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So I'm at T his Bar ... LUCK

Seahorse Lounge at Caesars Palace

To protect the guilty, I will not speak of what is my most prominent Vegas bar moment: a now legendary morning where, without the benefit of last call, the line between early morning and late evening blurs when two abundantly attractive young ladies coerced themselves into unspeakable acts with one another to the surprise of the mostly sober onlookers. Instead, I’ll reminisce of how we won our daughter in pure Las Vegas fashion — gambling at a local’s bar.

One of the few venues at Caesars that hasn’t been revamped, the architecturally stunning Seahorse Lounge is a source for both wonderment and merriment. The wonderment comes in the form of a 1,700-gallon centerpiece aquarium filled with Australian potbelly seahorses; your visit alone could be spent watching these entrancing animals gracefully float through the water. The merriment comes in one of the best specialty cocktail lists in town. JP Caesars Palace, 702-731-7778,

Bar+Bistro: Brent Holmes

Bar + Bistro It’s hard to beat a place with a patio, and the Arts District’s Bar + Bistro boasts a big one, complete with a fire/ conversation pit and various chairs and tables (both sunny and under cover) where you can get cozy with your Stella and, hey, if you’re feeling it, grab some grub. Some lean toward the vegetarian paella, but we pre-

You see, NYE weekend 2006 we were supposed to bring home our baby bulldog; however, when the breeder wouldn’t accept our check, we battled ATM limits and limited holiday weekend bank access trying to scrounge up the cash. We eventually ended up at the gone-but-not-forgotten Winner’s Circle where, as a semi-regular, I thought they’d easily extend me a line. Alas, because of the holiday they were short-stacked, too. Sticking around for Jäger and beers, I took a foray into Caveman Keno, with the hopes of a jackpot. Losses accumulated until, toward the tail end of the run, when, with little money left to gamble, it happened: a 6-spot with two eggs. Not a life-altering win, but more than enough to bankroll the puppy pick-up. And while it’s the only time I’ve ever hit on Caveman, it certainly couldn’t have been more timely with the greatest win ever — our daughter Dixie. — Jim Begley

fer a plate of fresh roasted pig from the wood-burning spit, which when it’s spinning infuses the entire joint with a lazy luau vibe (not to mention a glorious wood aroma). Pair that with bluegrass by locals Out of the Desert, or perhaps a little accordion music, and you have a perfect Sunday spot to sort out what happened last night. Cheers: The Bloody Marys are magnificent; try yours with beer as a Michelada Preparada. JPR 107 E. Charleston Blvd. #155, 702-202-6060,

Peppermill We’ll admit we’re not fans of the TVs inexplicably hung everywhere (here’s hoping that those over the sunken conversation pit eventually disappear). But not much “Old Vegas” remains, on the Strip or anywhere, so it’s nice that this velvety make-out pad still swings like the 1970s never stopped. Gas up the Caddy, grab your honey, park in the back (being certain it’s the Peppermill lot!), and slide in the rear entrance like a made man. What’s this? Neon-lit mirrors and ferns? A water-filled fire pit? Servers in classy cocktail dresses? Yes, yes, yes! Cheers: The fishbowl-sized Scorpion is perfect for snuggling and sharing. JPR 2985 Las Vegas Blvd. S., 702-735-4177,

Mandarin Bar Up, up and away from the bustle and Strip hustlers, this lobby bar is the choice spot for peering down at the crazies and thinking, “Ah, but for the grace of the Mandarin Oriental, there go I.” Located 23 stories up the eerily serene hotel (yes, that’s where the lobby is), the Mandarin Bar plants a previously unseen level of urbane sophistication on the M AY 2 0 1 4


Desert Companion - May 2014  

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Desert Companion - May 2014  

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