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5 Night Vision Media Ltd. at the

Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza 2010

45 Our Partners at the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza 2010

66 A Glimpse of the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza 2010

36 Have You Seen My Sign? 37 Story Corner

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We were once again a participant at the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza and it was better than last year! It was only appropriate that the first issue of the NVision Magazine featured the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza. Our room was located in the Rio Grande (like last year). Our aim this year was to inform our patrons about our white glove service. We prepare the custom handmade wedding items in gloves to ensure that there are no finger prints or sweat transferred to the items. Our room was filled with excitement as every hour on the hour we had giveaways from Night Vision Media Ltd. and our business partners. We also had a raffle valued over $90,000.00 in services. The prizes were comprised of services from all the business partners in the Night Vision Media Ltd. room. The winner received 25% Off Wedding Photography Package from Geoffrey Berry Photography; 1 Wedding Bouquet and Boutinierre from GrandeGarden; 2 Hrs Free Wedding Music from JA Wedding DJ; 1 7-inch Cheesecake from Patisserie Extraordinaire; 1 Free Make-up session from Ryan Russell; 1 Musical Experience from Soul Chev Disco; and 25 Digital Invitations from Night Vision Media Ltd. The first day featured Lifestyle Transformation Centre and Soul Chev Disco, and the second day featured JA Wedding DJ, Patisserie Extraordinaire, and Ryan Russell. Both days featured Geoffrey Berry Photography and GrandeGarden. For more information about each of these partners you may view a special article later in this issue. This issue is broken down into three parts: Night Vision Media Ltd. at the Pegasus Wedding Expo, Our Partners, and A Glimpse of the Expo. Each section displays photos highlighting the happenings of the expo. I must make mention of the Jamaica Pegasus and how they went all out for their 15th staging of the extravaganza. I will have to make particular mention of the orange juice with fruit cocktail and champaign concoction. It was absolutely devine. On entry to the Jamaica Pegasus it was like stepping into another world. To the right was the tall stature of the Tai Flora booth and to the left was the video display and cheese and cracker table for the Jamaica Pegasus. Ahead you could find another display from the Jamaica Pegasus highlighting new trends and ideas. You definitely felt that this was an extravagant affair and you would be a part of that experience. In the Belasario patrons were allowed free entrance to view the exhibitors in and around that suite. This suite featured Avon, Nirvana, Vibes Productions, and more. The Grand Jamaican Suite housed the majority of the booths like Island Novelties, VMBS, Answers, Designs by Collette, The Jamaica Pegasus, Breezes, Spaces, Boone Hall Oasis, and more. Many table displays were located outside the Grand Jamaican Suite including DMar, RBH, Authentic Caribbean Holidays, and more. And naturally there was the Rio Grande Suite where Night Vision Media Ltd. took the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza to another level with its excitement, innovation, and care.

Chevonnese Chevers Whyte

Night Vision Media Ltd. at the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza 2010

Taken in Patrick City

Taken in St. Andrew, Jamaica

Have You Seen My Sign?

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STORY CORNER Almost There - by Kevin Jackson

“Oh crap, oh crap, I’m going to be late again. Jennifer is going to kill me.” Carl muttered to himself as he buttoned his baby blue shirt up for a third time. He looked in the mirror at his scraggly beard and half combed hair wondering if he could do something quick with it. He had no time to spare; his girlfriend’s parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary at a family Christmas dinner.

