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Beyond Conventional Options-Refractive Cataract Surgery

Since a long time people suffering from cataract were struggling for a glass free vision even after the surgery and the reason behind it was that conventional cataract surgery does not provide a patient with a result where they don't have to use reading glasses, contact lenses or have to take other vision corrective measures, as a conventional cataract removal surgery provides with the removal of the cloudy lens with a static one that does not have the ability to change size and shape according to light entering the eye to allow the reader be as comfortable as they can be with a natural lens, and thus use of glasses or contact lenses becomes a must for a better result. But as the technology is evolving and expanding its horizon a new term - refractive cataract surgery, is emerging into the medical world which promises to provide a combination of both, a conventional cataract surgery along with refractive surgery techniques of modern times. This surgery aims to facilitate the patient of cataract to not only remove their cataract but also to reduce their need to use corrective measures such as contact lenses or reading glasses after the surgery. The growing use of Premium Intraocular lenses (IOLs) has been the base of modern Refractive cataract surgery as they have an edge over conventional methods prevailing in the medical world. The benefits of these lenses and surgical methods can be understood by the examples where a patient has opted for a Refractive surgery in both eyes so that they don't have to take corrective measures to balance the vision between both eyes and also to eliminate probabilities of presbyopia in the natural lens with the growing age.

The researches in the medical premises supports the selection of choosing a surgery for both eyes over the one where only the affected eye receives the correction, as it boosts the vision to a greater level and yields much better results. Refractive cataract surgery uses two types of Intraocular lenses (IOLs) that are, Toric IOLs and Presbyopia-correcting IOLs. With Toric IOLs the surgeon can select a lens power that corrects preoperative astigmatism to allow the patient a 20/20 or near to that visual acuity as this lens corrects astigmatism, whereas Presbyopiacorrecting IOLs are of two types, Accommodating IOLs and Multifocal IOLs which are able to overcome the limitations of the traditional IOLs that does not have the ability to change shape according to the focal length and change of light due to their inflexibility. Sometimes for better results a refractive cataract surgery may also involve a LASIK surgery, PRK, Conductive Keratoplasty (CK), or other methods to improvise the vision to a near perfect level as much as possible. The growth in the technology and the ongoing researches in the medical field are surely favoring the needful for a better tomorrow as they break conventional methods and develops new techniques for a better vision. NVISION Laser Eye Centers has a team of professional, efficient and experienced eye surgeons who provides very Refractive Cataract Surgery, Treatment of Cataract Surgery, Cataract, cataract removal surgery to its clients. Moreover, the prices which they charge is quite reasonable which is an added benefit. You can visit here. You can visit here for more information : NVISION Laser Centers Address: 3655 Nobel Drive Suite 130, San Diego CA 92122

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Beyond Conventional Options-Refractive Cataract Surgery