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Right in the balls Santa or Frosty Surprise Balls

These mini-piñatas are filled with small holiday treats — perfect for hanging on the tree or letting the kids bat them around as a Christmas party highlight. Blindfolds and bats? What could go wrong? $16,

For the KIDS

W i n t e r s l u m b e r l a nd

Girls' Butterfly Sleep N Play and Hat and Mitten Set from Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum Whether the kids are bundling up for outside or cozying up for a raging sleepover, they’ll do it in über-cute fashion this year. Sleep N Play, $16.99; hat and mittens, $9.99, heidiklum

Fa la la la huh? Kate Spade “Huh?” earmuffs They may not hear you tell them Santa’s watching their every move using the latest in cloud-based global surveillance technology, but at least their ears will be warm in these whimsical wool earmuffs. $68, Kate Spade Forum Shops

Nestled all snug i n their be d s

Hanna Andersson kids’ long johns These cozy, organic cotton sleepers will have the kids dreaming of sugar plums and XBox 360s. $38-$42,

Grow your own

master of muppe t s FAO Schwarz Muppet Whatnot kit

What are Muppet Whatnots? They’re those zany-looking extras you see in every Muppet production — and maybe in your nightmares afterwards — and now your aspiring little puppetmaster can build her own. Available in orange and blue. $64.99, Toys R Us

Sl e i g h s a r e so o o 2 0 t h ce n t u r y Paul Smith V Swifty scooter

This sleek, stylish scooter from Paul Smith will give Santa’s sleigh a run for its money any foggy Christmas eve. $989, Paul Smith in Crystals at CityCenter


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Desert Companion

Hello Kitty chia pet

This kitty is easy to take care of — just add water and watch its cat 'fro grow. Best of all: no litter box needed. $17.99,

Do you hear what I hear?

Melissa & Doug mini grand piano Inspire your little Ludwig Van Beethoven — or Clara Schumann — with this mini grand piano. Even if it’s a nerve-jangling cacophony at first, remember: At least it’s not drums. $155, Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall

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