His reflection in the car window reemphasized how unready he was. He stared briefly; disappointed with himself almost convinced it no longer made sense to show up. He was almost 2 hours late already and his nerves were eating him up like termites. He held up the red tie with yellow polka dots against his shirt and squirmed at how “uncool” it looked. His cell phone rang out of the blue and frightened him. He dug into his pockets struggling Carl was always working late and never to reach it in time. He looked on the made it to any of her family events. He missed call on the face of the screen however promised with all his heart and when he viewed the caller it was that he would make a special effort for of course Jennifer. this one. He got all his work out of the way and his boss let him off early. “Oh damn it!” He sighed. He called Everything was surprisingly working her right back only to be greeted by out well except for his hair and the fact her unfriendly tone. that he was running unreasonably late. He wet his hair, ran gel through it and “Carl…this isn’t funny. I’m tired of grabbed the first tie he could find. He this foolishness.” made a mad dash through the front door with the pre tied loop end of the “Hello hunny…heh heh.” tie dangling precariously behind him. The loop caught the inside door knob “Hello hunny? Listen, I don’t care pulling and slamming the door shut what you’re doing right now, but you behind him with the tie caught in it. will never hello hunny me again if you He was in such a hurry he didn’t realize don’t find your butt down here now… how hard he was gripping the tie until where are you?” he was yanked off his feet by the abrupt tug. He fell on his side harder than the “I’m…I’m almost there, like 15 minutes door slammed. Groans emanated from away.” A dog walked over and shoved his wheezing chest as he struggled to his nose against Carl’s thigh. At first recuperate from the loss of breath and the dog groaned begging for a walk insane pain radiating from his shoulder. from his trusty owner who continued He crawled to his feet, hobbling back to ignore him. to the door only just then discovering more pain in his knee and hip that “You’re sure?” she asked. clashed violently with the red brick layered walk way outside. He opened “Yeah, 15 minutes trust me.” the door got his tie out and hobbled his way past his mothers Hibiscus shrubs The dog sniffed his shoe and then to his Jet Blue Honda Civic. barked twice in frustration.

“Is that Genesis background?”




the back from swearing. He jumped out of the car hurriedly opened the gate and drove out. He was thinking of leaving “Ah no.” the gate open but with the dog out anything unfortunate could happen to “You’re at home, you lying bastard.” a passer by. He yanked the hand brake and locked it up and ran back to the “Hunny.” car. “I don’t want to hear it. You already know how important this day is to my parents, if you don’t show up tonight they’ll be very disappointed in you and honestly I think I’ll be more than disappointed.”

“Alright…here we go.” Click Click, the passenger door and the door behind him opened up and two shadows slipped in.

“Don’t move.” He felt a hard object Carl shook his foot at Genesis trying press against the back of his skull and to get him to scram but Genesis raised in his side. his leg and whizzed on his shoe. Carl’s eye’s popped right open and he swiftly “Move and you dead.” kicked the dog away. A loud yelp drew Jennifer’s attention. Carl was stunned, he knew he was being robbed but he still wasn’t 100% “What happened to Genesis?” sure how to react. This was neither the time nor place to get jacked but no “Nothing, I accidentally opened the one ever has a choice in the matter. In car door on him. He’s fine.” an instant the night got worse than he ever thought possible. He knew Jenny “At least you’re by the car…now please wouldn’t believe this one, but he figured just hurry up and get here. They’re a stolen car and a police report would about to start and I want you to get eventually set her straight in the long here before the toasts at least.” run so no need to fret. Unfortunately for Carl, this wasn’t going to be that “OK hunny…I’m on my way.” He simple. started the engine making sure she heard. “Give me the keys and your money.” Said the shadow in the back. “See, I just started the engine.” “Drive!” the man in the front said. “Good, see you in a bit then.” Carl hesitated for a moment. “Yup”. “Where?” He said. He hung up the phone slid it in his top pocket and started rubbing his “DRIVE!” There was no hesitation on hands together fired up to get going. Carl’s part the second time around. He started reversing only to realize he hadn’t opened the gate yet. Frustrated The man in the front shoved his he bit his lips closed his eyes and rocked hands into Carl’s pockets searching for his head back and forth holding himself valuables.

“You see if you try nuttn bwoy, I goin one.” murder you…wait…where you money deh?” “If we did have one we wouldn’t need you would we?” “I don’t have any cash on me.” “No, I suppose not.” “A weh di?” Carl swiped them in and slid his “What we going do wid him?” The card into the machine and nothing man in the back asked? happened. The men became antsy. “See debit card in him wallet ya.” “Waapen?” Answered the man in the front. “I don’t know it’s broke.” Carl said. “Look white bwoy, drive to the nearest ATM.” “Cho” “White bwoy?” Carl queried.

