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first active coach to be inducted into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame at the end of the month. “There are a whole bunch of people who can’t f---in’ believe that I’m doing what I’m doing right now,” says Chambers.


The hat trick


simmering anger drives him, but Chambers is also animated by a host of desires and compulsions that keep the already-restless baseball coach relentlessly busy. An attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder has something to do with Chambers’s innate aggressiveness, and he’s open about treating his ADHD with Adderall because he wants others with the affliction to know that they can still lead rewarding lives. His intense phobias of mice, snakes, heights and airplanes (his players constantly soothe him in the last row) are legend. He only needs three hours of sleep, tops. He’s a clean freak of the highest order and can be found sweeping the aisles of his own stadium. While honored by the call from the Hall of Fame, Chambers is far from finished. He can’t name anyone who has coached high school, junior college and university baseball in one town, much less won at each stop. Call it the Chambers Hat Trick. That legacy will be crowned, he predicts, when he takes the Rebels to the College World Series in Omaha, the penultimate stage of the NCAA Tournament. The first weekend, the regionals, is followed by the super regionals, and then eight teams go to Omaha. UNLV has played in eight regionals, but never advanced. In his fourth season, Chambers says he won’t be surprised if UNLV gets to Omaha this season. It has become a program of such national significance that it could host its first regional in late May, too. Chambers isn’t the only one with high expectations. M Resort President Anthony Marnell III is so bullish about his former Bishop Gorman coach’s performance at UNLV that he’s overseen plans for the construction of a multi-million-dollar baseball facility to rival the complexes at the country’s premier colleges. Watching Chambers transform UNLV’s Wilson Stadium from a shoddy yard into a shiny jewel






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