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Fizz This glacial, future-luxe cathedral of shimmer and swank looks like a cocktail bar designed by C3PO, but its true origins are decidedly more terrestrial: Fizz is the brainchild of filmmaker David Furnish. Makes sense, given the cinematic verve of Fizz’s mansion ceilings and gleaming ovoid fixtures. If you want to mark a milestone with some theatrically posh bubbly among your closest friends, Fizz is the place for memory-making, with a menu that ranges from inspired variations on the champagne cocktail to drinkable desserts (the peanut butter-and-jelly Hercules) to one-percenter energy drinks (Fizz Deluxe, a $2,500 Dom Perignon-based brew topped with a

gold-dusted rose petal). Yes, it’s a hangover, but take solace in the fact that it’s a thousand-dollar hangover. AK Caesars Palace, 702-776-3200,

Aces & Ales

birthday, new job or the fact it’s finally Friday. Large rooms are available for private parties and special events. JH 3740 S. Nellis Blvd., 702-4367600; 2801 N. Tenaya Way, 702638-2337,


There’s no need to argue over a few pitchers of crappy beer when you party at Aces & Ales, home to more than 150 different types of bottled craft beer ranging from casual favorites like Sierra Nevada to higher-end brews (hello, Firestone Walker and Goose Island). That’s not to mention the 50 tap beers on constant rotation and a generous tequila and cocktail menu. Community seating is encouraged at long, high tables; feel free to mix and mingle, inviting others to celebrate your

There’s just something about being smack-dab in the middle of the Palms that makes party-times even party-timesier. You’ll feel like the center of the buzz in this gleaming bar that offers the best whiskey drinks this side of, well, anywhere. The staff is attentive; the seating, comfy and chic and full of little nooks, even though the bar’s presented as a centerpiece attraction. Dress to the nines and raise many a glass to that new promotion, birthday or engagement. JP Inside the Palms, 702-933-9900,


Atomic LiQuors

Atomic Liquors' Strawberry Fields

With free parking, an enormous bar, and indoor and outdoor seating, Atomic Liquors has few downtown competitors when it comes to throwing a party. But the joint’s spaciousness wouldn’t mean a thing if you couldn’t get a delicious cocktail or locally brewed beer when you want it. Atomic has that all sewn up, too. No matter the size of the crowd, friendly bartenders speedily serve up everything from Dark and Stormys to Tenaya Creeks at prices that all in tow can swing. Cheers: The Strawberry Fields ($10) is a mouth-watering concoction of gin, Campari, ginger, basil, and fresh strawberry that will have you channeling John Lennon all night. MO 917 Fremont St., 702-982-3000,


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Sometimes you want your celebration to involve something special, something a little fancier, pricier, more decorous than usual, where you wash the car and wear your good shoes. But sometimes you just want to have a bunch of drinks, shout over a band and do shots. Thus, the Double Down. Gatherings here tend to be casual and impromptu, but make up in execution what they may lack in planning. The people you invited are there, along with the guy from Portland you just met and the Dutch tourist you were talking to earlier, as well as a bunch of bikers who are celebrating a birthday and some clowns … no, really, a bunch of people in clown makeup. The next day, you’ll have a few strange stories, a handful of vaguely incriminating photographs and a slight headache. And isn’t that how the day after the party should be? LTR 4640 Paradise Road, 702-7915775,

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Double Down Saloon

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