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March 10, 2009


Spaghetti Darmahkasih wins American dinner aids Legion government test Schmidt Co-Editor in Chief family Staff Writer Northview students and families crowded into the cafeteria on February 19 for a spaghetti dinner to aid the Schmidt family. Austin, a sophomore at NV, and Jake, a senior, recently suffered the loss of their father. All of the proceeds from the dinner went to the Schmidt family. Over 900 people attended the spaghetti dinner, according to Austin Schmidt. “I didn’t expect many people to show up,” said Austin, “but I walked in and saw everyone, it was just amazing, I was stunned.”

“I walked in and saw everyone, it was just amazing, I was stunned.” - Austin Schmidt Many of Austin and Jake’s close friends attended, along with many of the NV sports teams. The dinner was held from 5pm-8pm in the cafeteria. They served spaghetti, salad, cookies, brownies, ice cream, and a variety of drinks. So much food was prepared that the Home Economics Room was used in addition to the cafeteria, according to Austin. “The dinner showed how a school can come together and help a family in their time of need. It demonstrated how caring the students and staff can be,” said sophomore Tyler Schinharl who attended the dinner. The Schmidt family is extremely thankful, according to Austin, their mom even wrote a thank you letter to the school. “Thank you so much,” said Austin.

Northview senior Andrea Darmahkasih is one step closer to college after winning a $500 scholarship through the American Legion. Each year, the American Legion gives an Americanism and Government test to Advanced Placement Government classes at NV and Southview, according to Darmahkasih. Darmahkasih’s score on the test was the highest in the Sylvania School District which is known as the post level. Because of this, she won a plaque, medal, pin, certificate and the scholarship to the college of her choice. “I want to go to either Wheaton or the University of Michigan. Wheaton is my top choice,” said Darmahkasih. The test itself was difficult, according to Darmahkasih. It consisted of 50 multiple choice questions that were about national, state, local, county and school government. Darmahkasih’s scores were sent to the county level where she again had the best score. Her scores are now being sent to the district level to compare against the other county level winners,

Sam Weisman NORTHVIEW SENIOR Andrea Darmahkasih won the Americanism and Government test sponsored by the American Legion. The test was taken by all Advanced Placement Government students at NV and Darmahkasih’s score was the highest in the post and county levels. according to Darmahkasih. “I was surprised that I won because I didn’t think I did very well,” said

Darmahkasih. “My brother won the test last year and I didn’t think I would be able to live up to his expectations.”

Edwards family honors Mr. Jesse Co-Editor in Chief The Star Spangled Banner echoed from the instruments of Northview orchestra members in honor of Principal Mr. Stewart Jesse on February 27. Junior Kelsey Edwards and her family surprised Mr. Jesse with several military awards. Mr. Jesse was first awarded with a certificate of appreciation from the 37th IBCT Special Troops Battalion (STB). Mr. Edwards then gave Mr. Jesse a Tomahawk from the 37th STB, according to Mr. Jesse. Mr. Jesse was also awarded a flag flown over Iraq on an F16C plane along with a picture of an F16C plane. “The gifts were very generous, said Mr. Jesse, “I didn’t know anything about it ahead of time.”

PRINCIPAL MR. STEWART JESSE poses with his award from the IBCT Special Troops Battalion awarded to him by the Edwards family. Photo By: Sam Weisman

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Volume 83: Issue 8