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4 colorized by Las Vegas News Bureau shooter Ken Jones. It’s Revisualizing Las Vegas, and it sounds like fun. (SD) Through Nov. 15, free, City Hall Chamber Gallery,

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Art of glass

You can’t have too much Brent Sommerhauser art, we always say, so this is a timely exhibit: New Sculpture and Works on Paper. (5) The sculptures are glass, both cast and blown. The paper works use a process “that deposits copper and silver onto prepared surfaces, leaving atmospheric marks with distinct temporal qualities.” Upshot: This is where you go to get your distinct temporal qualities on. Opening reception Sept. 18, 6p. (SD) Through Oct. 31, free, MCQ Fine Art, 3 painting, drawing, film, poetry, interactive installations, performance — exploration of that very question. (SD) Through September, free, Blackbird Studios,

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Just Quill me

New York artist Joan Linder’s (3) technique is older than old-school — she draws with ink and quill, for goodness sake — but her intent is contemporary. She renders elements of ordinary life (Google up her sink drawings) as a way to explore “the sub-technological processes of observation and mark-making.” She’ll talk about that and more as a guest of the UNLV Visiting Artist Lecture Series. (SD) 7p, free, UNLV’s Barrick Museum,

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You had me at oddly beautiful

Michigan photographer Seder Burns calls these images his Three Minute Series — it takes his unusual, homemade camera three minutes to shoot each frame, moving in slices of time from left to right. The results are distorted — people look two-dimensional — and oddly beautiful. (SD) Through Nov. 26, free, Charleston Heights Arts Center,

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Now we know why the man is burning

Will Roger Peterson is a photographer, though that part of his life has been eclipsed by another: He’s a high muckety-muck in the group that puts on Burning Man. But still: a photographer. Now, a suite of stylish nudes he shot some 20 years ago gets its first gallery showing, and not in some posh San Fran gallery, but in Vegas. (SD) Through Oct. 29, Sin City Gallery,

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Pitching a tint

Old-time photos of Vegas landmarks — 1950-1960 counts as “old time” by now, right? — selectively

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You had me at giant eyeball

How could you not want to hear a talk by an artist who installed gi-


ant eyeball sculptures in Chicago and St. Louis? Who created a 30foot fiberglass image of a weary Paul Bunyan? Whose contribution to this year’s Whitney Biennial was a giant block of colored panels etched with the names of 392,486 artists — cheekily mixing complete unknowns next to famous artists as a way to subvert the established hierarchy? Answer: You would want to hear that UNLV Visiting Artist Lecture by Tony Tasset. (SD) 7p, free, UNLV’s Barrick Museum,

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The view from the kids’ table

In Clarity of Youth, his fourth solo show at Brett Wesley, Kevin Chupik (4) uses idealized images from childhood — ships and planes, board-game figurines — to deal with larger topics of adulthood. (SD) Free, Brett Wesley Gallery,

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The biiiiiiig picture

The Nevada Arts Council does a terrific thing: supports artists statewide by giving them money through fellowships. A selection of work in every genre — painting, textiles, digital, photography, sculpture, printmaking, mixed-media — by some of those recipients comprise the exhibit Panorama. Artists include Catherine Borg, Stephen Hendee, Robert Morrison and Mary Warner. This is a deep, broad survey of Silver State talent, not to be missed. (SD) Through Nov. 26, free, UNLV’s Barrick Museum,

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Bringing the sexy back

The subject of Stacy Rink’s (6) exhibit Kinky? “The unusual, gritty, ever-present relationship between the sexual allure of Las Vegas and its local population.” The work is a funny and brazen look at how Sin City’s sexyglam dream factory jostles our everyday lives. (SD) Through October, free, Blackbird Studios, SEPTEMBER 2014


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