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Baron Kaholokula recently addressed vets, spouses and widows.

KSM Seniors Present ‘Living History’ Projects at Club 100th Veterans Gathering Students from Kamehameha Schools Maui presented

Following the presentation, Kaholokula’s grandson,

their “Living History” projects at a gathering of the 100th

Baron Kaholokula, shared more anecdotes about his

Infantry Battalion, Maui Chapter, held in January at the

grandfather and sang one of James Kaholokula’s most


famous compositions, “Pua ‘Olena.”

The teams had produced research projects on two

The 100th gathering kicked off the 75th anniversary of

former 100th Infantry veterans, Major Mitsuyoshi Fukuda

the formation of the unit after the start of World War II.

and SSG James Kaholokula, for the Smithsonian Institute-

This summer, the NVMC Education Center will present a

sponsored Living History Day held last year at the Pacific

special exhibit about the 100th Infantry Battalion.

Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor. Seniors John Koa Williamson and Justin Shifler displayed the biography of Major Fukuda, who was the only Nisei commanding officer of the 100th. Jarin Correa and Rafael Adolpho described the life history of James Kaholokula of Pauwela, Maui, one of the 100th’s few veterans of Hawaiian ancestry (see the story of James Kaleikapu Kaholokula on page 8).

Ramona Ho, Justin Shiffler, John Koa Willamson and Leslie Pico-Lilio


Okage Sama de  

Nisei Veterans Memorial Center Spring 2017 Newsletter

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