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Nevada’s Official JCL Newsletter

Q: What is your favorite event at NVJCL Convention? A: Spirit! Q: What is the most random cheer you ever shouted at a JCL Convention? A: Pterodactyl sounds! Q: Why did you take Latin? Why should others take Latin? A: Because YOLO! Q: Why are you excited about convention? A: There are so many opportunities to meet Latin-loving peers from different schools that can teach me valuable lessons about Latin and about life! Q: What is your favorite Latin phrase? A: Valui ad satanam in computatrum meum invocandum! (Translate THAT, JCLers!)

President – Elisse Johnson Salvete omnes, Four years ago I took Latin for a couple of reasons. First, my sister was in it and told me my teacher would be awesome. That ended up being very true. Second, she said I was be much easier than Spanish or French. That ended up, as we all know, being VERY false. Finally, she said that taking Latin would give me the chance to be a part of the JCL and that it was one of the coolest and largest clubs at my school. This ended up being entirely true, but I never imagined I would be where I am today as the President of the Nevada JCL. Being a part of the JCL has taught me that there is no greater feeling than the feeling of belonging, and at a Latin convention, everyone belongs. There is nothing quite like the feeling of immediate friendship and warmth that this quirky conglomerate provides. I will miss the hectic, yet fun conventions, both in Nevada and beyond mostly because of the people I got a chance to meet there. I could not have done any of this without the guidance and support of both my sister for getting me started, and Mrs. Jankowski for keeping me going. I have had such a great four years with this organization, and hope to have a similarly great next four with the SCL.

Elisse Johnson, Grade 12

Gratias, Elisse Johnson

First Vice President – Claudia Close Being 1st Vice President of the Nevada Junior Classical League Board has been such an incredible experience. JCL has been an integral part of my life since 8th grade and I could not have chosen a better language to study in high school. I know that Latin will help me later on throughout life and that has made this endeavor that much more memorable. The JCL has taught me to expand my horizons, dive into every opportunity I was given head first, and to let the friendly hand of JCL aid in every way. As I move onto the next chapter of my life, the first thing I will do is cry, and the second thing I will do is miss my time as part of the TMS JCL so, so much. But I cannot wait to continue as an SCLer. While I haven't attended every SCRAM, California Convention, or National Convention that I could have, our state conventions in the past have been so wonderful and fun. Attending the National JCL Convention this summer, especially as a delegate from the host state, was an unbelievable event that furthered my love for the JCL and the Latin language. Something beyond exciting during my JCL career was campaigning for Kathryn Gibson, not only my best friend, but our National 2nd Vice President. Not only did Kathryn win, but through campaigning, I found so many new friendships and was able to share how much I love JCL. I cannot wait to host our State Convention at The Meadows and I am really excited to attend the California Convention. All in all, I will never forget the lessons and opportunities the JCL has given me.

Claudia Close, Grade 12

I cannot thank the Nevada JCL and Mrs. Jankowski enough for giving me this opportunity to spread the JCLove and experience the Latin world. It has changed my life and it will continue to change my life. Maximas gratias.

Second Vice President – Christian Otter Joining the Nevada Junior Classical League in December interim 2nd Vice President was the most exciting part of my sophomore year. Even though I wasn’t able to gain the full experience of it, being a part of the board and being able to contribute to the NVJCL was still a lot of fun. Ever since my first state convention in 6th grade, I have always loved JCL and Latin. One thing that I am always particularly excited for at convention are the spirit competitions. Screaming, cheering, and yelling to express our love for the Latin language is something that is fun and a once in a lifetime experience. Now that I have had the chance to serve in the state board, I have been given the opportunity to help plan for JCL events and work on spirit. I really enjoy the fact that the only place you can find a spirit competition, as fierce as it is, is at any JCL convention. It is really fun to show off how much we all love latin by screaming our heads off. Another activity the 2nd VP is in charge of are the community service projects for the state. As many of you know, this month’s is the recycling of old electronics. These projects help Christian Otter, Grade 10 benefit the rest of the community as a whole. For example, the electronics from this month will be given to a facility which helps teach the blind to repair them. The experience of being 2nd VP has helped me improve my leadership skills and will help me next year as I continue as 2nd VP of NVJCL. Many thanks to Ms. J, my fellow board members, and the entire JCL for making this year one of the best I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to do it again. Valete.