The card ejected and the men tagged him along to another ATM. This time “Yes, white bwoy…wappen, you have one of the men drove while the other a problem?” held Carl at bay in the back. Carl kept trying to think of ways to escape. He “No, no, white boy is fine.” struggled to remember a few moves he learned in Karate class when he “Look, me nuh waan hear nothing more was 12 but it really wasn’t getting him from you till we reach the ATM.” any where. The gun man in the back grinned and looked him up and down. “Could you please not point that thing His missing tooth and scars gave away in my side?” Carl requested. his hard life. Nothing Carl had ever been through could have prepared him “The sooner you find a ATM machine, for these guys. the sooner you can go bout your business…zimme?” Minutes later they pull up to another ATM. They swiped in again. “Ziyu.” “Baxide!” One of the men exclaimed. The gun men looked at each other and laughed. 5 minutes later they pulled The ATM was brightly displaying the into Manor Park Plaza and stopped message “Out of service.” by a lonely ATM. They walked him in staying close so their guns weren’t “Wha do dem machine yah man?” visible. They stopped at the ATM door and paused for a few seconds. They drove off in desperate search Carl looked around wondering why for another one. Carls mix of nerves the wait. and stupidity still had him wondering if he could take these guys. He kept “So tek out di debit card and swipe we watching their eyes and their hands to in nuh bredrin.” see if he could time an attempt to nab a gun but his fear wouldn’t let him. “I thought you guys would have had They finally pulled up to another ATM

machine in a lonely dark parking lot. They walk in and Carl swiped his card once more. The machine was working. Carl was disappointed because each delay meant he would live a little while longer. A working machine meant his life was that much closer to ending. He took a deep breath when he saw the prompt to enter his pin code. He hesitated and the men wondered why. They look at him with knitted brows and say nothing. He looks back at them.

They rush off again this time more hastily than before. They were running a huge risk taking this long to rob someone, but they were already committed to the situation. One more machine was found near by; an RBTT branch. “Oh great the charges going to be horrendous…can’t we find a Scotia?”

They gave him another callous look to which he perfectly understood. “Shut up and do as your told.” is what they “What? Can’t I have some privacy? I’m meant. On their way to the last banking entering my pin after all.” Carl said. machine Carl smelt his end near and thought of something that might give “Big man…a rob we a rob you him a fighting chance. He started memba…it nuh matter if we see you pressing on his right pocket hoping his pin or not, so just drop it in.” phone would dial out the last number called or received. He was hoping Carl couldn’t deny they made a good someone would pick up preferably point so he entered the code. Another his girl friend because he figured she message displayed on the screen. “This would cease the opportunity to listen machine cannot issue a receipt, would in on the call hoping to catch him with you like to continue?” another woman if his phone dialed out by accident. He wasn’t sure the call was “No receipt?” made, but he had to try something. Carl stalled as much as possible inside The men take another stern gander at the ATM giving who ever was on the Carl. other end of the phone a chance to hear all that was going on. “Right, I’m being robbed, it doesn’t matter if there’s a receipt…heh … “So you guys from around the area?” heh heh…(sigh)…how much should I draw?…never mind” The two give him another callous look. He enters $30,000 but the machine says “the amount exceeds the limit”. “Right, why would you tell me? Listen, Carl tries $25,000 another message guys, I’m not going to pretend to is displayed. “Not enough funds to understand what you’re going through fulfill your request.” This message kept or why you feel you have to do this, but coming until Carl was only able to get take the money. You probably need it $7000. The men get irate. more than me anyway.” “Wha di…I don’t believe this.” One The two look un-amused by his bid to said. make conversation. “Come, one more ATM machine.” “I’m just saying, please; just take the The other said. money and go. You can keep the car,

everything. Just spear me…please… tonight is a special night for me and my girl and if I disappoint her again tonight she’ll never forgive me.”

the patrol vehicle. The police returned fire and a small shoot out ensued. A few minutes later the gun men were cut down lying on the floor.

