we like can be. One should however never forget that everything done has a positive or negative effect. One of the best suggestions one can follow is to go online and scrutinize the do's and dont's of the before mentioned DASH diet. All the necessary information about the condition will be on there as well as how to treat it. If one is going to draw up a proper diet then they will have to understand the diet. In the end one will see that all these sacrifices are worth it for adding that extra mileage on your life span.

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==== ==== How to lower blood pressure & cholesterol - Heart Health Made Easy ==== ====

A Diet for Hypertensive