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March 10, 2009 Column

A Perspective On Politics By Max Filby

Normally, when people think about politics, they think about Washington D.C. However more localized levels of government such as counties, townships and school districts often go unrecognized as government. The teacher/student politics at Northview have recently proven to be very contradictory. Trying to find chaperones this year for the Turnabout Dance proved to be a very difficult task for Student Government Vice President Chris Garone and myself. Several teachers at NV decided against chaperoning at the “Sadie Hawkins” style dance this year. Certain excuses are completely acceptable such as a teacher coaching a team, having a family to care for, or already dedicating their weekend to another event. “I think the faculty should want to chaperone because it shows that they care about the safety of students,” said Garone. “The teachers that wanted to were greatly appreciated and I hope they had a lot of fun.” Although few teachers volunteered to chaperone the dance, student involvement seemed to be at an all time low as well when only three of the five hopeful kings walked onto the balcony at 10 p.m. Students need to stop complaining that there isn’t anything to do in Sylvania and start going to games, dances and other school sponsored events to not only show their spirit but participate in fun activities that other students and teachers work hard to prepare for them. When students and teachers do not see each other at any school event, it brings up the question that if a teacher or student does not want to be at NV then how do they expect their classroom counterpart to want to be here? Turnabout is not the only school event where teachers and students can choose to interact with each other outside of the classroom. If a teacher does not feel like watching 500 teens dancing a little too closely on a Saturday night, he or she could volunteer to chaperone Battle of the Bands or the senior picnic. Technically, teachers do not even have to volunteer their time with students during prime time hours. Myself and a few other students helped to design and paint the front lobby and the senior hallway over the summer; the assistance of a teacher or other students would have been thoroughly welcomed and enjoyed. Some students, like senior Amit Goyal, even helped out at NV over the summer by mulching the pre-school playground. Shouldn’t there have been more than just one of NV’s close to 1400 students helping out with Goyal’s summer school project? “It definitely would have been nice to have others help and share the experience with, “ said Goyal. If a teachers’ summer schedules might be too packed, he or she always has the opportunity to advise a club or event like Student Government or Cat’s Meow, which had trouble earlier this year finding an advisor. Altogether there are several opportunities for teachers to interact with their students outside of the classroom that will strengthen relationships. With more teacher/student involvement, NV will be able to dispel the cliche adult ideal “do as I say not as I do.” Teachers at NV already fulfill their jobs in the classroom, however if extracurricular options are expected to be taken by students like Garone, then why is it not expected out of all teachers? Obviously teachers continue their job after school hours by grading and lesson planning, but all teachers should be expected to participate in extracurricular activities instead of the now few that seem to be in charge of multiple activities and sports. For NV to truly become a “High School That Works,” as the banner in the cafeteria illustrates, then some teachers and students need to take more opportunities to engage in activity with each other outside of school.

OPINIONS When at NV wear what Wildcats wear

As I walk through the hallways of Northview, I am never sure what school I am actually in. Students breeze by me wearing their Southview hoodies or their St. Johns sweatpants and it makes me wonder, do you know what school you’re in? This is Sylvania Northview High School, located on 5403 Silica Drive, not SV and definitely not some Catholic school. So I pose the question, why are you wearing apparel from other schools? Maybe you feel cool representing other schools. Let me be the first to say that you are far from cool. I am sure that there were times at NV when you would get beaten for wearing another school’s clothing, but those days are over. Possibly you believe that it is a rebellious act to wear these despised garments. I understand that NV’s spirit has been on a steady decline for a while, but do you honestly have no respect for our school? This is the school that held your hand through your entire high school career. This is the school that gave you a place to learn all of the tools necessary to lead a successful life. Show some respect. I do not even consider SV our rival anymore; NV as a whole seems to be a giant fan of SV. I cannot even count how many SV Soccer and Football shirts I have seen this year and the majority of the people that wear these clothes do not even attend NV sporting events. You are a disgrace not only to NV, but to anybody who is loyal to something. If you attend NV, you have no excuse whatsoever to wear SV clothing. Even if you attend SV for a few periods a day, that doesn’t make you a Cougar. If your boyfriend, cousin, or sister goes to SV, you are still not a SV student. As much as I hate spotting brown and orange during the school day, I must admit that I am appalled at the amount of students who wear St. John’s hockey

sweatshirts. Hockey is one of the few sports that people actually care about at NV and yet you have the nerve to wear one of the most hated hockey team’s name in our school? You are wearing these shameful garments in front of the very players that work so hard to keep NV’s name what it is. You are a load of traitors, Benedict Arnold would be proud of your kind. When I asked Mr. Creech what he thought about students wearing other school’s clothing at NV, he responded, “it drives me nuts, they are a member of this school body, spirit is poor because of their lack of pride, if they l o v e d t h e i r school, t h e y wouldn’t w e a r o t h e r school’s colors.” Here is a simple solution. I would like to invite all of you phonies to a bonfire. Bring your favorite SV and Catholic school’s clothing and we will burn it, laughing the whole time, and then maybe you can say you are a Wildcat once again. If igniting your repulsing rags does not seem like a good plan to you, keep them locked up at home where they belong, or give them back to the person you got them from. If this upsets you other loyal NV students as much as it upsets me, please do me a favor, ridicule these traitors at every waking moment until they decide to stop wearing these condemned clothes at our school. We cannot allow this trend to continue. If the alumni from 50 years ago saw us today, they would be ashamed. Remember one thing, no one is forcing you to go to NV. Maybe you should transfer to a Catholic school and pay thousands of dollars a year. Or even worse, open enroll and attend SV, a school that you seem to love so much. If you admire these other schools so much, join them so we can get rid of your backstabbing existence at NV. -Andrew Miller

If you attend NV, you have no excuse whatsoever to wear SV clothing.

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Volume 83: Issue 8  

Volume 83: Issue 8