The booth is dead silent until one of “No near by bushes tonight eh?” the men crack Carl on the back of the head with the handle of their pistol. “You see it…tired fi fill out dem kinda Carl fell to his knees and held his head report deh.” and slouched over. The officers approach the gun men’s “Get up and draw the money.” lifeless bodies to ensure they were actually dead. One officer went back Carl struggled to his feet. Slid his card to the patrol car while the other stayed in and punched the pin as fast as he and searched the car. could. It was clear the men meant business and Carl’s jovial nature was no “HQ, we have three causalities on Red longer cutting it. $30,000 dispensed Hills road. We need an ambulance to from the machine. Satisfied with the pick up the dead.” cash, the men dragged him off and sat him in the back seat. A red flag rose in In the distance Carl’s hand rose. The Carl’s mind when he saw them driving officer instantly corrected himself. in unfamiliar territory. His hour glass was approaching its final grains of “Correction, 2 casualties one wounded, sand. All Carl could think about was send an ambulance immediately.” how much Jennifer was going to be disappointed. Hours later at the UWI hospital a crowd gathered outside the Accidents The gun men turn on to a road and and Emergency ward. Jennifer stood start to panic as they notice a police by the entrance dying to get a chance car trailing behind them. Carl realized to see her lover but only 2 people were if he didn’t do something now he allowed at a time to visit and his parents wouldn’t get a second chance. The gun got precedence. Eventually Carl’s dad man in the back turned to the gun man stepped out and told Jennifer to come. driving up front. He walked her to his bed and his mom and dad left them alone. “Tek time…go easy.” Jennifer broke down when she saw him Carl grabbed for the gun while no eyes wrapped in bandages and hooked up to were on him. The gun man reacted by an IV. He was weak but he had enough firing a shot that went through Carl’s energy to make out a few words. He abdomen. The driver panicked and stretched his hand out and Jennifer crashed the car into a wall. Carl was took it and sat by his bedside. in pain but adrenaline still pumping he pulled the car door and ran. The He wheezed the words “I’m sorry I gun men alighted from the car firing didn’t make it.” at Carl again. A bullet landed in his shoulder and he fell to the ground. The She kissed his hand with tears in her police car screeched to a halt. The gun eyes. “That’s OK baby…I’m just so men noticed and turned their fire on happy you’re alive. If I lost you, I don’t

know…” Carl looked at her with his weak eyes and reached for a handkerchief by his side table. Jennifer stopped him and got it her self. “Open it.” He whispered. She unfolded the hander kerchief and saw a box. When she opened it she saw a triple studded diamond ring wrapped in a gold band. He looked at her and said “Will you?” She responded “Yes.” THE END

Night Vision Media Ltd.

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Where in JA is Dry Lan’ Touris? Dry Lan’ Touris: A Jamaican who vacations at home. Spend a few minutes with Dry Lan’ Touris’ and friends as they explore the tree tops of our rainforest on a zip line canopy tour with Chukka Caribbean Adventures in Rose Hall, St. James. Where in JA is Dry Lan’ Touris’ is a reality television show that showcases our Jamaican tourism product through the eyes of a bonafide, Dry Lan’ Touris.’

Ep 8 : Chukka Adventures - Zipline Canopy Tour

Our Partners

at the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza 2010

Profile: Geoffrey Berry Photography is a business own and operated by Geoffrey Berry, freelance photographer from Montego Bay Jamaica. He has experience from all corners of the island and an intimate, in depth knowledge of the art and science of photography. Photographer: I have been practicing Photography for some ten years and as many photographers will tell you, it was a hobby at first. The magic of photography has not only intrigued me, but the translation from the click of the shutter to a finished image has always amazed me. As time progressed, the interest and talent that I started with developed and I have been serving the needs of the many that have sought my services and all are pleased with the results of my hard work, dedication, commitment and my special talent, my eye for detail and that drive for excellence... www. Telephone: 876 . 861 . 5895 Email: or Telephone: (JA) 1-876-791-0566/0563 or (US) 1-876-235-8672 FB Page: Grande Garden Twitter:

Tel: 876-842-1908

5 Mayfield Road, Patrick City, St. Andrew, Kingston 20, Jamaica Email:Â Telephone: 876-934-1737, 876-654-9010, 876-631-9185, or 954-740-8771 FB Group: Tech Support by Johnstone-Allen

21/2 Kensington Crescent, Kgn. 5 Email:Â Telephone: (876) 906-5683 Fax: (876) 906-5972 FB Page: Lifestyle Transformation Centre