Secretary – Lizzy Noone My favorite JCL memory this year was something Liberty did the last day before winter break started. We got a giant group of people together and went around singing Latin carols in classrooms. Some people were wearing togas, while others carried ***FAKE*** weapons (e.g. plastic sword, foam sword, aluminum trident, wooden spear, etc.). It was a really good way to transition from school to winter break mode. Plus, when am I going to get another chance to walk through the school quad wearing a toga, carrying a trident, and decked out in Mardi Gras beads to deliver a batch of cookies to my friends as a Christmas present? A shout out to Liberty JCL. You guys are awesome and fun people. Sure, the Liberty way of “don't do it until the day after it's due” is found even within our ranks, but you guys are still there at the end of the day and we still have some fun. I hope after state convention, we will have some great things planned to do as a club and have even greater memories made!

Lizzy Noone, Grade 11

It's that wonderful time of year again, for JCLers, that is. State convention has finally arrived. It's time again to show off your graphic arts, academic skills, and athletic ability, as well as to get to meet people from other schools. During the school year, at least personally, I constantly hear that “we need to be better than this school” or “we're are rivals with this such school.” It's nice to step away from that and join together to celebrate Greece, Rome, and all the culture that interchange beneath them. Working on the board this year, I got to work with people I had actually met and got to know at nationals. Before that, I doubt that I would have probably even known half their names. It reminded me of the purpose of JCL - that while JCL encourages competition, it really does foster brotherhood at the same time. I loved working with the other people on the board and having a hand in planning convention and other events. I can't wait to see what the next board after us will be doing to make JCL even better than it already is. I guess this is goodbye for now. Vale!

Treasurer – Kennedy Courtney JCL has allowed me to experience the classics. I’ve been able to meet so many different people that share the same love for the ancient culture of the Greeks and Romans. I’ve made life-long connections that will impact me for the rest of my life. I’m going to miss the JCL community as a whole. I will miss going to conventions, and being with people as weird and quirky as I am. I have learned about responsibility as an officer. I have learned to appreciate the leaders of JCL and my community because they do so much to coordinate events and assist in the management of the community. I want to give a shout out to Elisse because she has put so much work and effort into JCL, and she truly cares about the whole JCL organization. My favorite JCL moment is the state convention at Liberty, when I was playing dodge ball and held my own against four boys when I was alone.

Kennedy Courtney, Grade 12

Parliamentarian – Daria Butler Serving as the NVJCL Parliamentarian for the past year has taught me innumerable lessons about responsibility, cooperation, and participation. Working with the other officers from Liberty and Meadows and Mr. Fisher over the past year has been such a wonderful experience. Assuming responsibility for this year’s NVJCL elections and essentially the future of our JCL for the upcoming year has been both trying and lifechanging. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and am thrilled to see what new successes the NVJCL will without a doubt accomplish in the coming years.

Daria Butler, Grade 12

To the most incredible Latin teacher I could ever ask for: Thank you so much Mrs. J! Over the last four years, your class is the one that I’ve consistently looked forward to! I’ve learned so much from you not only concerning the Lingua Latina, mythology, and the ancient Greeks and Romans but also some valuable life lessons.

