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B e a l o rd o f t h e c o r ds

W hen you’ve outgrown Inst a g r a m

Hugo Guinness for Coach electronic zip cord pouch Until we’re all uplinked into a wireless worldwide sentient SkyNet system, we have to deal with clumsy, unsightly cords. Fortunately, Coach lets your favorite techie organize them in style. $198,

Photojojo 3-lens pack

Smartphone pics just got an upgrade with Photojojo lenses — from fisheye to telephoto to macro. Each is made from solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. For Android, iPhones and the 11 people who still own a BlackBerry. $49,

Let the game s b e g i n Wii U from Nintendo

Is it a game? A game controller? Both! The Wii U’s touch-screen game pad can control the action on the TV screen — and can become the game screen at the flip of a switch. Perfect for settling those TV wars that have savaged many an American living room. $419.97, Toys R Us

The si l v e r t o uc h Agloves touchscreen gloves

If you need to get your Angry Birds on in the chill of winter, these gloves will keep you blowing up pigs while keeping your fingers warm. The secret: The silver in the gloves is a conductive element that allows your fingers to connect with your touch screen. $34.99,

Do you hear what I hear?

Tumi headphones by Monster Cables If you’ve never heard “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” in all its true audio richness and sonic majesty on quality headphones, now is your chance. $395, Tumi at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace holiday

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a c a s e o f style

Paul Smith leather iPad case The iPad is already stylish, but it gets an upgrade when it’s slipped into this hip black leather case with multi-strip trim. $505, Paul Smith at Crystals in CityCenter

Desert Companion - November 2012  
Desert Companion - November 2012  

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