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dining maican jerk seasoning, on a chicken salad with grilled vegetables or on juicy lamb chops. There’s a different kind of heat, from New Mexican chilis, stewing tender pork for a ridiculously good omelet with melted jack cheese. “Our first sous chef thought the menu was aggressive for a neighborhood restaurant, but we didn’t think so,” Bryce says. “Half the menu isn’t spicy. We have a chicken and bowtie pasta dish with garlic sauce and people just love that sauce.” Others want their butts kicked with flavor, from a cheeseburger with green chiles and jalapeño bacon to oven-roasted pork shoulder marinated in that jerk seasoning. At brunch, those savories (chicken chilaquiles or yes, jerk chicken and waffles) are balanced with sweet stuff, including the perfect pastry basket, chocolate chip pancakes or challah French toast. DW Bistro has become, well, a brand, in a relatively short period of time, and Krausman and Wilson are being careful with it. Widely rumored to be expanding downtown, where Krausman lives, they are in fact exploring

the possibility of taking over the space once known as Andre’s. But nothing is final. “It’s a great space, very iconic. And we love what’s going on downtown, but we want to do it right when we go,” Bryce says. “If you come to Dalton’s house for dinner, it’s just like DW. It’s DW times ten. Wherever we go, we need to be able to transport that energy.” Also, there are other projects that need attention. That cookbook needs finishing. There might be a small, fast-casual DW concept popping up wherever it’s needed. “We have customers all over town, now,” Bryce says. However the intangible thing was achieved, they know the formula. “It’s about everybody having a great conversation, talking about the night before, being with friends and family, and having the best time,” Dalton says. “We appreciate our customers so much. They’re unbelievable.”

DW Bistro 6115 S. Fort Apache Road #112, 527-5200, Tue-Thu 11a-9p; Fri 11a-11p Sat 10a-11p; Sun 10a-2p

DW Pastry Basket. You cannot brunch without it. “I’ve never been to a great brunch when you couldn’t get a great pastry basket, so we wanted to make sure every table gets one,” says Dalton Wilson. “And if they don’t, they look to the table over and think, ‘How come nobody told me about that?’” It’s most often anchored by a chocolate croissant and addictive, meltin-your-mouth blueberry and white chocolate scones. Whatever’s in the basket, rest assured it’s warm, flaky and tastes beautiful. New Mexican pork bowl. At most restaurants, the rice bowl is a throwaway, a foolish dish to order. At DW, it’s a hearty, satisfying meal with robust, homey flavors. The Jamaican curry chicken bowl is killer, too, but this mini-mountain of pork slowsimmered in red chile served over rice with eggs over easy hits every note. Hard. It’s meaty, spicy and rich, and finishing the sauce-soaked rice might be the best part.


Khoury’s Mediterranean

Brio Tuscan Grille

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Khoury’s prides itself on excellence in the preparation of food, presentation and quality of service. Serving some of the finest Lebanese cuisine available in Las Vegas, Khoury’s restaurant will stimulate and delight your senses. Close your eyes as you savour this fantastic food and drink, and you’ll feel you’ve stepped into the heart of Beirut.

In Tuscany the food is everything. Tuscan Culinary Creations are mastered at Brio using the finest and freshest ingredients. Brio brings the pleasures of the Tuscan country villa to the American City.

Featuring Chef Wes Kendricks’ contemporary American cuisine including safe harbor certified fresh fish, wild game, duck, lamb, angus beef, and comfort food classics. Conveniently located off the 215 near the Airport. Dinner Tuesday - Saturday 5pm until closing (around 10pm)

6115 S. Fort Apache #100, Las Vegas, NV, (702) 671-0005

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ToWN SquARE, 6653 Las Vegas Blvd. So., Las Vegas, NV, (702) 914-9145 TIVoLI VILLAGE 420 S. Rampart Suite 180 Las Vegas, NV, (702) 433-1233

600 E. Warm Springs Road Las Vegas, NV (702) 263-0034

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