Patisserie Extraordinaire is a French name which means Extraordinary Pastry. As the name states, my pastries are not the everyday items that you can get everywhere, they are something different….and definitely an extraordinary experience for which you will crave more. Patisserie Extraordinaire is a small pastry business that was started in September 2008. We provide all types of gourmet cakes, pastries and desserts that make you say ‘Wow’. The business is owned by me Chrystal Wong. I am a young entrepreneur who loves making pastry. It’s a passion that I absolutely enjoy. I have been doing pastry for about 9 years. I studied Hospitality and Tourism Management from 20002005, majoring in Culinary Management which is a four (4) year Joint Degree programme between the University of Technology, Jamaica and the University of the West Indies Mona, where I learnt to create all these wonderful desserts. I guess it’s in my genes because my Mom also loves to bake. I did a French Pastry course in Toulouse, France in 2005 to

further my knowledge of pastry making. Last year I took part in “Kumba Mi Yabaa” (formerly Devon House Craft Fair) which took place December 18-20, 2008 at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. Here I received second (2nd) prize in the Best Booth Competition and first (1st) prize for my Christmas Cake. In early February I was on Smile Jamaica on TVJ where I displayed some of my products as an alternative to chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Currently Patisserie Extraordinaire supplies Mac’s Gourmet Market Ltd. located beside TGIF on Hope Road and we do cakes, pastries and desserts to order. To place orders and for further information as well as upcoming events anyone can check out the Facebook Group “PATISSERIE EXTRAORDINAIRE” and also view pictures of some of the products done by Patisserie Extraordinaire. I can also be reached at 876-570-3867, email:

Tel: 876-879-1426 Email: MySpace: Facebook Profile:

I have been collecting CDs over the years because playing music has always been a hobby of mine. This was a well known fact by everyone who knew me and as such, family and friends have always asked me to play at their social events. I worked at Alumina Partners of Jamaica (ALPART) and when the plant closed in May 2009, I decided to focus more on my music as a career. In August 2009, the “Soul Chev Disco” was officially launched. Since October 2009, I have been playing on News Talk 93 FM on Sundays between 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Sunday Cruising). I have also been playing for Claro (Mandeville) intermittently since July 2009 as part of their ongoing promotional campaign and also scheduled to provide the music at the upcoming Jazz Festival at Treasure Beach in June 2010. Further expansion of the disco is being planned for the future. Email: Telephone: (876) 342-7642 or (876) 529-6835

YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR The Role of a Financial Planner/Advisor by Denver Brown


financial planner/advisor is professional advisor who assesses a client’s current personal and financial situation and helps the client establish short-term and long-term objectives for the purpose of developing strategies to achieve these objectives. Most planners/advisors differ in their degree of specialization and how broadly they assess a client’s current situation. One such financial planner who operates more intensely is regarded as a financial specialist. This type of professional advisor has a general process in addition to a specialization or expertise in any one the following area: • Tax planning; • Investment planning; • Insurance; • Stocks and bonds; • Mutual funds; and • Estate planning. As stated earlier a financial planner or financial specialist, role is to assess your personal and financial situation and help you establish short-term and long-term goals. Interestingly enough, as simple as this may sound many people do not have clear goals as to what is it they want to achieve in life. “If you don’t know where you are going then any road can take you there”. In addition, there are those who refuse to delegate the financial planning process to trained professionals who are more capable of handling their financial plans.

Who needs a financial planner and why? If you have just started working or you have just retired you need a financial planner to help you:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT • Establish clear financial objectives • Gather relevant information you may need • Develop appropriate strategies needed to accomplish your goals • Implement your plan • Monitor and modify your plan when necessary and • Document your plan Your financial planner will work jointly with your lawyer, accountant, investment manager and any other advisor you may have. His job is to ensure that the pieces of the puzzle you have created when put together forms the picture you need to get where you are going. It is time for us to understand and appreciate that we are all specialist and experts in our own respective fields and stop being our greatest obstacle between success and failure. To get where you want to go you will need an advisor! Select yours carefully and trust their recommendations. “He who knows and knows he knows is a wise man. But he who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool.”

Denver Brown

Financial Service Specialist/ Principal in the Training and Empowerment of People (T.EM.PLE) ltd 876-577-6087 | 876-316-4652

Why is it Always so Stressful to Plan a Wedding? If you have ever had the opportunity to plan a wedding, you know the stress that comes with it. Is it meeting the in-laws? Is it the vendors? Or is it devine intervention to ensure that you make the right decision? To make your comments, visit our facebook page “Night Vision Media Ltd.”, our myspace group “Its Good To Have NV”, or our blog at

HEALTHY LIFE This article will look at diabetes and will try to discover the truth about this increasingly common condition. If you are satisfied with the way in which your diabetic condition has been managed, and do not think there is room for improvement, then this article is not for you. If you are open to the possibilities, however remote, of reclaiming your perfect health, then let us unearth the truth behind the myth.