Editor – Aliya Farmanali Being the Editor of the Nevada Junior Classical League has been such a wonderful and exciting experience. While I have been in office, I have grown to appreciate more than ever the time and dedication put into organizing NVJCL events throughout the year, the most important of which is our annual NVJCL State Convention! I can testify to the fact that the JCL is one of the most inclusive and diverse organizations that exist. Thus, I have found it so thrilling that as an NVJCL officer, I have helped to preserve the value of the JCL in bringing together people of different backgrounds, interests, and talents and encouraging strong friendships to form at events such as the NVJCL State Convention. I can’t pick out a favorite JCL moment from this year because they were all great. However, I know that this weekend’s NVJCL Convention at The Meadows School will be filled with the best ones. I would like to thank Ms. Jankowski for everything that she has done for TMS JCL, the NVJCL, and the NJCL over the past year. Moreover, I would like to thank her for the encouragement which she has given me over the years. She is the epitome of JCL-ness, continuing to inspire me every day through her dedication to the classics and to the community and reminding me of why I became a JCLer in the first place.

Aliya Farmanali, Grade 11

Historian – Abi Balarajan

Abi Balarajan, Grade 12

It truly has been a blessing, the years I have been able to spend with the JCL organization. Since my first state convention in 8th grade my love and passion for this organization has grown and blossomed. My year as being the state historian has allowed me to share my passion and love for this organization and encourage it onto others. My most favorite memory of being a state officer was creating the state scrapbook. This scrapbook I dedicated days of my life to with other individuals, finishing it the night before convention. Coming up with the idea, seeing it come to life, and showing what the state has done are all things that I want the world to see. Definitely a favorite memory is taking the funny, awkward, and hilarious photos that JCLers that somehow end up posing for. Illustrating the joy individuals have for this organization is something I have wanted to encourage in my office, and as I leave it, I hope this state JCL continues to thrive on the fond memories that JCLers have at these conventions and makes sure that these memories get recorded in a snapshot.

Technology Coordinator – Ian Ogilvie I thought that being on the board as a tech coordinator for this year’s JCL convention was a memorable experience. I learned a lot about how events, such as convention, are coordinated and planned, and I was able to assist in this planning and coordination. I have been in JCL for two years now, and I hope to continue to be involved.

Ian Ogilivie, Grade 10

Valete, Ian Ogilvie

State Chair – David Fisher My journey as a JCLer began over 24 years ago, when I attended my first certamina and state convention as a sophomore at GarField Senior High School in Woodbridge, VA. The nearly quarter century that followed has enriched me in more ways than could possibly be listed here. The study of the Classics, and more specifically, dedication to the Junior Classical League, is a labor of love. No sane individual would willingly do what we do; however, we find it hard to imagine our lives without it. Ask anyone who has been teaching as long as I have why we carry on, and the answer is simple and always constant: you, the JCLers who carry the torch with bright eyes even when ours are bleary from hours of preparation, teaching, and test writing. I would be remiss to not thank the hundreds of JCLers from Windsor, Del Sol, and for the last seven years at Liberty, who make this journey as rewarding today as it ever was. To my current Liberty peeps, you are such a special breed and I love every moment we spend spreading the JCLove, watching your David Fisher, State Chair accomplishments with pride and seeing the men and women you are becoming. I also want to commend my fellow Nevada Latin teachers, particularly Ms. Jankowski and Ms. Kiely, my fellow voces clamentes in deserto. I think of where we began a decade ago and look at us now and I am astounded how strong we are. Finally, all of the thanks in the world to the other classicist in my household, who has been my wife for 15 years and my inferior in certamen skills for 24 years! Interacting with the NVJCL Board this year has been a particular highlight. I have seen a great deal in my many years in this organization and you are far and away the most professional, pleasant, goal-oriented officers I have had the privilege to work with. It has been an honor working with you this year, and I eagerly look forward to seeing each of you reaching your amazing potential in the coming years. With these words, I bring to close my second term as NVJCL State Chair. It is no time for goodbyes, for as we all know, old Latin sponsors never die, they just…to be continued. Be seeing you! Eamus! David Fisher NVJCL State Chair 2003-07, 2010-14

"For the beginnings of all things are small." Cicero, De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum V. 58 Need Hours? Join the TMS JCL in Making

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Quid: Crib Cards Ubi: The Meadows School – Upper School Common Room Quando: Tuesdays or Wednesdays After School

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