DIABETES HANDBOOK (from a natural health perspective)

By Dr. L. Danovan Whyte, MB.BS Chief Medical Director Lifestyle Transformation Centre

So you have been diagnosed with diabetes!!! Literally a life sentence of confinement to drugs, injections, visual impairment, etc. But, is this really true?

DIABETES This is a common condition in which there is an abnormality in the regulation of sugar in the body. It is linked to an inappropriate production of insulin (the hormone used to regulate blood sugar levels). This hormone is produced in the pancreas. High or low blood levels of circulating sugar may then result. High levels may result in increased thickness of the blood, poor circulation, multiple system involvement, visual impairment, recurrent and chronic infections and the consequences thereof. Cause Generally said to be unknown but an association of heredity, obesity, and over nutrition are readily accepted. Conventional Treatment Standard treatment is geared to increasing the amount of available insulin by either the stimulation of the pancreas or the direct introduction of insulin. The increased insulin levels would result in the decrease of circulating blood sugar levels. Such methods do not address the reason behind the decrease in insulin production and hence treatment is accepted as continuous and the condition as incurable. Side Effects The use of these treatments need to be closely monitored as there is a significant risk of reducing sugar levels too low, resulting in coma and even death. Alternatives Why is there a decrease in the body’s ability to produce its own insulin? The malfunctioning of the pancreas may indeed be due


to a genetic predisposition. But there are many people effect on our being. without this family history who develop the problem and many with a significant family history that do not. Many diabetics, who have embarked on our programme of self purification-nutrition and lifestyle modification-Remember that any organ system may be affected by have found tremendous benefits to their general health. the damage resulting from acid toxicity and subsequent For many, the blood sugar is so well controlled that there microbial overgrowth within the system. If the pancreas is a reduction of the use of medicines and some even to is Susceptible due to an inherent genetic weakness or the point of not needing any medicines at all. otherwise then it will certainly have its function altered by the process…hence insulin production is affected. Is diabetes really incurable???? Think again and make a When this condition persists then the pancreas looses its choice, not just to survive but to have an abundant and ability to produce insulin completely ...insulin dependent healthy life, NATURALLY. diabetes? An extract from the book, Perfect Health is “UNQUESTIONABLY YOURS” written by A conscious effort to reduce the sources of acid toxicity Dr. L. D. Whyte, MB.BS. may yield extremely beneficial results. This may be achieved by reducing the exposure to acid toxicity and About the Author by detoxifying the system. Refer to section on sources of acid toxicity and detoxification. Remember that the Dr. Whyte is a trained medical practitioner with body is always producing new cells, but if the new cells approximately 30 years experience in the field of medicine. are produced in the same old acid environment then He has embraced alternative and complementary they must behave like the old cells. If the environment is practices, for the past 20 years, to assist his patients in purified, the new cells will perform the role of replacing overcoming major disease conditions such as obesity, old, damaged, malfunctioning cells. This hallmark of the diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, drug and healing process can be done for the “dis-eased” pancreas. alcohol addiction, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other immuno-compromised cases. He has explored the world Modern Life of alternative therapies with fascinating results and is Acid toxic contamination is a common complication of therefore in a position to share with his clients the best modern living. The foods we eat are often laden with of both worlds. He has brought many talents to Lifestyle preservatives chemicals dyes, etc. Often we are getting Transformation Centre and is committed to optimising genetically modified products as well. They are not the the treatment success for all of his clients. type of fuel that we are used to. For further information contact: The widespread use of pesticides, chemicals, weedicides, radiation and cosmetics--all of which are foreign to our Dr. L. Danovan Whyte system--puts our bodies under additional strain. These Chief Medical Director substances are for the most part foreign to our bodies, Lifestyle Transformation Centre which forces our immune system to react in a manner Kingston, Jamaica to expel these foreign objects. The body’s attempt at self purification is then seen as sickness and disease (eg. Email: diarrhoea, vomiting sinus drainage, coughing, skin rashes, Personal e-mail etc). Phone: 876- 906-5683 Fax : 876-906-5972 Stresses associated with modern life result in anxiety, Cell: 876 384-8617 tension and depression all of which have an acidic, toxic

A Glimpse

of the Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza 2010

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